Bernie Madoff Wants Mercy, How Long Will He Hold the Record for “Scam of the Century?” Plus, Manufactured Home Stock, Investing Updates

DowJones6.04.2020ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesBroaderMarketSnapshotFormer billionaire-through a rip-off scheme that took in billions of dollars, Bernie Madoff has asked the court for mercy on his sentence for health reasons. That will be our featured focus tonight, further below.

But as the runup to that report, it is a timely reminder that numbers of once respected business professionals have later been discovered to be massive scam artists. While Madoff may – at this time – be near the top of that list, he was never alone. Enron and WorldCom were big news. The scorn heaped on Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual are other possible examples.

As a lead-up to that report, a quick survey of some select headlines in the past several weeks will make sense in framing possible criminal concerns with respect to COVID19 for Americans.

Lest anyone forget, it was March 14, 2020 that the report was published that had the headline, “Illusions, Collusions – “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” – “Never Let a Serious Crisis Go To Waste” – Gates, Buffett Massive Money Grabs?”

It was March 26, 2020 that this headline and related report was unveiled “Hell is Coming” from COVID19, But Stocks Soar – Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman Outed by CNBC…” Ackman has significant ties to Berkshire Hathaway and they cashed in.

How about this headline on March 30? Kill Shot – MHI Bro Connected Plan is Crippling to HUD Code Manufactured Housing Independents; MHI’s Stance – Facts and Analysis


Tips were coming in at a pace previously unseen.

More COVID specific:

March 19 – China Coverup Timeline – Axios, Southampton U – Delays Cost Countless Lives, U.S., World Trillion$; 

March 21 – “Crimson Contagion” Statement to Congress by Robert Kadlec, MD, Assistant Secretary For Preparedness and Response – this report has stayed near the top since it was published. ICYMI, don’t.

It was March 21st when this report was provide. Closures for Manufactured Housing, Others Announced, More Pending, plus Sunday Weekly Headline News Review 3.15 to 3.22.2020

It was on April 7, 2020 that this headline drew readers like a magnet – “Warren Buffett’s Buffet – Revealing Secrets, Unmasking Corruption in Business, Nonprofits or Government – Current, Former Managers or Workers Step Up with Tips, Insights and Whistleblowing.”

Time-and-again, MHProNews provided reports on the Daily Business News that pointed directly at concerns with Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation, Warren Buffett and related. But the Masthead has also shared insights.

·        The Party is Over, so, What’s Next?


Or this “big one” on MHLivingNews, which draws several threads together.

Hong Kong Flu, Event 201, COVID19, Crimson Contagion, WHO and Bill Gates Foundation “Conspiracy Theories”

Note that no one has debunked those reports, the evidence and concerns stands unchallenged at this time.

Manufactured housing is far from alone in suffering from arguably unjust market pressures that a proper application of antitrust or other existing laws would or could resolve. As a manufactured housing focused publisher, we naturally look at the big picture through the lens of the impact on our industry.

Our featured focus is found after the left-right media snapshot, our market graphics above and below the featured report, plus some quotable quotes.


Quotes That Shed Light American Social, Industry, National Issues…


The quote by President Obama is often agreed to by people on either side of that left-right media divide. Not only in politics, but also with respect to manufactured housing, there is a need to challenge the narrative spun by the so-called Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis and their allies. Not only must the prevailing narrative be challenged, it must be repeatedly challenged, because efforts at manipulation and propaganda are arguably ongoing too.


Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas.








Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business

  • A stark divide
  • SAN FRANCISCO, CA – OCTOBER 15: Jeff Bezos attends WIRED25 Summit: WIRED Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Tech Icons Of The Past & Future on October 15, 2018 in San Francisco, California.
  • US billionaires got $565 billion richer during the pandemic, while unemployment skyrocketed
  • Nearly 43 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits during the pandemic
  • American Airlines expands its US flight schedule for July
  • ZoomInfo just went public. No, not that Zoom
  • Here’s how telecom companies are rolling out 5G during a pandemic
  • Europe’s ‘stimulus fireworks’: ECB and Germany throw new wall of money at the economy
  • Four chicken industry execs indicted for alleged price fixing conspiracy
  • Piers Morgan tells Rudy Giuliani on live TV: You sound deranged
  • New York Times publisher responds to staff outrage over Tom Cotton op-ed
  • How Wendy’s is responding to criticism after a franchisee’s donation to Trump’s campaign
  • Apple is tracking iPhones stolen from its stores
  • NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson says the black community is tired of business as usual
  • WFH business office reopen
  • Google will give every employee $1,000 to WFH. Its wellness chief explains why
  • An aerial view shows American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines jets parked at McCarran International Airport amid the spread of the coronavirus on May 21, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The nation's 10th busiest airport recorded a 53% decrease in arriving and departing passengers for March compared to the same month in 2019, a drop of more than 2.3 million travelers, as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the travel industry.
  • Thousands of people are volunteering to be laid off
  • SAN ANSELMO, CA – AUGUST 29: In this Photo Illustration, Twenty and five dollar bills are displayed on August 29, 2017 in San Anselmo, California. The dollar fell to a two and a half year low to 91.77 Tuesday following the latest missile launch by North Korea. The U.S. dollar index has slipped over 10% since the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump. (Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
  • People are saving more than ever. Where to stash your cash
  • The number of black leaders at US companies is still dismal
  • Female Fortune 500 CEOs reach an all-time high
  • She was the highest-paid CEO in S&P 500 last year
  • What Corporate America can do to really fight racism
  • Japan’s central bank gets its first woman executive director in 138 years
  • A pedestrian wearing a protective mask passes a Neiman Marcus Group Inc. store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Thursday, May 7, 2020. Governor Pritzker extended the state’s stay-at-home order through the end of May, but he loosened restrictions on certain outdoor activities starting May 1.
  • Big chains filed for bankruptcy every week in May. Here are 6 of them
  • AMC Theatres isn’t sure it can remain in business
  • Pier 1 is officially going out of business
  • Hertz files for bankruptcy
  • Department stores are in trouble
  • The number of black leaders at US companies is still dismal
  • Female Fortune 500 CEOs reach an all-time high
  • She was the highest-paid CEO in S&P 500 last year
  • What Corporate America can do to really fight racism
  • Japan’s central bank gets its first woman executive director in 138 years
  • A pedestrian wearing a protective mask passes a Neiman Marcus Group Inc. store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Thursday, May 7, 2020. Governor Pritzker extended the state’s stay-at-home order through the end of May, but he loosened restrictions on certain outdoor activities starting May 1.
  • Big chains filed for bankruptcy every week in May. Here are 6 of them
  • AMC Theatres isn’t sure it can remain in business
  • Pier 1 is officially going out of business
  • Hertz files for bankruptcy
  • Department stores are in trouble

Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business

  • JOBS
  • This is the only city in America that saw job growth in May
  • A new job market report released by recruiting site Glassdoor found that the city of Seattle was the only area in the United States in May to see job growth during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Starbucks puts $1M into racial equality grants after George Floyd killing
  • JOBS
  • Labor secretary predicts unemployment could fall below this level by end of year
  • AutoNation cuts 3,500 workers for good
  • China has done ‘good job’ upholding Phase One trade commitments to US, Lighthizer says
  • Dow stages comeback, as S&P 500, Nasdaq post modest losses
  • 3 reasons your Social Security benefits could take a serious hit
  • A bright spot for small businesses suffering through quarantines and looting
  • San Francisco’s remote tech workers leaving for these cities
  • Staggering number of Americans buy guns for first time amid unrest
  • Movie theaters begin reopening, but the experience won’t be the same
  • FORD
  • Ford extends work from home until September for many employees
  • Trump says Amazon ‘destroying’ shopping malls, hollowing out towns
  • Who are the biggest holders of gold?
  • Gabrielle Union files ‘America’s Got Talent’ discrimination complaint
  • Protesters, officials call for police to be defunded
  • Cuomo makes this demand of NYC protesters as city begins reopening
  • Glitzy chain of exclusive clubs, known for NYC locations, may soon get rural
  • CBO reveals the massive problem with extended unemployment benefits
  • White House reportedly considers up to $1T for next coronavirus aid package
  • Social distancing for Paris gallery achieved with ‘deconfinement’ hats
  • Simon Property Group sues Gap over $66M in unpaid rent
  • Elon Musk feuds with Jeff Bezos over censorship of COVID book
  • Bernie Madoff: judge denies sentence reduction bid
  • Chinese, Iranian hackers hit Biden, Trump campaigns: Google
  • Facebook adding labels to state-controlled media, including Russian, Chinese outlets
  • Hackers and hucksters reinvigorate ‘Anonymous’ brand amid protests
  • NBA approves coronavirus season restart plan, sets July 31 date with 22-team format
  • Scientists retract study that found antimalarial drugs dangerous for coronavirus patients
  • AOC rips New York Times for ‘misinformation,’ slams Cotton op-ed
  • Impossible Foods selling direct-to-consumer alternative meat
  • These politically charged social media posts are getting people fired amid protests, racial tensions
  • Varney: Why we’re seeing the most ‘explosive’ market rally ever
  • Amazon sued over working conditions after NY worker says she spread coronavirus at home
  • SeaWorld cleared to reopen 3 parks after coronavirus shutdowns
  • Prince Andrew’s removal from official duties reportedly set to be permanent
  • American Airlines soars on news it will boost US flights in July
  • SEE PICS: This $15M Maryland home includes WWII Spitfire, stone church ‘ruins’
  • This move will get people back to work, fatten paychecks of 150 million US workers
  • This move will get people back to work, fatten paychecks of 150 million US workers
  • Drew Brees apologizes for comments after athletes attack his pro-flag stance
  • Amazon Air expands fleet of Boeing jets
  • US jobs beginning to return from coronavirus shutdown. Which industries are hiring?
  • First of Orlando’s major theme park resorts reopens for first time in months

10 Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…Yahoo10MarketClosingIndicatorsManufacturedHomeProNews6.03.2020MHProNews1


Featured Focus – Where Business, Politics and Investing Can Meet



QuoteMark1ManufacturedHomeLivingNewsRight of center Fox Business reported the following today.

A federal judge denied infamous Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff’s request for early release.

Madoff’s attorneys had asked the court for compassionate release, saying he’s suffering from terminal kidney failure. They previously said he’s expected to live less than 18 months.

Second Circuit Appeals Court Judge Denny Chin on Thursday denied Madoff’s request and denied to hold a hearing about the request.

Madoff is serving a 150-year sentence for bilking investors out of billions of dollars. The victims of Madoff’s scheme included celebrities, wealthy investors and even the Wilpon family, owners of the New York Mets.

As of May 22, more than $14.3 billion had been recovered, according to the Madoff Recovery Initiative.”


MHProNews has spotlighted the Madoff saga previously for the possible lessons learned for manufactured housing.

Flashback Friday – Enron, WorldCom and Bernie Madoff – Lessons, Implications for Manufactured Housing Regulators and Investors? Plus, Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

The Madoff whistleblower has warned about a scam he thinks is bigger than Enron.

Madoff Whistleblower – GE ‘Bigger Fraud Than Enron,’ plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates

MHProNews asked one of the attorneys on the Berkshire Board about the allegations against their firm.


Buffett’s Board – Berkshire Hathaway, Interlocking Directorates, Ronald Olson – Manufactured Housing and Truth Hiding in Plain Sight

There are those who are involved in MHVille who know the truth but are afraid to speak out. While its understandable, it is arguably misguided notion.

Part of the problem or part of the solution? There are a variety of ways that even the ‘fearful’ can be of service in disrupting the corruption in the manufactured housing industry.

There are typically several ways to expose and confront the corruption that yet another attorney familiar with the industry reminded MHProNews today believes plagues manufactured housing and its consumers.

“People are Afraid to Speak Out” – Extortion by Fear, Hobbs Act – Residents, Manufactured Housing Institute Members, Association Controversies

The nation is going through a cathartic set of experiences. Will we as a nation and industry emerge stronger or weaker?

A special report is planned on that topic. Stay tuned.

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Pandemic Becomes Billionaires’ Bonanza! Bezos, Buffett, Gates, Zuckerberg, Ellison Wealth Surges $100s of Billions in 2 months, says Institute of Policy Studies & Forbes – Report


Warren Buffett Buddy Bill Gates Says, ‘I Made a Mistake’ Meeting Convicted Sex Criminal Jeffrey Epstein, plus Manufactured Home Investing Stock, Updates

Manufactured Housing Industry Investments Connected Closing Equities Tickers
Some of these firms invest in manufactured housing, or are otherwise connected, but may do other forms of investing or business activities too.

              • NOTE: The chart below includes the Canadian stock, ECN, which purchased Triad Financial Services, a manufactured home industry lender
              • NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).


Spring 2020
Berkshire Hathaway is the parent company to Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage, Vanderbilt Mortgage and other factory built housing industry suppliers.
· LCI Industries, Patrick, UFPI, and LP each are suppliers to the manufactured housing industry, among others.
· AMG, CG, and TAVFX have investments in manufactured housing related businesses. For insights from third-parties and clients about our publisher, click here.
Enjoy these ‘blast from the past’ comments.
MHProNews. MHProNews – previously a.k.a. – has celebrated our tenth anniversary and is in year 11 of publishing.

Learn more about our evolutionary journey as the industry’s leading trade media, at the report linked below.


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2019 Year-End Totals Reveals Decline in New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production, Shipments vs. 2018

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