JCN’s Ortiz-Small Biz Research, Evaluates Bidenomics and Billionaire Backers as Mortgage Rates Move Towards 8 Percent; Democrats and the Rich per Weichert; plus MHVille Markets Update


National politics and economic dynamics are the waters that manufactured housing and all other professions obviously have to swim in. “America’s gross national debt hit an eye-watering $33 trillion for the first time in September — mere months after eclipsing the $32 trillion mark earlier in the year. The U.S. is also currently spending more to pay interest on the national debt than it does on national defense, according to the Treasury’s monthly statement.” That’s per a new report on MoneyWise as carried by left-leaning MSN. The policies of nominally Joe Biden led Democrats have been steadily roiling the economic and social landscape since the day Biden moved into the White House and began signing executive orders that included stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline. Oil and fuel prices in the U.S. naturally rose. More deficit spending naturally led to more inflation, as then Democrat Majority Whip James Clyburn (SC-D) admitted while defending his party’s policy decisions in remarks on left-leaning (i.e.: more pro-Democratic) MSNBC. Higher energy costs, a de facto open border with Mexico, defunding police (in various localities) have caused crime to rise. The debacle of Afghanistan and the problematic manner that Biden handled the build-up by Russia before Vladimir Putin‘s forces invaded Ukraine reflect the pragmatic reality of a remark that former President Barack Obama made about his VP. Significantly higher inflation has led to the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates. As is noted below, mortgage rates currently hover around 7.5 percent and may be heading toward 8 percent. While more costly conventional housing has continued to fare better than more affordable manufactured housing, the sales of each kind of construction are lower recently. Such facts have led some to say that Bidenomics is “killing” the American Dream of home ownership.

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Merriam Webster says that: “The meaning of CO-OPTATION is the act or an instance of co-opting something: a taking over or appropriation of something for a new or different purpose.” That and this preface are said to help frame today’s articles. Left-leaning MSN featured research an analysis by Brandon Weichert entitled: “Democrats Prove They’re the Party of the Rich.” That’s not an automatic endorsement of Republicans, who Weichert clips in his conclusion, as some pull quotes in Part II of today’s report will reflect.

Part I of today’s report focus on a report by the WND News Center provided to MHProNews featuring insights from surveys and views that include the pro-small business Job Creators Network (JCN) Alfredo Ortiz.
Part III is our analysis and commentary in brief on those items and insights from this preface.
Part IV is our Daily Business News on MHProNews MHVille-connected markets on a day when the markets and manufactured housing connected equities broadly rose.


Part I


‘Bidenomics’ blasted as ‘worst branding fail since New Coke’

‘Real wages have significantly fallen, worsening living standards and making us poorer’

By Bob Unruh
Published October 6, 2023 at 11:54am

“Bidenomics,” the economic policies of Joe Biden that have brought America inflation as high as 9.1% year-to-year and unemployment that is back on the rise even though many of those many millions of jobs suspended during COVID have returned, is being skewered by Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network and co-host of the Main Street Matters podcast.

In a column at the Daily Caller News Foundation, he charges it is “the worst branding fail since the New Coke debacle of 1985.”

Citing this week’s September jobs report, which found unemployment remained unchanged at 3.8%, he said that documents “over Biden’s term, real wages have significantly fallen, worsening living standards and making us poorer.”

Biden has overseen inflation of 17.4% since he took office, he noted.

“Mortgage rates are nearing 8%, and small businesses are paying double-digit interest on new loans — if they can get credit at all. These costs, which will only increase in the months ahead as the Federal Reserve is forced to continue hiking rates, erode small business profit margins and household budgets.”

The result of Biden’s actions mean, he said, “Americans face a cost-of-living crisis and a credit crunch. According to JCN’s most recent national SBIQ poll, half of small business owners say inflation is a top concern, and two-thirds are concerned about accessing credit due to rising rates.”

And he cited the Denver Post’s recent conclusion that, “Finding a way to pay the monthly bills is forcing small-business owners to consider all options: from cutting back staff and hours of operation, to changing a business’ focus and raising prices, to moving into a smaller space, and even to making the difficult decision of closing up shop.”

So it’s obvious, he said, why “only 28% of Americans are satisfied with the economy.”

“Yet Biden and his wealthy allies continue to tell Americans to believe their Bidenomics spin and not their own eyes,” Ortiz wrote.

In fact, Biden recently said, “For the first time in a long time, we’ve climbed out of our great economic crisis. It’s beginning to work for working people.”

But even some Democrats are beginning turning against Bidenomics, Ortiz pointed out, quoting Politico’s report that, “Several top Biden allies have privately raised concerns about the phrase to the White House.”

Ortiz wrote, “Coca-Cola almost destroyed its brand by changing its formula and branding to New Coke to try to capture the Gen X market. Customers hated it. Coke quickly reversed course and reverted to Coca-Cola Classic in only 77 days. If only the public sector reacted that quickly to failure. Americans will have to wait at least another year to vote Bidenomics out on Election Day, setting the stage to return to the shared economic prosperity of 2017 to 2019.” ##


Part II – Democrats Prove they are the Party of the Rich – by Brandon Weichert on 1945 via MSN

QuoteMarksLeftSide…Bidenomics and Taxing the Population

Even as President Joe Biden has insisted that his tax policies will only affect people earning $400,000 per year or more, Republicans have been suspicious that tax increases cannot possibly be confined only to the categories that Biden and the Democrats have said they would, and, let’s face it, while $400,000 is a lot of money, in today’s economy, it’s not truly wealthy.

QuoteMarksLeftSideDemocrats have insisted that they’d only tax the rich. At no point in this discussion, however, have Democrats seriously discussed taxing the billionaires or even the penta millionaires (those making $5 million per year).

Just going off history, by the way, Democratic Party tax policies are rarely ever felt by the wealthy. A 2021 study by the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) found that many Democratic Party tax hikes are rarely felt by the penta millionaires and billionaires.

Taxes are disproportionately felt by the middle class, a group that is unable to move its money around the way that the truly wealthy can, in order to avoid paying higher taxes.

In a rare moment of honesty, AOC is showing how her party is not the party of the everyman and woman. The Democrats are clearly raising taxes that they know will never be paid for by the truly wealthy people of America and are instead quietly expecting the middle class to pay for it.

This explains why there are greater numbers of wealthy people who vote Democratic today than there are Republicans.

The wealthy have bought the loyalty of the DNC, which will then insulate them from the Left’s seemingly endless quest to hike taxes on anything that moves, thereby making the middle class pay the taxes—and essentially making the middle-class American Dream less unattainable with each generation.

The Democratic Party’s obsession with raising taxes, coupled with the wealthy’s co-optation of the party, ensures that the American middle class will never thrive.

QuoteMarksLeftSideHow the Republicans have been unable to beat the Democrats with policies as kooky as the Democrats’ is the truly amazing component of this sad and sordid tale.”##

Part III – Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

A link from Weichert’s article in Part II was to left-leaning Newsweek which had the title ‘Democrats being party of the rich could cost them 2024 election.’ Hammering blue collar workers and others may cause enough of them to drift into the Republican camp to cost Dems races that might otherwise traditionally be Democratic wins.

We noted in the preface above that Merriam Webster explains and defines: “The meaning of CO-OPTATION is the act or an instance of co-opting something: a taking over or appropriation of something for a new or different purpose.” Another pull-quote from Weichert article’s said: “The Democratic Party’s obsession with raising taxes, coupled with the wealthy’s co-optation of the party, ensures that the American middle class will never thrive.”

Weichert also noted that: “A 2021 study by the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) found that many Democratic Party tax hikes are rarely felt by the penta millionaires and billionaires.” Two things should be obvious to clear and objective thinkers.

A) Democrats, like Joe Biden, are getting backing from scores of billionaires and “penta” millionaires (i.e.: those with 5 million or more in net worth) and their corporate interests because they believe that they are going to benefit from that support.

B) Congressional research by the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) show only modest impact of tax policies on ‘the wealthy.’

It has long been known that corporations must treat taxes as a cost of doing business. Corporations price their products and services in a manner that routinely causes their customers to pay those taxes. While the case can be made that there are exceptions to the rule claimed below, this illustration by a flat tax supporter (note: this article should not be construed as a pitch for the flat tax, it is just a useful illustration on how corporations routinely pass along taxes to customers) is still useful. The chart below reflects a valid point that the costs of doing business are routinely passed onto the end user in whatever industry or profession. Filed under “duh,” businesses and professionals are in business to earn money, not lose it.




The chart by the left-leaning Atlantic also makes the point that the wealthy often find ways to mitigate their taxes enough to where they pay little…or even nothing. Warren Buffett made a point along those lines years ago and it has been referred to by some as the Buffett rule on taxes.





But to perhaps make a muddled issue (taxation) a bit clearer, the right-leaning Heritage Foundation asserts that the higher income brackets have historically paid more than the public generally thinks is the case.

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Frankly, each of those looks at taxation fail to go deeper still by seeking to answer such questions as: ‘do the programs that this spending supports work? Should the programs exist at all, or in the same manner other than how they currently exist?

That segue on taxes aside, MHProNews periodically reminds readers that even left-leaning media sources have acknowledged – as Newsweek did in the article referenced above by Weichert – that the Democratic party has been dominated for some years by the billionaires and the wealthy. To that point, recall this screen shot of a Google search below that illustrates the statement.  The below cites left-leaning sources like the New York Times and the Washington Post in noting that billionaires, millionaires, and corporations are routinely dominating Democratic politics.


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Without contradicting the above, it is worth noting that there are RINOs just as there are DINOs. The billionaire class and their corporate interests wield enormous influence over U.S. politics. Something similar is often true in other nations too. 


Pumping trillions of dollars into the economy may have
seemed like a boost to the poor or lower incomes initially.
But increasing the money supply resulted in inflation, as
then Democratic House Majority Whip James Clyburn (SC-D)
plainly told MSNBC. Inflation hits the lower incomes harder.
But even the middle class has been harmed, as some 50
percent of the U.S. now says they are living paycheck-to-

Retired manufactured housing pro Marty Lavin, J.D., has said for years that people should “follow the money” trail and pay more attention to what people do more than what people may say.

Another attorney and author – Roxanne Bland – put Lavin’s thoughts even more bluntly (see quote graphic below). While Bland’s version may involve some hyperbole (attorneys do pay attention to what is said, because right or wrong, it can be evidence in court) to make her point, the expressions by Bland “Forget what they told you. You want the truth, follow the money” and the perhaps better version used by Lavin are useful in grasping important notions. Namely, that agendas move people and organizations to say and do things that may or may not be true, ethical, or legal. People interested in protecting their paychecks may not be inclined to expose the truth.




Democrats have for years been pitched as the party of the working woman, man, and minorities. But if that were true, then why have Democratic policies under Biden and an initially Democratic House and Senate proved to be harmful to millions of their own supporters?  Left-leaning FactCheck (which has at least one pro-Biden error in their graphic below, corrected by MHProNews) reveals that that Biden-Democratic economic policies have been broadly harmful.


FactCheck.org is a left-leaning resource. For greater context, see the report linked here: https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/star-parker-facts-with-remarks-on-wall-street-journal-on-bidenomics-nation-declines-as-government-spending-inflation-grow-incomes-fall-govt-expands-private-secto/

As the above reflects, billionaires and their big corporate interests have often benefited from the current upheavals, or at least deeper pockets have not been as harmed as smaller businesses that Ortiz’s Job Creators Network (JCN) represents.

Years of conditioning (habits, propaganda, real or perceived dependence on federal or other programs, etc.) has created a class of voters that dependably cast their ballot for Democrats. A key political question is, will enough people decide in 2024 that they are being harmed by Democratic policies more than they are benefiting?

JCN’s Ortiz made the point that “only 28% of Americans are satisfied with the economy.” What is disruptive for the middle and lower classes can benefit the better positioned wealthy.

One of the points that rebel Democrat Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy Jr. has made is that housing is being steadily acquired by giant private equity funds. Frustrated by what he says is the DNC’s ‘rigging’ of the primary process in favor of Joe Biden, Kennedy is widely rumored to announce on October 9th that he is breaking from the Democrats to run as an independent.




Kennedy (RJK Jr.) has said for some time that the wealthy and their corporate interests have turned the system into a kleptocracy.  Kennedy claims that there is a corrupt merger of corporate power with the power of the state which threatens a new feudalism.






Note that the Biden regime de facto censorship mechanisms targeted RFK Jr. alongside so called “disinformation” by conservatives for his stance against COVID19 mandates.

What the evidence suggests is that there is emerging an apparent targeting of opponents or ‘enemies’ of Biden and his backers, be those opponents Democrats, Republicans, or whatever else.  The National Legal and Policy Center filed complaints with the SEC and the IRS regarding the tactics deployed by corporations seemingly colluding with public officials in ways that arguably violate a range of constitutionally guaranteed rights.


National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) Moves on Warren Buffett-Berkshire Hathaway at SEC and Two Leftwing ‘Disinformation’ Nonprofits with Complaints at IRS; plus MHVille Markets Update


As MHProNews has been steadily documenting for years, citing sources that span the left-center-right media or political spectrums, is evidence that supports what Warren Buffett bluntly said in the infamous quotes below.




Buffett’s remarks were not mere bluster. Professor Joel Kotkin, who worked for the left-leaning Washington Post for years, and who more recently said that he left the Democratic Party, has been talking and writing for some time about the rise of feudalism in the U.S. Kotkin has been a critic of Trump for not capitalizing on opportunities that could bring more people into a movement that has broader appeal.




Kotkin and Kennedy might be comfortable with the label describing each as a classical liberal who are not hard leftists.

As MHProNews previously noted in the report linked below, Justin Haskins with the more conservative Heartland Institue, made the observation that “Corporations are moving to the left for a reason, and it’s not because they have suddenly had a come-to-Bernie conversion.” Citing what the financial and political elite dominated World Economic Forum (WEF) called “The Great Reset, like so many other movements in history, is all about money and power-and these days, there’s plenty of both available for ruling class elites to get their fill.”


To see this remark in context, the featured report further below. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/dirty-great-reset-secretthe-great-resetabout-money-and-power-plenty-available-for-ruling-class-elites-justin-haskins-heartland-institute-nbc-news-warren-buff/


Haskin’s observation happens to fit something else that Buffett said just a few months after he typed those words quoted above. Chairman Buffett and Berkshire Vice Chairman Charlie Munger told left-leaning CNBC that politicians and the wealthy wanted more power.  Buffett and Munger in several ways exemplify the need to grasp what Lavin or Bland said above, and what those who point to how commonplace paltering, propaganda, and posturing have become in modern society.



What is the Democratic Plan for 2024?

As discontent grows over Democratic policies, the question becomes, what do Democrats and their elite backers have in mind for elections in 2024?  Part of the answer is targeting political opponents, be it the liberal Kennedy, or more conservative deposed President Donald Trump.


Others point to the flood of migrants crossing the Mexican-U.S. border, saying that they will not only ‘replace’ white voters over time , but that they will also replace native born blacks and Hispanics citizens who some say are increasingly voting in a “MAGA” or “America First” fashion.


‘We Will Have Illegals in U.S. Deny Citizens the Right to Run Our Govt’ – How Illegal Immigration Impacts Housing Costs-Ramifications of Biden v Trump 2024; plus Sunday MHVille Headlines Recap


Democrats Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been lashing out periodically at the Trump base, slurring MAGA and America First adherents, as if they are brainwashed or evil. Clinton said recently on left-leaning CNN: “Sadly, so many MAGA extremists take their orders from Donald Trump… at some point, there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members.” Left-leaning NBC said on 9.28.2023 that: “Joe Biden on Thursday called his once-and-perhaps-future opponent Donald Trump a direct threat to American democracy in the most forceful condemnation of the former president and the MAGA movement he has delivered since he took office.”

There is an apparent demonization of those who are MAGA, America First, or Trump supporters. Newsweek reported just days ago in an exclusive that the FBI is targeting Trump supporters and the MAGA movement ahead of the 2024 election.

A combination of lawfare and information warfare tactics are apparently underway as what Trump has called “election interference.” But it isn’t just Trump, as the Bobby Kennedy example reflects. The apparent goal seems to be the marginalizing as much as possible Biden’s top challenger, which numerous polls say is Donald J. Trump, and his fellow Democratic rival RFK Jr.

Perhaps ironically, some black men are purportedly more inclined to support Trump precisely because he has been ‘targeted.’ Many blacks feel that the system that has been rigged against them and that it is now being rigged against Trump. Blacks fared far better under the Trump economy, as have most demographic groups.

Liberal attorney turned award winning journalist Glen Greenwald, hardly a Trump supporter, has observed something similar to what Bobby Kennedy, Haskins and others have noted. Namely, that there is a growing authoritarian drive in the U.S. Greenwald often points the finger at Democrats and their wealthy backers. Naomi Wolf, a longtime Democrat, is among those sounding the alarm that the left is moving towards authoritarianism and a de facto dictatorial police state.  Wolf says that hopelessness in the face of those threats is a problem, because action is necessary to thwart the rise of authoritarianism that threatens the rights of the vast majority of Americans.





Closing Thoughts, Summary, and Conclusion

In conclusion, there is plenty of evidence from sources across the left-center-right spectrum that say that Democrats are routinely under the control of the elites and their business interests that they sometimes claim to want to tax and regulate more. But those regulatory and tax policies often benefit the wealthy and their corporate interests in seemingly subtle ways. While it would be too generous to say that Republicans are always the solution, it would be apt to say that the Democrats are routinely the source of the problems facing most Americans. Those Democratic policies are driven by the donor class, ‘the elites’ or the “Establishment.”



In hindsight, Obama’s remarks about Joe’s ability to “f-ck things up” may not have been a pure slam. Obama chief of staff, who later became the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel noted that “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is [a crisis is] an opportunity to do things that you could not do before.” What Emanuel didn’t expressly say is that a crisis can be manufactured, just as inflation, the border crisis, rising energy costs, and foreign policy issues have de facto been manufactured by bad policy decisions.




Left-leaning BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said the U.S. is in a polycrisis.

Fink should know, because wealthy people like him helped put Biden into office. And in the wake of Biden and his policies, the various elements of the polycrisis have emerged. A common element is that the rule of law is arguably suffering. Yet the rule of law is supposed to be the bedrock for a smoothly functioning constitutional Republic and economy. See the linked and related reports to learn more.




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Part IV – is our Daily Business News on MHProNews stock market recap which features our business-daily at-a-glance update of over 2 dozen manufactured housing industry stocks.

This segment of the Daily Business News on MHProNews is the recap of yesterday evening’s market report, so that investors can see at glance the type of topics may have influenced other investors. Thus, our format includes our signature left (CNN Business) and right (Newsmax) ‘market moving’ headlines.

The macro market move graphics below provide context and comparisons for those invested in or tracking manufactured housing connected equities. Meaning, you can see ‘at a glance’ how manufactured housing connected firms do compared to other segments of the broader equities market.

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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 10.6.2023

  • Jobs report shock: American economy added a stunning 336,000 jobs in September
  • United Auto Workers members strike the General Motors Lansing Delta Assembly Plant on September 29, 2023 in Lansing, Michigan.
  • Auto workers worry it takes less labor to build electric cars. Maybe not, some researchers say
  • Shawn Fain speaking on Facebook Live on October 6, 2023.
  • UAW says it scored a major concession from GM and will not expand its Big Three strike Friday
  • Class of 2023 graduation sash in La Habra, CA, on June 01.
  • Latinos with advanced degrees more than doubled from 2000 to 2021, study says
  • A shopper near fresh fruit at a H Mart grocery store in Fairfax, Virginia, US, on Thursday, April 6, 2023.
  • Here’s why the shockingly good jobs report is going to cost you
  • Jobseekers attend the Cape Fear Community College’s Business and IT Career Fair at Cape Fear Community College North Building in Castle Hayne, North Carolina, US, on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023.
  • US economy added 336,000 jobs last month, almost twice what was expected
  • Kaiser Permanente health care employees and union members walk the picket line in Los Angeles during the second day of their strike.
  • It’s the last day of the largest health care strike in US history
  • Mike Lindell, chief executive officer of My Pillow Inc., speaks at the Turning Point Action conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, US, on Sunday, July 16, 2023.
  • Mike Lindell’s lawyers in election defamation cases seek to quit over millions of dollars in unpaid legal fees
  • A TESLA model Y car sits inside a home garage whilst receiving a top up charge of solar powered electricity on October 03, 2023 in Ballina, Australia.
  • Car buyers can get their EV tax credits up front at the dealership starting in January
  • FILE PHOTO: A general view of Chevron’s Wheatstone LNG facility in Pilbara coast, Western Australia, as seen in this undated handout image  obtained by Reuters on September 8, 2023.  Chevron/Handout via REUTERS/File Photo
  • Chevron workers at key LNG facilities in Australia vote to restart strikes
  • Russia waters down its diesel export ban, prices dip in Europe
  • Gold is losing its dazzle
  • China’s economy will be hobbled for years by the real estate crisis
  • Taiwan investigates firms that worked with Chinese companies reportedly supplying Huawei
  • Proceed with caution before looking at your 401(k)
  • Elon Musk’s X faces advertiser backlash after placing marketing for major brands on notorious white supremacist account
  • Casino giant MGM expects $100 million hit from hack that led to data breach
  • ‘I feel bad for the nurses, but I feel worse for the patients’: Kaiser members struggle during the strike
  • Levi Strauss cuts annual forecasts as promotions, wholesale weakness weigh
  • The US government wants 52 million airbags recalled. The companies that put them in cars are pushing back
  • More than 70 million rolling candies recalled for choking hazards
  • FTX co-founder admits he and Sam Bankman-Fried committed fraud
  • US regulator seeks court order to compel Elon Musk to testify about his Twitter acquisition


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In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffett. That begs a key question. Why don’t more people LOOK at the rearview mirror more so they can learn more about the patterns that influence what’s ahead? Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/in-the-business-world-the-rear-view-mirror-is-always-clearer-than-the-windshield-warren-buffett-mhville-leader-showcases-efforts-to-renew-american-dream-plus-sunday-weekly/

Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 10.6.2023

  • Trump Wins Delay in Classified Docs Case
  • Former President Donald Trump and his legal team earned a victory in court Friday as Judge Aileen Cannon granted a delay in a pretrial filing deadline in the classified documents case. [Full Story]
  • The Race for Speaker
  • Fox News Candidate Forum Tabled After Uproar
  • 45 House Republicans Sign Letter Against ‘Chaos Caucus’
  • Speaker Race: Scalise Questioned, Jordan Rising, Hern in Play
  • FreedomWorks Issues Demands for Next Speaker | video
  • Kerik: ‘A Bad Move’ for Trump to Act as Speaker | video
  • Scalise, Jordan Lead GOP Speaker Candidates in Fundraising
  • Trump Endorses Rep. Jordan as Speaker
  • Biggs: Endorsement Would Spike 150 Votes | video
  • Steube: Trump ‘Awesome’ Negotiating as Speaker
  • Scalise Has Edge for 1st Vote but Bets Off After That
  • Tim Scott: House Chaos Distracts From Biden Failures
  • Rosendale: Small GOP Majority Helps Conservative Agenda | video
  • Lara Trump: Stop Deep State, or No Country Left | video
  • Ben Carson: Market Should Determine Healthcare | video
  • Dershowitz: N.Y. AG Out to Get Trump as Promised | video
  • Giuliani: ‘Liar’ Biden Must Pay for Russian Slur | video
  • McFarland: Victory in Ukraine About Economic Leverage | video
  • Alina Habba: Fighting N.Y. Case ‘Very Important’ to Trump | video
  • Newsfront
  • Christian University Claims Targeting by Biden Admin
  • Grand Canyon University, a Christian institution in Arizona, said it was “unjustly” targeted by the Biden administration…. [Full Story]
  • Iowa Dems Will Hold Caucus Results Until Super Tuesday
  • Iowa’s caucuses have traditionally kicked off the presidential [Full Story]
  • UAW Stops Expanding Strikes After GM Concession
  • The United Auto Workers union said Friday it will not expand its [Full Story]
  • J. AG to Review Sen. Menendez’s Wife’s Fatal Wreck
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  • US Postal Service Wants to Hike Stamps to 68 Cents
  • The United States Postal Service (USPS) said on Friday it wants to [Full Story]
  • Biden Says It’s Possible He’ll Meet China’s Xi Next Month
  • S. President Joe Biden on Friday said it is possible that he will [Full Story]
  • Mysterious Drone Swarms Above Nuke Sites Could Be Foreign Rival
  • Drone swarms and other unmanned aerial systems spotted hovering above [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • Rubio: Biden Must ‘Reverse Course’ on Border
  • Marco Rubio, R-Fla., saying President Joe Biden must reverse [Full Story]
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  • Mayor Adams in Mexico: New York City ‘at Capacity’
  • AOC Tells Biden to ‘Reverse Course’ on Border Wall
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  • Biden Wall Plan Covers Fraction of Trump’s Proposal
  • Migrating Venezuelans Undeterred by US Plan to Resume Deportation Flights
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  • A Russian missile strike killed a 10-year-old boy and injured two [Full Story]
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  • UN to Investigate Missile Strike on Ukrainian Village of Hroza
  • Death Toll in Ukraine’s Hroza Hits 52, UN to Investigate
  • Russian Lawmakers Will Consider Rescinding Ratification of Global Nuclear Test Ban, Speaker Says
  • Trump Lawyers Seek to Halt Civil Fraud Trial
  • Donald Trump’s lawyers asked a New York appeals court Friday to halt [Full Story]
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  • Trump Wins Delay in Classified Docs Case
  • Antisemitic Incidents Increasing on College Campuses
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  • California has seen increases in the use of firearms in homicides and [Full Story]
  • Ex-soldier Charged on Trying to Give China Defense Info
  • S. authorities arrested a former U.S. army sergeant and charged him [Full Story]
  • Senate Passes Resolution to Honor Jimmy Buffett
  • The U.S. Senate approved a resolution paying tribute to the late [Full Story]
  • Manchin: Ukraine Support Tied to Border ‘Crisis’
  • Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said there is congressional support for [Full Story] | video
  • C. Struggles to Curb Violent Crime Surge
  • Police in Washington, D.C., are struggling to curb a surge in violent [Full Story]
  • Hunter Biden Seeks Dismissal of Indictment
  • First son Hunter Biden is seeking a dismissal of the federal [Full Story]
  • Kremlin: Prigozhin’s Plane Crash Probe Ongoing
  • Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday that investigators had [Full Story]
  • Army Set to Cut Special Operation Forces
  • The U.S. Army, hit by recruitment problems and a shift in focus from [Full Story]
  • Army Identifies Soldiers Killed in Alaska Crash
  • U.S. Army officials have identified two soldiers killed when their [Full Story]
  • Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Iran’s Narges Mohammadi
  • Narges Mohammadi, an Iranian women’s rights advocate serving 12 years [Full Story]
  • RNC Members: Debates Pointless Without Trump
  • Republican National Committee members have been frustrated with the [Full Story]
  • Whistleblower: DOJ, FBI Mocked Congress’ Hunter Biden Inquiries
  • Internal Revenue Service whistleblower Gary Shapley disclosed that [Full Story] | video
  • Trump Files to Dismiss $500M Lawsuit Against Ex-lawyer Cohen
  • Former President Donald Trump filed a notice to voluntarily dismiss [Full Story]
  • Study: Toxins in 95 Percent of US Drinking Water
  • A recently released study revealed that 95% of the U.S. population [Full Story]
  • Report: Planes Grounded Over Potentially Dangerous Parts
  • Planes are getting grounded amid concerns that some of their engine [Full Story]
  • Mayorkas Says Biden Admin Has No New Border Wall Policy
  • Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said [Full Story]
  • Report: Trump Discussed US Nuke Subs With Foreign National
  • Former President Donald Trump, months after leaving the White House, [Full Story] | video
  • WH Planning Biden, Xi Face-to-face Meeting
  • The White House has starting making plans for a face-to-face meeting [Full Story]
  • Amazon Left Scrambling As Shoppers Find out About Secret Deals
  • Online Shopping Tools
  • More Newsfront
  • Finance
  • Amazon Takes on Musk’s Starlink
  • Amazon is set to launch two satellites Friday, in its first test mission as part of its plan to deliver the internet from space and compete with Elon Musk’s Starlink service…. [Full Story]
  • Y. Appeals Court Won’t Halt Trump’s Fraud Trial While He Contests Pretrial Ruling
  • 10-Year Treasury Yields Highest Since 2007
  • Ben Carson: Striking Workers Fuel Wage-Price Spiral
  • Social Security and the Oct.12 CPI Release: What It Means for Recipients
  • More Finance
  • Health
  • Fathers Also Susceptible to Postpartum Depression
  • Postpartum depression is commonly thought of as something new mothers experience, but fathers also can suffer from these feelings when entering this phase of life…. [Full Story]
  • FDA Not Satisfied With Philips Breathing Device Recall
  • Could Folks Suffer From ‘Long Colds,’ Similar to Long COVID?
  • Gun Deaths, Overdoses More Than Doubled in US Kids
  • Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of Liver Disease

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