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The Trump Arrest – Why it Means ‘Business as Usual is Dead or Dying’ and ‘The Party is Over’ – Malcom X, AI, Orwellian Two Minutes of Hate, and Silver Linings


All professions, ours included, operate in the current economic, political, media, cultural, and religious (or sometimes the lack thereof) climate. Most of us shop in the same stores, regardless of income, beliefs, or politics. Love him, hate him, or if you can amazingly manage to feel indifferent towards Donald J. Trump, you must admit that those in power in ‘the system’ appear to be out to get the man who was voted in as the 45th President of the United States (POTUS) just a few years ago. 4 different prosecutors in 4 different jurisdictions have brought some 91 indictments with their associated arrests, plus the recent mug shot and fingerprinting of the deposed 45th President Trump are celebrated by some and are starkly troubling to others. Those charges followed two impeachments of Trump which failed in the Senate and followed years of largely negative media. Before diving into the Trump charges and Joe Biden related issues, a quick review of the balance of the headline topics starting with artificial intelligence (AI) and Malcom X will be shown to merit focused attention.

Civil rights activist Malcom X said in 1963: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” That quotation per GoodReads is being metaphorically resurrected.

Recent events demonstrate the dystopian novel 1984’s “Two Minutes of Hate.” About the Two Minutes of Hate from George Orwell’s best-known book Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) left-leaning Wikipedia says: “The political purpose of the Two Minutes Hate is to allow the citizens of Oceania to vent their existential anguish and personal hatred toward politically expedient enemies…”

In the United States, examples of the Two Minutes of Hate method have been used by certain Democrats and Republicans alike.

Trump is the target of the Two Minutes of Hate methodology (which for clarity’s sake doesn’t have to be literally two minutes in length) by pro-Establishment Republicans and untold numbers of Democratic aligning leaders. George Soros is the target of the Two Minutes of Hate methodology by some on the right, as if Soros was acting alone – he’s demonstrably not.  Without Warren Buffett, William “Bill” Gates III, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Fink, and Michael Bloomberg (to name a few) if Soros and they were on opposite sides, wouldn’t the balance of those name beyond Soros be winning the battle of the billionaires and their Big Tech and Big Media info-wars?

But hold those thoughts. Because with AI, the ability to believably create a mock voice or video of some political, business, or other ‘enemy’ is here. Malcom X’s concern from 1963 is now capable of being amplified.

To illustrate that point, a couple from our neighborhood reportedly got ripped off recently for north of 15 thousand dollars by a team who used an apparent AI generated copy of a loved one’s voice as part of their scam. Law enforcement told that couple, who in turn told us, that this type of AI involved scams are becoming more common. A quick check with Bing AI (how’s that for irony?) reveals that this problem of deep fake scams are increasingly common, per the FBI, which says that in 2022 about $10 billion dollars in such deep fake scams occurred, which often target seniors.

Since AI and deep fakes can be used to mimic voices and create images that can fool even a loved one, it is apparent that concerns raised by Malcom X are now exponentially amplified.

A combination of news media, social media, and faked items can ‘frame’ the innocent or make the guilty appear innocent.

In a sense, these concerns aren’t new, as the Malcom X quote and other examples illustrate. Hit movies like Running Man (released in 1987 but the story is set in the year 2017) and Enemy of the State (1998) foreshadowed the dawning of the current era. Like Malcom X’s insightful thoughts, to various degrees those movies shed evidence-based examples on challenges which have since developed and operates in 2023 America.






Scams Involving Actual Events…

There has been evidence from ‘day one’ that the public COVID19 and January 6, 2021, event ‘narratives’ were hijacked. Clever edits, paltering, spin and blatant propaganda have been exposed. The founders didn’t trust big government, they DISTRUSTED big government and the big businesses that often went along with big government, as Thomas Jefferson and others illustrated.

Over time, pro-Establishment Democrats and their anti-Trump Republican (RINO) allies used carefully selected items to make Trump and his supporters appear to be guilty of “insurrection.” A new report on MHLivingNews makes it clear what Trump word-for-word said on that fateful day. That same report linked below shows what prosecutor Fani Willis said in November 2020 about the election results. Willis’ and Trump’s concerns expressed in November 2020 were surprisingly similar. So, if Trump is ‘guilty’ of some crime, as Fulton County, GA district attorney Willis claims, then is Willis also going to prosecute herself? Note that in the following report and analysis, the entire transcript of Trump’s 1.6.2021 speech has been provided. Politics has to be set aside long enough to consider the facts and evidence. Here at MHProNews – and on our MHLivingNews sister-site – we believe in facts, evidence, and applied common-sense. If that happens to be at times a minority viewpoint, so be it.



What the Trump Indictments Practically Mean

Considering the above, if ‘the rigged system’ can target billionaire Trump while he was still in the White House and at least in the minds of millions of people can be convinced to believe that Trump is a ‘threat to democracy’ that’s a big problem.

But it isn’t enough that Trump alone is being targeted. Joe Biden made it clear that Trump and millions of MAGA supporters are targets too. So, it is clearly not a mere rhetorical device when Trump has said that they (i.e.: the Establishment) are really after “you” (meaning us, we the people).  Or as Trump has told his supporters: they’re not after me, they are after you,’ ‘but I am in their way. ‘ But if you don’t happen to have ever expressed a pro-Trump or MAGA thought, that doesn’t mean you are ‘safe.’ Examples of communism in Russia or socialism in Nazi Germany reveal that people who were once embraced or supported those regimes were later targeted too. You or a friend could be a true liberal or leftist, and you too could become a target, based on the historical example. Consider for a moment the even high-profile dead and other victims of people in the Clintons’ circle – were they all coincidences?





It should be clear that if Trump – the billionaire and for four years president – can be framed by careful edits and omissions of what he said, if he and his supporters can be censored by big tech working in concert with big government, that combination along with a healthy dose of Orwellian “Two Minutes of Hate” mind-control (thought influencing) techniques, then virtually anyone of us can be framed too.  That’s the history of leftist societies.  Americans can no longer safely ignore that history of the left.

The answer to this is not to hunker down and hope that no one notices you. Whatever your beliefs are, if you have ever revealed them digitally, you and your beliefs are already known.

Left, center, or right, you are already on a multitude of lists. When you get a message from Google, or a test or email from a political or other organization, that’s proof that you are on that (and likely other) lists. If our Constitutional rights were being properly enforced, being on such lists would not be a problem. But in the face of the obvious evidence that one of the most famous men in the world being ‘framed’ for doing what mounting evidence suggests Joe Biden and his family actually did, that’s a wakeup call of epic proportions. The party is over. Business as usual is dead or dying.


Your Work and Business Must Continue, But...

That doesn’t mean that we should throw up our hands and stop working or operating our businesses. Clearly, business and our careers must continue. But you can’t safely ignore what is happening while you operate your business, consider your investments, or work in your career.  Some time must be devoted to the macro situation so that your personal life and that of those you love is best protected and served.

Some of those lists you and others are on are political, nonprofits, and corporate, but some are governmental. This long ago left the realm of mere ‘conspiracy theory,’ because it has been illustrated time and again during Democratic and Republican administrations in the 21st century. Both pro-Democratic and pro-Republican sources and lawsuits are making that case.

The fact that Trump is so vilified by those on the left and by some neo-cons (how appropriate that last term is…) among Republicans ought to be respected at least by people of all backgrounds and beliefs.  As a prior Masthead recently pointed out, it is no longer left vs. right, said leftist attorney turned award-winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald. It should now be the anti-Establishment vs. pro-Establishment.


America and Manufactured Housing are at a Crossroads – Greenwald: ‘It’s Not Left Vs Right Anymore, It’s Anti-Establishment Versus Pro-Establishment’


Facts May Have Partisan Implications, But the Facts Themselves Are Not Partisan

There are lessons to learn from the 21st century. For example, there is strong evidence that George W. Bush led the U.S. and dozens of nations into a Middle Eastern war in Iraq based on so called Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) that didn’t exist. Much of the mainstream media went along with Bush and his military industrial spy complex pitchmen. Bush and Trump are both Republicans. Why didn’t Bush get indicted for lying and leading thousands of Americans to their deaths? Those Middle Eastern wars have ended badly under Let’s Go Brandon (#FJB) Joe Biden (D). The documentary evidence and whistleblower testimony is mounting that Biden and his family made millions of dollars in corrupt deals with foreign enterprises linked to foreign governments. In an ironic and brazen twist of fate, the call to Ukraine that Trump got impeached by Democrats with some Establishment GOP allies was about the Biden family investigations in that country.

Fast-forward to 2023 and documents and testimony are growing that members of the Biden family were involved in apparently illegal and corrupt business deals in Ukraine, Russia, Communist China and beyond. Where are the indictments against what Trump calls “crooked Joe,” Hunter, and the rest of the Biden family that appear to be protected by corrupt 3 letter federal agencies family?

Or how did the Clintons manage to get away with funneling money from foreign and domestic sources through their nonprofit Clinton Foundation and bloated speaking fees?

Apparently corrupt practices have been hiding in plain sight for years. They have been visible for those willing to see them. The Clintons and the Bidens are Democrats. George W. Bush is Republican. To borrow Greenwald’s point, they are all Establishment politicians. That notion of the Establishment which is operated on behalf of the donor class is far more accurate and useful than those who claim that there is a so-called ‘Uni-party.’

There are apparent differences between the two major parties. But some people in those parties are essentially pawns of the Establishment, the donor class, the oligarchs, the one tenth of 1 percent, or whatever someone wants to call them next week.

The short version of the eye opening and award-winning ‘full length’ documentary Shadows of Liberty is posted below.  The video recounts how mainstream media played an important role in the Bush-era WMD fiasco. Most of those interviewed are on the left. Some are admitting the role that they or their profession played in the WMD propaganda that led the U.S. into two decades of war in the Middle East. Iraq, it turns out, had little to do with Osama bin Laden.  Shadows of Liberty also shows examples of how big corporations can influence media through advertising dollars and other means to control the narrative of often troubling issues. Whatever happened before can happen again. If you have never watched Shadows, please do so. If you have watched it, please do so again. It is informative and revealing. It is a reminder once again of the point made by Malcom X. ‘Illusionary truth’ can be created, as MHProNews reported on the evidence-based contention made by Investopedia.  For all those who are aware of these realities, they are less likely to be manipulated. The reverse is also true. Those who don’t realize these realities, for those who such insights aren’t firmly embedded in your mind, then those souls are more subject to manipulation.



One of the speakers on the video above is Amy Goodman with left-leaning Democracy Now! In the video below, she is revealing how the left-leaning Clinton Foundation and Clayton Homes connected story below is but one example of how this can play out in MHVille. Two of the videos posted on our previous report on that topic have been since been deleted by YouTube. Case in point? We are living aspects of Orwell’s 1984, right down to the memory hole, where attempts are made to change history. The owners of Big Tech firms have proven their willingness to delete, block, or throttle information that they don’t want others to grasp. That kind of raw power must be broken up in society at large and in manufactured housing too.



Some of what was reported years before in Riding the Dragon about the Biden family’s once secret deals in Communist China was reported by MHProNews prior to the 2020 election. Riding the Dragon is one of numerous possible examples of how the evidence of what is true is available fairly early on in the genesis of clever public confidence (con) jobs. But so long as millions blindly trust mainstream media, or blindly trust certain media outlets, and not everyone in the media report on an issue, then Malcom X’s point of making the guilty seem innocent blossoms into reality.



MHProNews reported on the Creepy Line during the Trump Administration.  We have since reported on a Senate inquiry into this stunning power of often left-leaning big tech giants.



Hindsight is 20-20 and…

Hindsight can be clarifying, even if it isn’t always perfectly clear “20-20” vision. Not to brag but long-term readers of MHProNews should stop and think. In hindsight, time-after-time, issues that MHProNews and/or MHLivingNews has raised that are ‘broader’ than manufactured housing per se have routinely proven to be correct.  Issues and analysis raised within manufactured housing raised in the last 7 + years have been too. As an example, the first report linked below was March 20, 2020. That was 4 days after the so-called ’15 days to slow the spread’ of COVID19 was announced, and obviously months before COVID19 vaccinees, the George Floyd riots, and a host of troubling events followed that proved the point correct.  Business as usual and ‘the party’ of life before the announced pandemic was over.


The Party is Over, so, What’s Next?


MHProNews has been saying business as usual is dead or dying well before CNN, WND, and others reported on an international event of business and political leaders that made that same statement.


Still from the video below. Corporate and government leaders from the U.S. and around the world took part in that recent meeting.


For those involved in some form or fashion in MHVille, there are obvious takeaways from these sobering events. But the lessons learned go beyond our part of the affordable housing market. Someone can be 100 percent in favor of free enterprise and can still condemn crony capitalism and corruption involving politics and the marketplace. MHProNews alerted readers years ago to the 2009 book, Three Felonies a Day which was mentioned in the new report linked here. Odds are excellent that you personally are guilty of three or more ‘crimes’ and/or violations of regulations. You may be totally unaware of the law or regulation. It doesn’t matter, if someone wants to prosecute you. The system has grown to be so bloated and so pernicious that Malcom X and Donald Trump’s points apply to YOU and those you love or care about. That’s a troubling takeaway from what Democratic prosecutors are doing to Trump.

Trump isn’t the Second Coming. Trump is not the Messiah. He is obviously not perfect. But more and more people are realizing that Trump was a better than average leader, certainly the runaway best U.S. president in the 21st century.  It may be politically incorrect to say so, but Barack Obama’s administration was corrupt too.  Did corporations reward the Obamas with giant multi-million-dollar contrasts because the Obamas opposed them? Hardly.  Each of the points made below by the late Democratic president Harry S. Truman apply to Democrats and Republicans alike, and the second Truman quotation is a lesson for all of us.






The Silver Lining…

The silver lining to all of the bad and troubling news is that ‘people are waking up,’ as Donald Trump Jr. recently said to Newsmax.  It was just a few days ago when MHProNews contrasted the hit song Rich Men North of Richmond and the powerful reactions of people from across the spectrum who are viewers/listeners to that hit are experiencing.


Also featured in that same report immediately above was the Tucker Carlson-deposed President Trump video, which topped 250 million views compared to some 25 million who watched some part of the GOP debate. Some have made the point that in each case, there is ‘fluff’ in the numbers of viewers. True enough.  But that is true of any video or any Nielsen or similarly rated programming.  The TV can be on while someone is asleep, in the bathroom, talking on their phone, or whatever. But the point that people were curious enough to at least see how many views there were of the Tucker-Trump interview is telling. Both the song and the interview are posted above.  Note that Newsmax reported that the audience for the Republican debate without Trump was off some 50 percent from a similar GOP debate in 2015 that featured then candidate Trump.

These are indicators that people are, as Trump Jr. said, waking up and/or are tuning in.  When some 74 percent of the country think that the nation is on the wrong track, or when Trump can be indicted by four different prosecutors a total of 91 times and his polling numbers keep rising, those are powerful examples of the potential for authentic systemic change.

People who manipulate the business, information, and political system in America may well be guilty of real crimes. They should be investigated and prosecuted accordingly.  That could restore confidence in the country and confidence in ‘capitalism,’ or more accurately, in the free enterprise system.

MHProNews warned the country years ago about the realities of Joe Biden’s leftist background. He wasn’t a moderate Democrat under Obama, Biden was simply pawned off and ‘sold’ as a moderate Democrat.  Democrat Kamala Harris herself revealed some of Biden’s troubling history when they were both Democratic party presidential contenders. Note that in the article below, YouTube as of this date kept the trailer to the Trevor Loudon documentary, but YouTube apparently deleted the full-length version of the video posted in the report linked below.  It is seemingly another example of corporations and government officials working together in a fashion that can manipulate some of the public’s understanding of reality.



The Masthead on MHProNews is not a fan of all that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said or done. But his point about the conjunction of corporate and state power is spot on. That is what fascism was in Italy and Germany which ended up leading to World War II. It was all cloaked under the veil of socialism, just as many are doing today in the U.S.A.

Socialism is a road-marker on the road to Communism. Socialism can’t be sold on its own history, so the truth of that history has to be obscured. 1984 author Orwell was a socialist, but Orwell was a disillusioned socialist. The dystopian novel 1984 was not in my mind great literature per se, but 1984 was insightful literature, nevertheless. Something similar can be said about Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World.  Between 1984 and Brave New World, some of the methods being used to manipulate much of the population in our nation and beyond can be better understood. The Big Lie is alive and well.


This platform has dared to let the facts and evidence lead for years, regardless of partisan affiliations.

Our track record in recent years has been strong, particularly after the ‘aha!’ light came on for us on what is actually going wrong in manufactured housing.

MHProNews has dared to go against the status quo and prevailing narratives when warranted. Time and again, we have been proven to be correct.  That track record alone should give readers confidence.

The ‘party’ that existed pre-COVID19 is over. Business as usual is dead or dying. But as noted above, people must still live their lives and operate as best they can. But that should be done with such knowledge in mind. Furthermore, there is a need to work toward solving these issues. It isn’t enough to simply say, ‘oh, how terrible!’  We must get and stay well informed to become solution oriented.

If pro-Establishment forces can arrest billionaire and deposed President Trump, then they can arrest any adult in America.

That means that they can arrest me, you, or someone that you love.

It is time to rouse ourselves. It is time to do the little things day by day that can when enough people of good will band together make for an unbreakable movement.  Tecumseh is the name of a small town near Shawnee, OK, both of which are east of Oklahoma City, OK. the Shawnee warrior/leader Tecumseh famously observed that: “A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.” 

  • We can vote day by day with our wallets.  Bud Light, Target, and Disney are examples of companies that have lost billions in revenue and stock share value due to people simply not doing business with those brands. That principle can be attached to other firms too, not just those three.
  • We can vote with our wallets by supporting candidates who may actually stand for something instead of just playing a part for corrupt Establishment powerbrokers.
  • We can go on jury duty when called, remembering that a single not guilty vote can be enough to effectively keep a person unjustly charged free.
  • We should know our rights and the history of our rights and the fiat money system.  We should be aware of the threat from CBDCs.
  • We can join organizations that are fighting back against such tactics. While MHARR isn’t political, in manufactured housing, they are proven to be a nonpartisan organization that is fighting the problems facing manufactured housing.
  • Beyond manufactured housing, the Job Creators Network,, NFIB, and a host of nonprofit organizations that hold to pro-constitutional ideals are useful.
  • Church goer?  A coalition of some 530 faith leaders combined to ask Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) to back prosecutor Fani Willis, per left-leaning USA Today. That is a clue that those who oppose what DA Willis is doing should be organizing too. The left should get credit for being so organized. But those on the center-right ought to be inspired by them to outdo them in organizing.  Instead of feeling isolated and helpless, being part of a group of like-minded people that are fighting for what’s right is empowering, emotionally and practically.

The left is said to never sleep. If the left loses a battle, they learn their lessons, and march on. The center-right should be equally or more motivated to do the same. It is said that millions of Christians who ‘stayed home’ in 2020 and 2022 made the difference in those elections.

When Obama was president, the U.K. Daily Mail pointed out on 12.26.2016 that Democrats lost 1030 seats nationally.  One of several possible takeaways is that Democratic policies were not popular once they were put into effect. Obama himself was popular, but his policies weren’t. When the Masthead noted above that the center-right needs to organize like the left does, that’s a bit rhetorical.  More to the point, people across the political spectrum that reject what’s occurring in the U.S. – those who think of themselves as anti-establishment – ought to organize and push back against those who have enriched or benefited themselves at the expense of others.


Fight Fire with Fire

The anti-establishment must be willing to formally investigate and prosecute as warranted the leftists and their billionaire backers whenever apparent illegalities exist.  Biden should be impeached and prosecuted, based on the growing evidence.  The billionaires who are the puppet master’s should similarly be prosecuted for apparent violations of the law where the evidence supports it. The time for fighting the Establishment with one arm tied behind our respective backs is long overdue. That’s the silver lining. Trump is showing Americans that fighting back has a cost, but the alternative is worse. If Trump can be targeted, anyone of us could be, including those on the left – as the review above illustrated.

The anti-Establishment must fight to win. We should be properly motivated to do whatever is right and just to win. The party is over. The days of heads in the proverbial sand are done.  As Yoda from Star Wars fame said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Victory means a better life. If the left and pro-Establishment take complete control over the U.S.A., then all that our forefathers fought and died for will have been frittered away. Let’s not let that happen on our watch. ###



America and Manufactured Housing are at a Crossroads – Greenwald: ‘It’s Not Left Vs Right Anymore, It’s Anti-Establishment Versus Pro-Establishment’

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Our son has grown quite a bit since this photo above was taken. All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested with the discussion of manufactured housing related issues on our trip and 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s (D) office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. As political independents, MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

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