Who is “Drinking the Kool-Aid” – Sunday Weekly Headline Review


Best-selling historical writer Bill O’Reilly said in his book, Killing Reagan, that then President Ronald Reagan (Republican) was suffering from Alzheimer’s while in office. It is denied by some, but if it were so, it’s not the first time that a president suffered limiting or even incapacitating issues.

There are claims by some historians that four term president Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat) had a body double filling in for him at times late in his presidency. “Historically, the potential impact of presidential health, nationally and internationally, is evidenced by political cover-ups, presidents receiving medical care that deviates from normal standards, and the 1967 ratification of the Twenty-fifth amendment to the US Constitution,” wrote Mary Edgecomb in her master’s thesis for Winthrop University. “Today, most Americans know of his paralytic illness and many are familiar with his history of high blood pressure and heart disease. Few people, however, understand the full extent of his health problems and the part they played in his presidency. In reality, FDR’s complex health issues pre-dated his paralysis and worsened during his presidency.”

Health or mental issues have occurred for presidents and candidates for high office before.  But it might be a historical first if former Vice President Joe Biden (Democrat) and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D) win on Election Day, November 3, 2020. Because the evidence is increasingly apparent that former VP Biden is having trouble just reading his teleprompter. That’s not something to mock, it’s sad. Thus, the powerhouses behind the Democratic Party – their billionaire donors, corporate leaders, media moguls, and left-wing scions – have picked Senator Harris as the purported soon-to-be president should the Biden-Harris ticket win.

Those same internationalists have lined up literally hundreds of former Bush and McCain backers to publicly support Biden over the Republican incumbent Trump-Pence ticket. The so-called Establishment is bipartisan, because a party label is a means to an end for the moneyed interests who have little care for niceties like ethics.


Drinking the Kool-Aid

From time to time, the phrase ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ is used. As left-of-center Vox explained it, The phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid” refers to the 1978 Jonestown massacre, in which more than 900 people committed mass suicide by drinking a flavored drink mixed with Valium, chloral hydrate, cyanide, and Phenergan.’” Wikipedia informs those too young or who have forgotten that “The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, better known by its informal name “Jonestown”, was a remote settlement established by the Peoples Temple, a San Francisco-based cult under the leadership of Jim Jones, in Guayana Esequiba, a disputed territory in northwestern Guyana claimed by Venezuela.”

Britannica elaborates. “Jonestown, (November 18, 1978), location of the mass murder-suicide of members of the California-based Peoples Temple cult at the behest of their charismatic but paranoid leader, Jim Jones, in Jonestown agricultural communeGuyana. The death toll exceeded 900, including some 300 who were age 17 and under, making the incident one of the largest mass deaths in American history.”

That is the source or origin of the metaphor “drinking the Kool-Aid.


Drinking the Kool-aid” is a description for a seemingly pleasant way diminish the bitterness of the toxins being taken – a method to ignore reality – en route to tragic and avoidable mutual suicide and mass murder.

The quote from Abraham Lincoln below is disputed to some extent, as there are those who say that Lincoln said something similar that meant the same thing. Lincoln, the president who freed black slaves, ended slavery in the U.S., and kept the United States together was pragmatic as well as visionary.


The quote is said by some to be a paraphrase of an actual Lincoln statement, but either way, the meaning is the same.

Like him or not, there are reasons why President Donald J. Trump got Congress to appropriate over $2.5 trillion dollars for the military. Like it or not, America has enemies at home and abroad. Wars can help a few businesses but can harm many others, besides the risk to life, limbs, and property. Let’s look briefly at overseas threats first.

Intelligence sources have said that China, Russia, and Iran are all busily trying to interfere in the 2020 presidential and related elections.

One needs no top-secret clearance to recall that the Obama-Biden Administration made a deal with Iran.  That deal didn’t have sufficient numbers of Congressional Democrats were willing to support to make it possible to pass Congress and become a formal treaty. The Obama-Biden also had to block an effort in the Senate to vote against the deal. As left-of-center and routinely pro-Democratic CNN put it, “How the White House kept Democrats from killing the Iran deal…” The deal ended up giving the militant anti-American and anti-Israeli Iranian regime $150 billion in frozen assets, reportedly including well over a billion dollars in cash airlifted in.

It was a strategy [to protect the Obama-Biden Administration’s Iran deal] that focused exclusively on House and Senate Democrats, ignoring Republicans altogether. And it underscored how sensitive the deal was to a number of Democrats, who feared a sharp backlash from pro-Israel voters and their Republican foes,” said CNN. That same source added that “The Democrats succeeded largely because the lobbying effort to back the deal was far more targeted and relentless than the public push and advertising campaigns aimed at scuttling it, according to lawmakers in both parties.”

Given that history, it is no surprise in saying that Iran supports a Biden-Harris victory. But with two historic peace agreements in a under a month brokered by the Trump Administration between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain, those two predominantly Arab-Muslim nations on the other side of the Persian Gulf across from Iran is a direct challenge to all that Iran has worked for decades to achieve in their militant support of terrorism that has killed Americans and Jews. The Iranian regime hates President Trump. Of course, the militant Iranians want a more malleable Biden to win this November.

The Chinese Communist Party has also publicly signaled their support for Biden over Trump through state-run media. Since the Biden family business made millions off the relationship with China, with many of Biden’s backers deeply involved in investments in China, there is an unholy alliance there that’s relatively transparent for those willing to follow the money trail. See that in the report “Riding the Dragon,” which is among the subjects in our weekly review further below.

The Obama-Biden Administration allowed the Russians to seize Crimea away from the Ukrainians. The 44th President Obama gave Joe Biden the Ukraine as part of his “portfolio,” and Biden’s son Hunter magically made a deal in that nation as he did with Communist China. Of course, Russia wants Biden over Trump, just as the Chinese and Iranians do. No president in the 21st century has pushed back more against China, Russia, and Iran than the Trump Administration has done.

Facts make some people on the losing end of those facts to seek to evade reality in favor of debunked myths, deceptions, and carefully crafted misdirection’s. For those blinded by emotion stoked by years of oft-repeated propaganda, the facts don’t matter. Therefore, it is up to those capable of independent thought to step back and see precisely what is occurring in our nation and around the world.

Events often shape politics, which in turn shapes the business climate and jobs. But big business has historically often shaped political currents too. Wall Street and savvy investors keep one eye on politics, another on other market and investment drivers.

In the report, “Ripping Off the American Dream, Feudalism Rising, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros, Other Billionaires and “Rigged System” – found on MHLivingNews among the headlines linked below – the facts are laid bare as to how the Covid-19 pandemic literally enriched a dozen American oligarchs and their allies at great cost in treasure and death to the nation. The right-of-center New York Post recently reported that a Chinese MD Claims Proof COVID19 was created in Wuhan Institute of Virology Bio-Weapons Lab. That was a concern first raised months ago on MHProNews. One must ‘drink the proverbial Kool-Aid’ to ignore such impactful issues.

It is absolutely possible that the big boy billionaires of American business, tech and much of the mainstream media could tilt the election toward Biden-Harris. Their money and their mouths are already behind that duo, despite – or because of? – the facts involved.

A key part of mass manipulation has been and remains the repetition of the big lie. If President Trump is such an unstable war monger, why has there been no new wars started in his administration? If President Trump is such a xenophobe and misogynist, why did he marry a successful model from a Slavic country? If President Trump is such a racist, why did so many blacks, Hispanics, and others take the stage during the Republican National Convention to brilliantly lay out the facts that prove otherwise?

One must drink the proverbial Kool-Aid, ignore reality, and buy the lies being peddled by anti-Trump DINOs, RINOs and international globalists.




It is the left-of-center AP and the USA Today recently noted that the 2020 Biden-Harris and Trump-Pence campaigns are sharing two different versions of reality. Former President Barack Obama has made a similar comment a few years ago.

Years before AP and USA Today stated the obvious when they reported that the Biden-Harris Democratic ticket and the Trump-Pence Republican campaigns are presenting very different views of reality, MHProNews was using this quote by former President Barack Obama to illustrate the same point. The truth is there to see for those with the eyes, ears, mind, and will to see reality.

When openly homosexual writer and TV personality conservative Guy Benson said that propaganda works on most Americans, he could just as easily argued that it works in other nations too. Propaganda is as old as human history. When propaganda – what Capital Research Center calls deception and misdirection – are being deployed, it is up to discerning people to step back and look for the facts in order to discern what is true, and why the lies, paltering or other distortions are being told.




There are those who may be charismatic, like Jim Jones was in his day. There are those who push drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid, and those who do so, hoping to ignore or somehow magically change reality.




Never forget. Nazis – National Socialists – in Germany and Marxist-inspired Bolsheviks in Russia came to power in their respective countries came to power in part through help from people with money who backed them. History repeats when it’s painful or often tragic lessons are ignored.




Ronald Reagan and Donald J. Trump were both Democrats who became Republicans. Reagan and Trump were both pro-choice (pro-abortion) before they became pro-life (anti-abortion). Both Reagan and Trump had careers involving media and entertainment. Sure, there are plenty of differences between the two. But Reagan and Trump also had multiple marriages. There are some similarities, not just differences.

Conservatives say that much of California and other Western states are ablaze with wildfires because environmentalists have pushed policies that caused Democrats to accept mismanagement of forests, water resources, energy, and more. Democrats and the billionaire-backed environmental-leftists – who use nonprofits to do their work – blame those events on ‘climate change.’ If so, then how is it that the Golden State of California – which arguably has more leftist climate change policies than dozens of other states – is the one suffering from these disasters, while so-called conservative red states aren’t? If California and the environmentalists are right, why are they getting these wildfire disasters year after year?

The truth is there for discerning minds who think objectively to discover and know.

Here on MHProNews, day-by-day, we seek to publish reports that sift through the evidence and follow the money trail in a manner that is enlightening for our professional readers. We source across the left-right divide because it is necessary as well as prudent. As a result of our ongoing efforts to accurately discern what is and isn’t true and present that to our readers, we have the runaway largest audience in our industry. It seems that truth has a serious place for thinking minds who want to avoid the traps laid by propaganda?

Don’t miss our post-script today, following the headlines and their linked reports. Also, don’t miss among our ‘read hot’ reports the one about Flagship Communities and the one about how pushback pays

With no further adieu, let’s dive into the headlines for the week that was, from September 6th to 9.13.2020.


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Sunday 9.6.2020

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Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has said that the 2020 race is about the soul of America. He’s right about that claim. Reuters in their fact-check said that twice during the Democratic Nation Convention, the phrase “under God” was omitted when they said the Pledge of Allegiance. Ironic, isn’t it? or is it revealing?

Marxism, socialism and communism all involve limiting or taking private property and other human rights away from people without compensation.

There are scores of evidence-based reasons why the Trump-Pence team is framing the national debate closer to reality than the Biden-Harris ticket.

It is a battle for the soul of America. But that battle is occurring and has taken place in every society since the dawn of human history.

Freedom is never free. Voting wisely and encouraging others in your circle to do the same is a relatively painless way to make sure that your freedoms are protected. Otherwise, history tells us that those liberties will be lost. That’s not fearmongering, that’s the sobering historic reality. 

The Christophers have as their motto the phrase, It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Here at MHProNews we see one of our roles as being lighters of candles.



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The featured image includes several metaphorical items. It can be seductive – but dangerous – to believe certain things. A mask, among other meanings, is used to project a false face, often used by actors. The eye conveys vision or understanding, which that woman and the mask partially obscures. The wall can stand for the harsh reality that sets in when illusion and the hard facts meet. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/masthead/the-party-is-over-so-whats-next/
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