Manufactured, Modular and PreFab Housing Industry News Never Sleeps

It’s lunchtime somewhere on planet Earth. As reports we’ve done for years – and added more to this past week – there are international stories …

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MHVille – “When Hell Freezes Over”

World War Three could lamentably begin. Global warming (cooling or whatever their latest belief is…) could hit tomorrow, and we could all melt or freeze. …

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DAAD = Dramatic! Advent! Adventure! December 2016!

Before we dive into our Featured Articles for the month and our headline topic, a sincere tip of the hat to Jim Visser at the …

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It’s not Brain Surgery! Dr. Ben Carson Offered HUD Secretary; Push-Back and Cheers

Anyone confident enough to run for the highest office of the land ought to be even more confident that he can dive into fixing what’s …

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Lessons from The Patch

The article linked below in the Patch suggests some of the reasons why manufactured housing pros – no matter who you supported in the primaries …

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MH Industry Post-Election Industry Voices & Reality Checks

A fire was set to a manufactured home in Florida, and anti-Trump graffiti was spray painted on another home, as the Daily Business News report …

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Warren Buffett and other Manufactured Housing Industry Voices – Post-Election on Trump Victory

“I don’t care whether you are a liberal, conservative, independent or something else – the bottom line with this year’s election was simply more of …

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New Dawn – President Elect Donald Trump & Manufactured Housing

The messages are already coming in.  Celebration and shock.  Joy and surprise. The results for the race for the White House, the control of the …

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Politically Incorrect, and…

There is no doubt whatsoever that Donald J. Trump is politically incorrect. There is no doubt whatsoever that Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill, their foundation …

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State of the Race in Photos and Headlines

The Race for the Oval Office 2016 in photos and headlines. We Provide, You Decide.” © Kovach is the publisher and managing member of LifeStyle …

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Entrepreneurs November in MHVille 2016

Whatever happens between now and the election, we know that in business, we have to carry on the day after the polls close. We’ve already …

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Manufactured Housing’s Toothache

When have you ever known someone to have a toothache that cured itself? People with “sensitive teeth” may resort to a brand of toothpaste that …

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KISS – Keeping It Simple, Smarty

After seeing the latest headlines, a much longer blog post was set aside, at least for now. 3 quick thoughts for today. 1.We as industry …

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That Key Item – “Don’t Miss It…”

  There are news items that are interesting.  Some industry news falls into the category of “important.” But you never know when a news item …

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Manufactured Housing Industry Overview – October 2016

“When everyone is going right, look left.” – Sam Zell. Technology and mega-mergers often grab the headlines when it comes business news. News about social …

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Columbus Day and (re-) Discovering Manufactured Housing

In a social media savvy world, pretty – and crude – words, pictures and videos have become common fare. Millions are numbed or jaded by …

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Obstacles and Opportunities in Affordable Housing – October 2016

The front lines of the struggles for affordable housing are a routine backdrop to the news, tips and commentary found on MHProNews.  Our industry’s professionals know …

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$45 Billion On the Table? Non-Profits, the Media, Resident Relations and Manufactured Housing Success

Every professional knows this to be true.  Success is always predicated on a system that routinely produces a reliable result; a desired outcome. Factories have …

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Opportunity vs Reality – Insanity or Insanely Simple

Stating the obvious: no matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. No matter how great a product, service, …

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Retaking the Land of Opportunity for the Manufactured Housing Industry’s consumers and professionals

There are advantages and disadvantages to being politically incorrect. Some of our industry friends and colleagues are very into being PC, others are opposed. There …

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Industry Voices – To Tell the Truth – Fair and Balance

Truth matters.  We all have the right to our own opinions, said Daniel Patrick Moynihan, but we don’t have the right to our own facts. …

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Media Wars, MH Industry and Pros Like You – In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

When speaking at live industry events, one of my favorite questions for attendees is this. By a show of hands, how many of you think …

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The Latest Unforced MHI Error

Let’s begin by stating the obvious. We have and do support the good things that MHI does. But to paraphrase what Teddy Roosevelt said, it …

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Sources Backing Off, But Troubling MH Issue Looms

Two brief topics and some programming notes for today. First, more than one source has given MHProNews feedback on a new, looming issue that is …

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Superior September 2016, How Manufactured Housing Can Do It Better

We as an industry have the superior solution, and while we’re collectively growing nicely, manufactured housing is still just a fraction of its former production …

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MH Community Closures, Industry Impact, Sides of the Coin

There are states like Florida that have community closure laws.  Those laws can work like this. So much money may be set aside to help …

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Defining, Refining Manufactured Homes and Systems-Built Housing

We either define ourselves, or others will define us, often to our industry’s and homeowners’ detriment. People are entitled to their own opinion, but they’re …

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Zoning, Regulation and Manufactured Housing

Before diving into our headline topic, for our non-manufactured housing professional audience, please note some fascinating news briefs on the Daily Business News (one of …

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“Leaked Documents” – Influencing the Manufactured Housing Industry Conversation

In a perfect world, many federal programs that now exist would end, and the manufactured housing industry would see a tremendous growth as a result. …

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Manufactured Housing Image – Progress at Last?

In reviewing’s manufactured housing report that was picked up by FoxNews and reported in the Daily Business News, a stark reality has to be …

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Overcoming The Triple Threat

Perhaps you’ve known or experienced a smear campaign. Hold that experience in mind, as we boil down the triple threat and how it must be …

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Tijuana Taxi, Manufactured Housing, What’s Here, Coming and Pros Like You

An industry buddy of mine remarked with a smile that our newsletters – prior to about 2 weeks ago – reminded him of a Tijuana …

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Celebrating MHPros Careers and Contributions

One of the great pleasures here is to spotlight the careers and contributions to the industry of notable MH Professionals.   In the recent RV/MH …

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American August in MHVille 2016

In business and all other aspects of life, honest words and good deeds matter. The Ten Commandments include prohibitions not to lie, steal or cheat. …

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APTOPIX DEM 2016 Philadelphia

DNC Cheers Hillary, Sanders Supporters Protest “Rigged System” – Industry Perspective

Every Democratic or Republican presidential convention for the past few election cycles have been pretty orchestrated affairs; the formalities of voting, speeches that tout the …

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Clinton Cash – “Devastating” Video

Your profession and our industry are obviously a small subset of the nation.  We could mention Dodd-Frank/CFPB, HUD policies, DOE, the so-called ACA, taxes and …

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The Sight of Blood

“This is a big boy game. You get into the process, you will get hurt, you will see your own blood. I tell people all …

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Beyond #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary-Bottom Line MHPro Realities

What type of country do you want the USA to be? Are you or most happy with the direction things are going in America today? …

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Chris Matthew’s on Donald Trump’s VP – Gov Mike Pence

The conventions are looming.  The general election is essentially upon us.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video could be worth …

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Warren Buffett, Manufactured Housing News & Advancement

Warren Buffett famously said that he makes “no apologies” for the lending practices of Berkshire-Hathaway’s manufactured housing division. In fact, as MHProNews has covered, Buffett …

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