It’s Dirty – Exposing Your Secrets


There are risks that can come from exposing personal or organizational secrets. Let’s look at this topic, step by step. We’ll start at the view from 35,000 feet and then personalize it near ground level later.


There are those who jeer and/or cheer Edward Snowden, the fellow who blew the whistle on the abuses of the NSA’s surveillance of ordinary Americans. But whatever flaws our nation has – and they are real enough – they pale in comparison to what exists in Communist China.


It is entirely possible that the Chinese, North Koreans, Russians and others have information in a database on you and/or your company or organization. It you want to get a dim sense of how fearful one should be over that prospect, look no further than neighboring Honk Kong. They protested for months on end to keep Beijing’s paws from further encroaching on their personal liberties. Only the COVID19 pandemic, “social distancing” fears of the contagion pushed those Hong Kong residents off the streets.

An even scarier view of the loss of privacy and personal rights in China are examples like the Uyghurs – alternately Uygurs, Uighurs or Uigurs – who are Muslims, or ponder instead the Chinese Falun Gong movement’s members. But Catholics, other Christians, and Buddhists in Tibet are also among the persecuted believers in mainland China. If you hold a view other than that of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), you are subject to a range of penalties, including an inability to adance much in your profession, loss of employment, imprisonment, or death. That’s why Taiwan – ethnic kin to the mainline Chinese who have officially named their state the Republic of China – have fought for over fifty years to keep their freedom in the face of communist oppression.

The late communist Chinese leader, Mao Zedong, during his “Great Leap Forward” program cost the lives of some 45 million Chinese people in just 4 years, according to the UK Independent.

Toss in Soviet Communists with Chinese communists and in 100 years there were 100 million lives lost in nations like Russian and China due to communism, said the Wall Street Journal on November 6, 2017.

Those sobering points begs questions.

For example, with such a horrific track record, why have presidents from both the Democratic and Republican parties failed to stop the empowerment of Communist China?

Let’s hold that important thought for later. But sufficient for now is the point that author and former presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan made the point in a recent column saying that the Chinese regime was “made in the USA.” By that Buchanan meant that U.S. and other Western capitalists ignored all of the threats and warning signs in order to invest billions in China that made them into a credible rival to the U.S.

Canadian authorities imprisoned Leon Trotsky during World War I, but reportedly American influence allowed for his release. Trotsky was a key figure in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia that eventually became Soviet Communism. Rephrased, one can make the argument that American foreign and trade policies for over a century has included examples of utter madness when viewed in historic hindsight. 

Now, let’s personalize this historic outline. Because it absolutely impacts and threatens you and your interests.


Your Secrets. Exposed. Your Rights, Undermined or Destroyed

Odds are good that you or someone you know has a secret of two (or more) that you want kept.

Not only can communists or other malign foreign actors hack or obtain your secrets, but domestic companies, the federal or state governments know certain things too.

Google and Facebook are just two examples of firms that know an inordinate amount of information about you and/or your organization.

Furthermore, there are ‘service companies’ that do opposition research not only in politics but in business too.

This writer knows all too well that certain firms in the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis orbit have reportedly deployed in various ways ‘inside knowledge’ or obtained ‘inside knowledge’ in order to use ‘dirty’ information in a harmful way against a competitor.

For example.

  • A tipster in 21st Mortgage Corporation’s orbit informed MHProNews about their allegations about hidden cameras and other surveillance state style methods deployed on their own employees.
  • Another tipster told MHProNews that the same company has used finance information as a tool against vulnerable retailers. Sources in Knoxville remained silent about those published allegations.
  • There are also credible allegations that Clayton has recruited employees of rival firms who just prior to exiting downloaded sensitive information from their rival’s company files. When confronted, Clayton denied the claim. But a specific example of that allegation – per a well-placed source – reportedly included that exiting employee joining Clayton, working for the Knoxville metro based firm for a few weeks, and then being dismissed.

MHProNews knows of specific examples of business and organizational leaders and others in lower ranks effectively being subjected to attempted blackmail if they continued to press certain topics. If true, and there are several such stories along with documentary evidence for the claims that make it seem plausible, then it reflects the true depth of what Warren Buffett might mean when he says he wants crocodiles, sharks and piranhas in the waters of his “moat.” Note that each of those amphibians are man-eaters, potentially deadly creatures.





So, when Tim Williams, Kevin Clayton or someone else with ties to Berkshire Hathaway calls you his ‘friend,’ think about what type of friend that is. After all, it is Warren Buffett who said that you can’t make a good deal with a bad person, wasn’t it?



Doesn’t that same argument hold true about making a ‘good deal’ with an organization operated by so-called black hats?


The Power of the “Almighty Dollar”

First, factually there is only one “Almighty,” only one true Deity. Properly understood, that Creator who gave Moses the Ten Commandments did so as a warning to humanity. Not only Jews and Christians, but Muslims and other believers have something similar in their faith-systems to the prohibitions of those ten commandments.

The true Almighty gave humanity free will, which can be used properly or abused. Are there times that God has arguably intervened in the affairs of people? Yes.

But there are other times that God does not seem to intervene, leaving mere mortals to fix what is wrong.

Those corrections of human errors by other humans is often a messy business. Because no one in roughly 2,000 years has credibly claimed being perfect. In time, believers came to understand the notion of “Ora et Labora,” “Prayer and Work.” It has been summed up that one should pray like it is all up to God, and work like it is all up to us mere mortals.

Those points are the backdrop to the notion that sufficient money often does result in power and influence. That power of having enough of currency, including but not limited to the dollar, is arguably showcased in people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and others. Many of these uber-rich have invested vast sums in China and have played footsy with Chinese leaders. Google and Facebook are among those corporate giants that bend their policies to the will of the Communist Chinese regime. If ever there was an example of trying to make a good deal with a bad set of persons, that might be it.

Whatever one might think of abortion, the leaders of China for years enforced a brutal “one child policyagainst the will of their own people. Family has been huge culturally in China for centuries. But Chinese communists sought to change much of that, in a brutal way. If a couple conceived a second time, the official state policy was to abort that subsequent infant. Those who defied that order suffered serious consequences. There was propaganda that was generated for years in support of that one-child policy. It is worth noting that Buffett and some of the others noted corporate giants are personally okay with abortion. Coincidence?


It is a useful notion to apply that lesson in understanding some practices of certain businesses too.

There are times that Buffett says something that is so obviously true, but then he or his business units do what is obviously the opposite of said pearl of wisdom. You can’t make a good deal with a bad person or organization. True enough. How can you trust the corrupt, ruthless or deceitful?

There are no perfect people running around the world and haven’t been for some 2,000 years. So, the point here must be nuanced to this extent. We will all deal at various times with someone who are in the classical sense ‘a sinner.’ We and all that we know among the quick are someone who is less than perfect.

But the difference between an ordinary sinner and extraordinary ones can be significant. Surely, the kid that steals quarter’s worth of candy isn’t on the same level as mass murders like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Chairman Mao.

Furthermore, what happens after a person has come to realize that their behavior was mistaken? Do they ‘repent’ and start to change? Or do they endure in their sinful and corrupt choices?

Chinese leaders in Beijing represent a godless society. Buffett says he’s an atheist. Bill Gates claims to be a believer but has also said publicly that he is not sure what difference believing in God should make to everyday decisions. That’s their own publicly expressed thoughts.




You can’t make a good deal with a bad person or organization. Well informed Jews know that the name Israel can be translated to mean “one who wrestles with God.” It is an allusion to Jacob wrestling with an angel, just as we all wrestle with some weakness that God would ideally want to cure us of through the power of grace. But the God who gave us free will lets all people suffer the sometimes hellish consequences of not rooting out sinful deeds.

There are leaders who of course are less than perfect. They have existed throughout human history. But some are bent on conquest. China has made it plain that they intend to patiently overtake and eventually beat America. There are American business leaders who appear to be okay with supporting a regime that holds to such views.

The pro-Falun Gong, anti-communist Epoch Times video ought below to be required viewing.


While former VP Joe Biden earlier this year said that the Chinese leaders are ‘not bad people,’ President Donald J. Trump has taken a different tactic. While using the language of diplomacy – calling Chinese leader Xi his ‘friend’ – the president has also taken the toughest stand against China in decades.

China has de facto attacked the world by allowing that virus to spread globally. Like him or not, President Donald J. Trump is quite right in saying that the virus could have been stopped at its source. Quite apart from the Epoch Times and using some different sources than theirs, the Masthead made the argument weeks ago that the communist regime at a minimum allowed the virus to spread. Whether it was a formal bio-weapon or not is significant, but an accidental release that is not followed by a warning to the world and sealing their own borders was tantamount to a biological attack that was followed by a propaganda blitz.




You can’t make a good deal with a malign party. It made no sense for presidents both Democratic and Republican to allow American companies to build up China, while more and more tax dollars had to be spent on our own military to counter threats like China, Russia, Iran or North Korea. It made no sense to allow American investments, businesses and jobs to be shipped off to a mortal threat to America – and then watch as tax dollars had to be paid for the unemployed or low income workers in the U.S. harmed by such short-sighted policies.  To China’s credit, they – like Warren Buffett – think long term.  That’s a warning, not praise.




Most of us have some weaknesses, along with some strengths. In business, one often hires someone that has a strength that the owner or management lacks or could benefit more from.

There is a case to be made that certain people in our profession that use an array of unscrupulous methods against their rivals. Some might think that they are immune from being attacked by these smiling ‘black hat’ individuals. Never forget the lessons of the Chinese or Russian communists. Often those who helped them gain power were among those who were murdered.

Freedom is never free. If you want to realize or not that the nation is in a battle for its future, that’s the cold, hard brutal facts. Which side of the battle for freedom are you going to be on?

Because it isn’t just your secrets that can be exposed. You likely know or have met someone who lost their job, is losing or lost their business or has lost their life due to this COVID19 pandemic. Yet Bill Gates has publicly deflected President Trump’s criticism of China and the World Health Organization away from the most culpable parties involved? Where is the logic of that, unless, Gates is supporting those who have undermined American freedom?


Let the author of this column note once again. I was mistaken some years back in not seeing these people for what they are. Most of us don’t think in sinister terms. It is hard for us to imagine how devious some people are capable of being.


Your livelihood can be stolen and so can your life. That’s the logical, painful truth of the CCP Viral assault. And there are good reasons to believe that people with ties to our industry have been among those who tacitly and/or actively have worked in conjunction with those Chinese Communists.




Freedom is never free. You can’t make a good deal with a malign party or person. ##


Image credit, Political Vel Craft. The above is reportedly a paraphrase of what Lincoln actually said, but the point is the same.



WW III or Bio-Econ-Prop War I? Former U.S. Ambassador Says COVID19 “Crime of the Century”


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