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A rising China is a positive development, not only for the people of China but for the United States and the world as a whole,” U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden said recently when giving a speech on U.S.-China relations in Chengdu, China.’” So said a Voice of America editorial that quoted then Vice President Joe Biden.

That quotation makes a useful backdrop for the new “six chapter” video series by New York Times best-selling investigative author, Peter Schweitzer called “Riding the Dragon, the Bidens’ Chinese Secrets.” Note that ‘the dragon’ is periodically used as a symbol or metaphor for China.

The first chapter or initial video is subtitled “Money for Nothing?” Each of the videos traces the money trail and the family and other political connections that evolved from the Biden political career.



Chapter 2 is called “In Biden We Trust.” This video lays out several of the business and political connections as well as the conflicts of interest involved.



Chapter 3 is called “The Son Who.” In this video, Hunter Biden’s literal good fortune in snagging a billion-dollar investment where the capital was supplied by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Government is detailed.

The investment firm that was created from that deal between Biden’s Rosemont Seneca and Chinese financial backers created Bohai Harvest. Bohai Harvest resulted in deals that benefited the Chinese government strategically in places around the world. Schweitzer says that Hunter got a 10 percent equity stake in Bohai Harvest. The YouTube video page says “Hunter Biden Sells Out America.”



Schweizer makes it clear that “no other investment fund in the world” had a deal like Hunter Biden’s firm obtained.

There is an oblique reference to other corrupt practices and conflicts of interest in American politics. Says Schweizer, this wasn’t just another example of a politicians family member getting rich off of political connections. Schweizer emphasizes that the Bohai deals served the strategic interests of the Chinese military. By implication, that means that it didn’t serve the interests of the U.S. government, which is what father and President Barack Obama-era Vice President Joe Biden was supposed to be doing.

Chapter 4 is called “My Kind of Client.” It opens with an explanation that “Bohai Harvest joins with Chinese military contractor AVIC to purchase Henniges, a dual-use company in the United States. AVIC was notorious for its history of stealing U.S. military technologies to build its own fighter jets and drones. The Obama administration approved this deal.”



Noted that part of a news video clip in the above is from Democracy Now, a progressive media outlet that reportedly has been supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation has received billions of dollars from donations from Warren Buffett, who is on the Gates Foundation board of directors. Other left- and right- of center news clips are used throughout the series, which is all based on public or government records.

Rare earth minerals are part of the backdrop to this part of the story. While President Obama’s Administration is filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the Chinese Communist government’s effort to ‘control the global market’ of these strategic and militarily important “rare earth minerals,” Hunter’s business is helping the Chinese government accomplish precisely that through its business deals. The video notes that the WTO agreed that China was attempting what the Obama-Biden Administration alleged. Note that part of Joe Biden’s portfolio was the U.S. relationship with Communist China.

Additionally, the YouTube page for this Blaze TV branded documentary by Schweitzer says “In 2014, Bohai became an anchor investor in China General Nuclear. CGN is owned by the Chinese government. Less than 18 months after Bohai invested in China General, a nuclear engineer named Allen Ho and the company were charged by the U.S. Justice Department with stealing nuclear secrets from the United States.”

Chapter 5 of the video is below and is dubbed “Business Casual,” with the YouTube page saying “The Bidens Get in Bed with the Chinese Elite.” Rosemont Realty and its Biden-family Chinese Communist ties is outlined along with billions of dollars in deals made.



Note that these videos make clear that there have been criminal charges brought, along with criminal conviction, of Chinese officials that have done business and leaned on relationships with the Biden family.

Chapter 6 – the final episode – is called “What We Know.”



BlazeTV provided this SYNOPSIS: Here’s what we know about Biden’s corruption with China:


  • The Biden family has had a series of lucrative deals with the Chinese government.
  • These deals came despite the Bidens’ lack of experience in the areas they covered.
  • These deals happened while Joe Biden was steering U.S. foreign policy toward China.
  • These deals didn’t just make the Bidens money. They had potentially dangerous consequences for our national security.
  • Hunter Biden’s firm, backed by the Chinese government, invested in a company that was actively stealing nuclear secrets from the United States.
  • Hunter Biden’s firm bought a company that helped China in its competition with the United States for mineral resources.
  • Hunter Biden’s firm bought a company that provides dual-use technology for the Chinse military.

 Why does this matter? We need to know who our leaders are doing business with, who is making them money, and who they might be beholden to.

 It is time to follow the money.”

Still from final video.

As much of the media portrays a fairly harmless image of former VP Joe Biden, these videos and other reports paint a more sobering picture. Of course, there is a push to oust President Trump by his political opponents. But beyond the obvious, if criminal activity has occurred, what better way to prevent Biden or others in the Obama Administration from being prosecuted than to take back the White House and thus control the executive branch of the U.S. government?

The banana republic style corruption has to be stopped. It reportedly occurred during the and after the Clinton Administration, as well as during the time that Secretary Hillary Clinton served the Obama White House. It also appears that substantial evidence exists against the Biden family.

China vs USA, Antitrust Looms, AP Highlights ‘Competing Versions of Reality,’ Sunday Weekly MHVille Headlines Review


While allies of the Biden campaign are trying to peddle the largely debunked Atlantic claims, and a pro-Trump Super PAC is busy planning to swiftboat Biden, this video series does what reporting is supposed to do. Namely, look at evidence, ask questions, and let the facts and evidence peak.


Millions for “Swiftboating” Joe Biden, plus Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates

There is always more to know. MHProNews will monitor such reports and publish follow ups as deemed warranted.



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