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China and Virus are Tip of Iceberg – Americans Re-Awaken to Mortal Threats – Can the End be New Beginning? What’s Next for President Trump?

UPDATE 5.20.2020. See the new report linked here, plus the information that follows in the original report below the link.

Among the first televangelists in the early days of TV was the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Archbishop Sheen once told a story about a man he didn’t name living what in those days was called a morally loose life. The man admitted his sins to Sheen, knew he was failing, but said that he had not “thrown away the map” back toward the road to heaven.

Even in an era of GPS, that notion of not ‘throwing away the map’ that nameless sinner stated will be important to billions globally as Americans and the world sort out what to do about the post Wuhan or CCP (Communist Chinese Party) Virus. Because in every age since Adam and Eve it is mere sinful mortals that are making the decisions in business, politics, economics, cultural, spiritual and other realms.

The virus might have been an accidental release from a BL4 level biological lab in Wuhan, but accident or intentional doesn’t change the fact that the threat was hidden. Chinese leaders lied, people and economies globally died.

The questions now are who will lead the resurrection? What will that revival effort look like?

Decisions good and bad have consequences. Some choices take longer than others to become apparently good or evil.


What Joblessness Means in Our Profession and Others

There are already tens of millions in the U.S. alone who have been thrown out of work. A manufactured home industry lender recently told MHProNews an obvious truth. You can’t get a home loan without a job or steady income.

The America we knew in early January 2020 – or even in late February 2020 – are history. Just a few months ago, some 7 million jobs were available. In a stunning reversal, the latest jobless claims data reflected over 26 million lost jobs when their businesses were forced to ‘temporarily’ close. There will be a debate – it has already started – if the shutdown or its degree of severity was necessary. That is a useful discussion, but so are others that look to the root cause of these tragic problems we are now experiencing.

In our industry, MHProNews warned readers in 2018 that the push by Clayton Homes towards more automation, robotics and AI were each a threat to jobs. Jobs are what normally allow workers to buy a home.

That trend toward automation that eliminates jobs is found in most industries. Go to the local big box grocery store and do you see self-checkout registers that used to have people manning those counters?

The flooding of the market with federal ‘funny money’ might seem to work short term to an extent because most have never pondered the issues of currency being backed by gold or silver as used to be true of the dollar decades ago. Now, much of the U.S or other currencies are electronic – not even “paper money.” Doomsayers and “peppers” who warned against many of the 20th and early 21st century changes such as more debt, NAFTA and opposition to most favored nation trading status for China are beginning to look sane, aren’t they?

A nation and its people must be producers to be truly independent. The CCP Virus is reminding tens of millions of that simple truth. Equally true is that all honest labor are ‘essential work.’

Similarly, an adult person or household has to be a producer of some product, service, skill or be securely retired. That’s been reality since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden under the cloud of sin to earn their daily keep by the sweat of their brow.

The social, economic, political and spiritual experiments of the 20th and early 21st centuries are reaping their consequences. Telling the truth about certain trends was smacked down by some as narrow minded. But the truth is always uncomfortable for those who are violating a time-tested moral principle.

Kicking the can down the road” has finally brought America to this new and troubling dead-end reality.

But weren’t there numerous warnings along the way? Of course there were, but the voices of sanity were to some degree drowned out, marginalized or ignored by the megaphones and amplified voices broadcast or cablecast. The post-CCP Virus world sheds light that makes the purveyors of stealthy lies in recent decades more clearly insane. Desert is fine, but a diet of only sweets will rot your teeth and slowly destroy your health. The same is true for sweet lies that rot an economy and the morality that underpins and supports honestly earned money.

It was insane to trust Communist China with American and much of the world’s production.

It was insane to think that America could become a “service economy.” To be free someone must produce needed or desired goods or service affordably or they must be securely retired.


Give Accountability and Credit Where Due

There have long been voices in both major parties that warned against various trade deals or foreign policy provisions. The bulldozing of neighborhoods in parts of the Detroit metro and the empty factories of the Rust Belt and other parts of America were stark reminders that shipping jobs offshore was a tragic error.

When the internet, cheap long distance and other technologies made it possible for English speaking foreigners to even take American jobs in phone rooms and telephone sales centers, then the folly of the “service economy” should have been ever clear too. But the megaphones supporting those insipid offshoring practices delayed until now the serious reckoning that is necessary.

Equally clear is that a certain level of automation is tolerable but go beyond the line of merely supporting human labor instead of replacing people with machines owned by the uber rich that off-shored jobs and their corporations that executed that plan are intolerable.

Warren Buffett, we’ve repeatedly alleged, says some things that are true and others that are artful dodges. But when he said “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” That was factually accurate.

The income inequality that exists is complex, but it was created in good measure by ignoring antitrust laws. Decades of downplaying antitrust beyond lip service by both major parties are now poised to yield a return to a feudalistic society of lords and serfs. It was to a significant degree billionaires corporate leaders like Buffett, buddies like Bill Gates, and ‘globalization’ minded conglomerates and investment funds that sought cheaper labor and lower regulations abroad while pushing for domestic policies that made building stuff in America ever more costly.

That offshoring trend was always unsustainable, but the day of reckoning has arrived. It is now self-evident as the U.S. haggles for medicines and personal protective equipment or other gear that China sells, while they were the ones that allowed the virus to escape their nation and infect the globe.

Why reward the perpetrators of crime?

Now, with robotics, automation and AI a reality, billionaires that pushed these policies in the U.S. hide in often palatial properties behind walls with security. Some literally own luxury underground bunkers too. Look ahead. Isn’t a day coming when the uber-rich will have all the robots that they need and they won’t require American labor anymore? Even the sadness of the sex trades has been undermined by sex robots and seemingly endless access to pornography. Rephrased, even prostitutes could slowly put of business by this new tech world dominated by a few.

Throwing away the map of centuries of sound morality has brought us to this dangerous and obviously deadly point. The proverbial can was kicked for decades in Washington. It is now the end of the road. Millions were brainwashed into believing nonsense about free: college, housing, income and the like. It was all a clever deception. After all, who would sell out their freedom for slavery wittingly?

Ultimately, we are seeing that there is no separation possible between common sense, business, politics and morality. Not only must people work, at some deep level, people want to work in some productive endeavor.

But don’t expect the propaganda to stop. It may ramp up even more.

There will be millions who want to know what went wrong and who to blame. Criminal minds in suits or sports jackets that pushed these deadly policies that made some in China wealthy while hollowing out the American middle class and undermining the American Dream where the traitors among us. There were voices that warned Americans against that for years that spanned the left-right divide.

It is sad that while tens of millions listened, others were busy judging the weaknesses of those who had such messages. Reality check. In the last 2,000 years, there have been no births of perfect people. To check against ‘holier than thou’ thinking, Saul turned Paul was inspired to write “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)

Humility enlightened by eternal truth has for centuries moved people of good will to right wrongs. That’s what should follow next. That movement won’t be led by sinless hands.

Flash back to October 2016 when this viral video was made.



President Trump campaigned in 2015 and 2016 on “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” He preached “America First.” He said bad trade deals had drained the USA of trillions of dollars in wealth, while endless foreign wars drained us of blood and trillions more in treasure too.

Candidate Trump never postured being some saintly figure. He admitted that he too had used the “rigged system.” He said trade deals would be redone and that a wall keeping illegal immigrants from crossing into the U.S. would be built.

America First” was the right message then and now. America First doesn’t imply that it meant that the U.S. would trample others. President Trump’s words and deeds of respect to the leaders of other nations make the meaning of America First clear. He said that the leaders of other countries must put their own peoples’ needs first too. Deals had to be fair, not lopsided.

That presidential message is the opposite of globalization. It is a call for a return to sovereign nations that in America’s instance has sovereign citizens. Perhaps it is coincidence, but Britain has voted to exit the European Union (EU). Some think the EU is dying a slow death, not unlike the swamp in the nation’s capital that has been fighting back too.

Buy American” and “Hire American” are the two rules that President Trump said he would be guided by in his inaugural address. While being polite to his political opponents, President Trump’s speech made it clear that he rejected the policies of the previous presidents – Democrats and Republican – that he was elected to supplant.



Certainly, the job has started but is uncomplete.

The campaign slogan “drain the swamp” made clear that President Trump understood that there was a swampy “establishment” to drain in Washington. Little did he know that the FBI and other elements of U.S. intelligence had been weaponized against him by his political rivals. Even after taking office, the 45th president faced a seemingly nonstop set of allegations and accusations. Each aimed at his removal and at stopping his “America First” agenda. The globalization that benefited the ‘establishment elites’ wasn’t going to give up power without a fight.

Despite President Barack Obama’s saying that factory jobs were not coming back to the U.S., President Trump’s policies demonstrated that they could indeed return to America.

U.S. steel was starting to flourish. U.S. energy production has come back. America has become energy independent which means we don’t need to be in the Middle East to insure fuel supplies.

At the end of January 2020, American factory jobs, energy jobs and more had come back. Working-class incomes were rising for the first time in decades.

There is much that is not yet clear about the handling by Beijing and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the Wuhan or CCP virus. What seems to be clear is that the WHO was warned by Taiwan that human-to-human transmission was taking place. Still, the WHO parroted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) line, which is why the name CCP Virus arguably fits what others call COVID19.

American intelligence, per media reports, knew in late November of 2019 that the contagion had escaped the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was a risk. Why was it only in January 2020 that those reports were handed to President Trump?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participated and sponsored the John Hopkins Center for Health Security Event 201 in October 2019 that was a pandemic response exercise. Bill Gates has been talking about this risk of viral outbreaks for years. That interest was made famous by a 2015 Ted Talk that has gone viral since the CCP Virus pandemic has hit America and the world. The Gates Foundation was one of the largest funders of WHO. Is it too much to ask if Bill Gates knew early on?

Buffett sits on the Gates Foundation board of directors and has for years. Buffett has been one of the largest donors to the Gates Foundations. Buffett, Gates, George Soros and other mega-billionaires were among those that funded the campaigns for candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama before her. These aren’t conspiracy theories; they are documented facts.

Is it too much to wonder if some wealthy Americans and their allies in the “Deep State” – poised to profit from a pandemic – allowed the early spread of the “Crimson Contagion?” Did corrupt insiders delay and then misled the Trump Administration leadership on issue after issue that led us to where we now are?

The 45th president has said that they are investigating the origins of the disease and that they want to hold China accountable. That is a potentially useful and pragmatic step. But it would be incomplete if those in the U.S. government and their wealthy backers aren’t held equally accountable.


What’s Next?

Numbers who don’t understand or otherwise hate President Trump fail to see is that he has been diplomatic on numerous occasions at home and abroad. He calls China’s and North Korea’s leaders “friends.” That is the polite language of pragmatic diplomacy.

Candidate and then President Trump have said he blames American leaders for China’s enrichment. Quite rightly so, but that too is polite wording.

Rephrased, it is entirely possible that President Trump realizes that he has been sandbagged and torpedoed by the same people who opposed his election and sought his impeachment once sworn into office.

There is no politician in the 21st century that has done more to prove that he is for the American worker than President Trump. The president and his team proved they can create jobs by policies that support “America First.”

The CCP Virus makes it clear that “American jobs” and “America First” were and will continue to be the correct policy prescriptions for the next four years or beyond.

Yes, there will be those who jeer when MHProNews announces that we support President Trump’s re-election. He isn’t a super saint, but he has been a man who has tried to carry out his promises despite the fiercest opposition known in modern times.

It will likely be in 2021 that a serious U.S. antitrust campaign would be possible. But MHProNews is calling on the Trump Administration to break up the big corporations that have outsourced American wealth and subverted the American Dream.

MHProNews is further calling on the Trump Administration to investigate what role, if any, people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and their ilk played in the weaponization of the Wuhan or CCP Virus. There are several indications that they knew what was coming before the president did. If so, instead of being loyal Americans, they waited in ambush and have been busy posturing and blaming the president ever since.

That’s like a mugger blaming his victim.

America needs a rebirth.

• As tragic as this Wuhan Virus episode is,
• as harsh as the circumstances that have driven tens of millions out of work that had jobs just one or two months ago,
• this tragedy is a national wakeup call.
• It points to needs that are very much in keeping with what President Trump said in the two videos posted on this page.

For ‘never-Trumpers’ or those on the fence, let me make this simple. This 2020 election will be about the new feudalism or the rebirth of American freedom.

The Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and others like them have waged war against the American middle- and working-class while posturing being their friends by supporting candidates who mouthed pretty words but delivered misery instead. The Obama-slogan of “Yes, We Can” turned into millions more in poverty. By contrast, the Trumpian slogan of “American Workers” “American Jobs” and “America First” was pure pragmatism that was working until the CCP Virus blindsided America.

It is worth reminding thinkers that before becoming president, Donald J. Trump was a Democrat, a third-party/independent and then finally a Republican. This writer notes that as a political independent.

The future will either be one of dependency or independence. Oligarchs and plutocrats tried to conquer America in this nation’s so-called Gilded Age of the Robber Barons. Anti-monopolistic leaders fought that trend then and we need to do so again.

America must be a nation of producers and doers.

Every household must have one or more producers or service providers able to support themselves in an honorable way that allows them to have their piece of the American Dream.

There is a need for a new deal in America, but not one dependent upon big government. The new deal must be in keeping with the moral virtues that freed Americans from royalty and monopolists in England during the American Revolution.

It is time to get to the root issues that have rotted our nation from within for decades. China became powerful because of American wealth. While jobs were shipped to other countries, welfare rolls, drug use, broken homes and crime in America swelled. The so-called Great Society programs didn’t help. Rather, those programs after 50 years produced huge national debt and was part of a sinister effort that transferred wealth to insiders while creating a dependent class of voters.

Millions know the phrase “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” But the first part of that is equally important, “If you follow My Teachings,” Jesus said, “then you will truly be my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31b-32)

There is no economic freedom without religious liberty. Jesus is known for making a whip and driving out the money changers from the temple. Those “money changers” were ripping off the people. So much for Jesus being a milquetoast. Rather, Jesus was a radical that got to the root of various issues. That’s what a good radical does. 

Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths all support private property and the importance of honesty. Each supports the importance of family. It is injustice that each of those faiths condemn. That’s not to say the faiths are the same. Clearly each creed is different. But what they hold in common provides enough ground to oust the money changers of our era from the temples to the false gods that have run Washington, D.C. for too long.

Love the sinner, hate the sin. Those on the fence should give President Trump an objective new look.
They should look at what his opponents have done at every turn to stop his efforts to rebuild American society.

If numbers of evangelical Christian, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim leaders – among all others – have seen fit to embrace his efforts, isn’t that telling? When racial, ethnic or other minorities have rejected the notion that President Trump is some bigot, isn’t that revealing?

The purveyors of lies will likely keep lying because they think they have no choice. It is only the truth that sets people free.

Fixing what’s wrong with the economy and in our Republic ought to include what was already wrong prior to the CCP Virus becoming a pandemic. While President Trump worked to rebuild the working and middle class, some were still supporting and arguing for offshoring.

There will be more than enough jobs if the disastrous practices and thinking of the past that made the CCP Virus possible are reversed and when our national leaders truly put America and Americans First.

President Trump is a mere mortal, and he has his sins, just as you have yours or I have mine. But he’s taken the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in an effort to restore America’s founding vision. He has been and continues to be in the good fight for American freedom.

That’s good enough for millions of deplorables like me. The road map has never changed. Doing what’s right is always the right thing do to. That heavenly plan works right here on earth.  ##


Image credit, Political Vel Craft. The above is reportedly a paraphrase of what Lincoln actually said, but the point is the same.


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WW III or Bio-Econ-Prop War I? Former U.S. Ambassador Says COVID19 “Crime of the Century”

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