Can Trump Be Disqualified from Holding Office Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment? Former Federal Election Commissioner Hans von Spakovsky Weighs In With Surprising Claim; plus MHVille Markets


‘Not so fast,’ might be the summary of the argument made by senior legal fellow and former Federal Election Commission (FEC) member Hans von Spakovsky in reply to those in media, politics, and business who say that deposed President Trump can be barred from running for office under section three of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Like or dislike Trump, favor or oppose his Republican field leading presidential candidacy, friends and foes alike have spilled considerable ink and talked, talked, talked about the possible bar to his candidacy by asserting section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Even if von Spakovsky is correct and those 14th Amendment arguments are not valid, doesn’t an entirely different set of questions arise? Such as, then why is so much ink and talk being raised around this issue? Is that too a type of ‘election interference,’ as Team Trump claims the various legal actions are mere abuse of the legal process to attempt to taint or hurt his candidacy?

More About Hans von Spakovsky

“Hans von Spakovsky is a senior legal fellow at right-leaning Heritage Foundation, a former commissioner on the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and former counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights at the U.S. Department of Justice. He is a member of the board of the Public Interest Legal Foundation.” That is per the right-leaning Daily Signal, the ‘news’ arm of the Heritage Foundation.

Influence Watch says the following about Heritage.

QuoteMarksLeftSideThe Heritage Foundation is a right-of-center policy think tank founded in 1973 that researches and recommends policies such as free markets, limited government, a strong national defense, and courts that adhere to the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution. 1 2 Many of Heritage’s most significant policy recommendations have been adopted, notably by the Reagan Administration,3 the Clinton administration,4 5 6 and the Trump administration7 Heritage Action for America, the Heritage Foundation’s lobbying and electoral arm, was created in 2010 and provides both grassroots influence and professional lobbying to advance the implementation of the Heritage Foundation’s policy recommendations. 8 9

With that tee up, the following is from the Daily Signal by von Spakovsky used per permissions to MHProNews.  It will be followed in Part II by additional information with more MHProNews analysis and commentary in brief. Part III will be our Daily Business News on MHProNews macro and manufactured housing focused market updates along with left (CNN) right (Newsmax) market-moving headlines recap.

Part I


Trump Isn’t Disqualified From Holding Office Under the 14th Amendment

Hans von Spakovsky

Recently some people have started making the argument that former President Donald Trump is barred from running for president by the 14th Amendment, one of the Reconstruction Amendments ratified in 1868 three years after the end of the Civil War.

These Trump critics rely on the first sentence of Section 3 of that amendment, which provides:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. 

The critics claim that Trump can’t be president because he participated in an “insurrection or rebellion.” A lawyer has even filed a lawsuit in Florida seeking to disqualify Trump from appearing on the ballot in that state, relying on this portion of the 14th Amendment.

The people making this argument are wrong.

First, Trump has never been convicted in any court of law or by Congress at the conclusion of the second impeachment proceeding of participating in an insurrection or rebellion.

As John Yoo and Robert Delahunty recently pointed out in an essay in The Federalist, “The Senate’s acquittal is the only official finding by a federal or state institution on the question of whether Trump committed insurrection.”

Moreover, they correctly note that no prosecutor has even charged Trump with insurrection or rebellion in any court, including special counsel Jack Smith in his recent criminal indictment of Trump.

Second, as I have previously written in a Heritage Foundation report, it is highly doubtful that the disqualification clause is still valid. The second sentence in that section, which Trump critics conveniently ignore, provides: “But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.” (The Daily Signal is The Heritage Foundation’s news outlet.)

In other words, Congress was given the power in the amendment itself to remove the disability imposed by the 14th Amendment, a unique power that doesn’t exist in any other amendments. Importantly, Congress did exactly that in 1872 and 1898.

Congress passed an amnesty act in 1872 with the required two-thirds vote removing all “political disabilities” imposed by Section 3 except for members of the 36th and 37th Congresses, as well as “heads of departments, and foreign ministers of the United States” and “officers in the judicial, military and naval services.”

In 1898, even these exceptions were removed by Congress in a second amnesty act stating that the “disability imposed by section 3 … heretofore incurred is hereby removed.” There was no language preserving any of the disqualifications for any future cases.

Third, the argument that state officials can prevent Trump or any other member of Congress from holding office because of what happened on Jan. 6 is belied by the presidential qualifications clause of the Constitution (Art. I, Sec. 3, Cl. 3) which sets out three qualifications to be president. You have to be a “natural born citizen,” at least “thirty-five years” old, and “been fourteen years a resident” of the U.S.

The Constitution has similar qualifications clauses to be a senator or representative. When states tried to impose term limits on members of Congress, the Supreme Court held in 1995 in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton that states could not impose any additional qualifications on any candidate running for Congress.

The same principle applies to anyone running for president. Even if those pushing disqualification could convince a court that the two amnesty acts did not void Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and that it doesn’t matter that there has been no charge or conviction for “insurrection or rebellion,” it is not state officials who have the authority to make such a determination. That would be up to Congress.

As Yoo and Delahunty point out, “allowing a single state to wield this much power over the federal government runs counter to broader federalism principles” and would “throw our electoral system into chaos.”

When California tried to impose a requirement on presidential candidates (obviously aimed at Trump) requiring them to publicly disclose their tax returns, the California Supreme Court unanimously struck it down in 2019. States cannot add additional qualifications above and beyond those in the Constitution.

By the way, as a matter of constitutional law, even if Trump is convicted in any of the indictments that have been filed against him, that would not prevent him from running for, and serving as, president if he is elected.

Whether you love him or hate him is irrelevant; as long as he meets the three qualifications laid out in Article II (which he obviously does), he can serve as president unless and until he is impeached by the House of Representatives and convicted by the Senate. ##

Part II Addition Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

Love him, hate him, or if you can manage to be ‘meh’ about deposed President Trump, give the man his due. He’s got a keen sense of how he can take even negative news, like indictments or that mug shot shown in the reports linked further below, and turn that as much to his advantage as possible. That there are those who don’t know, or otherwise contradict von Spakovsky’s claim is illustrated by the posts below. While the remark had not yet made X (formerly Twitter) when this article was being prepared, Joe Biden‘s VP Kamala Harris said, per WMAL, that she thinks that the 14th Amendment should be applied to deposed President Trump. As an aside, Harris also said she “understands” that she “may have to take over the job” from Biden.




That said, beyond von Spakovsky, Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene (MTG)

One might make a similar observation about some in MHVille’s community sector who take negative news and turn it into a marketing method for their consolidation focused ‘brand.’ Something similar can be said about some of the Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway owned brands in MHVille, such as Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage Corporation, and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance (VMF), to name but a few.

Per a recent report, Trump connected sources could be expanding perhaps $500,000 a week in his various legal cases. As left-leaning USA Today said some 6 days ago:  “Zachary Smith, who practices criminal defense about 40 miles from Atlanta, said Trump could spend $500,000 to $1.5 million on a local lawyer…” Local lawyers in 4 jurisdictions (with a possible fifth perhaps looming) plus other attorneys involved could yield that 5ook weekly in legal costs.



“We have to remind all these pompous assholes in the mainstream media that you guys tried this once and you’ve failed — because I won my case, and there is precedent there,” Representative Marjorie Tayler Greene (MTG) told right-leaning Breitbart News.

“Democrats did not establish that Greene “engaged in insurrection or rebellion … or [gave] aid or comfort to the enemies” under the 14th Amendment, the judge wrote.” That link from Breitbart is to left-leaning NBC News.

Greene told Breitbart that her victory in court, based upon free speech, will aid Trump’s chances of winning the Republican primary and challenging President Joe Biden.






If MTG and von Spakovsky are correct, that begs the question – why are Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans bothering to press the article 3 of the 14th Amendment issue?

There are several possible explanations. Among them? One is that lawfare can drain Trump campaign resources. Another is that Trump supporters might become weary of the ongoing use of such mud-slinging and perhaps cause them to turn to another GOP candidate.


‘Lawfare’ Target – America First Legal Sues for Allegedly Misleading Shareholders; Cornelia Woll-Trends in Corporate Crimes; Lessons for Manufactured Housing Industry; plus, MHVille Market Updates



That said, the case can be made that Trump and his trusted family or allies routinely triangulate. If this happens, then lets do that.

There is routinely a way to counterpunch, so long as a person is alive. That may be one reason why Tucker Carlson has raised the concern about a possible assassination attempt on the deposed president.


The latest count on the video above between Tucker and Trump has been ‘viewed’ over 265 million times. On a possibly related theme, Carlson’s interview of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán resulted in that PM saying that Trump alone among recent world leaders is capable of causing a swift peace in the massively costly and deadly war between Russia and Ukraine.


Death by whatever cause seems to be the only serious threat at this time to keeping Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. As has often been noted by news and pundits across the spectrum, as he gets indicted, his polling has risen. The somewhat anecdotal observation has been made that black men seem more likely to embrace Trump, as they see some of their own experiences with ‘the system’ mirrored in what Trump is enduring. If so, that could be a problem for Democrats in 2024, as losing several percent of black voters could cost Democrats key races in battleground districts.


That noted, each of the insights and lessons learned could potentially be potentially useful for the would be or ‘white hat’ brands still operating in MHVille that want to resist and/or maximize their businesses value. In no particular order of importance, are the following.

First, note that Sun Communities seemed to muse early on in the Biden era that having a Democratic president, House and Senate would drive some into selling due to threatened changes in tax and regulatory policies. True enough, a wave of consolidations has occurred since Biden moved into the White House. Sun Communities Chairman and CEO Gary Shiffman relished the pipeline of acquisitions that were underway. If Democrats continue in power, despite Biden’s rhetoric in support of competition, there seems to be a greater move in MHVille and in some other segments of the U.S. economy under Biden.





Stating the Obvious can Be Clarifying and Insightful

Manufactured housing is underperforming during an affordable housing crisis. That’s not a mere opinion, that is a fact.

Part of the reason for that is regulatory barriers and federal policies. A brief and familiar to some review is useful.

  • 1) Despite the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA) and its so-called ‘enhanced preemption’ provision, zoning barriers continue to be a roadblock to more sales. That’s been known for years.
  • 2) Despite the fact that FHA Title I loans were for years a significant portion of manufactured home sales, the Title I (chattel) loan program has all but been suspended for a variety of regulator-connected reasons. See what MHI’s prior president Gail Cardwell, who had significant mortgage/financing association experience produced in the first illustration below.

Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.


  • 3) The other once significant support for manufactured housing were the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs or “Enterprises) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which provided lenders in the 1990s with access to the secondary market.  As MHProNews has previously pointed out, for whatever reason, when Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway sold off their interest in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac circa 2000, in the wake of that move the GSEs largely withdrew their support for manufactured home chattel lenders.


Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.


  • 4) That loss of lending is widely credited with the collapse of HUD Code manufactured housing sales in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  As the following response an inquiry on 9.6.2023 to Bing’s AI by MHProNews indicated, produced the following.

BingsAIchatAnswerImage-MHProNews“I think you’re referring to the fact that many manufactured home lenders exited manufactured housing chattel lending in the wake of repossessions and Fannie Mae Freddie Mac ceasing access to secondary market for manufactured home lenders.”

5) The FHFA said in a document attached here the following about the Duty to Serve (DTS) manufactured housing that was mandated by the widely bipartisan enactment of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA).

  • “For the manufactured housing market, the final rule provides that, subject to FHFA approval, an Enterprise may propose a pilot to support financing of personal property, or “chattel,” loans on manufactured homes to help meet its Duty to Serve obligations.”
  • “Eighty percent of new manufactured homes placed in 2015 were titled as chattel. Thirty four percent of these were located in manufactured housing communities, and 66 percent were located on privately-owned land.”

Summing those 5 points up, the above arguably makes clear regulatory policies matter.  That means that who sits in the White House and those who are operating the various federal agencies matters. Recall that Trump’s appointee at HUD, Ben Carson, was apparently more manufactured housing friendly than some of the other HUD Secretaries before or since.


Sec Carson vs. Fudge; Dec 22 Jan 23 Data – Single-Family, Multifamily Facts as Mortgage Rates Slide – 2023 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show-Facts & Analysis; plus MHVille Markets Updates


Trump is on record himself praising factory built housing and manufactured homes more specifically.




Though it was apparently a flop, members of the Trump family helped support a factory-built housing operation that had international ambitions.


Revolutionprecraftedyounggunslegendsrobbieantoniotrump modularprefabhomemhlivingnewdailybusinessnews 575x288






That said, Trump has the insights of a builder.

Legislation that the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) could not get enacted during 8 years under Barack Obama, or legislation that they now claim to be seeking during the Biden years, went nowhere.

But Trump signed into law the one provision of the two key provisions that the former (and failed) MHI backed effort to enact the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act that did make it into law. But even that was oddly fumbled by MHI, given that Ishbel Dickens and the resident groups were willing to work with MHI to get that MLO rule agreed to with the regulators at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Meaning, per Dickens, it could have occurred years before and without the need for Congressional action. Remarks made by MHI connected Nathan Smith at about the same time that Dicken’s comments were made to MHProNews, shown below, could be interpreted as confirming her claim.

Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

Before MHAction, the older and more established NMHOA trade group filled a similar role that may have been more ‘grass roots’ than MHAction is. Funding to MHAction can be traced via so-called dark money channels back to George Soros linked nonprofits. NHMHOA is also said to be linked to funding from nonprofits with ties to Warren Buffett. This potential for playing both sides off against each other may or may not have been known to those carrying out their ‘duty’ to their donors. That entire nonprofit behavior in the manufactured housing industry merits its own investigation by public officials. It apparently has a significant part of the broader investigation into manufactured housing industry woes. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.


Nevertheless, the point made is that despite apparent hiccups, Trump was more business, factory-built housing, and better regulations focused.  Biden has been more big business, big media, and big tech friendly – Trump arguably less so.



While the Trump Administration’s track record is less than stellar for manufactured housing independents, the case can be made (see report above) that it certainly was been superior compared to either Obama or Biden.

As to navigating manufactured housing regulatory or political issues in Washington, D.C. or the other 50 states, the case can be made that manufactured housing needs to establish a new post-production trade group.


Skyline Champion-Regional Homes; Case Study Flagship Communities REIT vs. Manufactured Housing Institute Claims Reveal Clear Contradictions-Facts/Analysis; plus Sunday MHVille Weekly Headlines Recap

‘If We Keep Doing What We’ve Been Doing We Will Keep Getting What We Got!” – MHIdea-Post-Production Trade Association(s) Status – MHI, MHARR, NAMHCO, Other Examples Considered – Full Transcript plus Analysis


Centennial Home’s Chad Evans and MHVille Pros Sound Off 2022 Manufactured Housing Backlog Controversy, Changes in Retail Lending, Vanishing Independent Manufactured Home Retailers Examined

Owned, Obscene Profits, Truth v Coy Lie, Mark Twain, Lincoln, American Dream, Biden’s Victoria Nuland to Sen Marco Rubio ‘Classic Russian Technique Blame Other Guy What They Are Planning Themselves’

Part III. Daily Business News on MHProNews Markets and Headline News Segment


Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 9.5.2023

  • How billionaires ruined Burning Man
  • Attendees known as “burners” strike down their Unicorner camp before new rainfalls in a muddy desert plain on September 3, 2023, after heavy rains turned the annual Burning Man festival site in Nevada’s Black Rock desert into a mud pit. Tens of thousands of festivalgoers were stranded September 3, in deep mud in the Nevada desert after rain turned the annual Burning Man gathering into a quagmire, with police investigating one death.
  • Video footage showed costume-wearing “burners” struggling across the wet gray-brown site, some using trash bags as makeshift boots, while many vehicles were stuck in the sludge.
  • The desert confab that descended into chaos over the weekend, isn’t quite the scrappy, free-spirited revelry that it once was
  • A file photo shows United Airlines aircrafts parked at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, on March 9, 2023.
  • United delays all flights nationwide following ground stop due to ‘equipment outage’
  • John Lansing, president and chief executive of NPR, will retire by the year’s end.
  • John Lansing, NPR’s president and chief executive, announces he will retire
  • Dominion Voting Systems ballot-counting machines are lined up at a Torrance County warehouse during testing of election equipment with local candidates and partisan officers in Estancia, N.M., Sept. 29, 2022.
  • Far-right network OAN settles 2020 election defamation suit brought by ex-Dominion executive
  • Birmingham’s council provides services for over a million people.
  • Britain’s second-largest city effectively declares itself bankrupt amid $950 million equal pay claims
  • Pedestrians walk towards Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York, US, on Thursday, July 6, 2023.
  • Goldman Sachs cuts US recession odds to 15% as economic optimism grows
  • Daniil Medvedev, of Russia, returns to Sebastian Baez, of Argentina, during the third round of the U.S. Open tennis championships, Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)
  • US Open champion can’t watch tennis because of Disney’s dispute with his hotel’s cable company
  • A view of the Gazpromneft MNPZ Moscow Petroleum Refinery JSC in Moscow, Russia, 27 October 2022.
  • Oil prices surge after Saudi Arabia and Russia extend production cuts
  • Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi waves to the crowd during the second half of an MLS soccer match against Los Angeles FC, Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ryan Sun)
  • Leo Messi sparks a surge in Major League Soccer subscription sign-ups
  • Elon Musk blames the ADL for 60% ad sales decline at X, threatens to sue
  • Warner Bros. Discovery says actors and writers strikes will cost it up to $500 million this year
  • Arm’s IPO could value the chip company at $52 billion. Apple, Google and Nvidia show interest
  • How big banks won the banking crisis
  • The maker of Wegovy and Ozempic is now Europe’s most valuable company
  • China’s Country Garden dodges default for second time in four days, state media report
  • China’s services activity falls in August to its lowest level in eight months
  • Qantas CEO to step down early as airline’s reputation under scrutiny
  • Mercedes unveils new electric concept cars with better range than any Tesla model
  • The UK economy is bigger than we thought. It still has ‘a growth problem’
  • The state of return-to-office policies: a post-Labor Day reset?
  • ‘The Equalizer 3’ tops the US box office on opening weekend
  • Moutai coffee, anyone? Luckin is adding the fiery liquor to its lattes
  • US unions have flexed their muscle this past year. Are they winning?


Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffett. That begs a key question. Why don’t more people LOOK at the rearview mirror more so they can learn more about the patterns that influence what’s ahead? Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 9.5.2023

  • House Oversight Panel Subpoenas Mayorkas, Others on Hunter Probe
  • President Joe Biden next to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at FEMA headquarters in Washington late last month.
  • Trump Indictments
  • Mark Meadows Pleads Not Guilty in Georgia Election Case
  • Hakes, Town to Newsmax: Garland Must Close Fulton County Jail | video
  • Alina Habba: ‘Hit’ Trump, He Only Gets Stronger | video
  • Trump: Election ‘Rigging’ by Indictment ‘Won’t Hold Up’
  • Giuliani: ‘Never Had a Strained Relationship’ With Trump | video
  • Trump Lawyer Halligan: ‘Sloppy’ Convictions Sought | video
  • Bernie Kerik: Giuliani’s Constitution Stance Scares Left
  • Matt Whitaker: RICO Case Unfit for Dual Court Trial | video
  • DiGenova: Indicting Trump Lawyers ‘Absolute Abomination’ | video
  • Newsmax TV
  • Jason Miller: Biden ‘Weak and Incompetent’
  • Blaine Holt: Chinese Incursion Report ‘Troubling’ | video
  • Ogles: ‘Go Time’ for Impeaching Biden | video
  • Kustoff: House ‘Close’ to Impeachment Inquiry | video
  • Grenell: WashPost ‘Shill’ Can’t Answer Biden Question | video
  • Van Duyne: Children Face Violence at Border | video
  • Official: Idalia Restoration Efforts ‘Moving Rapidly’ | video
  • Burchett: Elderly, Weak Are Swamp’s ‘Gravy Train’ | video
  • Carson: Political Parties Should Give Younger People a Chance | video
  • Ed Rollins: ‘No One Is Going to Defeat President Trump’ | video
  • Newsfront
  • Speaker McCarthy: Dems Recognize ‘Failed’ Border Policy
  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said some Democrats finally are realizing that President Joe Biden’s failure to police the southern border has caused a national immigration crisis…. [Full Story]
  • Alabama AG to Newsmax: Levine Records ‘Essential’ to State’s Lawsuit
  • Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall told Newsmax Tuesday that [Full Story]
  • Settlement: NYPD to Reform Protest Tactics
  • The New York City Police Department will reform how it responds to [Full Story]
  • Oversight Subpoenas Mayorkas, Others on Hunter Probe
  • The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability on Tuesday issued [Full Story]
  • Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Has Will to Endure War
  • Olena Zelenska, Ukraine’s first lady, says she never dreamt of her [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Russian Defector: I ‘Will Not Take Part’ in War ‘Crime’ |video
  • Ukraine Approves Defense Minister’s Dismissal
  • Russian Defense Minister: Counteroffensive Unsuccessful on Every Front
  • Climate Change Not a ‘Factor’ in Maui Wildfires
  • Hawaii Democrat Gov. Josh Green has suggested climate change [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • CNN Poll: Trump Widens Lead Over DeSantis to 34 Points
  • Former President Donald Trump has opened a 34-point lead over his [Full Story]
  • FAA Lifts United Ground Stop Over Computer Glitch
  • United Airlines said it has ended a nationwide ground stop after a [Full Story]
  • Texas AG Paxton Pleads Not Guilty at Impeachment Trial
  • Embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pleaded “not [Full Story]
  • House Oversight Opens Transportation Safety Probe
  • The House Oversight Committee said Tuesday it is investigating the [Full Story]
  • Judge Backs Federal Injunction in Gun Conversion Case
  • A U.S. District Court judge this week approved a government [Full Story]
  • Mark Meadows Pleads Not Guilty in Georgia Election Case
  • Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Tuesday pleaded not [Full Story]
  • Disney Call to Narrow DeSantis Lawsuit Denied
  • A judge denied a call from Disney attorneys to narrow the federal [Full Story]
  • Are Registration Fees for Electric Vehicles Fair or Punitive?
  • Drivers hoping to save a few dollars at the gas pump by switching to [Full Story] | Platinum Article
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  • Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is releasing a report that says [Full Story]
  • Philadelphia Police Commissioner Resigns as Crime Spikes
  • Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw will step down this [Full Story]
  • Doc: No Evidence McConnell Has Seizure Disorder
  • There is no evidence Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., [Full Story]
  • NewsNation Poll: Most Don’t Believe Gov’t. About UFOs
  • A new poll by NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ reveals 63% of Americans [Full Story]
  • US Judges Reject Alabama Lines, to Redraw on Race
  • Federal judges said Tuesday they will draft new congressional lines [Full Story]
  • Poll: Haley, DeSantis Tied for 2nd in New Hampshire
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley are [Full Story]
  • Woman, 60, Beaten With Own Cane in NYC Subway Station
  • A 60-year-old woman was struck more than 50 times with her own cane [Full Story]
  • Search Expands for Pa. Killer Who Escaped Prison
  • Authorities expanded the search area for a convicted murderer who [Full Story]
  • Biden Nominates Former Treasury Secretary Lew as Ambassador to Israel
  • President Joe Biden has nominated former Treasury secretary Jacob Lew [Full Story]
  • Biden Uses Labor Day Speech to Attack Trump
  • President Joe Biden used his Labor Day speech in Philadelphia on [Full Story]
  • Watchdog Group Demands Probe of Sen. Warnock’s Income
  • A watchdog group is demanding the Senate Select Committee on Ethics [Full Story]
  • Biden Campaign Running TV Ads to Reach NFL Audience
  • President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is reaching out to NFL [Full Story] | video
  • Second McConnell Freeze-Up Increases Retirement Calls
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is hearing more calls to [Full Story]
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  • Former President Donald Trump’s rivals for the 2024 Republican [Full Story]
  • Biden’s $60B ‘Internet for All’ Costs More for Some
  • President Joe Biden’s “Internet for All” seeks to connect rural [Full Story]
  • Amazon Hates When You Do This, But They Can’t Stop You (Try It Tonight)
  • Finance
  • New Union Militancy Points to Auto Strike Sept. 14
  • Despite President Joe Biden’s insistence Monday that a strike against the “Big 3” auto manufacturers “is not going to happen,” the attitude of United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain is pointing to the unprecedented strike by the Sept. 14 deadline…. [Full Story]
  • US $33T Debt, ‘The Greatest Ponzi Scheme of All Time’
  • Latest Data Points to September Interest Rate Hike
  • 2024 KIA Seltos: You Can’t Afford to Miss the Value!
  • Powell’s Speech Obfuscates Truth Behind Inflation
  • Health
  • New COVID Variant Less Threatening Than First Feared
  • When new COVID variant BA.2.86 emerged in late July, scientists had concerns about its ability to evade immunity. But early lab tests seem to be easing those fears, as well as concerns over the variant’s ability to spread widely. Also called Pirola, the variant is highly…… [Full Story]
  • Eye-Tracking Device Could Spot Autism in Toddlers
  • Normal Body Temperature Varies Between People
  • AI as Accurate as Radiologists Reading Breast Scans
  • Too Much Paperwork Is Delaying Cancer Patients’ Care

Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

In instances such as Apollo, Berkshire Hathaway, Blackstone or others, manufactured housing may only be part of their corporate interests. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report and others on MHProNews can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.
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