ALG President Rick Manning ‘5 Easy-Not So Easy Steps to Drain the Swamp’ – Why It Matters to Growth Minded Manufactured Home Pros-Investors-Affordable Housing Seekers; plus MHVille Markets Update

ALG President Rick Manning ‘5 Easy-Not So Easy Steps to Drain the Swamp’ - Why It Matters to Growth Minded Manufactured Home Pros-Investors-Affordable Housing Seekers; plus MHVille Markets Update

Facts are whatever they are. Facts are not partisan, but they may have partisan and political implications. Facts and evidence can be ignored but ignoring them routinely results in negative consequences. When barraged by deception, misdirection, gaslighting, and agenda-driven claims, the truth and reality have to be repeated to counter the propaganda. During the primary season is a timeframe when voters can exert significant influence on candidates for Congress, the White House, as well as local or state races. For decades, the left-leaning ‘progressive’ movement – largely aligned with the Democratic Party – have, per voices on the right, been ahead of Republicans in terms of understanding the various mechanisms of power and influence in society or government. The assertion has been made (see reports linked further below) that Democrats and their backers have been using the levers of power to a greater extent than the GOP. If that sounds like a backhanded compliment from the right to the left, in one sense, it is. Perhaps one example of an apparent result of ‘long term’ Democratic Party thinking is found in Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital has given a big edge to Democratic presidential candidates in most of the 21st century.  Per Bing’s AI Chat function, which cited left-leaning NBC News and provided the following data-point. “In the 2020 presidential election, 92.1% of voters in Washington, D.C. voted for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden1The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, received 5.4% of the votes1Other candidates received smaller percentages1.” On a passing note, one reason why deposed President Donald Trump is considered to be at risk in his pending charges in Washington, D.C. is precisely because of that wide imbalance in the population that tends to favor of Democrats. The jury pool is selected from registered voters.  Per the D.C. Courts website: “Jurors are selected from lists of registered District of Columbia voters…”

So, Washington, D.C. proper is widely Democratic supporting.

Similar to the nation’s capital city, the surrounding counties adjacent to Washington, D.C. also voted Democratic in 2020. MHProNews asked Bing’s AI on 9.19.2023.

>”What percentage of voters in the counties in Maryland and Virginia next to Washington, D.C. voted for Joe Biden in 2020?”

BingsAIchatAnswerImage-MHProNewsIn Maryland, Joe Biden won the presidential election with 65.8% of the vote1He carried Black-majority Prince George’s County and Baltimore City with almost 90% of the vote, as well as the suburban counties of Montgomery, Howard, and Baltimore with over 60% each2.

For Virginia, Joe Biden won Henrico County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, and Fairfax County with 63.7%, 61.5%, 62.6%, and 69.9% of the vote respectively3These four counties were former suburban bastions of the Republican Party in Virginia3.” …

Learn more:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.” Those linked references are generally seen as being left-leaning sources.
Since federal workers in offices in Washington, D.C. routinely live in the city or in those counties near the national capital, those data points suggest that most of the Washington, D.C. federal workforce is made up of citizens who vote pro-Democratic. As an additional clue to that evidence, it has been nearly 20 years since a Republican presidential candidate won the popular vote in Washington, D.C., per left-leaning Wikipedia.
One takeaway from those facts and evidence is this.  Partisanship is just one of many possible issues related to the permanent bureaucracy.  That factual and evidence-based preface helps frame Part I and Part II of today’s report.
  • Part I is from the Daily Torch to MHProNews is this op-ed by Rick Manning on his thoughts on what can be done to ‘drain the swamp.’ The data and points Manning raises is noteworthy, which is why MHProNews has opted to provide it to our thinking readers, while noting as with any quoted or provided source that these are his views and research.
  • Part II is additional information with more MHProNews analysis and commentary in brief.
  • Part III is our Daily Business News on MHProNews macro- and manufactured housing specific market snapshot as well as the headlines from left-leaning CNN Business and right-leaning Newsmax.

Part I 

5 Easy and Not So Easy Steps to Drain the Swamp

By Rick Manning

For purposes of this article, The Swamp, is defined as the permanent bureaucracy which decides which regulations should be enforced, which ideas from the temporary political appointees should be scuttled or moved forward, who gets hired into the bureaucracy and the disbursement of federal largesse through grants and contracts.

A government which spends $6.2 trillion and exerts power to determine winners and losers between even the largest corporations, will by necessity create a coven of lobbyists, lawyers and procurement specialists to protect and expand their interests.  This infrastructure serves as a protective wall which ferociously fights to preserve and expand the fount of their feast, but a significant part of the swamp’s  praetorian guard goes way if the amount of power and control exerted by the government is restrained.

The soft underbelly of the swamp is the administrative state itself. The nameless, faceless career federal employees who have no fear of being fired, little stake in the outcome of their actions and every-day push government forward like a slow-moving lava flow consuming everything in its path.

The President and Congress created this sometimes pernicious but largely unthinking monster and they can shrink and restrain it.

Here are the five steps that can and should be taken.

1: FIGURE OUT WHO IS ACTUALLY SHOWING UP TO WORK – Seems basic, but at the end of the Trump administration, the Department of Health and Human Services asked the question, how many employees are even logging in to their computers or mobile devices.  Since everyone was ‘working from home’, if you never logged in, you never worked.  Obviously people in building maintenance and others did not have the need or ability to log-in, but the result was shocking nonetheless – 25% of those getting paid by taxpayer dollars never once logged in to work from the middle of March to the middle of December in 2020.  Every one of them got paid full wages.

Congress needs to compel that the White House Office of Personnel Management provide an annual detailed report on the government-wide log-in habits of its workforce, to allow appropriators to incorporate this information into funding decisions.

Information about the work habits of the administrative state is a first step to draining the swamp, and it is an easy one that could be done now.

2: FOCUS ON THOSE WITH THE REAL POWER IN THE SWAMP – The Senior Executive Service consists of around 7500 people who are the super federal employees.  The idea behind the SES is that they are the permanent lever pullers who know how to get things done and can operate equally well in any agency since their role is theoretically operational.  This is untrue in many cases.

In reality, many in the SES have their own fiefdoms at agencies that they have been in for years and know better than anyone else.  That knowledge gives them immense power as they know who got which grants, which politicians have an interest in the agency and their hot buttons, and in some cases are the hidden sources in government who reporters covering the swamp rely upon. The SES is not bad, but it is the control mechanism for the swamp and it is the vanguard for maintaining the status quo and/or the expansion of government. 

Remember, it is extremely rare to find someone who voluntarily surrenders power, and transforming government requires that the power of the administrative state be lessened. The SES are the most skilled and ambitious of the federal employees and they do know how to make government run, or not run.  So what can be done?

Get them to retire or move them from their positions of control to new less familiar circumstances.

The first step is simple. As one of the first acts of a new limited government-oriented administration in 2025, Congress should pass legislation which gives all federal employees a short window to retire early with an added two or even three-years of retirement benefits added to their current retirement. Because the SES are largely the most experienced federal employees, they disproportionately nearing or at retirement eligibility. 

The stick which is already built into law is that due to the increased money and responsibility of the SES, they can be compelled to accept a transfer within six months. If they do not accept it, they can be fired. Along side the increased retirement incentive, those SES members who have been identified as problems should receive their transfer papers to a new Fargo, ND office that has nothing but bare walls and minimal heat. 

Voluntary retirements will come raining in, and the new administration should have already prepared for them by identifying potential replacements who will be honest operators of government rather than political apparatchiks. 

3: PASS THE MERIT ACT – The MERIT Act extends to the full government a change in the federal civil service law that was put in place early in the Trump administration in response to the Veteran’s Administration’s Obama era failure to provide health services to veteran’s who were dying out of sheer neglect and incompetence by the federal workforce.

Federal bosses (political appointees, SES members, and upper-level federal employees) cannot fire subordinates, except for in the most egregious cases.  Threaten your boss with bodily harm, you cannot be fired.  Don’t show up to work, you cannot be fired.  Refuse to do your job, you are safe from firing.  Incapable of doing your job, once again keep collecting that paycheck.

MERIT Act fixes this by creating an expedited termination process that retains protections for the employees, but also protects the interests of taxpayers that they are not paying people who refuse or cannot do the job.

While this is not a major reform in many people’s eyes, as someone who has managed staff in the federal government, I can testify that often times personnel problems are just ignored or a challenging career person is often just put in a corner with no work rather than wasting valuable time seeking to discipline or remove them. The MERIT Act will, at least, make it worthwhile from a time management perspective to pursue personnel actions against those who can’t or won’t do their jobs in the federal government.

4: REDUCTION IN FORCE – An incoming administration, utilizing the information gained from the first action item, should work with Congress to impose a meaningful Reduction In Force of no less than 15% of the federal workforce which would be a layoff of no fewer than 300,000 people.  Fifteen years ago, when I was at the Labor Department, we could have laid off 15 percent of the employees in the division I managed without breathing hard. With increased efficiencies due to the interactivity of technology, this could likely be stretched to 20 percent without losing capacity to serve the public. 

Having Congressional buy-in through the first spending bill passed (likely in March of 2025), keeps the RIF from being stopped by federal workforce lawsuits. Legislatively, the RIF should be combined with the retirement buy-outs putting the public employee unions in a slightly more difficult position than they otherwise would find themselves.

5: RECATEGORIZE FEDERAL CAREER ATTORNEYS WHO WORK ON POLICY – President Trump proposed a reform to the federal employment system whereby attorneys who worked on policy were recategorized in a way which eliminated their civil service protections.  The reason this matters is that GOP administrations find themselves in policy meetings with career staff who actively resist the policies the administration was elected to implement. This resistance leads to every meeting being leaked in the most unfavorable way imaginable, regulations being undermined by subtle rewrites that create loopholes by those who are paid to get them right, and most importantly, foot dragging which is designed to run out the clock on the politicals until the next election, effectively killing the will of the voters by refusing to do the work. 

Known as Schedule F, this idea was being implemented in the waning days of the Trump administration and was immediately tossed out by the Biden administration.  It will likely need to be done by Executive Order with the resulting legal fights delaying implementation – potentially for years as the legal system can be very slow particularly when you have to go through the never Trump DC Circuit gauntlet.

While personnel is policy, it also can be arcane and boring.  While these five steps don’t deal with many of the underlying legal issues that have been allowed to fester in the civil service system, passing comprehensive reforms are almost politically impossible. These steps, even the modest RIF, can be accomplished and implemented early in a presidency with a more nimble, responsive federal workforce the result.

The author is the president of Americans for Limited Government [ALG]. ##


Part II – Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

As a relevant aside to Manning’s remarks, ALG and the Daily Torch routinely make a good use of sourced facts and polling data. They appear to do their homework. According to Influence Watch: “Americans for Limited Government (ALG) is a libertarian political advocacy organization that seeks to reduce the size and scope of the government to increase individual freedom. It promotes free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, regulatory reform, and government transparency to members of Congress and state legislatures.2″

Some of the points raised by Manning are similar to the reasons that gave birth to Project 2025, which MHProNews has previously reported on in the reports linked below.


NO JOKE-Want Good Pay to Work in Washington, D.C. Implementing Favorable Small Business and Manufactured Housing Industry Policies? What MHI Hasn’t Said About Project 2025; plus MHMarkets Update

IDing Core Problems – Offering Fixes – ‘Project 2025-Mandate for Leadership’ – Concerns, Facts, Emerging Cures, Plans, and Analysis; plus MHVille Markets Update

Some of the challenges faced by a more Constitutional-minded, libertarian, or ‘conservative’ president are precisely challenges with the federal bureaucracy.  Former Trump Administration official Theo Wold’s experiences and remarks on that are insightful.


Perhaps some of the most important words shared by manufactured housing industry connected attorney Kurt Kelley with MHProNews are the following. As is noted below, with any person or source, applying the time-honored principle of separating the wheat from the chaff is prudent, and at times, essential.

We strive to approach each person or organization with the principle of wheat and chaff in mind. The above is pure wheat from Kurt Kelley. Of course, that was while he was working directly with MHProNews…

What experienced individuals and thinkers involved in the day-to-day of the federal government have said is that unelected bureaucrats are part of the challenge in effecting change at the federal level.

As a manufactured housing specific example was provided by the now late William Wade “Bill” Matchneer, J.D., who worked at both HUD and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  Matchneer told MHProNews that when asked, HUD’s Office of General Counsel declined to implement the so-called “enhanced preemption” provision of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA). A potentially useful provision of federal law, which passed in a widely bipartisan fashion, has been sidelined despite the support given to “enhanced preemption” by Democratic and other lawmakers. Note that all six of those who signed the letter below were or still are Democratic lawmakers.




In that sort of environment, where bureaucrats can essentially opt to ignore an aspect of federal law, the purported Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) ‘wink and nod’ gimmick with public officials can operate in a fashion that serves their consolidating members.




MHI can posture for independents by appearing to ask for ‘support’ from members of Congress in hearings or on legislation which MHI doesn’t actually expect to see advanced. Meaning, MHI posturing may appear to the trusting and/or underinformed in MHVille to be working for regulatory relief or policy benefits. But a closer look at the full picture reveals something quite different, as was vividly demonstrated during the Congressional hearing previously reported and linked below. What is in evidence in that hearing with HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge in several ways strikes near the heart of Manning’s thesis above and the reason that Project 2025 was launched. These issues interlace.



‘The Great MH Boycott’ vs ‘The Illusion of Motion Versus and Real-World Challenges’ – Manufactured Housing Industry Paradoxes and Stumbling Blocks, plus Sunday Weekly MHVille Headlines Recap


Biden Era Reality Checks

The fact that housing affordability has sharply declined under Joe Biden’s term in the White House and that manufactured housing has declined too during his term in office has been downplayed or at times ignored by MHI’s advocacy. For instance, MHI touted the number of times that Team Biden mentioned manufactured housing in their housing plan, instead of focusing on the hard data that indicated that the industry was underperforming and in 2023, has been going in full reverse. As MHARR previously noted in Mark Weiss’ Issues and PerspectivesThe Illusion of Motion” and “Real World Challenges,” MHI can posture efforts that they apparently don’t expect to effect the authentic change that they both admit are needed. That purported MHI tactic benefits consolidators, because larger firms are documented to be better suited to withstanding regulations than smaller ones. The result of this MHI-linked ruse that MHARR called a “shell game” in the Q&A linked here and above? Smaller firms get weary of the regulatory, capital access, media/image, and other battles. In fatigue and frustration after years and years of talk and posturing efforts which magically fail to achieve their claimed goal, smaller firms tend to sell out to the larger ones — who often are MHI members. Those consolidating MHI and/or MHI state association affiliated corporate members in turn are emboldened to ‘predatory’ practices which makes the environment for smaller or family-owned businesses more difficult. In short, a vicious cycle exists with several elements feeding the other. The Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA) Tom Hardiman has at times directly or obliquely exposed MHI’s gimmicks, even though his focus are modular construction rather than HUD Code manufactured housing.




An apparent exception to that pattern of MHI coyly playing footsy with federal officials in the bureaucracy may be remarks by William “Bill” Boor, CEO of Cavco Industries and soon to be installed as the new MHI chairman. Boor made several useful points, but once more the question persists. Given his own words, why hasn’t Boor-led Cavco gone beyond such talking points and moved into legal action to compel federal, state, or local officials to abide by provisions in federal laws that his firm and MHI claim to support?


William “Bill” Boor, Cavco Industries (CVCO) CEO told Congress the industry is at a critical crossroads due to regulatory barriers and market forces. Why are the causes and possible cures to that ‘crossroads’ underreported and often misunderstood? Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report and others on MHProNews can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.



For thousands of honest people in manufactured housing, it may be difficult to believe that some can be so duplicitous. Which is why detailed examples are useful to walk step-by-step through factual reality and illustrate just how errant the behavior at MHI has become in the 21st century.

So, once more in that MHI leadership pattern, even Boor’s useful comments can be seen as a paltering head fake. How so? For instance, what Boor told Congress was arguably materially different in ways than from what he and his firm have told investors during 2023 earnings calls around the same timeframe as his remarks to Congress. Examples of that pattern of remarks to investors vs. public officials or industry stakeholders are provided in the reports linked below.




AnalystGregPalmtoCavcoWhy is Manufactured HomeIndustry ProductionSo WeakParadox DevelopsLower Expectations MoreSinglesIn Q1-2023CavcoIndustriesQrtlyFactsTrendsMHVilleAnalysisMHProNews

As troubling as the above overview is, if federal officials (and in some cases, state or local officials) were doing their jobs according to the law, what MHI, Boor, or other consolidators do or said would be less important, or perhaps even irrelevant.

But precisely because the federal government has become so big, associations exist to supposedly deal with public officials on behalf of their members.

While there are an array of challenges facing manufactured housing, some of the possible solutions can be boiled down to relatively simple and common-sense options to successfully change the dynamics that have caused harm to consumers and so called ‘white hat’ independents (as opposed to called ‘black hat’ predatory brands). Before proceeding, note how left-leaning Wikipedia defines those expressions: “In American films of the Western genre between the 1920s and the 1940s, white hats were often worn by heroes and black hats by villains to symbolize the contrast in good versus evil. The 1903 short film The Great Train Robbery was the first to apply this convention.” There is an evidence-based case that could be made that the black hats are in charge of MHI.

Indeed, the new antitrust lawsuit launched against several of MHI’s top brands could be framed in just such a ‘black hat’ brands fashion. So, the term white hat and black hat are not racial terms, they are symbols from older Western genre movies that signaled to viewers who the good or bad guys are.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that easy way to identify at a glance who the good and bad guys are in manufactured housing. So, once more, details are needed so that thinking readers can have sufficient evidence so they can realize for themselves who has done what, why, and how for what possible motivations.




CLASS ACTION Case No. 23-cv-6715 v Datacomp-Equity LifeStyle Properties-Hometown America-Lakeshore Communities-Sun Communities-RHP Properties-YES! Communities-Inspire Communities-Kingsley Mgt-Cal-Am Properties

Years before the big antitrust suit launched by the attorneys named in the reports linked above occurred, MHProNews has been making the evidence-based case that antitrust, RICO, and other possible violations of federal laws were apparently occurring in manufactured housing.

Those violations could be the subject matter of state or federal antitrust and other public officials.

But antitrust and RICO laws are set up in such a way that private actions can be brought against alleged offenders that can carry triple damages.  The framers of our legal system have provided several possible remedies to issues when public officials are apparently not doing their jobs as the law directs.

To briefly illustrate the risks to those firms named in the antitrust case, and others who have not yet been so sued, the following inquiry was put to Bing’s Chat AI.

> “Can litigation that allege violations of antitrust laws carry the risk of triple damages plus costs?” Here is the response.

BingsAIchatAnswerImage-MHProNewsUnder federal antitrust law, persons and companies harmed by anticompetitive conduct may seek an award of triple their damages, an injunction, and costs of the action (including attorney fees) against a party that violates federal antitrust laws1. For example, price fixing or an agreement among competitors on the price they will charge is considered a per se illegal violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C.S. § 1, that the government may prosecute as a felony. As a further deterrent to such activity, those harmed by the violation may seek treble damages and an injunction1. Section 4 of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C.S. § 15, provides that “any person who shall be injured in his business or property by reason of anything forbidden in the antitrust laws may sue” for treble damages, prejudgment interest, and costs of suit, including attorney fees1.”

Independents, past and present, in MHVille should ponder that carefully.

Let’s presume for discussion’s sake, that a million dollars was lost due to “anticompetitive conduct” by individuals involved in antitrust violations.  In a civil case, that could result in triple damages ($1 million becomes $3 million) being paid to the plaintiff(s), plus attorneys fees, costs, and an injunction among other possible relief.

Since some cases are brought by attorneys on a contingency fee basis, independent business owners who have been harmed by those involved could more than recoup their losses. But that will only occur if people will stand up and fight (in court, in the arena of public opinion, etc.) for the enforcement of their rights. Why is it that residents are finding representation for antitrust cases and manufactured housing pros who have arguably been harmed by the thousands have not?

KevinClaytonPhotoClaytonHomesQuotesDutyToServeManufacturedHousingFannieMaeFreddieMacFHFAManufacturedHousingDecelineDataMHProNews This remark by Clayton is arguably a clever piece of paltering that may someday come back and bite he and Berkshire Hathaway in the shorts. Thousands of once profitable independent firms vanished in the 21st century, the “Berkshire Hathaway” era of manufactured housing. Several of the illustrations shown in this report can be opened in many browsers to reveal a larger size. To open this picture, click the image once. When the window opens, click it again to reveal the larger size photo. Use your browsers back key to return to the article.

‘Warren Buffett Apparently Has Eye on New Double-Wide’ MarketWatch-Fast Company Reports on Clayton Homes and Related Manufactured Housing Acquisitions, plus Sunday Weekly MHVille Headlines Recap


Summary and Conclusion

As matters now stand, the federal bureaucracy may arguably be too difficult to successfully navigate for most smaller manufacturer, lender, community, retail, or other for-profit organization without the support of a nonprofit trade group purely focused on their interests. While MHARR is demonstrably useful in that respect for production issues, the case can be made that the bulk of the industry’s woes lie in the post-production sector. That is the sector that MHI claims it represents when they say they are representing “all segments” of manufactured housing. MHARR has said as much. MHARR’s board has also ‘pledged’ that they will work with a new post-production trade group willing to challenge the MHI enabled status quo.

In an era when public trust in mainstream media, politicians, and other institutions is at a low ebb, per public polling that has tracked such issues for decades, the subtle nuances of how the federal bureaucracy does – or does not – work as planned is an important topic. The fact that Manning, the coalition of nonprofit organizations involved in Project 2025, and others are pointing to the kinds of remedies that may be obtained if a new pro-constitutionally limited government administration comes to power. Among announced Democratic candidates, the closest fit to that description is the Kennedy 2024 campaign. MHProNews has reported on him repeatedly in reports like the ones linked below.



On the GOP side, many are taking a stance that asserts they would seek to limit the power of the bureaucracy.  Rising star in the GOP, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy is discussing those kinds of issues, including massive cuts in the federal bureaucratic staff.  His themes may be more disruptive than other GOP candidates, but Trump and others are making similar points.



Again, the point isn’t to endorse Vivek, but rather to illustrate how issues raised by him, Manning, Trump, Project 2025, or RFK Jr. among Democrats, and others is to root out the corruption that has infected the federal (and other levels of) government.

That MHI isn’t talking about such root issue matters only reinforces points previously made on just how badly they are failing the whole manufactured home industry. Whatever MHI was in the 20th century, which was imperfect and that is why MHARR exists, was nevertheless still capable of pivoting and working with MHARR to get DTS for manufactured housing, and the MHIA of 2000 enacted into federal law.  But MHI has literally joined forces with conventional housing groups. How has that effort paid off for manufactured housing? The data is clear. It hasn’t.



Texas Real Estate Research Center ‘Sentiments’ vs. Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform ‘Official Data’ – Facts and Analysis, plus MHVille Markets Update


After an erratic lurch up from the industry’s arguably artificially induced fall to the bottom in 2009-2010, every time MHI claims “momentum” in recovery has been followed by another drop. Is that coincidence? Are MHI leaders so incompetent? Or is that part of their bold ruse? The report below was dated June 3, 2022. A few months later, the industry’s slide in late 2022 began.


The reason that 2002 is noted is that is the year that Berkshire Hathaway acquired a major stake in Oakwood manufactured homes. Their investment in Clayton Homes occurred in 2003. A steady wave of consolidation followed. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report and others on MHProNews can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.


Manning’s broad points, those of Project 2025, and that of some popular candidates in both major parties include the notion that the federal government is routinely not doing its job as the law sets forth.  With record non-war federal spending and deficits under Biden, and problems like those that these critics like Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) of big government waste, fraud, and corruption have identified, something must be done to reign in a system that has gone astray. Various remedies are proposed.

Part of the solution for the majority of consumers, honorable investors, independents, employees, and other stakeholders in manufactured housing ought to be the formation of a new post-production ‘white hat’ trade group. Such a new post-production group could be useful in navigating the complex political and bureaucratic landscape. It could also be useful in litigation aimed against the predators that have undermined manufactured housing from within. See the related reports to learn more. MHProNews has also suggested to industry members that they individually could be a part of other existing organizations, such as, NFIB, JCN, etc. Do a search on our site tool to find reports on routinely timely those topics.

‘If We Keep Doing What We’ve Been Doing We Will Keep Getting What We Got!” – MHIdea-Post-Production Trade Association(s) Status – MHI, MHARR, NAMHCO, Other Examples Considered – Full Transcript plus Analysis


Part III. Daily Business News on MHProNews Markets and Headline News Segment


Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 9.19.2023

  • Christmas is on hold: Stores’ holiday hiring plans are the lowest since 2008
  • This illustration picture shows a person logging into Epic Games’ Fortnite on their smartphone in Los Angeles on August 14, 2020. – Apple and Google on August 13, 2020 pulled video game sensation Fortnite from their mobile app shops after its maker Epic Games released an update that dodges revenue sharing with the tech giants. (Photo by Chris DELMAS / AFP) (Photo by CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)
  • Fortnite players can now apply for a portion of its $245 million FTC settlement
  • TODAY — Pictured: Kristen Welker on Friday, September 15, 2023 — (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)
  • New ‘Meet the Press’ moderator Kristen Welker fails to meet the moment as Trump unleashes flurry of lies in debut interview
  • A sign displays the price of gas at more than 6 USD per gallon, at a petrol station in Alhambra, California, on September 18, 2023. Oil prices hit a 10-month high on September 15, 2023, after oil supply cuts in Saudi Arabia and Russia, as well as deadly flooding in Libya, have raised oil prices close to 100 USD per barrel.
  • Gas is rapidly approaching $6 in one state
  • BURBANK, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 12: JB Perrette speaks onstage during a Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming Press Event at Warner Bros. Studios on April 12, 2023 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for HBO)
  • Live sports is coming to Max streaming service in time for the MLB playoffs
  • Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried, parents of former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.
  • FTX sues Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents
  • United Auto Workers members walk the picket line at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich., Monday, Sept. 18, 2023. So far the strike is limited to about 13,000 workers at three factories — one each at GM, Ford and Stellantis.
  • Where things stand on Day 5 of auto strike: A new deadline, another strike delayed
  • Instacart gift cards are displayed at a Safeway store on August 28, 2023 in San Anselmo, California. Grocery delivery company Instacart filed for its initial public offering on Friday with hopes to start trading on the Nasdaq by next month.
  • Instacart soars 40% in its trading debut
  • An aerial view of the Birmingham cityscape after the city council declared its financial challenges on September 06, 2023 in Birmingham, England. Birmingham City Council, Europe’s largest local authority, will cease all spending except for essential services mandated by law, like social care and waste collection, after declaring bankruptcy following a budget shortfall of £87 million this year. The Labour-run council attributed its financial challenges to a £760 million bill for equal pay claims and the implementation of an IT flagship system that allegedly incurred costs of £100 million.
  • Bankrupt Birmingham braces for cuts as UK government takes control
  • 20 October 2021, Hamburg: View of the Aurubis AG plant site. Europe’s largest copper smelter, Aurubis, has commissioned an 85 million euro plant in Hamburg to reduce fine dust emissions. The exhaust air system with ultra-fine filters and the latest plant technology reduces so-called diffuse dust emissions by up to 70 percent.
  • Thieves stole nearly $200 million from Europe’s largest copper producer
  • YouTube stops Russell Brand making money from his videos after sexual assault allegations
  • What to expect from this week’s Fed meeting
  • Canadian autoworkers extend negotiations with Ford, delaying a possible strike
  • Home building sank in August amid crushing mortgage rates
  • The iPhone’s new Action Button is more than a one-trick pony
  • A core frustration unites striking workers: Exorbitant CEO pay
  • Banks scramble to find leaders equipped for today’s economic realities
  • First Evergrande, now Sunac. Another big Chinese developer files for US bankruptcy protection
  • Crayola, beloved for its crayons, is now selling flowers
  • Google rolls out a major expansion of its Bard AI chatbot
  • China woos Tesla, JP Morgan and other Western companies as foreign investment slumps
  • Starbucks bets on China with $220 million roasting and distribution center
  • Evergrande’s woes deepen after police detain staff at its shadow bank


Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
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In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffett. That begs a key question. Why don’t more people LOOK at the rearview mirror more so they can learn more about the patterns that influence what’s ahead? Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.


Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 9.19.2023

(Note: the headline capture for Newsmax yesterday evening failed, the ones below are from 9.20.2023 at 6:41 AM, which will be similar. MHProNews regrets the error).

  • Trump: ‘Nobody’ Attended Biden’s ‘Surrender’ Speech at UN
  • Multiple global leaders were conspicuously absent as President Biden addressed the United Nations. Former President Trump was quick to point that out as evidence of Biden’s failure to lead on the world stage. [Full Story]
  • Newsmax TV
  • Rep. Biggs: Hunter Biden Testimony ‘My Goal’
  • Grenell: Biden Lives in Walled Garden | video
  • Trump Jr.: Media Won’t Even Ask If Biden Is Compromised | video
  • Rep. Cline: GOP Lawyers ‘to Press’ Garland for Answers | video
  • Matt Schlapp: Working Class Moving Rightward | video
  • Rep. Mast: House Needs to Go With Stopgap Bill | video
  • Rep. Moore: No Aid for Ukraine Without Oversight
  • Sen. Johnson: List of Biden Relatives’ Corruption Growing | video
  • Sen. Tuberville: Dems Getting ‘Fidgety’ Over Military Holds | video
  • Moolenaar: Yellen Must Take China Land Buys Seriously | video
  • Harriet Hageman: ‘Our Jury Is the American Public’ | video
  • Rep. Perry: Hunter Should Thank IRS, Not Sue It | video
  • More Newsmax TV
  • Newsfront
  • UAW Threatens to Expand Strike If No Progress by Friday
  • The United Auto Workers union is stepping up pressure on Detroit’s Big Three by threatening to expand its strike unless it sees major progress in contract negotiations by Friday…. [Full Story]
  • Eric Clapton Raises $1M for RFK Jr. Campaign
  • Renowned guitarist Eric Clapton lent his musical prowess to the [Full Story]
  • Fed Likely to Pause Rate Hikes, Raise Growth Forecast
  • Analysts expect the Federal Reserve to pause interest rate hikes on [Full Story]
  • John Kirby: Deal Doesn’t Mean ‘Blind Eye’ on Iran
  • National Security Council spokesman John Kirby Tuesday insisted the [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Prisoners Freed by Iran Land in US After $6 Billion Swap Deal
  • SOF Poll: Majority Oppose Iran Prisoner Swap
  • Trump Slams ‘Dumb as a Rock’ Biden on Iran Deal |video
  • AI Chatbot Helps Users Get Abortion
  • A new AI chatbot developed by two former Planned Parenthood officials [Full Story]
  • Biden’s Top 7 Most Recent Inaccurate Statements
  • President Joe Biden has a lengthy track record of embellishing [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • Dershowitz: Trump Lawyers Indicted for ‘Giving Legal Advice’
  • Author and former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz said [Full Story]
  • House Moves Ahead With Defense Policy Bill; ‘Culture Wars’ Fight Ahead
  • The House of Representatives voted 393-27 on Tuesday to send its [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Sen. Tuberville: Holds End With Abortion Policy Vote
  • Report: VA Videos Tout Abortion as Preferred Option
  • Census Bureau Wants to Test Sex Orientation, Gender Identity Questions on Biggest Survey
  • JFK Grandson: RFK Jr.’s WH Bid ‘an Embarrassment’
  • Jack Schlossberg, the grandson of former President John F. Kennedy, [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Former Trump Megadonor: ‘Volatile’ Primaries Ahead
  • Harvard/Harris Poll: Biden Trails Trump, Haley, Scott
  • Biden Concedes to Donors: Voters Fretting Over My Age
  • DeSantis Aiming for $2 Gas by 2025
  • Newsom Backs Biden, Rules Out 2024 Presidential Run
  • Pence Takes Aim at Entitlements as Deficit Tops $33T |video
  • The 6 Biggest Effects of the Abraham Accords
  • In the three years since the Trump administration brokered the [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • Related
  • Video Report: Israeli Envoy Hails Success of Abraham Accords |video
  • Lloyd Austin: M1 Abrams Tanks to Enter Ukraine ‘Soon’
  • Ukraine will soon receive M1 Abrams tanks from the United States as [Full Story]
  • Related
  • US Govt Shutdown Could Halt Weapons to Ukraine
  • Ukraine Complains to WTO about Hungary, Poland and Slovakia Banning Its Farm Products
  • NY Times: Ukraine Missile Might Have Struck Its Market
  • Russia Attacks Lviv Warehouses, Kill at Least 1
  • Zelenskyy Tells World It Has Stake Against Russia ‘Genocide’
  • Rep. Donalds: ‘There’s No Money in the House for Ukraine’ |video
  • UN Detains Israeli Ambassador After Protesting Iran’s President
  • Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan was escorted [Full Story] | video
  • WH to Newsmax: Sept. 28 Impeachment Inquiry Move a ‘Stunt’
  • The White House is ripping “extreme House Republicans” for scheduling [Full Story]
  • Related
  • First Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Set for Sept. 28 |video
  • Acting Temple President, 72, Dies at Memorial Service
  • The acting president of Temple University died Tuesday after becoming [Full Story]
  • Biden Quietly Names Failed Nominee to Head War on Appliances
  • President Joe Biden failed twice to secure the nomination of his [Full Story]
  • NASA’s Curiosity Reaches Mars Ridge Shaped by Water
  • In a triumph of persistence and ingenuity, NASA’s Curiosity Mars [Full Story]
  • Band Director Tased, Arrested After Refusing to Stop Music
  • Police body camera video shows an Alabama high school band director [Full Story]
  • Trump: ‘Nobody’ Attended Biden’s ‘Surrender’ Speech at UN
  • Republican front-runner and former President Donald Trump took to [Full Story] | video
  • Phillips Files for Divorce From Masterson After Rape Convictions
  • Bijou Phillips has filed for divorce from Danny Masterson, days after [Full Story]
  • Pilot of Downed F-35 Fighter Jet Parachuted Into Backyard
  • The pilot of a $100 million stealth fighter jet parachuted safely [Full Story]
  • Cargo Lot at Bridge of Americas Closed to Stem Migrants
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) temporarily shut down cargo [Full Story]
  • Wall Street Slips Ahead of Fed Decision on Rates
  • Stocks slipped as Wall Street waits for the Federal Reserve’s latest [Full Story]
  • Serial Killer of Elderly Women Killed in Prison
  • A man accused of killing nearly two dozen older women and who was [Full Story]
  • Neuralink to Start Human Trial for Brain Implant Chip
  • Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s brain-chip startup Neuralink [Full Story]
  • Some Key World Powers Skip UN General Assembly
  • Almost no major world leaders showed up for President Joe Biden’s [Full Story]
  • Disney to Pour $60B Into Theme Parks, Cruises
  • The Walt Disney Co. is planning to invest approximately $60 billion [Full Story]
  • Study: Few Nursing Homes Meet Proposed Standards
  • Few nursing facilities currently meet staffing requirements proposed [Full Story]
  • Newsom: Harris ‘Absolutely’ Best Choice for Biden in 2024
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom told CNN this week that Vice President [Full Story]
  • Pew Poll: Trust in Government Nears 70-Year Low
  • Trust in the federal government is near a 70-year low, according to a [Full Story]
  • Rep. Comer: Pharmacy Benefit Managers Prioritize Profits
  • Three large Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) monopolize the [Full Story]
  • First TV Painting by Bob Ross for Sale: $10M
  • A painting bylate artist Bob Ross completed on air during the first [Full Story]
  • The Most Horrible Tourist Traps in America, Ranked in Order
  • Finance
  • 92% of Americans Have Cut Back on Spending
  • An overwhelming majority of Americans, 92%, have cut back on their spending in the past six months, and 76% plan to continue to curtail spending on non-essential items through the holiday season, a Morning Consult poll for CNBC found…. [Full Story]
  • Biden Allies Press for Migrant Work Permits
  • UAW Threatens to Expand Strike If No Progress by Friday
  • Matt Schlapp: Working Class Moving Rightward
  • US National Debt Hits $33 Trillion Milestone
  • More Finance
  • Health
  • Early Morning Exercise May Be Best for Weight Control
  • When it comes to staying trim, timing may be everything. That’s according to new research that found adults who routinely engaged in moderate-to-vigorous exercise early in the morning were less likely to be overweight or obese than those who worked out later in the day.”For…… [Full Story]
  • Job Strain Doubles the Risk for Heart Disease in Men
  • FDA Advisers Weighing ‘Artificial Wombs’ for Preemies
  • Women Overestimate Risks From Breast Cancer Genes
  • Six Common Habits That Increase Anxiety


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