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Wild Washington “Impeachment,” “Infrastructure” Theater Fuels Wall Street Dip, plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates


President Barack Obama had two years to get the Democratic Party agenda through during his first term in the Oval Office.  While there was much of the usual back-and-forth, Democrats largely got their way. But with President Trump, objectively speaking, the charge of “Russian Collusion” has hung over his presidency …

Wild Washington “Impeachment,” “Infrastructure” Theater Fuels Wall Street Dip, plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates Read More

Wells, Chase, Citi Mortgage Lending Plunges, Plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates


What Tiger Woods, Nike Can Teach Manufactured Housing Leaders, Plus MH Market Updates


It was over a decade since Tiger Woods had won a major tournament. It took Nike only hours to put together a commercial video that celebrated his win and did so in a manner that we a good reflection on their company and target market.  On a day when most …

What Tiger Woods, Nike Can Teach Manufactured Housing Leaders, Plus MH Market Updates Read More

Announcements Speeding 5G, Plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates


Sun Communities Under the Hood – Data Reveals – Manufactured Homes, Communities, Comparisons with Conventional, Multifamily Housing


Stephen Moore Would Challenge Fed’s ‘Growth Phobia,’ Plus Manufactured Home Equities Updates


President Trump Remarks to Union, Signs Executive Order on Energy & Infrastructure, Plus MH Market Updates


Short History Of Taxation in U.S., Infographic, Plus Manufactured Home Equities Updates


Want a Robust Economy? Fix the Southern Immigration Crisis, Plus MH Market Updates


Former Godfather CEO, GOP POTUS Contender Herman Cain to Join Fed? Plus, MH Stock Updates


Under Scrutiny, Giant Amazon Pivots, But What About Berkshire’s Manufactured Housing Brands? Plus MH Market Updates


Cavco Industries Announces Latest Executive Level Changes


Not Just Trade, Steve Bannon Says China Threat to U.S., Western Industrial Democracies, plus, MH Market Updates


Best First Quarter for Markets in Years, Plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates


Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Conservatorship Draws Secretary Carson’s Broadside, Plus MH Stock Updates


AOC’s Green New Deal Senate Flameout, What it Means, plus MH Market Updates


‘Green New Deal Fantasy,’ “Revenge Politics,” Says Democrat Schultz Pondering Independent 2020 Run, plus Manufactured Home Stocks


Future Rate Signaling to Fed? POTUS Trump Wants Heritage’s Stephen Moore on Federal Reserve Board, Plus MH Stock Updates

Facebook’s “Network Effect – Value Destruction,” Password Scandal Latest Headache, plus MH Market Updates

National Association of Home Builders CEO Jerry Howard Declining Housing Affordability, Plus MH Market Updates

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