Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway ’Fat Finger’ Other Exits and Buys Included Conventional Builders – Truth Hiding in Plain Sight Facts-Analysis, What to Know; plus MHVille Stock Updates


When Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) owned manufactured housing producer Clayton Homes began buying conventional site builders, some in the manufactured home industry may have thought – ‘huh?’ Several builders later, several Clayton annual reports revealed what was concealed in plain sight. X number of modular homes, x number of tiny houses, and several thousand site built homes sold all mean that manufactured housing specific data was essentially masked, because total homes built and sold by Clayton are what is routinely reported. The curious may have to buy separate reports in order to learn what Clayton’s manufactured home data is. More on that Clayton data, further below in Part II of this report. Part I of this article will be drawn largely from the contrarian ZeroHedge financial news site. Part II will also include an array of research insights that are routinely ignored by those in the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) camp, which of course has long featured a Berkshire owned company board member(s), and at various times, an actual MHI chairman.

But as part of the base featured image above reminds readers, billionaires and numbers of millionaires, like housing. Big homes for themselves, and that gets some of them interested in housing for others. The housing market in the U.S., per a press release from Zillow on 1.27.2022 said that “The full U.S. housing stock is now worth $43.4 trillion, according to a new Zillow® analysis.” It is no surprise that big numbers attract big names like Berkshire and Buffett. 

Part I

Per ZeroHedge:

QuoteMarksLeftSide…here are the most notable changes in Q2:

Three new buys, all homebuilders:

  • DR Horton: bought 5.97 million shares valued at $726.5 million
  • NVR: bought 70.6 million shares valued at $70.6 million
  • Lennar Group: bought 152,572 shares valued at just $17.2 million, in what may have been a fat finger purchase as it is completely meaningless for a firm the size of Berkshire

As Bloomberg notes, the largest US homebuilders have been outperforming smaller rivals despite soaring mortgage rates, with stocks rallying and the companies welcoming an onrush of buyers frustrated by a severe shortage of existing-home listings. Lennar, D.R. Horton and NVR are all up more than 30% this year.”


Also per ZeroHedge, among the Berkshire exits are the following.



  • McKesson Corp: 2.3 million shares, valued at $815 milion as of June 30, 2023
  • Marsh & McLennan: 404,911 shares valued at $67 million
  • Vitesse Energy: the unwind of last quarter’s “fat finger” purchase which was just 51,026 shares valued at $1 million.

Added holdings in just two positions:

  • Occidental Petroleum: bought 12.4 million shares, bringing the new total to 224.1 million shares, valued at $13.2 billion
  • Capital One: added 2.549 million shares to prior stake of 9.9 million, bringing the total to 12.471 million, valued at $1.364 billion.

Trimmed holdings in five positions, including:

  • Chevron: reduced by 9.3 million shares to 123.1 million shares valued at $19.4 billion
  • Activision Blizzard: reduced stake by another 34.8 million shares, following the sale of 3.3 million shares in Q1, bringing the latest total to just 14.7 million shares valued at $1.3 billion and largely missing out on the July surge in the stock when the MSFT deal was tentatively approved
  • General Motors: continued the stake reduction with another 18 million shares following the sale of 10 million shares in Q1, bringing the new total to 22  million shares valued at $848 million.
  • Celanese: another quarter of selling here, which reduced the position by 3.460 million shares to 5.4 million shares, from 8.8 million shares, and valued at $620.5 million
  • Globe Life: reduced by 3.8 million shares to 2.5 million shares valued at $276 million

Recent disclosures from Berkshire related to its stock portfolio revealed a departure from the company’s long-held strategy of buying shares and holding them for the long term. The conglomerate revealed a stake in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. last year, only to largely rotate out of that position in subsequent months. Buffett said the decision to cut the stake in TSMC was his, citing geopolitical tensions as the motivation behind the move even as he continued to praise the chipmaker.

“I feel better about the capital that we’ve got deployed in Japan than in Taiwan,” Buffett said earlier this year. “I wish it weren’t so, but I think that’s the reality, and I re-evaluated that in the light of certain things that were going on.”

Of course, by now readers know but we will remind them anyway, the holdings reported here exclude derivatives and total values may include debt securities. The equities listed may not reflect current holdings. New holdings and exits may be caused by updated disclosure requirements rather than investment changes.” …


Part II – Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary 

It was tempting to make part of the headline for this article an installment of ‘you just can’t make this up.’  Most people would not normally think like this.  But Warren Buffett is not most people. Kevin Clayton described Warren Buffett as “a genius.”  Bing’s AI Chat function was asked about Buffett’s “genius” in this fashion.

The chat reply to the inquiry was almost comical.

“Did Kevin Clayton describe Warren Buffett as a genius?”

BingsAIchatAnswerImage-MHProNewsYes, Kevin Clayton, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway owned Clayton Homes, described Warren Buffett as a genius. He said “It’s just amazing, his personality, to be such a genius” 12. However, I couldn’t find any information that describes him as either good or evil genius.


Here is the screen capture of the Bing search result, which referenced near the top the Bing AI result shown above. Note that the #1 search result for this inquiry was MHProNews, which also has more page one Bing search results than any other source.


Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report and others on MHProNews can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.


Those linked reports shown above are as follows. The first one is dated: 4.21.2021 and the third one is dated: 12.26.2022.


Kevin Clayton Praised [Evil] “Genius” Warren Buffett; Buffett Defends “Roadkill” U.S. Workers-Merit Govt Pay for Policies Berkshire, Allied Brands Profited from – Behind Media Curtain, Affordable Housing Finance, Policies – Analysis


The report below is from 1.15.2018. The evolution in the understanding of the ramifications of 21st Mortgage Corporation letter and the various machinations in MHVille are revealed in those three posts that Bing chose to highlight in their search result.


Kevin Clayton Interview-Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton Homes CEO

Warren Buffett’s Pledge to Kevin Clayton – ‘You Can Access Plenty of Capital’ for Projects – Quotes, Facts, Video, Transcript, and Implications for Manufactured Housing Industry


Note that the reports with analysis on Buffett, Berkshire, Kevin Clayton, Clayton Homes, since circa 2018 have stood the test of time. It isn’t that reports pre-2018 were necessarily ‘bad,’ but the once the ‘smoking gun’ of the 2009-2010 crash of manufactured housing was obtained, published and periodically reviewed in the light of additional evidence, that thesis has held up in the light of information from Buffett/Berkshire/Clayton and from those who are critics of those firms, so long as “the moat” and related lessons including paltering are kept in mind.

MHProNews asked Bing AI Chat: “Following the crash and repo glut of 2000, what year did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stop lending in manufactured housing?”


Todd M. Richardson HUD, Builders, NAHB, Innovative Housing Showcase, Operation Breakthrough – Systematic Aristotle Thomistic Testing – James Schmitz Claims of Sabotaging Monopolies, HUD PDR Analysis

HUD’s Operation Breakthrough, Promoting Factory, Industrialized Building – Mobile Home Era to Modern Manufactured Homes.


The next two reports from 2019 shed more light on the industrialized housing concept and history, which was arguably more robust some years ago than it is today.


President Donald Trump Talks About Factory Built Housing Legend to Scouts

Jujitsu – Last Week Tonight John Oliver “Mobile Homes” Video Fact-Check Revelations


Buffett has said that his favorite holding period is forever. While Berkshire has exited or sold down from positions – such as IBM, the GSEs circa 2000, or other Wells Fargo, to name a few – it is useful to see that Buffett’s brands have such a visible presence in the housing sector that he is likely to continue forward.  It is also useful to grasp that Berkshire’s near ubiquitous presence helps shed light on why MHI has apparently not asked their ‘housing coalition’ partners to step up to the plate and write letters to HUD or FHFA on behalf of the manufactured housing industry’s stated interest in enhanced preemption under the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000, nor for DTS/FHA Title I.



Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.
True Tale of Four Attorneys Research into Manufactured Housing – What They Reveal About Why Manufactured Homes Are Underperforming During an Affordable Housing Crisis – Facts and Analysis

Part III. Daily Business News on MHProNews Markets and Headline News Segment


Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 8.15.2023

  • Finding a way to rebuild
  • Hano Ganer (Rear, C) and Taylor Ganer (Center Right) look through the ashes of their family’s home in the aftermath of a wildfire in Lahaina, western Maui, Hawaii on August 11, 2023.
  • Tourists lost their summer vacations. Locals lost everything. Where Maui goes from here
  • Fox’s Greg Gutfeld goes on sexist rant, suggests crimes would ‘disappear’ if women went away
  • Hawaiian Electric’s stock plunges again after S&P downgrades its credit rating
  • Michael Burry, of ‘Big Short’ fame, just bet $1.6 billion on a stock market crash
  • ESPN anchor Sage Steele departs network after settling lawsuit
  • US watchdog teases crackdown on data brokers that sell Americans’ personal information
  • Meta criticized for making reproductive health an R-rated issue
  • Home Depot sales sink, but Warren Buffett is betting big on housing
  • US retail spending picked up sharply in July
  • For the first time, cable and broadcast makes up less than half of TV viewing
  • Janet Yellen explains her ‘magic mushroom’ experience in China
  • Russia’s central bank raises interest rates to 12% after the ruble plunges
  • Retail earnings this week could say a lot about the state of America’s economy
  • YouTube to prohibit false claims about cancer treatments under its medical misinformation policy
  • UK wages grow at a record pace, nearing the inflation rate
  • China stops releasing youth unemployment data after it hit consecutive record highs
  • Tesla stock falls after cutting prices in China again
  • Japan’s economic growth beats forecasts as exports zoom
  • Why TV news executives are having a brutal year in 2023
  • Couple suing Eataly Boston after woman slipped on piece of prosciutto and broke ankle, lawsuit states
  • Taiwan’s Foxconn says it sees ‘billions’ of dollars in India investments
  • Manhattan federal prosecutors drop campaign finance charge against Sam Bankman-Fried in new indictment
  • Dozens of news organizations condemn police raid on Kansas newspaper and call for seized materials to be returned


Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffett. That begs a key question. Why don’t more people LOOK at the rearview mirror more so they can learn more about the patterns that influence what’s ahead? Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/in-the-business-world-the-rear-view-mirror-is-always-clearer-than-the-windshield-warren-buffett-mhville-leader-showcases-efforts-to-renew-american-dream-plus-sunday-weekly/

Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 8.15.2023

  • Trump Promises to Unveil ‘Irrefutable Report’ Exonerating Him
  • Former President Donald Trump pushed back against a 13-count indictment a Georgia grand jury handed down on Monday, saying that an exonerating report will be unveiled next week at his golf club in New Jersey. [Full Story]
  • Atlanta Targets Trump
  • Fulton Court Admits Flub: We Released Trump Doc on Web
  • Kemp: ‘2020 Election in Ga. Was Not Stolen’ | video
  • Dershowitz: No Way Ga. Trial Starts Within 6 Months
  • Trump: Exonerating Report Coming After Ga. Indictment
  • Grand Jury Indicts Trump on 13 Felony Charges
  • Georgia DA Indicts 18 Trump Lawyers, Allies
  • Trump Leverages Indictments to Fund Campaign
  • Trump: The Witch Hunt Continues
  • Trump’s Lawyers Respond to Georgia Indictment
  • David Schoen: Trump Might Seek to Move Ga. Case
  • More Atlanta Targets Trump
  • Trump Indictments
  • Tim Scott: Nation’s Legal System ‘Weaponized’
  • Hinson: Trump Indictments ‘Politicized’ | video
  • Mar-a-Lago Manager Pleads Not Guilty in Docs Case | video
  • Johnson: Trump Indictments Travesty of Justice | video
  • DOJ: Trump’s Request for Secure Facility ‘Unjustified’
  • Special Counsel’s Secret Trump Twitter Request Is ‘Troubling’ |Platinum Article
  • GOP Rep. Ogles Files Bill to Defund Jack Smith | video
  • Doc Leak Shows Trump Charges: RICO, Conspiracy
  • Dean Cain: Snow White Actor Parrots Disney
  • Lake to Newsmax: Open Borders Are Biden’s Marxist Takeover | video
  • Hinson: Trump Indictments ‘Politicized’ | video
  • Navarro: How Much Does It Cost to Sell Out America? | video
  • Riley Gaines: Men in Women’s Sports Is ‘Humiliating’ | video
  • Whitaker: Weiss Pick Meant to Avoid Judicial Oversight | video
  • Blackburn: Weiss May Be ‘Collaborator’ With Biden | video
  • Jason Miller: ‘Fantastic Reception’ for Trump in Iowa | video
  • Acosta: Would Disney ‘Turn Back Time’ on Political Activism? | video
  • Alford: Garland’s ‘End-Run’ With Weiss ‘Ridiculous’ | video
  • Newsfront
  • Weiss Withdraws Hunter Plea Deal: Govt Did Not ‘Renege’
  • Special counsel David Weiss officially ruled the Hunter Biden plea deal dead, withdrawing it Tuesday in an official court filing and firing back at Biden attorneys’ allegations the deal was “valid and binding.”… [Full Story] | video
  • Related Stories
  • Top Hunter Biden Lawyer Asks Out After Plea Deal Fails
  • White House: ‘Zero Evidence’ Biden Knew of Hunter’s Deals
  • Stocks Decline as Strong Retail Sales Stoke Rate Fears
  • Wall Street’s main stock indexes closed lower on Tuesday after [Full Story]
  • Biden Touts Economic Policies in Battleground Wisconsin
  • President Joe Biden tried to get a jump on the competition Tuesday, [Full Story] | video
  • Catholic Support ‘Vital’ in FBI Religious Targeting Probe
  • The revelation that the FBI’s probe into the Catholic Church was even [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • Biden on Maui Visit: ‘Don’t Want to Get in the Way’
  • Biden on Maui Visit: ‘Don’t Want to Get in the Way’
  • President Joe Biden said Tuesday he will travel to Hawaii “as soon as [Full Story]
  • Disney+, Hulu Raise Prices as Boycott Grows
  • Disney is facing falling profits and economic difficulties as it has [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Disney’s Future, Hot Topic Among Hollywood Elite
  • Buck Says Trump Troubles Distraction for GOP
  • U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., said Tuesday former President Donald [Full Story]
  • Poor Sleep Harms Heart, ‘Catch-Up’ Sleep Won’t Help
  • Poor sleep takes a toll, and catching up on the weekends just won’t [Full Story]
  • Mom Pleads to Neglect for Son, 6, Who Shot Teacher
  • Russia Airstrikes Target Western Ukraine, 3 Killed
  • Russian airstrikes hit two western regions of Ukraine bordering NATO [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Russia Strikes Odesa, Kyiv Claims It Shot Down All Missiles
  • Ukraine Claims It Downed 16 of 28 Russian Missiles Overnight
  • Russia Touts Effectiveness of Its Weapons in Ukraine
  • Ukraine Condemns ‘Provocative’ Russian Actions in Black Sea
  • Special Counsel’s Secret Twitter Request ‘Troubling’
  • Legal experts say they’re “baffled” as to why a federal judge would [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • Tim Scott: Nation’s Legal System ‘Weaponized’
  • Tim Scott, R-S.C., on Tuesday spoke out about former President [Full Story]
  • Yellen’s Las Vegas Stop Shows Bidenomics a Tough Sell
  • Daemein Hargrove, 21, recently dropped plans for a four-year college [Full Story]
  • Ex-FBI Agent Pleads Guilty Over Work for Sanctioned Oligarch
  • A former FBI agent admitted to working for Russian oligarch Oleg [Full Story]
  • SCOTUS Asked to Overturn Texas Social Media Law
  • The White House requested that the Supreme Court overturn a lower [Full Story]
  • Appeal Revives Anti-abortion Protest Lawsuit Against D.C.
  • An appeals court says Washington, D.C, selectively enforced [Full Story]
  • ESPN Anchor Sage Steele Exits After Settling Lawsuit
  • Veteran anchor Sage Steele is leaving ESPN after 16 years to more [Full Story]
  • Hawaii Works to Identify 99 Confirmed Dead
  • Hawaii officials worked painstakingly to identify the 99 people [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Schumer to Support Spending Bill, Aid to Hawaii
  • WH Tries to Clean Up Biden’s ‘No Comment’ on Maui |video
  • Report: Investors Trying to Buy Burned Land in Hawaii
  • Biden Slammed for Saying ‘No Comment’ on Maui Disaster
  • Trump Calls Biden’s Maui Wildfires ‘No Comment’ ‘Disgraceful’
  • Dems Outraged at RFK Jr. After Abortion Comments
  • Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sparked outrage from [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Emerson Poll: Christie Tops DeSantis in New Hampshire
  • DeSantis Vows To Cut ‘Footprint’ of DC Federal Agencies in Half
  • Study: AI Can Steal Passwords With 95 Percent Accuracy
  • Artificial intelligence is capable of stealing your passwords by [Full Story]
  • US Catholic Healthcare Network Partners to Deliver Abortion
  • The largest Catholic healthcare network in the United States is [Full Story]
  • Top Colleges Continuing Diversity Drives
  • A Supreme Court ruling in June that colleges could no longer factor [Full Story]
  • Nebraska Rep. Bacon: Chinese Spies Hacked My Emails
  • Nebraska Republican Rep. Don Bacon says the FBI had warned him that [Full Story]
  • Arkansas Nixes Credit for AP African American Course
  • The Arkansas Education Department will not permit college credit for [Full Story]
  • Conservatives Push for Energy Secretary’s Resignation
  • Conservative groups are demanding that Energy Secretary Jennifer [Full Story]
  • ‘The Blind Side’ Family: Oher’s Lawsuit ‘Insulting’
  • Sean Tuohy has responded to former NFL player Michael Oher’s legal [Full Story]
  • This Mental Health Issue Could Double Dementia Risk
  • A new study published in JAMA Neurology found that over a 41-year [Full Story]
  • Hezbollah Leader Threatens to Wipe Out Israel
  • Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of Hezbollah – the Iranian [Full Story]
  • Graham to Dems: ‘Careful What You Wish For’ on Indictment
  • Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham warned Democrats to “be careful what [Full Story] | video
  • Hillary Clinton: Ga. Indictments ‘Terrible Moment’ for US
  • Former presidential candidate and runner-up in the 2016 election [Full Story] | video
  • Kari Lake: ‘Georgia Just Sealed Deal’ on Trump Presidency
  • Republican and former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake [Full Story] | video
  • Elon Musk’s “Project Omega” Could Be A Golden Ticket To Wealth
  • EFIR Project Omega
  • More Newsfront
  • Finance
  • US Gas Prices Reach 2023 High of $3.86
  • U.S. motorists are squeezing out one last trip before Memorial Day holiday and school begins, as pump prices surge to their highest level this year on tighter gasoline supplies…. [Full Story]
  • DC Woefully Misunderstands Health Care Economics
  • Dean Cain to Newsmax: Snow White Actress Parrots Disney
  • Binance Files for Protective Order Against SEC
  • Global Wealth Projected to Rise 38% by 2027
  • More Finance
  • Health
  • This Mental Health Issue Could Double Dementia Risk
  • A new study published in JAMA Neurology found that over a 41-year period, the risk of dementia more than doubled for both men and women with diagnosed depression and was higher for men than for women…. [Full Story]
  • Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor Says Cancer Drug Extended Life
  • FDA Approves Pfizer’s Blood Cancer Therapy
  • Nasal Spray Helps Fight Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Help Kids Hit ‘Reset’ on Sleep as They Head Back to School

Note: to expand this image to a larger or full size, see the instructions
below the graphic below or click the image and follow the prompts.

In instances such as Apollo, Berkshire Hathaway, Blackstone or others, manufactured housing may only be part of their corporate interests. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report and others on MHProNews can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.
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