Socialism’s Dangers and Communism Sucks – 63rd Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution – Tough Lessons for Americans, Businesses, and Investors


Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

– Winston Churchill.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

– George Santayana
(both per White Board Business).


Investors hear and say that increased certainty is useful in making investment decisions, especially longer-term decisions.

There are several surveys that indicate that interest in socialism in the U.S. rising. For that and other reasons, this report is timely.

Socialism vs. Free Enterprise, 2020, and Increasing Interest in U.S. Socialist Candidates, Policies

There are perhaps well meaning, but nevertheless misinformed people who promote the idea of socialism, a historic path toward communism. For their sake and that of all in the U.S. who are being seduced by false promises from those who openly praise socialism, these stark civics reminders today are timely.

The publishers of MHProNews and MHLivingNews have a unique perspective on some of these matters.

Soheyla Kovach lived in Hungary for about a decade and lived through the revolution in Iran that overthrew the Shah’s pro-Western government. Several of the promises being made of ‘free stuff’ circulating in the U.S. today were promised decades before to the Iranian people; none of them have come to pass. The nation’s people are poorer than they were decades before.

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach’s parents left Hungary before the Soviet armies invaded the nation in 1945. They found sponsors and eventually legally emigrated to the U.S., where Tony was born. He was raised with stories warning about socialism, communism, and the Nazis (which is a contraction for National Socialists). Whatever imperfections America has – and readers here know we call out problems in our own nation and era – we are nevertheless vastly better off in the U.S. than so many other nations around the world. That is one of many reasons people still flock to America.

Freedom isn’t free. Promises of free stuff is a ruse that socialists and other would-be dictators have successfully used to seduce people into giving up their rights. Wikipedia says of the acronym TANSTAAFL – “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” (alternatively, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” or other variants) is a popular adage communicating the idea that it is impossible to get something for nothing.”

Before diving into these historic snapshot videos of Hungarians rebelling against their communist (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – USSR) masters, keep in mind that Venezuela, Hong Kong, conditions in Cuba or North Korea are just some other stark reminders in our own times of what socialism and communism are like.

Hong Kong’s residents fear that their city could become like the rest of China, and they don’t want to lose their freedoms. Months of protests in Hong Kong have marked that city’s citizens efforts to keep Chinese hands from taking more control over their city.

Venezuela, since it went socialistic about a decade ago, has gone from a once far more prosperous nation to a poor one where people are starving, and leaving their country by the hundreds of thousands.

Is that what Americans want? Properly informed, we don’t think so.

Barriers to Entry, Persistence, and Exiting in Business, Affordable Housing, and Manufactured Homes

More on the above after the videos that follow.


The Hungarian Revolution of 1956: History Matters (Short Animated Documentary)” is the first short video below. Posted to YouTube on Mar 10, 2019, it has over 200,000 views.



This more focused video entitled “Hungarian Uprising, Budapest (1956)” has surpassed 880,000 views since it was published to YouTube on Jul 6, 2017. It compliments the one above, though it is shorter and more focused on the October revolution and its aftermath.



The third video depicts Hungarians (Magyars) cutting the socialist/communist symbol out of the center of their traditional flag as a sign of defiant rejection of what those emblems meant. Hungarians fought with Molotov cocktails and whatever they could to use against Soviet (USSR) tanks and soldiers. For a few precious days, they were successful. But in November, 1956, with no help from the Western nations, the Soviet army pour across the Hungarian border and crushed the rebellion.



This fourth video is old BBC footage in this video includes actual footage from that period.



Hungarian Liberty Club

This past Sunday, the Kovach family met for the first time with the Hungarian Liberty Club in Plant City, FL. In conversations with those around us, one story after another was told by people who in many cases were about our son Tamas’ age when the Hungarian revolution took place.

Another attendee to our right used some colorful words in English that are not typically published here to emphasize the passion behind his point that Americans are far more fortunate than many realize. These Hungarian ex-pats love America, love their homeland, but fear for the future of our country if socialists were to come to power in the U.S.A.

The video shows students making Molotov cocktails, and fighting back against their oppressors. It is far easier to keep socialism out than it is to kick them out once they take over.

In fairness and clarity, there are Democrats who reject socialism. President John F. Kennedy was heavily engaged in thwarting socialisms/communisms march in his era into other nations. That said, objectively some 2020 candidates are openly embracing what fellow Democrat, former Congressman, and longtime businessman John Delaney has dubbed “fairy tale economics.” Former Democratic governor John Hickenlooper said that if those ideas take hold in 2020, their party might as well “FedEx” the election to President Donald Trump.

Be it ignorance or something else, the motives of some of these self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” candidates can be set aside and a clear-eyed look at what they promise should be considered. Many of their economic planks are simply not achievable. It is no surprise that several hint or state they take anti-2nd Amendment positions, because if socialists came to power in the U.S., they would not be able to stay in power if tens of millions of Americans would own guns.

The founders of our nation established specific safeguards for our freedoms, which they called God-given in the Declaration of Independence. It is important that American businesses take a few minutes and make sure that their staff that might be tempted to think socialistic be exposed to its realities.

30 minutes or an hour of reading and videos on subjects like this – shared with employees that might be lured by the sweet sound of ‘free stuff’ could spare you the loss of all that you have worked for if socialists came to power in America.


Give Bernie Credit for This

Give Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-identified Democratic Socialist, credit to this extent. He has bluntly said that taxes would go up on most everyone if their plans were to be passed into law.

The logical case against socialized medicine is simply made in just a few lines below.



As referenced above, publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach has said several times over the years that American schools used to teach “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” or TANSTAFL for short. Someone always pays for so-called free stuff. That bears searing into your memory and sharing it with others.  It is a simple test for detecting socialistic deception.

On the one hand, there are Democratic points – say on robust antitrust action – that could make good sense for the U.S.

But on the other hand, a push for “Democratic socialism,” is simply an appealing sounding lie. This video from of a Venezuelan talking about what socialism did to their country speaks volumes.


It is sad that information has become so weaponized that one must sift through what is true, what is partial true, and what is demonstrably false. But that is where America is today. It is therefore more important than ever that people get a sense of reality, and not be led by perhaps emotionally appealing oratory down a path toward problematic behavior.

The following is a clip from the documentary, “Torn from the Flag.” The Hungarian Revolutions tore out the symbol of communism from their national flag. They also tore down the statue of Stalin and other symbols of Soviet rule.



It is prudent to learn and live these lessons of history. Just the fear that socialism might take hold in 2020 is causing numbers of investors to pull back in 2019. But the solution isn’t fear. Rather, it is to share with others the freighting facts of what socialism and communism truly are.

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