Mayfield, KY Mobile and Manufactured Homes vs. Conventional Construction – Storm Chasing the Surprising Truth About Tornado Deaths, Damage, and Destruction

“Tornadoes in Mayfield, Kentucky caused profound losses,” wrote veteran journalist Edward Helmore for the U.S. edition of the Guardian. “Damage to life and limb caused …

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Joy to the World? Jesus and Jefferson – Why This Christmas, Personal Liberty, and Hope for a Brighter Future Are Clearly Intertwined

Christmas is an ever-relevant event. Why? Let’s examine a few thoughts that make that point, weaving together some quotes from founding father, statesman, and third …

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Unpacking Motley Fool’s and MHInsider’s Reports on Sun Communities $1.3 Billion Deal – Facts, Trends, Analysis Others Missed

To frame the financial site Motley Fool’s report on Sun Communities (SUI) and their recent $1.3-billion-dollar deal for Park Holidays UK “mobile home parks” and …

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10 State AGs Join Energy, Environmental Special Interests to Press Costly Energy Standards Manufactured Housing Institute and Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform Oppose

RV Pro reported on 12.3.2021 that “New Mexico’s Attorney General Hector Balderas has joined several states in urging the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to …

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Manufactured Housing’s 2022 Potential? Tips on Appeal, Facts, and Law on Your Side – What White Hat Manufactured Home Pros Can Do At Local Level to Grow Manufactured Home Sales in 2022

To keep doing the same things in the same ways fits a popular definition of insanity. Instead of an endless repetitive loop, there is good …

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“If You Tell a Lie Big Enough and Keep Repeating It, People Will Eventually Come to Believe” the Lie – Unpacking Why Affordable Housing and Manufactured Homes Struggle During U.S. Housing Crisis

The following comments letter was sent to the Department of Energy on the date shown. It should be read in conjunction with the observations made …

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“Shell Game“ Affordable Manufactured Home Threats “On Steroids“ – Exclusive Probe into Manufactured Housing Industry’s Twin Crises — a One-on-One Interview with MHARR President and CEO, Mark Weiss

  In terms of the topic, the headline largely sums it up. The following is a exclusive new interview with attorney, manufactured housing industry veteran, …

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Baptist News Spotlights Manufactured Homes AGAIN, “Connection Between Wealth Gap, Monopolies, Affordable Housing, and Biblical Truths” – Facts and Analysis

Earlier this month, Baptist News Global (BNG) featured a column by Rev. Ivory Mewborn on the topic of “Manufactured homes and just zoning laws can …

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Cavco Industries – “The Devil is in the Details” – Latest Earning$ Call – Facts, Insights, Legal, Market, and Other Analysis Others Missed

It is axiomatic that ‘The Devil is in the Details.’ Before diving into the transcript and sifting those details from the recent Cavco Industries (CVCO) …

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Marketplace’s, S2A’s Insights – September 2021 Manufactured Housing Production, Shipment Data – Pesky Fact$, Potential Promise, Penetrating Analysis

Politicians, public officials, as well as major business leaders have lost credibility. So said establishment-minded and Civic Alliance member Edelman in a survey linked here. …

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Thomas “Tom” Hodges, J.D., General Counsel to Clayton Homes and Manufactured Housing Institute Chairman Hit with TBPR Complaint – Claims and Inside Scoop

The full complaint against Thomas “Tom” Hodges, J.D., filed with the Tennessee Bar Association for purported violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) are …

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Musings on Truth or Consequences – Risks and Rewards of Learning from Personal, Professional, Political History

In the early morning pre-dawn hours, Newsmax TV often has weekday programming that is historic in nature. This is experiential knowledge, not something learned by …

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“Magnificent Mile” CBS-Danger Crime Risk-Manufactured Housing Institute National Communities Council Fails Warning to Possible Chicago Meeting Attendees, Unpacking “Prop” Agenda, Competing Claims

According to the MHI/NCC event website on this date: “MHI’s goal is to ensure all individuals on site—attendees, staff and venue personnel—remain healthy, safe and …

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“Trailers,” “Trailer Parks,” “Mobile Homes” and Associated Press “Not Aware…This Request [About Manufactured Housing] Before” – How Did Manufactured Housing Institute Miss This? Plus, 12th Anniversary Celebration Kudos

Most professionals learn within a few weeks of staring in our industry how sadly common the misuse of terminology is in our segment of affordable …

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Cavalier Homes David Roberson Dies, Musings by Manufactured Housing Pros on “Huge Void” in Loss of “Innovative” Tireless Fighter for MH Industry–Rare Roberson Video from pre-Clayton Homes Days

David Allen Roberson, the former longtime president and CEO of Addison, Alabama based Cavalier Homes, has died. Several messages about his passing into eternity have …

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August 2021 Manufactured Housing Production, Shipment Data Reveals Darkness, Shadows, and Light for HUD Code Manufactured Home Industry, Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform – Facts & Analysis

Some time ago, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) quietly stopped publishing what for years was their version of this report. It was a data point …

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“HUD has Failed…Manufactured Housing”-Manufactured Housing Institute, Cavco Exec Hits HUD Failure to Enforce Manufactured Housing Improvement Act, “Enhanced Preemption,” more – HUD, Competing Claims – Facts & Analysis

In certified “truth in testimony” to a U.S. House subcommittee for Financial Services, Manuel “Manny” Santana, P.E., Director of Engineering for Cavco Industries, made pages …

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“Project Saturn,” Code Name “Monarch” SEC v. Cavco, Stegmayer, et al. Federal Suit Revelations About Cavco, Skyline-Champion, Other Manufactured Housing Brands, Apparent Monopolization Scheme Involving Manufactured Housing Institute Members

“Project Saturn.” Code Name “Monarch.” These and other cloak-and-dagger terms where used by Joseph “Joe” Stegmayer, Daniel “Dan” Urness and apparently others at Cavco Industries …

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Sobering MHI Tipster’s Forecast of a Downturn Now Reality, July 2021 New Manufactured Home Production-Shipment Facts Reveals Slide, New Moat Method Explored – Facts & Analysis

When digesting the latest facts and data provided by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) to MHProNews shown below, keep the following additional …

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“Same Ole BS and Washington Speak” Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) “Must Publicly Call Out HUD” FHFA and Biden Administration – MHI Must Push to Implement Industry’s Two Good Laws

In a call and email from a frustrated Manufactured Housing Executives Committee (MHEC) voice on 9.2.2021 is the following to MHProNews. These remarks are in …

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Wrath of Khan? “Critical Time” “Support…Manufactured Housing Industry” Says Manufactured Housing Institute – Claims “Protecting Your Business and Expanding Opportunities” – Facts, Fiction, FRAUD-Analysis

“Support the Manufactured Housing Industry,” the headline from the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) email of 8.30.2021 boldly proclaimed under an oversized MHI logo. While the …

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Unpacking “When the Party’s Over” – Billie Eilish Animated, Live, Lyric Videos – The Cold Reality of What’s Next

Millions did not get the memo. Millions who think they did missed it too. Performer Billie Eilish may or maybe not agree on precisely “when …

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“Not Rocket Science” After Flak FMHA Ayotte Attack! Exposes Tim Williams/21st Kevin Clayton Joe Stegmayer/Cavco-Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)–“Ridiculous” MHI“Vendetta” Facts+Analysis

“It’s not rocket science” said the Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA) Executive Director Jim Ayotte. “The FMHA press release was issued to elevate Florida’s worsening …

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Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA) Jim Ayotte Upstages Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) FMHA Case Begs Questions on MHI Failures to Broadly Promote Industry v Insider Elites

Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA) Executive Director Jim Ayotte has at various times been effectively lauded and questioned in factual and evidence-based critiques, reports, and …

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Charade-Reggie Lampert: “Why do people have to tell lies?” Peter Joshua “Usually it’s because they want something. They are afraid the truth won’t get it for them.”-Plague of Deception, Misdirection, Corruption

Telling lies is nothing new. Examples of deception and misdirection date back to the Garden of Eden, when Satan tempted Adam and Eve to violate …

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June Manufactured Housing Data Reveals Increases in Most, But Not All Categories HUD Code Manufactured Home Production/Shipment Data – Facts & Analysis

The June 2021 new HUD Code manufactured home production and shipment data is in. The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform has provided the latest …

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Manufactured, Conventional Home Lender Home Point Capital and CoStar Group Face Class Action Suits from Pomerantz Law

CoStar Group (CSGP) was recently featured on MHProNews as a firm that arguably misrepresented aspects of manufactured housing and related investing. See that report linked …

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‘Elites Use Racial Agitation to Prevent Populist Unification Between Left & Right’ – Thaddeus McCotter on SiriusXM – ‘Elites’ Greatest Fear Is Left-Right Populist Unity’

“They’re trying to keep the populists of both left and right apart with cultural issues, and they’re doing it to insulate themselves from any combination …

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“Pretty Cool” 3D Printed Housing – Why it Spells Doom to Clayton Homes Backed Manufactured Housing Institute CrossMods Scheme – New Video, Facts, Evidence, and Assessment

On July 20, 2021 WTXL ABC 27 in Tallahassee, Florida showcased “something pretty cool happening on Clay Street” in Griffin Heights. Their videos states that …

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Texas Real Estate Center – “It’s Real” CrossMods, Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Finance Comments, Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA) – News-Analysis

Preface. Based on several surveys, there is a perception held by tens of millions – including from media personalities such as investigative journalist John Solomon …

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Bat Guano – “The government wants high quality, low cost housing and manufactured housing provides that product.” – Warren Buffett, per Manufactured Housing Institute; Examining Statements on Manufactured Home Financing

“The government wants high quality, low cost housing and manufactured housing provides that  product.” – Warren Buffett. That Buffett quotation is per the Manufactured Housing …

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Several Dire Threats? Manufactured Housing Reality Check – Washington, D.C. Based Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) July 8, 2021 Issues Updates

The following is a media release by the Washington, D.C. based Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR). It will be followed by some pull …

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IBTS HUD Code Data – Manufactured Home Production in May 2021 Up in 2 of 4 Categories, Manufactured Housing Facts, Insights, Analysis

Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) in national research on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), reported the following …

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Back to Basics — Law, Housing, America’s Founders & Every President Invoked God – But Does God Exist? Stunning Factual Insights

Imagine millions of more households with significantly increased wealth. Or picture contemporary America with more authentic choices and greater personal freedom. While many speak about …

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MMI – Facts, Trends, and Outlook – State of Manufactured Home Communities 2021 – Manufactured Housing Insider Fact-Check, Analysis

Publicly-traded commercial real estate broker and research firm Marcus & Millichap Inc. (MMI) provided MHProNews with their new 2021 mid-year market survey and report. On …

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“Tangled Web” “Deception and Misdirection” – Havenpark Capital-Havenpark Communities, Fannie Mae, Manufactured Housing Institute “Displaced Inc” – MHAction, Warren Buffett, Embarrassing MHIndustry Blogger Fact Check

The proverbial devil is often found in the details of what could be described as a tangled web of oddly interconnected players. To begin to …

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Trump-Biden Updates – Approaching Half of U.S. Believe Presidential Election Outcome Due to Election Fraud, Train of June 2021 Survey Results on 2020 Voting Audits, Election Integrity, More

Do you, a friend, or colleague doubt that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States? If so, you are hardly alone. …

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Fresh Insights from Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Member Community Consolidator Undermines MHI’s Claimed Agenda – Publicly-Traded Manufactured Housing Properties Inc (OTC- MHPC) Investor Pitch by MHI National Communities Council (NCC) Member

According to a source with the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), Manufactured Housing Properties Inc (OTC- MHPC) is a member of the Arlington, VA based MHI-National …

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Dems Provide Revealing Clayton Info – Kevin Clayton, CEO Clayton Homes Federal Testimony Yields Apparent Agreements with MHARR, Concurs with Manufactured Housing Institute-Berkshire Hathaway, FHFA and HUD Critics

Before submitting the following federal testimony shown below, Kevin Clayton, President and CEO of Clayton Homes had to certify that this met “Truth in Testimony” …

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4 Quick, Documented Examples of Manufactured Housing Institute Leaders Publicly Ducking Out on Explaining Their Performance – or Lack Thereof – ELS’ Howard Walker

This under 700 word Masthead rapidly sets the table for an in-depth report linked below. That linked report carefully unpacks fresh evidence and prior facts …

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