Taliban Leader Freed by President Obama, Joe Biden’s Afghan Disaster Threatens Manufactured Housing, U.S. Supply Chains with China; plus Manufactured Housing Stock Updates – Facts & Analysis


Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” – Alan Jones. To those who do not follow foreign affairs news and how it impacts American business, there may seem at first to be little or no connection between the gut-wrenching fall of Kabul, China, and Taiwan. But even before Kabul’s disastrous fall during Joe Biden’s Camp David weekend, there have been months of warnings related to China, Taiwan, and how looming threats of war could disrupt American supply chains. Because numbers of manufactured home producers are buying products from China, this is one of several possible disruptive events looming on the horizon. This MHProNews report and analysis will provide a range of information from various cited sources foreign and domestic. It will also lay out a timeline that connects dots via headlines with sources this publication has developed a professional relationship with.

As a relevant segue, one manufactured home producer that is a Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) member has told MHProNews that they are already preparing to make changes away from getting supplies from China.

The reasons others in manufactured housing may want to do similarly will be systematically outlined herein. Like pieces on a jigsaw puzzle, each item when fitted will reveal a sobering picture.


For example.

  • Supply Chain Brain said on January 26, 2021 that “The World is Dangerously Dependent on Taiwan for Semiconductors.”  “That’s mostly down to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., … there will be all of a sudden supply chain disruptions…”
  • Citing Bloomberg,China pushes the world to avoid official dealings with Taiwan…” “Taiwan, which China regards as a province…” “Taiwan is the center of gravity of Chinese security policy,” said Mathieu Duchatel, director of the Asia program at the Institut Montaigne in Paris. Yet while Taiwan’s status in the global chip supply chain is a “huge strategic value…”
  • In the wake of the fall of Kabul China’s media is telling the world – think Taiwan – that the U.S. is an unreliable ally.
  • Per left-leaning Newsweek,Chinese State Media Says Afghanistan a Lesson for Taiwan.” Two days ago that source said, “Some historians also point out that abandoning allies to protect U.S. interests is an inherent flaw that has been deeply rooted in the U.S.”

With that backdrop, some video from Sky News is useful to seeing the view from that side of the globe.

August 16, 2021 – Sky News.


Sky News on China Taiwan Threats.



August 16th, Sky News Alan Jones – Sky News host Alan Jones says “humiliatingly” the “alleged leader” of the “world’s democracies is now racing for the exit door while poor Afghans who were promised democracy are left to the fate of the murderous Taliban.” Of course, it should be noted that the U.S. is technically a republic that has democratic features, but Jones’ point is noteworthy. His following in Australia and beyond is significant.



The following headlines are a sampling that tees up the growing post-Trump rhetoric and steps from China as it relates to their  multi-decades desire to reclaim Taiwan.

Why this matters is because for years, the U.S. has a commitment to Taiwan to defend the island nation if China attacks. It should go without saying that in the case of a shooting war, that supply chains proceeding uninterrupted from China to the U.S. would seem unlikely.

  • China surrounds Taiwan in war game to practice cutting off help from U.S. – Jared Harris, The Western Journal April 10, 2021 at 5:33pm.
  • China live-drilled attacks on U.S. carrier while sending record 25 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace – WND News Services April 15, 2021 at 4:08pm.
  • Australia warns war with China over Taiwan is coming – WND News Services May 7, 2021 at 5:08pm.
  • John Cena apologizes to China for calling Taiwan a country: ‘I love and respect China’ – Kipp Jones, The Western Journal May 25, 2021 at 5:03pm.
  • China warns U.S. to ‘stop all forms’ of official outreach to Taiwan – WND News Services June 8, 2021 at 2:58pm.
  • It looks like China is preparing for full-shock assault landing to retake Taiwan – Kevin Catapano, The Western Journal June 10, 2021 at 7:33pm.
  • U.S., Japan conduct rare ‘secret’ war games simulating China-Taiwan conflict response – WND News Services July 2, 2021 at 4:58pm.
  • China issues furious response after U.S. Olympics broadcaster omits Taiwan from China map – Jack Davis, The Western Journal July 25, 2021 at 3:52pm.
  • China puts country on war footing, begins converting civilian ships into invasion armada – Cameron Arcand, The Western Journal July 31, 2021 at 3:48am.
  • How danger surged when China dropped its promise not to use nukes first – WND News Services August 8, 2021 at 2:39pm.


That tees up the Taliban connected part of our headline. Following this next item from the WND News Center provided to MHProNews are more insights about supply chains and manufactured housing. Those views have been provided courtesy of the Texas Real Estate Research Center and one of their researchers who has provided exclusive comments.

Obama freed Taliban-takeover mastermind from Guantanamo

QuoteSignSymbol100x156Swapped for American deserter Bowe Bergdahl

By Art Moore

Published August 17, 2021 at 3:48pm

One of the five Taliban leaders released by President Obama in 2014 in exchange for U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl is the mastermind of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

Khairullah Khairkhwa was part of the official Taliban delegation that negotiated with the Biden administration the final terms of the U.S. withdrawal, clearing the path for the Taliban to retake Afghanistan, reports investigative reporter Paul Sperry for the New York Post.

U.S. intelligence officials regarded the Taliban Five as the “hardest of the hardcore” and urged Obama to reconsider his decision to release them from the Guantanamo Bay prison. Sperry noted that Obama assured Americans the jihadist leaders would be transferred to Qatar and prevented from causing any trouble.

“In fact, they were left free to engineer Sunday’s sacking of Kabul,” Sperry writes.

TRENDING: See people clinging to U.S. jets leaving Afghanistan disaster

After the release of the Taliban Five, the Obama-Biden administration then turned a blind eye to intelligence reports and the pledge of the commanders to return to fight Americans in Afghanistan. Using Qatar as a base, they made contacts with active Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

At the peace summit with the U.S., Khairkhwa declared the Taliban’s prime objective, to establish Islamic law in Afghanistan.

“I started jihad to remove foreign forces from my country and establish an Islamic government, and jihad will continue until we reach that goal through a political agreement,” Khairkhwa said.

Sperry pointed out that earlier this year, Khairkhwa promised not to retaliate against any Afghans who worked with the U.S. military or the American-backed government in Kabul.

But reports from Kandahar and Kabul indicate Taliban are going door to door with a “kill list” in hand.

Khairkhwa, Sperry reported, previously served as the Taliban’s interior minister in Afghanistan, overseeing enforcement of Islamic-law punishments such as beheadings and stonings.

As the Taliban moved into Kabul this week, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer pointed out the American government and the media’s “spectacular misunderstanding of the conflict.”

Taliban commander Muhammed Arif Mustafa, in an interview with CNN, spelled out the ultimate objective.

“It’s our belief that one day, mujahedin will have victory, and Islamic law will come not to just Afghanistan, but all over the world. We are not in a hurry. We believe it will come one day. Jihad will not end until the last day,” he said.

A CNN journalist described the remarks as “a chilling admission from a group that claims it wants peace.”

“The Taliban does indeed want peace,” Spencer commented. “It wants the peace that will follow the world’s submission to the hegemony of Islamic law.” ##


Next are the following self-explanatory communications between MHProNews and the Texas Real Estate Research Center. As noted, these are interconnected to the topics above.



Perhaps you are aware of this emerging, and for some, chronic topic.


There are other reports like it, as you, Harold and your colleagues may know.

With that backdrop, please provide an emailed response to these inquiries. There are no word limits. Attachments are welcome. If something is OFF the record, please so indicate, otherwise we will treat the response as ON the record. Last but not least, let us know who to attribute a given comment to, okay? Thanks.

1) What, if anything, is the TAMU Real Estate Center hearing from manufacturers on overseas or China-specific supply chain issues?

2) Are you aware of any firms that are or plan to move their supply chain to North American or U.S. specific sources?

Kindly confirm you have this inquiry. Let us know when we might get a reply. We’d like to cover this soon, but it doesn’t have to be a rush.


Tony … ” ##



In reply, the Texas Real Estate Center sent the following.



Here are some comments from our Chief Data Scientist Gerald Klassen. If used, please include the disclaimer that his opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Texas Real Estate Research Center, Mays Business School, or Texas A&M University.”

David S. Jones | Communications Director | Senior Editor

Texas Real Estate Research Center ….”


That statement from Chief Data Scientist Gerald Klassen is as follows. As noted above, these are Klassen’s views.


Research Data Scientist
Texas Real Estate Research Center. BIOGRAPHY
Every organization needs a data visionary. Gerald is ours. Not only is he our first-ever research data scientist, he’s the first one ever hired at Texas A&M University. In this role, he leads the Center into the ‘big data’ revolution. Using sophisticated database architecture and skilled software programmers, Gerald explores massive amounts of data to uncover patterns and relationships vital to researchers determining what is happening and will happen in Texas real estate.
Chief data officer, new infrastructure development, ongoing research, industry support.

“I completely agree with the Zero Hedge article about the “I see no ships” philosophy of the equity markets, media and government. I believe the bond market is telling the most accurate story. There is trouble on the horizon. My opinion is that we will see negative yields on the 10 Year Treasury before we see 2%. At some point there is going to be a crisis. I suspect it is going to be a geopolitical crisis involving China and the US.

I have been following the crackdown in China. The crackdown on Chinese big business started with the Ant IPO. The Chinese Ruling Class decided Jack Ma got too big for his britches and made an example of him for the rest of the emerging powerful business class. https://www.businessinsider.com/what-happened-ant-group-ipo-jack-ma-alipay-2020-11.

They followed this up with a crackdown on Bitcoin miners. Chinese leaders don’t like Bitcoin. They can’t control it. They want their citizens to use the digital Yuan instead so they can track and control it.



Now they are cracking down on after-school tutoring companies. Why? My guess is that the government wants total control of private education in China in these “perilous times” of social media proliferation.


The business crackdown in China has pulled the curtain back on “Capitalism with Chinese characteristics”. My guess is that this is a big (confidential) topic in the strategic planning of corporate boardrooms in the Western world. Suddenly the profit potential of business in China looks cloudy at best. Who is going to invest more capital in such a heavily regulated economy that seems to be sliding further into opposition of private business?

The problem with migrating production from China to the US is that it will trigger significant inflation. The “North American price” is much higher than the “Chinese price”. China has been printing huge amounts of currency to hold down the labor price in their country relative to other countries. No other country can replicate the Chinese manufacturing infrastructure in a short period of time. My guess is that manufacturing quietly moves to other developing countries with manufacturing capabilities. China knows this and I think that is why it has become more aggressive toward other smaller competing countries in Asia.

I’m thinking a call to the Texas Economic Development Corporation might provide some information for this request. https://businessintexas.com/

Texas would be a prime candidate for relocating Asian operations to the US. We have a lot of inexpensive land and energy and good transportation infrastructure.

Gerald … ” ##


Again, for clarity on the above, – “The opinions expressed by the researcher likely are not the official position of the Center, Mays Business School, nor Texas A&M University. Somehow that needs to be made clear in our reply to you…I will keep you posted of developments.

David S. Jones.”



Prior to those insights from a last week, was the following from the Texas Real Estate Research Center. Again, these are puzzle pieces that interconnect to manufactured home industry issues. In this instance, once more supply chains are mentioned.


The latest Texas Manufactured Housing Survey reveals an uptick in industry optimism regarding the second half of 2021. Manufacturers are investing in capital expenditures and expanding payrolls in hopes of boosting production, but supply-chain disruptions remain a hindrance.

According to Dr. Harold Hunt, research economist with the Texas Real Estate Research Center at Texas A&M University, “Although supply-chain bottlenecks continue, port and railroad executives predict significant improvement in material flows six to nine months from now.”

Their full media release to MHProNews is linked here.


That said, the release was provided prior to the fall of Kabul into Taliban hands. The possible ripple effects this may have on adversaries such as China, North Korea, and other regional actors that do not have the best U.S. interests in mind must be considered. Possibly others that may take this opportunity to challenge what numbers internationally perceive as weakness from Biden.


Numerous possible points could be made, but this report will wrap on these notes.

  • Among the items now being discussed is the rare earth minerals that were in Afghanistan.
  • The fall of a friendly government into radical Muslim hands that are chanting “death to America” is causing China, Russia and others to lick their chops. This can’t be good for the U.S.A. Nor can it be helpful to American supply chains overseas. It must be kept in mind that China’s navy rivals ours, and it may be more focused in deployment.
  • For those unaware, and as a planned report will detail, Biden pulled out of the Trump Administration brokered peace deal commitments between the U.S., Afghanistan and the Taliban. Following that pull out by Biden, the Taliban publicly said that they were no longer bound by the terms of the deal. Biden went beyond the agreed to withdrawal timeline for U.S. forces. That also moved the scenario there into the ‘fighting season’ in Afghanistan.

It is therefor Biden’s outcome.

Indeed, as Newsmax reported last evening:

  • A new report suggests President Joe Biden was not only long a proponent of deserting the Afghan people, but he even pointed to the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam and how former President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger “got away with it.”
  • The remarks come from a 2010 diary entry from Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Tuesday.
  • When Holbrooke asked then-Vice President Biden about the American duty to protect vulnerable Afghan civilians, Biden shot back with a four-letter word and a historical reference, the Mail reported.
  • F*** that, we don’t have to worry about that,” Biden told Holbrooke just months before his death in 2010. “We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.”

Note to those manufactured housing professionals who may be in some state of denial about any or all of these issues. “Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” – Alan Jones. To Biden’s credit, at least he mentioned that the buck stops with him. Indeed, when it comes to military matters, under our system of Constitutional law, the person acting as chief executive has far more maneuvering room than on numerous domestic policy issues.

MHProNews plans to continue to monitor on such issues and report as is deemed warranted. ##




Next up is our business daily recap of yesterday evening’s market report, related left-right headlines, and manufactured housing connected equities.

The Business Daily Manufactured Home Industry Connected Stock Market Updates.  Plus, Market Moving Left (CNN) – Right (Newsmax) Headlines Snapshot. While the layout of this daily business report has been evolving over time, several elements of the basic concepts used previously are still the same. For instance. The headlines that follow below can be reviewed at a glance to save time while providing insights across the left-right media divide. Additionally, those headlines often provide clues as to possible ‘market-moving’ news items.


Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…

Several of the illustrations shown in this report can be opened in many browsers to reveal a larger size. To open this picture, click the image once. When the window opens, click it again to reveal the larger size photo. Use your browsers back key to return to the article.
Senator Mike Lee (UT-R) has accused the Biden team of implementing policies that harm the poorest and middle class more while enriching the wealthy. Weeks before others in the mainstream media began to flash their ‘inflation warnings,’ MHProNews added first the top, then later the second notice above. When someone has even a basic understanding of the principles of economics, ‘inflation’ was predictable. The question is, will hyper-inflation follow? There are voices on both sides of that debate. That noted, the facts are troubling. What is occurring in the marketplace in towns and cities across America is far more impactful on those with fixed and lower incomes. 

Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – evening of 8.17.2021 

  • Delta fears
  • An aerial view of the new Apple headquarters on April 28, 2017 in Cupertino, California. Apple's new 175-acre “spaceship” campus dubbed “Apple Park” is nearing completion and is set to begin moving in Apple employees. The new headquarters, designed by Lord Norman Foster and costing roughly $5 billion, will house 13,000 employees in over 2.8 million square feet of office space and will have nearly 80 acres of parking to accommodate 11,000 cars.
  • Companies are hoarding trillions in cash as the Covid variant takes over the globe
  • Fewer people are going to Home Depot. That’s a bad sign for housing
  • Stocks are up 100% since the last dramatic selloff. Here comes the Delta variant
  • Watch these robots effortlessly parkour
  • Twitter tests option for users to report ‘misleading’ tweets to crack down on misinformation
  • One million vacancies and soaring wages fuel UK inflation fears
  • Fintechs have a fraud problem with their Covid relief loans
  • China tech stocks plunge again as regulators unveil new antitrust rules
  • Retail sales dipped more than expected in July
  • Synchrony CEO: We’ll never go back to the old way of working
  • State Street, which manages $3.5 trillion, is closing its New York offices
  • Poppy Harlow announces leave from CNN anchoring duties to study law
  • How social media is dealing with the Taliban takeover
  • How to help Afghan refugees
  • A Walmart employee loads up the Alphabot with an empty cart to be filled with a customer's online order at a Walmart micro-fulfillment center in Salem, MA on Jan. 8, 2020.
  • These are the jobs that stores are having the hardest time filling
  • How Apple’s plan to combat child abuse backfired on it
  • McDonald’s is adding a sweet new treat for fall
  • Chefs Nadav Mille and Amanda Cohen.
  • Restaurants are facing ingredient shortages. Here’s how they’re coping
  • Nikola is dogged by parts shortages after legal woes end
  • Van conversion businesses can’t keep up with demand
  • Here’s everything you can’t get right now
  • Why you’re waiting months for that couch you ordered
  • WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY – MAY 10: Fuel holding tanks are seen at Colonial Pipeline's Linden Junction Tank Farm on May 10, 2021 in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Alpharetta, Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline, which has the largest fuel pipeline, was forced to shut down its oil and gas pipeline system on Friday after a ransomware attack that has slowed down the transportation of oil in the eastern U.S. On Sunday, the federal government announced an emergency declaration that extends through June 8th and can be renewed. On Monday, the FBI confirmed that the cyberattack was carried out by DarkSide, a cybercrime gang believed to operate out of Russia.
  • Colonial Pipeline says personal information was stolen
  • They stole $600 million in crypto, then gave it back
  • Hacks expose dark side of Israel’s ‘startup nation’ image
  • Software company’s decryption key comes too late
  • Facebook disrupts Iranian hackers

Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax – evening of 8.17.2021

  • Biden in 2010, on America’s Duty to Protect the Afghan People: ‘[Expletive] That’
  • A new report suggests President Joe Biden was not only long a proponent of deserting the Afghan people, but he even pointed to the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam and how former President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger “got away with it.” The remarks come from a 2010 diary entry from Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Tuesday. [Full Story]
  • Fall of Afghanistan
  • Taliban Gained ‘Fair Amount’ of US Defense Equipment: WH
  • Former Amb. to Afghanistan: Grave Questions About Biden as Commander-in-Chief
  • ‘Dovish’ Taliban Vows Peace, Women’s Rights Under Islam
  • 46 Senators Call for ‘Humanitarian Parole Category’ for Afghan Women, Leaders
  • IG Report: Democracy-Building Effort Doomed From Start
  • Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Blasts Biden as ‘Disaster’
  • Petraeus: Afghanistan Outcome ‘Catastrophic’
  • Pentagon Press Sec.: WH Didn’t Predict Airport Panic |
  • Afghan Americans Protest at WH: ‘They’re Killing All My People’
  • More Fall of Afghanistan
  • Newsmax TV
  • Mast: Biden ‘Does Not Deserve’ to Remain in Office
  • Perry: US Enemies Laughing at ‘Abject Failure’ in Afghanistan |
  • Tenney: Biden’s Address ‘Disappointing’ and Too Late |
  • HR McMaster: ‘Inconsistent, Flawed Strategies’ Lost Afghanistan |
  • Lindsey Graham: Biden Only ‘Person to Blame Here’ |
  • Reps Issa and Tenney: Biden Ignored Repercussions and Warnings of Afghanistan Pullout |
  • Jeffrey Schloesser: President Put Us ‘in Jeopardy’ |
  • Donalds: Biden Should Resign Over Afghanistan |
  • More Newsmax TV
  • Newsfront
  • Vaccinated Texas Gov. Abbott Has COVID, Is So Far Asymptomatic
  • Fully vaccinated Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has tested positive Tuesday for COVID-19, but he is currently experiencing no symptoms, his office announced. … [Full Story]
  • ‘Butcher of Kabul’ Helping Taliban Transition to Power
  • An Islamic Party leader known as the “Butcher of Kabul” is heading to [Full Story]
  • No Shot, No Proof, No Service: NYC Businesses Begin Checks
  • People dining indoors at New York City’s restaurants, browsing art at [Full Story]
  • Related
  • Biden Extends Order on Covering States’ COVID Costs
  • More Florida Schools Defy DeSantis on Masks as COVID Cases Surge
  • Mass COVID-19 Testing Site Reopening in San Francisco
  • Sources: Biden to Extend Transportation Mask Mandate into 2022
  • Cuban Doctors Defend Selves in Video, Blame Govt for COVID Woes
  • Cuomo Files for Retirement Benefits Following Decision to Resign
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo filed for retirement benefits on [Full Story]
  • NSA’s Jake Sullivan: Biden Admin Planned for ‘All Contingencies’ Before Troop Withdrawal
  • The Biden administration had planned for “all contingencies” in [Full Story]
  • Afghanistan Debacle Another Black Eye for Generals, Intel Community
  • The United States spent 20 years and more than $2 trillion and [Full Story] |
  • Texas Orders Mortuary Trailers for Border Amid COVID, Migrant Crises
  • The Texas Department of Health has ordered five Federal Emergency [Full Story]
  • Parents Fighting to Stop Liberal ‘Woke Kindergarten’ From ‘Indoctrinating’ Schoolkids
  • As fringe progressive ideologies work their way into mainstream [Full Story] |
  • Push Biden to Declare Droughts in the Western States a FEMA Disaster
  • Several governors have pushed President Joe Biden to declare a FEMA [Full Story]
  • Lawsuit Seeks to Block Arizona Ban on Down Syndrome Abortion
  • Abortion-rights advocates filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to overturn [Full Story]
  • Biden in 2010 on US Duty to Protect Afghan People: ‘F That’
  • A new report suggests President Joe Biden was not only long a [Full Story]
  • 46 Senators Call for ‘Humanitarian Parole Category’ for Afghan Women, Leaders
  • Almost half of U.S. senators joined together on Tuesday in calling [Full Story]
  • More Than 7M Americans Poised to Lose Unemployment Benefits
  • More than 7 million Americans are in jeopardy of losing their [Full Story]
  • Brett Favre: Keep Kids Out of Tackle Football Until Age 14
  • Legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre is urging parents to keep their [Full Story]
  • Rubio Wants Biden to Block TikTok After Chinese Govt Takes Stake
  • Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday called on President Joe Biden [Full Story]
  • Stocks Decline, Dollar Climbs as Powell Speaks
  • Stocks dropped, while the dollar rose amid concern that the global [Full Story]
  • Female Afghanistan Mayor Says Taliban Will Kill Her
  • One of the first female mayors in Afghanistan is “waiting” in Kabul [Full Story]
  • GOP Recall Candidate Larry Elder Releases Details on Finances
  • Larry Elder, a radio talk show host and Republican candidate in the [Full Story]
  • New Zealand Locks Down Over Single Virus Case
  • New Zealand’s government took drastic action Tuesday by putting the [Full Story]
  • Special IG Report: US Effort to Build Democratic Society in Afghanistan Doomed From Start
  • The Taliban’s return to power ended America’s 20-year effort to build [Full Story]
  • Tim Tebow’s NFL Comeback Ends as Jaguars Cut Him
  • Tim Tebow’s NFL comeback is seemingly over. [Full Story]
  • Facebook Oversight Board Member Says Fact-Checking Outside Jurisdiction
  • A member of Facebook’s independent oversight board said this week [Full Story]
  • More Florida Schools Defy DeSantis on Masks as COVID Cases Surge
  • COVID-19 is already bedeviling schools in Florida as Governor Ron [Full Story]
  • Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Blasts Biden as ‘Disaster’
  • The Navy SEAL who says he killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 is calling [Full Story]
  • Pete Buttigieg Announces He’s About To Become a Parent
  • Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday announced that [Full Story]
  • Radio Host Phil Valentine in ‘Grave’ Condition With COVID
  • Conservative radio talk show host Phil Valentine remains in “grave [Full Story]
  • Federal Lawsuit Calls California Recall Election Unconstitutional
  • Two California voters have filed a lawsuit challenging the [Full Story]
  • Pentagon Dodges on Taliban Obtaining US Weapons
  • The Pentagon refused to answer a question Monday on whether it [Full Story] |
  • Republicans ‘Early Favorites’ to Take House in Midterms
  • Republicans have become “the early favorites,” to retake control of [Full Story]
  • Trump: Saigon ‘Child’s Play’ Compared to Kabul
  • Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the U.S. withdrawal [Full Story]
  • Shkreli to Keep ‘Low-Dollar Picasso’ After Wu-Tang Album Sale Covers Debts
  • Jailed fund manager Martin Shkreli may get to keep his “low-dollar [Full Story]
  • More Newsfront
  • Finance
  • T-Mobile Probing Claim Hackers Got Data of 100M Subscribers
  • T-Mobile is investigating a claim that the personal data of more than 100 million customers has been breached, the company said Sunday. [Full Story]
  • All the Best Cars as The Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance Returns
  • Yellen Rejects ‘Overinvesting’ Tag for Two-Track Economy Plan
  • Morgan Stanley Will Require Employees to Prove Vaccination Status
  • Drop in US Retail Sales Underscores Shift to Services Spending
  • More Finance
  • Health
  • Do You Have a Cold, Flu, Allergies…or COVID-19?
  • These days we are gripped with fear if we come down with symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, headaches or fever. Should you run out and get tested for COVID-19, or are these simply signs of a summer cold or allergies? Before you panic, take inventory of how you feel…. [Full Story]
  • Study: 1 in 5 Who Could Benefit From COVID Med Not Getting It
  • Study: Blood Test Indicates COVID-19 Antibody Protection
  • Babies, Toddlers Spread COVID Faster in the Home Than Teens Do: Study
  • How Did New ‘Surprise Medical Bill’ Laws Affect Your State?







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