Visible Outrage, Passion on Immigration, Manufactured Housing Connections

Manufactured home visible behind Hispanic near border. The last video posted below is about 45 seconds of gritty, gripping passion on the  issue.

The subject of immigration was in many ways the one that put Donald J. Trump on the path to the Presidency.


Immigration is one of the issues that attracted blue collar Democrats to vote in key states, like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

While many in media appear to try to make the president’s views on immigration to be a minority issue, there’s polling that indicates that the president’s view represents a plurality or majority of voters today.

Even after nearly two years of charges of racism against the 45th president, there are indicators his margin of acceptance with minorities is improving.

Daily Business News readers may recall that left-of-center NBC News was among those in media that reported that Hispanics voted for candidate Trump at a higher percentage rate than voted for GOP candidate Mitt Romney, 4 years earlier.

President Donald J. Trump also got more of the black vote than Romney, with exit polls showing candidate Trump claimed 8 percent of the vote, to prior Republican nominee Romney’s 6 percent.

As the economy improves overall, there are indicators that POTUS Trump is polling even better now with minorities than he did in 2016.


While CNN’s polling is lower, Rasmussen now has the president at 51 percent favorability. That’s better than President Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency.


Against that backdrop, issues related to immigration and the video that follows may cause shock, surprise, or cheers from manufactured home industry readers, depending on your political viewpoint.


Immigration and Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing is in several ways caught up in the immigration issue.

Manufactured homes (MH) are sold, and MH communities rent sites or housing to those who may have a TIN, fake IDs, or utilize other problematic means to obtain housing.

Democratic lawmakers didn’t bite on an offer by the Trump Administration to do a deal for DACA in exchange for funding a border wall.

While formally illegal under federal law, states like California or cities and jurisdictions with “sanctuary” policies blur the lines on the issue.



Thus, both sides are using the issue in fundraising, and it will be a campaign issue in numerous states.

The issue of immigration as it impacts manufactured housing is widespread.


Job and Career Recruiting, Manufactured Housing and You, Part I

For example, the immigration issue also includes jobs (see linked report, above), fair housing, and other issues related to sale of homes and the leasing of manufactured home community sites. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

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