Marketing & Ads

Business is BOOMING for several of our clients. 

We’ve built the largest audiences of their kind in manufactured housing


Content Creation

In modern marketing, content is king.

Consumers are more sophisticated today, they want to know more before they contact you.



SWOT = Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. Every operation of every size has obstacles and opportunities. 


MH Videography & Production

Video in marketing is hot.

We know manufactured homes and factory-built housing.We have and know your target audience.

Sales Training

If you’re people are worth keeping, then they’re worth investing in. Third party studies prove training yields more results, increases job satisfaction, and cuts down on turnover. 

Sales Recruiting

Manufactured housing has a reputation, and while it’s based on outdated impressions, Manufactured housing….

mas kovach mhpronews shopping with soheyla .jp

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