Palm Harbor-Cavco Industries (CVCO) Facing Large Fine from Feds for ‘Dozens’ of ‘Serious’ Violations Following Inspection, DOL Provides MHProNews More Insights; plus MHVille Markets Update


The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) on April 3, 2024 issued the following news release related to Palm Harbor Homes and its parent company, Cavco Industries (CVCO). That federal news release will be Part I, of today’s report. Part II will spotlight that Cavco has been hit by such safety-based concerns numbers of times over a period of years, per additional information swiftly provided to MHProNews following our request for added insights. Cavco Industries was contacted for a response, see that in Part II. The Daily Business News on MHProNews market report is found in Part III.

Part I

News Release


Cavco Industries Inc. faces $272K in fines, program focused on high injury rate employers

AUSTIN, TX – An Austin subsidiary of one of the nation’s largest producers of modular and manufactured homes faces $272,479 in penalties after federal investigators found the company exposing employees to more than two dozen serious violations during an October 2023 inspection.

Investigators with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Cavco Industries Inc., parent company of Palm Harbor Homes, for 25 serious and two other-than-serious violations. Since 2015, OSHA has cited Cavco with 38 workplace safety and health violations at manufacturing facilities in four states.

OSHA initiated the investigations as a planned inspection under the National Emphasis Program Site-Specific Targeting for establishments with high injury rates.

During the inspection, the agency identified the following hazardous conditions:

  • Lack of required fall protection, exposing workers to safety hazards related to falls.
  • Improper use of ladders and failure to maintain safe walking surfaces.
  • Allowing overhead hazards and suspended loads.
  • Improperly inspected fire extinguishers.
  • Lack of welding screens.
  • No safe access to electrical shutoffs and other electrical violations.

In addition, inspectors cited Cavco Industries for more than a dozen health hazards, including failing to maintain respiratory and hazard communication programs to protect workers from isocyanates and silica; not providing employees with personal protective equipment and an eyewash and shower station; and failing to assess silica exposure.

“The findings of our investigations and Cavco Industries’ history of violations suggest that the company is failing in its responsibility to keep work areas safe and healthful,” explained OSHA Area Director Monica Camacho in Austin, Texas. “OSHA has specific standards for the manufacturing industry and provides many resources to inform employers and employees. There is no excuse for these kinds of failures that expose workers to serious and potentially fatal injuries.”

Founded in 1965, Cavco Industries Inc. is a Phoenix-based home services enterprise that designs and factory builds structures including manufactured homes, modular homes, commercial buildings, park model RVs and vacation cabins under more than a dozen brand names. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Arizona, California, North Carolina and Texas, and serves customers in those states as well as in Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah. Cavco Industries has distribution points in 43 U.S. states and in Canada, through its retailers and 31 production lines. The company employs about 7,250 people, including more than 200 workers in Austin. Cavco also operates Standard Casualty, which offers insurance products for manufactured homeowners, and CountryPlace Mortgage to provide financing options.

The company has 15 business days from receipt of its citations and penalties to comply, request an informal conference with OSHA’s area director, or contest the findings before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

Learn about protecting workers from falls and respiratory protections.

Learn more about OSHA.


Occupational Safety & Health Administration


April 3, 2024

Release Number


Part II Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

According to OHSonline: “Cavco Industries Cited for Construction Debris, Fall Hazards OSHA cited the homebuilding company for 15 serious violations.” That was a report dated 9.10.2015. Per that report: “A repeat citation for fall protection, especially from a building manufacturer of modular home structures like Cavco, shows a complete lack of responsibility for the safety of its workers,” said Casey Perkins, OSHA’s area director in Austin. “The employer failed to find and fix serious hazards that put worker safety in jeopardy. OSHA will not tolerate such negligence.”

Copilot according to OHSonline: “Cavco Industries Cited for Construction Debris, Fall Hazards OSHA cited the homebuilding company for 15 serious violations.”   Today, OSHA issued a press release saying that Cavco’s Palm Harbor Homes plant is similarly cited for OSHA safety violations. What other similar violations can you find?

BingCopilotAI-Screen1.3.2024MHProNewsCertainly! Cavco Industries Inc., a major modular and manufactured home manufacturer, has been under scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Here are the details of their recent safety violations:

  1. Cited Plant: The Palm Harbor Homes plant, an Austin subsidiary of Cavco Industries, was inspected in October 2023.
  2. Violations: OSHA cited Cavco Industries for 25 serious violations and two other-than-serious violations during this inspection.
  3. History of Violations: Since 2015, OSHA has cited Cavco with a total of 38 workplace safety and health violations across their manufacturing facilities in four states.
  4. Hazardous Conditions Found:
    • Fall Protection: Cavco failed to provide required fall protection, exposing workers to safety hazards related to falls.
    • Ladder Safety: Improper use of ladders and failure to maintain safe walking surfaces.
    • Overhead Hazards: Allowing overhead hazards and suspended loads.
    • Fire Extinguishers: Improperly inspected fire extinguishers.
    • Welding Safety: Lack of welding screens.
    • Electrical Safety: No safe access to electrical shutoffs and other electrical violations.
    • Health Hazards: More than a dozen health hazards, including failing to maintain respiratory and hazard communication programs, inadequate personal protective equipment, and failure to assess silica exposure.
  5. OSHA’s Stance: OSHA Area Director Monica Camacho in Austin, Texas, emphasized that these findings indicate Cavco Industries’ failure to keep work areas safe and healthful. She stated that there is no excuse for such failures that expose workers to serious and potentially fatal injuries.
  6. About Cavco Industries: Founded in 1965, Cavco Industries Inc. is a Phoenix-based home services enterprise that designs and factory builds structures, including manufactured homes, modular homes, commercial buildings, park model RVs, and vacation cabins under more than a dozen brand names. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Arizona, California, North Carolina, and Texas, serving customers in those states as well as in Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah1.


Can you find a corporate response to these allegations against Cavco?

BingCopilotAI-Screen1.3.2024MHProNewsCertainly! In response to the OSHA safety violations faced by Cavco Industries Inc., the parent company of Palm Harbor Homes, there are no specific corporate statements or press releases available directly from Cavco Industries on this matter. However, I can provide information on their existing policies and procedures related to compliance and reporting:

  1. Human Rights Policy:
  2. Code of Conduct:
  3. Settlement with the SEC:

While these policies demonstrate Cavco’s efforts to address compliance and reporting, it’s essential for the company to take concrete actions to rectify safety violations and ensure the well-being of its workers. …”

Some of that sounds great, but a closer look at those purported fig leaf stances is found in the report linked below.




MHProNews reached out to OSHA for additional information. According to Juan J. Rodríguez Deputy Regional Director, Office of Public Affairs—Dallas/Denver, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) the following are examples of Cavco being cited for such issues by OSHA.


# Activity Date Opened RID ST Type Scope SIC NAICS Violations Establishment Name
1 1736374.015 03/21/2024 0627700 OK Complaint Partial 321991 Cavco
2 1729398.015 02/15/2024 0950411 AZ Referral Partial 321991 Rfx2024xeg419x0050 – Cavco Industries, Inc.
3 1721348.015 01/17/2024 0636900 TX Prog Related Partial 321991 Cavco Industries Inc.
4 1718779.015 10/05/2023 0625400 TX Planned Complete 321991 Cavco Industries Inc.
5 1701669.015 10/05/2023 0625400 TX Planned Complete 321991 Cavco Industries Inc.
6 1597411.015 05/18/2022 0950411 AZ Complaint Partial 321991 Cpx2022xv4364x0042 – Cavco Industries, Inc.
7 1410717.015 06/24/2019 0950633 CA Accident Partial 453930 2 Cavco Industries, Inc.
8 1228723.015 04/27/2017 0625400 TX Referral Partial 336999 5 Cavco Industries Inc.
9 1225233.015 04/12/2017 0625400 TX Complaint Partial 321991 5 Cavco Industries Inc.
10 1225248.015 04/12/2017 0625400 TX FollowUp Partial 321991 4 Cavco Industries Inc.
11 1190789.015 10/28/2016 1054113 OR Complaint Partial 2451 321991 317714609 – Cavco Industries Inc
12 1127048.015 02/23/2016 0950411 AZ Referral Complete 321991 3 Cavco Industries, Inc.
13 1126310.015 02/19/2016 0950411 AZ Referral Partial 321991 1 Cavco Industries, Inc.
14 1043543.015 03/02/2015 0625400 TX Planned Complete 321991 13 Cavco Industries, Inc.
15 1018489.015 01/06/2015 0950633 CA Accident Partial 321991 5 Cavco Industries


So, there have been dozens of such complaints and/or incidents related to Cavco that span multiple states.

MHProNews reached out to Cavco President and CEO William “Bill” Boor and Mark Fusler for their response to these latest allegations by federal officials against their firm. As of 7:47 AM ET there has been no response to our inquiries from some 16 hours ago.

MHProNews has previously noted that among the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) connected companies (mostly present members, but per a source one may be a past member) Cavco is one that has been given often poor reviews by employees via Indeed. See that report linked below.




Higher profile MHI member Cavco has had a steady stream of controversies, including the reports linked below.


AnalystGregPalmtoCavcoWhy is Manufactured HomeIndustry ProductionSo WeakParadox DevelopsLower Expectations MoreSinglesIn Q1-2023CavcoIndustriesQrtly FactsTrendsMHVilleAnalysisMHProNews






Strommen Manufactured Housing Institute remark: MHI is a mouthpiece of the Big 3 – in apparent Restraint of Trade and Should Not Get NOERR protection.


While the headline below doesn’t mention Cavco, they are part of the broader topic and are represented on the MHI board of directors, including Boor’s role as MHI chairman at this time.


Intentional or Not Sam-Eugene Landy Remarks Seeming Direct Shots at Rival Community Operators-Manufactured Housing Institute-National Communities Council Firms, Several of Which Are Being Sued


The public appears to be increasingly concerned with the issue of monopolization and monopoly power, including oligopoly style monopolization.  Lower pay, poorer treatment of employees and customers are said to be common features of big firms in such an environment.




See the related reports to learn more. A high-ranking federal official responded to our concerns about Cavco in minutes. As noted, Cavco leaders have thus far failed to respond to MHProNews at all. The contrast is striking. Should Cavco leaders deign to share their explanations with manufactured housing professionals via MHProNews a follow up should be expected. MHProNews plans to monitor and report as deemed warranted.




A deeper dive into related issues is linked below. ###


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Part III – is our Daily Business News on MHProNews stock market recap which features our business-daily at-a-glance update of over 2 dozen manufactured housing industry stocks.

This segment of the Daily Business News on MHProNews is the recap of yesterday evening’s market report, so that investors can see at glance the type of topics may have influenced other investors. Thus, our format includes our signature left (CNN Business) and right (Newsmax) ‘market moving’ headlines.

The macro market moves graphics below provide context and comparisons for those invested in or tracking manufactured housing connected equities. Meaning, you can see ‘at a glance’ how manufactured housing connected firms do compared to other segments of the broader equities market.

In minutes a day readers can get a good sense of significant or major events while keeping up with the trends that may be impacting manufactured housing connected investing.


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In instances such as Apollo, Berkshire Hathaway, Blackstone or others, manufactured housing may only be part of their corporate interests. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report and others on MHProNews can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.
Notice: MHProNews invites the firms named in these reports to respond to any concerns about possibly inaccurate information via email that identifies the concern and offers evidence that sheds a different light on the topic discussed. That said, neither MHI nor MHI publicly traded ‘insider brands’ have done so. They’ve been repeatedly invited to do so, including but not limited to an outreach on Dec 7, 2o23 and Feb 25, 2024.


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