Wild Washington “Impeachment,” “Infrastructure” Theater Fuels Wall Street Dip, plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates

CNNmone5.22.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsPresident Barack Obama had two years to get the Democratic Party agenda through during his first term in the Oval Office.  While there was much of the usual back-and-forth, Democrats largely got their way. But with President Trump, objectively speaking, the charge of “Russian Collusion” has hung over his presidency since early on.  For months during his first year in office in 2017, Republicans seemingly feared the worst. As the issues advanced, confidence among the GOP grew, and tax cuts and reform was passed, among other achievements. But not unlikely former President Obama losing the House in the first midterm, President Trump lost the House in his first midterm.  Even after Special Counsel Robert Muller’s report that no Trump campaign officials involved in “Russian collusion,” that narrative lives for numbers of Democrats and their allies under the revised guise of ‘obstruction’ and ‘cover ups.’ That drama was on full display today.  After the infrastructure announcements today, stocks connected to those projects reportedly lead the losers.  So, on a day that the major Wall Street markets slid, that wild ride in Washington today will be our featured report tonight, with 2 different videos, reporting each side of the story.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Wall Street’s love affair with Tesla is over
  • As sales slow and competition ramps up, investors are no longer sold on Elon Musk
  • Mobile networks are already suspending orders for Huawei smartphones
  • LIVE UPDATES Markets move lower as trade war fears continue
  • Want to invest in cannabis? Here’s one way
  • Saudi Arabia wants to buy tons of American natural gas
  • The smartphone industry could completely change after Qualcomm’s disastrous ruling
  • All 12 resolutions at Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting fail
  • Shares in Chinese surveillance firm plunge after reports of possible US ban
  • PERSPECTIVES Where Trump went wrong in the US-China trade war
  • End of an era: 133 year-old Avon may sell to Body Shop parent
  • UPS is turning trash into gas to clean up its emissions
  • Facebook was flooded with far-right content ahead of the EU election, campaigners say
  • Ford’s delivery robot walks like a human
  • 20190521 wealth coach insider selling
  • If the CEO is selling company stock, should you?
  • IN PHOTOS A rare look inside Huawei, China’s secretive tech giant
  • British Steel collapses, putting nearly 25,000 jobs at risk
  • Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain collapses
  • Ford will cut 7,000 white-collar jobs
  • Fred’s is closing nearly 30% of its stores
  • The company that makes Scotch tape slashes 2,000 jobs
  • A 5G WORLD
  • How 5G is changing the game for first responders
  • Samsung’s first 5G phone is out for Verizon customers
  • Intel gets out of the 5G smartphone modem business
  • Looking for 5G? Here are the US cities that have it
  • Senators question how to roll out 5G without Chinese technology

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Fed minutes reveal no interest rate moves coming for ‘some time’
  • Bernie Sanders plans tax on Wall Street speculation
  • Trump slams Pelosi, Schumer after Rose Garden remarks: ‘You can’t investigate and legislate simultaneously’
  • Retail industry chasm resumes after blockbuster 2018
  • Baby boomers staying in homes versus downsizing after retirement, report says
  • Women’s professional sports hit a major crossroad
  • Retirement bill ups savings levels and expands 401(k)s for small businesses
  • How Michael Avenatti spent his fortune, while allegedly dodging taxes
  • Conor McGregor says LeBron James unknowingly taught him crucial lesson about money
  • Want cheap plane tickets? Here’s the best time to book flights this summer
  • Philip Morris going totally smokeless, looks to quit nicotine, executive says
  • Harriet Tubman $20 bill redesign postponed
  • Ex-Navy SEAL that killed Bin Laden says human tape measure was used to confirm identity
  • Bill Gates suggests you read these five books this summer
  • These US companies say Trump’s tariffs will hurt their bottom line
  • Pricey engagement rings a no-go for younger Americans
  • Tom Daschle, Joe Crowley join cannabis advisory board for Northern Swan
  • Amazon shareholders reject facial recognition sales ban
  • Worst product failures, from Coca-Cola’s New Coke to Microsoft’s Zune
  • Axon Enterprises CEO could receive a $246M pay day
  • Trump’s Pennsylvania rallies are a better indicator than polls: Former GOP pollster
  • Apple earnings would plummet by 30% if China banned it: Goldman Sachs

Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…



Today’s Big Movers

For all the scores and highlights on tracked manufactured home connected stocks today, see thBloomberg graphic, posted below.

Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –



Per left-of-center CNBC:


  • Stocks that would benefit from infrastructure spending fall and hit their lows of the day after President Donald Trump says he won’t make an infrastructure deal while Democrats investigate him.
  • Trump cuts short a meeting at the White House with Democratic leadership.
  • Stocks such as Fluor, Simpson Manufacturing and Martin Marietta Materials have larger losses than the overall market.

This is the first part of what left-of-center MSNBC reported, from the Democratic side of the aisle today.



Left-of-center CNBC said that the president stressed that he ‘doesn’t do cover ups.’  The roughly 12 minutes in the Rose Garden today captured a more combative tone of a White House ready to move on after 4 investigations cleared him.


For those who listen only to left-of-center news sources, it is understandable that millions believe that there is some ‘cover up’ or ‘obstruction,’ etc.  Here at MHProNews, as these videos demonstrate:

  • There are accurate reports on both sides of the media divide, even if each side has an agenda.
  • In the instance of the ‘Russia hoax,’ the next few weeks and months may be quite surprising to many on the left, if in fact Attorney General William Barr, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, and others press the kind of investigations that are being wafted from Washington.
  • It is entirely plausible – based on reports such as by John Solomon, from the centrist The Hill – could underscore that much of what the 45th president has said is true. That there was a hoax, that it was a clever de facto attempted coup, and that the ploy to drive the president out of the Oval Office under a barrage of horrible sounding headlines failed to achieve its goal.
  • But if evidence supporting those allegations by Solomon and federal investigations end up being substantial, as some sources in Washington claim, that could result in those connected to the ‘dirty dossier’ and several intelligence sources that drove the ‘Russia Collusion’ narrative being the ones that face indictments, instead of the president and his campaign.

In the meantime, the nation waits while party politics and the early stages of the 2020 campaign goes on. Buckle up. It could be a wild 18 months.

There is one possible silver lining. Numbers of the Democrats that won swing districts in 2018 may be willing to be more flexible, precisely with their own reelection in mind.  Time will tell.  But that could be a path to limited bipartisanship.

The win in the special election in Pennsylvania this week could fuel that potential for swing Democratic representatives. As CNN put it, “Republican Fred Keller easily defeated Democrat Marc Friedenberg by 68% to 32% in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania 12th special congressional election.”

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