Crimson Contagion Turns 2 – President Donald J. Trump’s, Joe Biden’s Unique Gifts to USA’s Struggle for the American Dream for All, Never Let Crisis Go To Waste; Sunday Weekly Headlines Recap


In an era of deception and misdirection, when numbers of news reports are widely believed to be fake, misleading, or propaganda, there are lessons to be learned. One of those lessons is the Saul Alinsky inspired take from Rahm Emanuel (D), former Mayor of Chicago and former Chief of Staff of ex-President Barack Obama (D). “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” In the Biden White House era, that needs to be reconsidered in this fashion. Allow or cause a crisis to develop. Then, never let that serious crisis go to waste. Because as BrainyQuotes full Emanuel’s quotation explains: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” The leftist Jacobin describes Alinsky as “popularly known as the “father of community organizing.” The Jacobin added, “interest in his [Alinsky’s] life and work was sparked again in 2008 after Barack Obama’s election. Obama had cited him as an influence in his first book, Dreams from My Father.” That fits with another Alinsky disciple, Democrat Hillary Rodham (later Hillary Rodham Clinton) had to say. It is in this context that Crimson Contagion, President Donald J. Trump, Joe Biden, and the struggle for the American Dream for people of all backgrounds – not just the elites – comes into focus.

But to frame the headline topics, first a foundation is necessary to connect the dots on several i’s from the leftist Jacobin and other sources. The Jacobin noted that in Alinsky’s pragmatic view, “a bureaucrat’s income depends primarily on the organization’s longevity – especially its ability to collect dues and raise money.” That’s not just so for a government bureaucratic, but also for a nonprofit or association’s bureaucrat, thought Alinsky.

Exploitation and oppression will always produce elements of resistance, however small.” The leftist Daily Beast said of Hillary’s senior thesis “There Is Only One Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model” that it shows her to be “a slightly farther left, college-age version” of former Democratic first lady turned U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Clinton. “But she does conclude her discussion of the War on Poverty by quoting old Pat approvingly,” said the Daily Beast, citing this Hillary passage:

All too often the War on Poverty with confused intentions and armed with misinterpreted social theory fulfilled Moynihan’s concluding description of the community action programs: “…the soaring rhetoric, the minimum performance; the feigned constancy, the private betrayal; in the end…the sell-out.”

That “sell-out” is what MHProNews has previously report that Warren Buffett’s son Peter Buffett, who heads the Buffett funded and leftist NoVo Foundation nonprofit described as follows.


It is what the award-winning documentary drama Poverty Inc described as the poverty industry, which they also said trapped people in poverty.

Per NBC’s analysis of Hillary’s thesis, “she [Hillary Rodham] accepted Alinsky’s view that the problem of the poor isn’t so much a lack of money as a lack of power, as well as his view of federal anti-poverty programs as ineffective. (To Alinsky, the War on Poverty was a “prize piece of political pornography,” even though some of its funds flowed through his organizations.)”

A cycle of dependency has been created,” Hillary Rodham wrote, “which ensnares its victims into resignation and apathy.”

Note that this Hillary Rodham [Clinton] insight dates back to the late 1960s. Are those antipoverty programs any more effective now then then? If someone believes the data, after well over $22 trillion has been spent, no. So who benefited from those programs? Because the factual evidence makes it clear that the benefits clearly did not flow to the poor. Ironically, left and right – properly understood, agree on that point.

This brief outline above explains the massive bait and switch in action.  Trillions have been spent, be it in Afghanistan or the U.S.A., claiming to support poverty programs, housing, or whatever. While there are certainly examples of individuals that will say in a hearing, interview, or on camera they ‘benefited,’ isn’t the big picture result of trillions spent without moving the needle to the stated goal far more compelling?

This governmental bait and switch reveals the head fake of saying something without actually accomplishing what is claimed.

Because much of the mainstream media is either oblivious to, or supportive of the “establishment” system that has gone under several different names over the years, this patter has been largely ignored or obscured.


Ifyoureallywanttohelppovertythenthepovertyindustryasweknowithastogopovertyincquotedailybusinessnewsmhpronews 2
Still and quote from the docudrama Poverty, Inc. And/OR see the report linked below from MHLivingNews


But what is not clearly stated often enough is this.

  • Besides posturing claims go unfulfilled, this method demonstrably enriches or benefits a rather small group along the way.
  • Because there are people working in those described Alinsky bureaucracies – be they governmental or nonprofit – there are built-in interest groups of individuals that touts verbal claims of benefits, despite the overall dismal track record.

The failure of the Biden regime’s Afghan pull-out is described by the left-leaning Boston Globe like this. As above, the highlighting and bold/brown text is added for emphasis, but the words are as quoted in the original.


Note: The U.K. Sun reported that this photo may have been taken in the spring, rather than recently. That is based on incorrect times shown on the view screen side of the photo. If so, that begs the question, why did White House officials release this photo at all? Is Biden being set up for a looming exit? Why are several Biden regime officials contradicting what Biden has said in his official remarks on the Afghanistan debacle? Time will tell, but it may be a bit akin to the greasing of the skids for removing Andrew Cuomo as Governor of New York. Meaning, someone in the pocket of the powers that be is praised until they are damaged, then they are removed and rewarded for their service to the ‘establishment’ once out of office.

After the chaotic retreat from Afghanistan, the Biden presidency — premised on competency — will never be the same | Analysis

From the moment President Biden entered the White House his team has tried to brand the presidency as one built on competence and empathy.

Over the weekend, as the Taliban retook control over Afghanistan, critics of Biden have found a major counterpoint to all the competence talk. As the Taliban swept into Kabul with stunning speed and Americans and allies on the ground retreated for safety, the Biden administration looked anything but competent.” – Boston Globe.

To his credit, Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) award winner Marty Lavin has summed this up in a manner that others before and since him have pointed out too. “Pay more attention to what people do than what they say. Or never mind what people say, watch what they do.” Then, do what investigators do, which is follow the money trail to see “cui bono.” “Who benefits” from the status quo or a pattern of behavior.

As Warren Buffett frankly said in July 2021 during an interview with CNBC there are several insightful pull quotes that others in our profession – the bootlicks, brown-nosing, ‘amen corner’ – have widely ignored.

Politicians” and theRich Want More Power” said Buffett, who added thatBad Guys Win.” Why didn’t he explicitly say is that he, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates are among those bad guys?

Speaking of bad guys, or bad gals, the problem of people in a position to prevent great harm to society obviously failed.



The video above, per the YouTube page it is posted on “is not from some right wing conspiracy, nut job website but from “60 Minutes,” a well respected mainstream source of news in the USA. This aired across the USA on May 17, 2020.” By accident or design, there were people in the federal government, and at the state and local government levels too, that simply had to know what was occurring in Wuhan, China. After all, even though U.S. spy agencies reportedly knew by November, 2019, it was also on news reports well before the first reported case hit the U.S.A. So what explains the massive government failure? After all, billions are spent annually to prevent just such an outbreak. Movies and videos about this subject existed years before.

This massive disruption of American life, the hundreds of thousands of lives lost, the trillions of dollars lost still occurred, despite pandemic “preparedness” drills like Crimson Contagion.


Crimson Contagion Turns 2

This month, the state-local-federal pandemic drill exercise dubbed “Crimson Contagion” turns two. It was spotlighted by the New York Times in a manner that aimed it at the Trump Administration. But when carefully examined, there is a long trail for this and prior pandemic drills that go back through the 21st century Democratic and Republican administrations.



These videos above was posted in August, 2019. That was perhaps just weeks before an actual pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China. See more on that in our MHLivingNews report linked below on the coronavirus. What was supposed to be a whole of government ability to respond to a viral or other outbreak – when it actually occurred – proved to be part of a yet another broadly failed system.



The full draft of the after action report from October 2019 for Crimson Contagion was obtained via a FOIA request. That Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) obtained document is linked here.

Note that recently obtained federal document broadly supports our previous reporting, included in our  prior Gates Foundation backed Event 201. It also supports the facts reported in the new COVID19 related report and analysis shown further below in our headlines for the week in review. That’s important for several reasons. Among them, is it should give confidence to our readers that during the last number of years, when we report on an issue over time that MHProNews/MHLivingNews reporting proves to be reliable and accurate. It may explain why our reports and analysis demonstrably lead that of all other serious trade publishers in our industry. Like it or not, professionals from Wall Street to Washington, D.C., to academics, factory-built housing pros, and others have come to know that our reports routinely stand the test of time.



That segue noted, the failure in 2019 and since to stop what some have called a plandemic, because it could have been prevented but obviously was not, can’t be blandly pinned on Trump.

Why not? Because in fairness, even mainstream media accounts say that the intelligence community was aware of the outbreak in Wuhan by November 2019 (if not sooner). The record reflects that those U.S. intelligence sources did did not tell President Trump until mid-January 2020. By then, it was ‘too late’ to seal the border or take the other steps that might have mitigated the impact. The known facts and the timeline make it clear that the 45th president did what he could based on what he knew from federal sources. That said, GIGO applies. Garbage In, Garbage Out = GIGO. As our report on the CDC and other reports below will reflect, some of what was rolled out was arguably flawed.

That means that perhaps as bad as failing to stop the Wuhan-originated coronavirus from coming to the U.S. is that the recommendations made by medical experts to the 45th president were arguably flawed too. As noted, that’s addressed in reports linked in our headlines for the week in review found further below.


Shortly after the Crimson Contagion pandemic drill, and at about the same time as the Gates Foundation backed Event 201 was occurring, these satellite photos provided evidence that some sort of outbreak was occurring in Wuhan, China. See the linked report below. Note: Several of the illustrations shown in this report can be opened in many browsers to reveal a larger size. To open this picture, click the image once. When the window opens, click it again to reveal the larger size photo. Use your browsers back key to return to the article.

But note this pattern. Time and again, a crisis occurs that is used to press an agenda. But the crisis itself, when carefully reviewed, were often preventable. In some cases – this “botched” Afghanistan U.S. withdrawal being an obvious instance – were deliberate choices made. The Biden regime’s removing the “stay in Mexico” and other policies that had the border under control before the Bidens moved into the White House can’t logically be blamed on anyone but the current regime either.

Rephrased, there are repeatedly cases of government screw ups. Those screw ups often involve deep state actors. They once more reveal that an Iron Triangle of interests exist that interlace a sabotaging monopoly influence on our society. Affordable housing in general, and manufactured housing in particular, are just part of this broader picture. Again, the facts and evidence for those claims are found in the reports shown below. But they make the point that big government is benefiting limited groups while harming the vast majority of Americans.

What the Biden disaster in Afghanistan, the rising inflation, the housing crisis, the border crisis, and more have revealed anew is that big government is often bad or ineffective government. That means ‘bad’ in the sense of corruption.

  • That bad or corrupt pattern routinely fails to accomplish the stated mission of an agency, program, or whatever. A detailed example of that as it relates to decades of U.S. housing policy, that includes manufactured home specific insights,  is linked below.
Why So Few Affordable U.S. Homes? Federal & Other Research – Monopolies, Moats, Manufactured Housing – Impacts Renters, Current Manufactured Homeowners, Conventional Homeowners, Most Americans

What the Trump years revealed is that there are ways that big government can be modified to produce a better result than the 45th president’s Democratic and Republican Oval Office predecessor’s in the 21st century. Presidents Bush, Obama, and now the PINO Biden are all demonstrably connected to the “establishment” elites. A political outsider – Trump, a Democrat turned Independent/third-party, turned Republican – muscled out the Bush Dynasty in their ‘own’ GOP party. He beat candidates with far more experience.

Millions turned out to vote for Trump because he was an outsider who dared challenge the ruling elites. This October 2016 video recalls the campaign, the “promises made” which can then be compared to the “promises kept.” Those promises not kept should then be examined as to what caused them not to be kept?



In this treacherously corrupted system it is about money and power. Who says? Warren Buffett and his ilk. But in fairness, this “rigged system” has stated by voices on both sides of the two major party system. It goes back no less than 25 years, if someone looks to the comments made by former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.


They often have entirely different proposed solutions, but they each have pointed to several of the same facts. That alone is a big clue.


This “rigged system” impacts our profession directly and indirectly as well. This pattern impacts tens of millions of manufactured home owners, and far more – an estimated 111 million renters too. But surprisingly, this pattern also has looming harm to existing homeowners, as MHProNews previously reported. Jeff Greene is not cited because he may be some hero from the left or right. Rather, it is because he has the credibility to explain why the real estate market is overheating, and potentially destabilizing. What is needed to stop that looming crisis? More housing, fast, that is also more affordable. Ironically, manufactured housing is in principle positioned to provide just that – if the powers that be, who have rigged the system, allowed the industry’s professionals to do their jobs.




It isn’t that President Trump was some perfect man or some perfect leader. Few if any of his supporters would make that claim. Millions of Trump voters, for example, have not followed the 45th Commander in Chief’s advice on getting the coronavirus jab.  Trump voters are often quite capable of sorting out the wheat from the chaff of the man who is arguably a president in exile in an America that could be described as #VichyUSA.

Don’t miss today’s postscript – A Dark Grace.

Programming Notice 1 – After months of Tim Connor, CSP, having one of the top read reports on MHProNews, we are announcing today the return of new installments of his highly respect “Words of Wisdom.” The first two fresh installments are found below, along with one of the largest collections online from the best selling author, speaker, and professional development consultant.

Programming Notice 2 – A special report is planned for this week, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. It will feature a company that plans to make a big move in expanding their footprint in the factory-built housing industry. Stay tuned. 

Every report is significant or we would not publish it. But the first one linked below is surging among readers like you. It is the latest revelations of what is occurring behind the scenes as well as ‘hiding in plain sight’ in manufactured housing that sheds light on the industry’s current artificial limitations.

With no further adieu, let’s look at the headlines for the week that was 8.15 to 8.22.2021.


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“Not Rocket Science” After Flak FMHA Ayotte Attack! Exposes Tim Williams/21st Kevin Clayton Joe Stegmayer/Cavco-Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)–“Ridiculous” MHI“Vendetta” Facts+Analysis


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Postscript – How to Save America and Obtain the American Dream for People of All Backgrounds
– the “Gifts” from Trump and Biden to Americans

The unique gifts that President Donald Trump and White House Resident Biden have given to Americans could be summed up like this. Let’s start with the current Oval Office occupant.

  • Biden, as the Boston Globe pointed out,
  • was predicated on experience, competency, and bringing people together.
  • There were  string of campaign promises.
  • Those pledges are systematically being proven wrong, misleading, or worse as reports here on MHProNews, but also by others from across the left-right divide have demonstrated. It all comes down to seeing who in media are willing to challenge the official narrative.
Trade media can and should be a ‘cheer leader’ when it is appropriate to do so. But authentic trade media also holds the powers that be to account. Who says? The American Press Institute.

Biden’s dark gifts could be summed up like this.

  • Pay more attention to the performance than the promises.
  • Watch the past performance to get a sense of the potential outcomes.
  • Crisis can be artificially created which then gives reason to respond to the crisis with more federal dollars.
  • A relatively small group profits from this pattern.
  • The post-World War II gains made by the lower and middle class has been wiped out, despite successful pledges by various politicos (see the reports on MHLivingNews linked above for examples).
  • A new Gilded Era has hit the U.S., with a new crop of Robber Barons.
  • Despite pledges by numbers of political figures to change this cycle of the monopolization of America, it has in fact not been halted.

The gifts from White House exile President Trump could be summed up like this.

  • A successful person who has the guts to take on the “establishment” “rigged system” – though he is a political outsider, who demonstrably cares about the American people and the U.S. more broadly – can outperform the results from members of either major party.
  • In Trump’s own way, he demonstrated what the late Rush Limbaugh predicted.




CNN is not a pro-Trump media outlet, but using federal data, this graphic from their news company reflects the upward trend of income following President Trump’s enactment of the tax cuts and jobs act. It is worth noting that Democratic President John F. Kennedy Jr. did similarly. Income and productivity also rose. During the Reagan Administration, former Democrat turned Republican Ronald Reagan cut taxes with a similar outcome as Presidents Kennedy and Trump. Facts matter.


When people look at the economic data, facts like the above reflect well on the success of Trump Administration policies.
During both Democratic and Republican administrations, despite claims by both that they desire to see more home ownership, the overall rate in the U.S. is lower today than in 2000. This is but one of several possible examples of why failure to implement the 2000 Reform law matters.
  • The establishment could not afford to see that pattern of benefits flowing to the very groups that the Democratic base is built upon.
To see this remark in context, the featured report further below.
  •  President Trump attempted in numerous ways and various times to illustrate what was occurring in the U.S. Agree or not with his style or tweets, he nevertheless delivered for more Americans in a shorter period of time than anyone in the late 20th or early 21st centuries.










Danny Glover quote from the fascinating video documentary, Shadows of Liberty, you can stream it. Or see the video and report linked here.





The 45th president made specific promises that were based on what many see as common sense and economics 101. It should be obvious that illegal immigrants, or even too many legal immigrants, undermines current U.S. employees and citizens’ interests. It should be obvious that producing products in America instead of China – or anywhere else – benefits Americans more. It should be obvious that energy independence benefits Americans more. Nevertheless, what the Biden regime is engaged in is systematically undoing a proven approach. Elements of approach worked for the late Presidents John F. Kennedy (D) and Ronald Reagan (R)
  • There have been enough minds opened by these recent events to make Quo Warranto and antitrust breakup the common sense things to do.
Leo Donofrio – “Writ of Quo Warranto” – Legal Solution to ‘Election Fraud,’ POTUS Trump vs. Biden – Path to Stop Millions of Jobs Vanishing? Oligarchs Power Grab?
Since this report was published, several legal sources emerged that indicated that the concepts in this report that cites a pro-Trump attorney are valid.


MHProNews spotlights granular issues in manufactured housing, but also takes a periodic look at macro issues too. This is to set the concerns of our industry into a broader context. In order to solve our industry’s problems, good existing laws must be properly enforced. There is no
need to wait years for legislation that in the past has often led to little or no discernable benefit.

  • What must occur is a broader grasp of the issues that have for too long undermined America. Their are corrupt politicians and leaders from the left and some on the right too. But there are authentic leaders from the left and right willing to challenge the rigged system. However imperfect President Trump may have been perceived by many to be, he nevertheless proved willing to set aside personal gain and fight for the interests of Americans at large.
  • The next steps must include a systematic approach the encourages a new crop of populists that are willing to defy the establishment order.
  • Near the heart of it all is a need to check what politicians say against Divinely revealed truth.

These are the respective gifts, so to speak, from Trump and Biden. Now, it is up to We the People to fight for what is right and to thwart and stop what is wrong. Existing laws make that possible. It requires informed and motivated citizens to make that happen.




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