‘Massive’ Trucker Convoys, Farmers, Other Americans ‘Roar’ to U.S.-Mexico Border to Demand Illegal Immigration Be Stopped – ‘Take our Border Back’ Facts and Analysis Brief plus MHVille Markets


Financial and other pressures have been rising for Americans and people around the globe. As Oxfam’s annual report recently revealed, the incomes of some 5 billion people around the world have not kept pace with inflation, even as the wealth of the world’s and America’s most wealthy shot up. MHProNews has periodically featured protests in the U.S., Europe, and Canada which has included truckers, farmers, and other citizens who organized and rallied to stop illegal immigration, globalization, and the so-called ‘global warming’ and C02 connected initiatives that the protestors say hurt hundreds of millions. With that brief preface, the Daily Signal provided the following news item posted in Part I of this report on the truckers convoys and planned protest which will be followed by additional information with more MHProNews analysis and commentary in Part II. The MHVille and marco-markets reports is Part III.

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Part I


Massive Trucker Convoys Heading South for ‘Take Our Border Back’ Rallies

Trucker convoys that could total as many as 700,000 vehicles are headed south to demand a secure border this weekend.

“We have a trucker convoy coming down to the border,” Rep. Keith Self, R-Texas, said in an interview with Fox Business Network, adding: “The American people have had enough. We’re demanding that the Biden administration do its job, enforce the laws on the books and secure our border.”


When describing the crisis at the border, Self estimated that illegal immigration had surpassed “8 million people during the Biden administration … . This is the time for us to rise up as the American people and demand that our president do his job.”

Self shared information about the trucker convoys on X, formerly Twitter, in which he urged followers to “join us,” adding: “The time is now for we the people to peacefully assemble in honor of our constitutional rights to call on our government to take action and secure our borders.”



The trucker convoy event—dubbed “Take Our Border Back”—kicked off on Monday, with the departure of Convoy 1 from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Three trucker convoys are participating, all leaving from different locations.

Convoy 1 is headed for Eagle Pass, Texas. It will then drive through Dripping Springs and on to Quemado, Texas.


Convoy 1DailySignalScreenshot 2024-02-01 114650MHProNews


Convoy 2 departs from Dripping Springs, Texas, for Yuma, Arizona, on Thursday.


Convoy2DailySignalScreenshot 2024-02-01 114742MHProNews


Convoy 3 leaves from San Ysidro, California, and will head toward Yuma on Saturday.


Convoy3DailySignalScreenshot 2024-02-01 114822MHProNews


On Saturday, rallies are planned for Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona by participants in the trucker convoys with the goal of shedding light on what they are calling “the obvious dangers posed by wide-open southern borders.”

In its news release, the “Take Our Border Back” trucker convoy coalition described itself as a “peaceful, lawful and clear message to all city, state and federal politicians and immigration officials.”

The goals of the trucker convoys are to “request all laws of our U.S. Constitution be immediately upheld, to slow and ultimately stop drug trafficking and human trafficking associated with open borders, and to call for immediate action to secure our borders before irreversible, serious consequences befall our nation.” ##


Part II – Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary 

It is common sense that if someone seriously wants to see a solution to the affordable housing crisis that a multi-million-person flow of ‘undocumented’ or ‘illegal’ immigrants coming into the U.S. when there is already an underproduction of new housing is only going to make the affordable housing problem worse. Then there is the cost in human life, the harm to untold numbers of migrants who are raped or otherwise injured, the fentanyl and other drugs that enter as a result of illegal immigration, plus crimes and other costs imposed on U.S. citizens is astronomical.




The son of legal immigrants. Married to a legal immigrant who co-founded MHProNews and MHLivingNews. Political independents. Publishers of the runaway #1 manufactured housing industry trade media

Millions of us are the sons or daughters of immigrants or later generations who came to the U.S. legally. Millions of others are people who came to the U.S. as children or adults legally.  In recent polling, immigration has overtaken even inflation among voters as a top issue in the 2024 election. Surveys also indicate the Hispanics (numbers of the illegal border crossers are, Black, Asian, or Middle Eastern and are not Hispanic) are increasingly shifting away from Democrats, due in part to de facto ‘open borders’ policies by Biden and other Democratic officials.

It would be a mistake to omit the fact that some Republican Party officials are also essentially working with Democrats in the “Establishment” open-borders camp. Facts, legal, and economic realities are whatever they are, regardless of someone’s demonstrably flawed opinions.

We are in the 2024 primary season. Everyone in the House and 1/3rd of the U.S. Senate are up for reelection. Some in Congress have primary challengers.

This is the time for citizens and voters in states where primaries are coming up to do some homework and find out where your elected official stands on immigration and border control.

It is the time to see where politicians and candidates stand on other issues that impact our society, industry, and economy.

Well-known self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Senator of VT, caucuses with Democrats and ran for the Democratic presidential nomination multiple times.  Some years ago, Sanders made commonsense remarks about the harm to U.S workers caused by illegal immigration, just as he made commonsense remarks about the problems caused by shipping U.S. jobs overseas. People who often may be ‘low skills’ individuals jumping the border compete with Americans in the U.S. job market. Sanders used to recognize that, and many Blacks and Hispanics are recognizing that reality.

Among “New Democrats” there are those who at least give a nod to those and other points.

Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

Who benefits from these open borders?  The usual suspects – corporations, the donor class, the globalists, the Establishment, the 1 percent, etc. They grasp that most of the citizenry are unhappy with the effects of the policies under Biden. See the related reports to learn more. ##

PS: Per Real Clear Politics (RCP) are the following averages of recent polls.

PS #2

> “A recent 2024 poll indicated that Immigration has surpassed inflation as the top issue on the minds of voters, which poll was it and what were the specifics from that poll?”

BingCopilotAI-Screen1.3.2024MHProNewsAccording to a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll35% of registered voters in the United States now rank immigration as the country’s No. 1 concern, surpassing inflation at 32% and the economy and jobs at 25% 1The survey was conducted between January 17-18, 2024, and included 2,346 registered voters 1.

The poll also found that 68% of voters wanted measures in place that would make it tougher to get into the country illegally, and 50% of Democrats agreed with ramped-up security measures as well 1.

The concerns over immigration have increased since the Biden administration reported a record-breaking 276,000 migrant encounters along the southern US border in December 2023 1The increased focus on the issue also comes as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle work to hammer out a deal that would unlock some $61 billion in aid for Ukraine in exchange for beefed-up border security and changes to the US immigration system, including asylum laws 1.

It is important to note that the poll was conducted by telephone and online, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points 1. …”


When Copilot was asked who in manufactured housing trade media has reported on the border control and immigration related issues, Copilot said this:

  • Manufactured Home Pro News: This website has published articles on the impact of illegal immigration on the U.S. housing market 2.

The other results Copilot provided were from outside of MHVille trade media. No other MHVille trade media were cited by Copilot.

Learn More:





Other related economic and political issues.










Part III – is our Daily Business News on MHProNews stock market recap which features our business-daily at-a-glance update of over 2 dozen manufactured housing industry stocks.

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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from 2.1.2024

  • Amazon revenue climbs 14% as holiday shoppers boost sales
  • Apple sales boost profits, but China struggles continue
  • Meta stock surges 14%. Investors are loving its first-ever dividend
  • Congress hasn’t been able to make social media safer. Here’s why
  • More than 30 million people have unclaimed money or assets. Are you one of them?
  • The “Partners” statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, at Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, at Walt Disney World, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, photographed June 3, 2023. The statue was created in 1993 by legendary Disney sculptor Blaine Gibson.
  • Disney files appeal after judge dismisses lawsuit against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and allies
  • Boeing was once known for safety and engineering. But critics say an emphasis on profits changed that
  • A person rides her Peloton exercise bike at her home on April 06, 2020 in San Anselmo, California.
  • Peloton shares plunge as turnaround plan garners mixed results
  • Wings, shrimp and booze: Super Bowl party hosts budget carefully this year
  • The Aozora Bank headquarters in Tokyo Japan, on February 1, 2024. The bank’s shares fell over 21% after it said it had made losses on loans tied to US commercial real estate.
  • Banks are being rocked again as real estate losses mount
  • Fed Chair Powell says the job market is still strong. Here’s what to know about the numbers
  • Russia’s frozen assets are generating billions. The EU is getting ready to send them to Ukraine
  • The ‘mainstreaming’ of ‘hateful and dehumanizing rhetoric’ in right-wing media is leading to violence, experts say
  • Taylor Swift songs pulled from TikTok in payment dispute
  • Subway’s new footlong cookies are so popular that it’s struggling to keep up with demand
  • Companies are hopeful about the economy again — even if they’re nervous
  • Deutsche Bank to cut 3,500 jobs
  • Elon Musk says Tesla shareholders will vote ‘immediately’ on quitting Delaware for Texas
  • Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ will start cracking down on password sharing
  • Regional banks are back in focus after NY Community Bancorp stock drops 38% in one day
  • Upstart digital news outlet The Messenger shuts down less than a year after launch
  • Judge strikes down Elon Musk’s massive, multi-billion-dollar pay package
  • Boeing CEO on 737 blowout: ‘We caused the problem’



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