Do Not Be Afraid -Word of Wisdom

Do Not Be Afraid

”Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”  Marie Curie.  Uncontrolled fear regardless of its source is the single biggest contributor to, stress, death, illness, broken relationships and so much more. It is not easy to manage or conquer it but if we don’t try, we are just caving to life’s uncertainty and unknowns. During these current times, fear is spreading in every direction by many sources and if we are to live with peace, harmony, success, and happiness we must learn to refuse to let fear control our actions, decisions, and behavior. It is simple but not easy – we must learn to take control of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and responses. How, you ask – there are hundreds if not thousands of amazing resources available to learn how to master and control fear so let me ask you – are you using any of them, learning from them, or just stuck in fear mode waiting until life improves or changes?  The answer is control – take control – you must be vigilant and take control of what you let enter your mind.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer. Who doesn’t want success? There are hundreds of definitions of success – money, fame, control, stuff, position, freedom, and even health. But let me ask you – which one of these or others do you think, in the end, equals success? When you leave here – will what you owned matter? What you created matter? Who knew you matter? I could go on – when you leave here what matters is what you left behind – your legacy, your contributions to others, what you learned and shared, and how you made the world or someone’s life better because you were here. We are living in a NOW-focused world but trust me the now will end for each of us at some point and no one knows when their last now will be, so I will leave you with a question – if you left here today – what would your legacy be? How would the world define or describe your life? Would you leave here with a smile or a frown? Tears or laughter? Regret or peace?

“Personal growth is an on-going process with specific, measurable, and accountable objectives – not a course, book, seminar, or TedTalk.” Yours Truly. If you are missing anything in your life, I will guarantee it’s because you have failed to go after it and learn what you need to learn so you can achieve it. Personal growth is a life process not a short-term solution for needed skills or new attitudes or depends on age. Every day of life offers each of us new challenges and they will never stop. Yes, they might get easier for some people or harder for others, but the question is – are you learning something new every day on how to achieve, overcome, improve, or just waiting, hoping, dreaming, and maybe even finger-pointing. The world doesn’t care how prepared you are for tomorrow’s challenges but if you are not careful you will be left behind. And I’m not talking about mastering or owning the latest technology tools or updates, I’m talking about learning how to live life with peace, joy, contentment, wisdom, happiness, and ease. Are you there yet? Are you moving in the right direction?

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