New, Heartbreaking Data Revealed by MHProNews for Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington Axis and Allies


Earlier this evening, a simple premise was laid out in the report linked here which will be useful in understanding the data that follows.

Let’s sum up to set the table for what follows.

MHProNews’ publisher has filed an antitrust, deceptive trade practices, and RICO complaints that provides specifics.  To learn more, see the report linked here.

Meanwhile, MHI executives have been posturing progress – see examples linked here and here – even though the shipment data and more reveals otherwise. While they might at some point ‘cop a plea,’ it appears from recent reports and those dating back for several years, that they are largely continuing their pattern of behavior.

Clayton Homes, a Berkshire Hathaway brand, has been exposed has providing contradictory information that is relevant to their market share and other manufactured housing industry data, see the report linked here. Bear in mind that as part of a publicly traded firm, they are supposed to provide accurate information. Of further interest, Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage Corporation, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance were specifically cited in a reference by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve this month for alleged bias in lending, based on race.

When challenged to refute, rebut, or otherwise attempt to correct the evidence record being established, none of the Berkshire brands in manufactured housing, nor MHI, or their outside attorney would comment on the growing allegations against them. It is part of the growing “Case Against Clayton Homes.”

Pressure by the axis and their allies in the manufactured home industry to attempt to arguably undermine reading at MHProNews have demonstrably failed. As the data that follows reflects, readership here is growing as our fact-checks, analysis, and related commentary has sharpened.

MHProNews has several cPanels that collect site data via Webalizer. The four top cPanels report the following totals.

Usage Statistics for

Summary Generated 22-Oct-2019 07:07 CDT (so, about 1 week to go in the month of October).

KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
1463144168 4502885 21696430 30927953 39086035
  • That’s over 4.5 million total visits in just under 12 months.
  • That’s just shy of 21.7 million pageviews.
  • That’s 4.82 pageviews per visitor.
  • That is higher ratio of engagement than typical mainstream news sites, which per some sources report an average of 3.3 page views per visit. 
  • There are far bigger mainstream news sites than ours, but for an industry of this size, our reader engagement is unmatched.

Data rally means much unless there are comparisons made to it. In the case of manufactured housing trade media, there is only one outlet that brazenly claims to be number 1, other than MHProNews.  That would be MHInsider.


Exposé – Darren Krolewski – Datacomp, MHVillage, MHInsider – Marketing Claims, Fact-Check Infographic, and Analysis
Exposé – Darren Krolewski – Datacomp, MHVillage, MHInsider – Marketing Claims, Fact-Check Infographic, and Analysis


From that report linked above, is the following data and evidence-based screen capture/infographic.


The Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis are learning a lesson. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

Further evidence of the accuracy of this report’s data is reflected by the third-party, on-the-record comment by Legacy Housing’s marketing guru, Casey Mack.


Examples of select articles on MHProNews performance, from one of numerous cPanels (note: for non-techies, several possible referrer paths can exist to the same article, creating a higher total, so this should be seen as a subtotal from one cPanel).

Rank   | Hits                             | Referrer Path

# Hits Referrer


5 23027
8 14123
9 9226
10 8202
12 6974


Rephrased, we have individual articles that have more hits than shameless posturing MHInsider self-reports pageviews all month.

After their media kit brags about a circulation of 31,500, deep within that same source is a less obvious statement that they only get 6500 pageviews a month. Some of MHInsider’s articles – per their own article ‘views’ also shown in the infographic further above – are only in the dozens or several hundred. By contrast, numbers of our articles will get more than that in the first hour or two of being online, and will totally dwarf self-proclaimed MHI “partnerMHInsider’s totals in a month.

But to us, it is no surprise, because the visual evidence below from that and other industry trade shows has told that same tale for 2 years. Their packaging is slick – just as numbers of items from Clayton or MHI are slick too. But a cool look isn’t always the same as reality, is it?


Magazines that are not picked up are obviously not read. There is an argument to be made that MHInsider, their self-proclaimed “partner” MHI, and others in the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis are guilty of deceptive trade practices, and more.
The examples of deceptive trade practices are not the only ones possible. The key here is an attempt to mislead” or “lure” the public “into purchasing a product or service.” In the case of a publication, misleading claiming to be #1 could fit, but in the case of a trade organization, would other deft slight of hands prove to be potentially illegal too? MHProNews intends to find out. Time will tell, so stay tuned.

Now, compare that from MHInsider to the data from MHProNews above and below. Note that some of the articles above were published earlier in the month, and thus have more views than those published later in the month.

No one is more transparent with data than MHProNews in MHVille trade media.

No one is more evidence-based in manufactured housing focused trade media than MHProNews and MHLivingNews are. Note the later – MHLivingNews – has several articles every month that dwarf the totals shown above from MHProNews.

Because MHProNews cross-links information, provides documents, and downloads, researchers can cull through our reports until they too have an ‘aha’ light of ‘epiphany.’ Federal researchers are routinely on our websites, as the report linked immediately below reflects.

What Are Federal Officials Researching About Manufactured Housing?

While our primary audiences on MHProNews are professionals and investors, thousands of hits from federal officials or nonprofits, are among other visitors that occur monthly. See the Sept 2019 data from a single cPanel on MHProNews shown below. Keep in mind that we have numerous cPanels that don’t ‘see’ an individual reader – like you – but do detect the source of a visitor as being a .org, .gov, .com, or some other extension.  So, month after month, year after year, public officials are scouring MHProNews and our sister site for information. We know from direct contacts with public officials that not only feds, but state and local officials visit our trade media sites too.

Rank                              |    Hits                                                   |    Extension (source)

9 5427 Non-Profit (org)
18 3440 US Government (gov)




Readers like you have made us the runaway #1.  The trend-lines are steadily rising, as this collage of screen captured data below reflects.




Bear in mind that there are only an estimated 75,000 working full time in manufactured housing, per Cavco Industries’ IR page shown below. Many of those full time employees are doing the important work of building homes, service, maintenance, grounds keeping, and so on. This platform is geared toward industry professionals, managers, business owners, decision makers, and investors. As other evidence herein demonstrates, that is our core audience. Based upon known data, our market penetration is unmatched. No rival even comes close.

Normal trade associations – especially those of the size of MHI – are consistent and accurate in their information. Why is MHI ‘all over the map,’ with their and their own members contradicting the industry’s own data? How does this make MHI and the industry look to outsiders looking in? Who does that benefit at MHI?

So, as we’ve completed 10 years of serving manufactured housing, we now turn to year 11 as the leading, most-trusted source for “News through the lens of manufactured homes and factory built housing” where “We Provide, You Decide.” ©

Previously provided statement for a prior anniversary, as are the ones below.
MHProNews has invited MHVillage’s top people to respond to concerns and claims made against them, which include, but are not limited to, the allegation that they share their information with actual or potential investors. That may have FTC and SEC implications. They have so far declined to comment.
Per our sources, that statement was true when made and is still accurate years later now. See his full comment, linked here.

We challenge the powers that be in manufactured housing in a fashion that no one else in trade media has done before.


The two most common words we see and hear in messages and calls are “thank you.” But we couldn’t do this without the support of others who provide tips, insights, information, comments, and support.

To report a news tip, click the image above or send an email to – To help us spot your message in our volume of email, please put the words NEWS TIP in the subject line.

So tonight, we thank God, you, and all those who make this adventure possible.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention this. Our email sign ups have been at record levels too. Thank you. Have your team sign up in seconds. Because Warren Buffett is arguably correct about the importance and value of reading.

We don’t claim to know how much Buffett has read here at MHProNews. But he says that he reads about 5 to 6 hours a day.  Be ever mindful of applying the principle of separating the wheat from the chaff.
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