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CNNmone4.5.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsMarket movers are many, and political or social headwinds are among them.  Some don’t realize that there have been HUD Code manufactured homes built south of the border for years.  Others don’t realize the significant effect that immigration – legal or illegal – has on the cost of labor, burdens on local, state, or federal governments, business and others.  On a day when the markets closed generally up, this evening we present 2 news videos on aspects of the growing border crisis, and what local, state, and federal officials who are dealing with the matter have to say.

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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • The Fed has an unrivaled influence on the world economy. Politicizing it could be disastrous
  • The rules on CEO tweets weren’t made for Elon Musk
  • LIVE UPDATES S&P 500 clinches longest winning streak since October 2017; Oil tops $63
  • The gender pay gap is getting worse at half of UK companies
  • EU accuses German carmakers of colluding to delay clean air technology
  • Google scraps its controversial AI ethics council days after it was announced
  • Trump to snub White House Correspondents’ Dinner for third year in a row
  • Women are now running all three network morning shows for the first time ever
  • Amazon must let shareholders vote on limiting facial recognition sales, SEC says
  • Kathie Lee Gifford says she is ‘evolving,’ not retiring, as she exits ‘Today’
  • MacKenzie Bezos will be worth at least $35 billion
  • Samsung warns its profits will drop 60% as smartphone demand slumps
  • Why 2.7 million Americans still get Netflix DVDs in the mail
  • Shopping Content by CNN Underscored
  • You can order Apple’s 2nd Gen. AirPods now
  • Boeing will cut 737 Max production as it works to get plane back in the air
  • McDonald’s is shrinking its late night menu
  • Why the remarkable stock market recovery could just be getting started
  • Can a free port rescue this steel community after Brexit?
  • The 10 most dire warnings from business on Brexit
  • EasyJet says Brexit uncertainty is hurting its business
  • ‘No way to run a country’: Business frustration with Brexit chaos boils over
  • How DHL is preparing for Brexit
  • The US added 196,000 jobs in February, but a slowdown still looms
  • Taco Bell is throwing ‘hiring parties’
  • The future of the American economy is Hispanic and female
  • American productivity is on the rise
  • Theranos employees struggle to put scandal behind them

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Boeing cuts 737 Max production amid software overhaul
  • Dow, Nasdaq soar to highest levels of 2019
  • US job growth rebounds in March with 196,000 added
  • Trump admin offers Medicare insurers phase-in for controversial drug rebate rule
  • Investors weigh in on 2020: Here’s who they think will win
  • Federal Judge reviewing CVS-Aetna $69 billion merger
  • Ray Dalio gives Connecticut $100 million, state’s largest gift ever
  • Modern retirement: What ‘snowbirds’ should know before buying a second home
  • Trump’s World Bank pick Malpass wins election
  • Here’s where Americans with the highest incomes are buying homes
  • Rolling Stones front man on cutting edge of heart innovation
  • This is how Americans say they’ve cheated taxes
  • Boeing uncovers second software issue in 737 Max jetliner
  • Meet the new Sears: A glimpse inside the retailer’s new test stores
  • Howard Schultz calls for universal catastrophic health care coverage
  • Here’s what Trump has to say about potential Fed nominee Herman Cain
  • Trump would sideline USMCA for new auto tariffs
  • Samsung Electronics’ profits plunge
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says sports are ‘a great unifier,’ talks NCAA tournament
  • World’s most expensive cookie covered in gold costs $1,000
  • What to know about the Bezoses’ divorce
  • States where you are least likely to live paycheck to paycheck

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Today’s Big Movers

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The Immigration Issue impacts our industry day by day, as one of the linked reports below makes clear.

The publishers of MHProNews include the son of legal immigrants, and this writer came to the U.S. legally from overseas too.  We are sensitive on several levels to the topic of immigration.  Immigration done properly can be healthy and good.

But we are pragmatic.  We believe that part of what makes America great is that it is a nation of laws.  Unenforced laws encourage lawlessness.  The human deaths, injuries, sexual trafficking, and other harms posed by illegal immigration is stark.

In one of the videos below, a sheriff explains that his deputies find 100 bodies a year tied to illegal border crossings.

MHProNews has examined this issue several times over the years, from the prism of various claims across the left-right spectrum.  There are relatively few Western nations allow what’s happening on the Mexican border to happen in their countries.  Those that have allowed it, have suffered social, legal, and other upheavals.

With that tee up, two videos tonight, the first from Fox Business.

Former Border Patrol chief Mike Fisher on President Trump’s comments about the southern border and the problems surrounding the U.S.’s immigration laws.

The second video is from a local Fox affiliate.

The first two minutes of their video below are largely silent handshaking, but at just after that 2 minute mark, President Donald J. Trump, along with a raft of sheriffs, immigration, and border officials each take turn speaking.

Per the local Fox affiliate, “The White House has touted a two-mile stretch of fencing President Donald Trump is visiting Friday as the first section of his proposed border wall to be built. In reality, the newly fortified structure commemorated with a plaque bearing his name and those of top immigration and homeland security officials was a long-planned replacement for an old barrier. It is one of a handful of projects that total $1 billion to replace existing barriers and build new ones across the border. As Trump promotes his signature campaign promise as the solution to the recent surge of migrant families crossing the border, here are questions and answers about the various barriers along the border and those that are in the works.”

The facts the local, state, and federal officials lay out in these two videos stand in serious contrast to what is often portrayed by some media outlets.

Count on this to be a hot button topic for the 2020 campaign.

See the related reports, linked below.

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