The Fix – Father’s Day Reflections on Housing & Framing the Five Fs of Family, Fortune, Faith, Flags, Freedom – Views on Fibs, Fables, and Foibles – plus Sunday Weekly Headlines Review


“The fix,” can have several meanings. For the substance addict, “a fix” is slang for the next hit of a drug someone became addicted to. For those who rig a game, that can be described as “the fix is in.” But the fix can also mean the cure, repair, or solution for a problem or challenge. So, when exploring a needed mechanical or housing issue, a customer might ask the repair man, “can you fix it?”

For centuries, housing has been “framed.” When issues are properly addressed, they are also framed.’ In housing, the methods by which conventional housing is built on site has not changed nearly as much as factory-crafted homes have in roughly the past 50 years. But to be fair, factory processes are more involved in conventional construction than now than say a century or even fifty years ago.

With those factoids in mind, when any structure is correctly erected or ‘framed’ and set upon a proper foundation, it results in a durable dwelling.

When there is ownership and equity is being built, that dwelling represents many things to tens of millions of Americans.

The American Dream is largely tied up in authentic freedom and homeownership. One of the reports linked below from the week that was on MHProNews reflects that in a perspective from a Democratic lawmaker and a nonprofit/religious leader. MHProNews shares their view, and then unpacks it.

As was noted, it is not only good housing that is framed. By analogy, families, and societies – represented by various flags and faiths – are also ‘framed.’ They too should be placed upon a sound foundation. As with housing, when the foundation or rationale for a plan are properly and soundly framed, value is created and protected. When a society supports authentic freedom, families are able to pass along from generation to generation the wealth – or the “fortune” that good housing can represent.

But the reverse is also true.

When something is not framed correctly, what occurs is a weakened structure that may collapse under otherwise normal levels of pressure.


Fathers of all types and ages are often called upon to fix what has gone wrong.

It should be obvious to anyone who looks at the data that the solutions for both more affordable housing and for broader social issues that have been pushed for decades are not good solutions at all. If they were, they would have long ago achieved their goals. Instead, as a graphic below – plus several of the reports linked for the week that was detail – social problems and affordable homeownership are both in decline. Yet the national debt being accumulated to pay for such programs keeps rising.

When something is tried and fails, where is the logic in repeating the same failed experiment?

An equally useful question is, who is benefiting from decades of failed solutions?

Hold those thoughts, because fatherhood and Father’s Day are both part of that social mix too.

We strive to deal with evidence, facts, and reality on MHProNews. We seek to work with reality without losing sight of ideals. While America has never been an idyllic or utopian society, its foundation was arguably stronger in some ways in times past than it is today.  But what we have today to a degree that has not been so problematic to this degree for quite some time, if ever.  But in the face of apparently irrational and immoral behavior is the increased awakening to the realization that things are not as they should be. The notion of ‘fake news’ – for instance – is more popular and accepted now that it was a decade ago. That is true for people that tend to be Democratic or Socialist in their orientation, as well as those who tend to be Republican or Libertarian.

Those in either of those two broad camps, as well as those in the middle, must step back and see through the perspective of time that the plans and efforts of the 21st century – or those of much of the later half of the 20th century – have clearly not worked. Some of those plans being pushed as ‘solutions’ date back over 50 years. They didn’t work up until now. So how is it possible that some keep buying into the same old failed proposals and repeatedly broken promises?

Again, who benefits from this pattern? Because when the lower and middle class are objectively examined, life for those in the various economic groups arguably has more stress, more debt, and less liberty a generation or two ago than today. We once had a society where a man could support his family. Now, we often have two bread-winners, and both can afford to support an often smaller family unit.  Isn’t that pattern disturbing? When people try to do right, and the system is such that they can’t make ends meet, who gains from that reality?


Propaganda and manipulation attempt to tells people what to think and how to behave. Good education informs people how to think objectively, morally, and reasonably. By properly forming good character, an increase in justice and numerous social, spiritual, and  economic benefits follow.


Ethnic, Racial, Social, or Gender, etc. Justice?

Every continent on earth, save perhaps Antarctica, has witnessed slavery or authoritarian, feudalistic, or debt-types of servitude. That’s a historic fact, exemplified in the chart below. Those who say otherwise are either ignorant, duped – or they are selling something that may slyly aim to benefit themselves. That is accomplished by dividing you or your neighbors into tribal and opposing camps or identity groups.


Along with ending serfdom or slavery in a formal sense, it is wise to understand that the right to private property goes with personal freedom. Economic, religious, political, and personal liberty all go hand-in-hand. Part of the tragedy of our era is that reportedly tens of millions are still de facto slaves in various parts of the world. The fight for freedom never stops. In many browsers you can click the image to see it in a larger, fuller size.


That begin so, those living in the U.S. who are not guilty of the various wrongs done a century or more ago by others. Expecting one ethnic or other group to pay for another not guilty of a crime is to create a new cycle of injustice. That should be obvious. So, what is to be done?

Surprisingly, solutions for that were proposed decades ago. It was successfully pitched by the bigoted President Lyndon Banes Johnson (D) and called the “Great Society” and the “War on Poverty” among other things. But after decades, those peddling terrible so-called solutions have been proven wrong. To turn to the same types of plans and failed promises that comes from essentially the same sources makes no sense.

But let’s step back and look around.

While slavery per se is illegal today in much of the world, the sad reality is that literal slavery and involuntary servitude still exists. Authoritarianism and Feudalism are growing, per a range of third-party sources. Examples include Communist China, where Muslim Uighurs are essentially in slavery. Why do some think that turning to Marxist-Socialist-Communist solutions will bring liberation, when Communist China and North Korea are prime examples of oppression?

How is it possible in a modern “progressive” era that such obvious realities are not understood?

The answer is simple, yet troubling.

False narratives – fables and fibs, also known as propaganda – are part of the problem. MHProNews has previously explored the Big Lie. Tell a falsehood with enough conviction, point out a boogey man, and keep people stirred up with what author George Orwell called the daily “Two Minute Hate” in his dystopian best-selling novel, 1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four). 1984 may be fiction, but Orwell – a disillusioned socialist who nevertheless did not trust Big Capitalists either – knew history well enough to say that stirring up hatred for a purported enemy was one way of keeping millions of people in line and following orders from above.


That quote is farcical propaganda. But in the Orwellian novel, 1984, it reflects the power of propaganda over the masses when propaganda is repeated over and over again. There are numerous examples of equally nonsensical secular beliefs repeated time and again in every age and place where authentic liberty is endangered or lost.



But equally dystopian was Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World. Where Orwell painted a picture of a nearly all-seeing surveillance state driven by hate, fear, and secret police, Huxley tells a tale of satisfying base human pleasures as the way of keeping the workers of society distracted and in line. Sex, drugs, materialism – and propaganda – were part of the methods used to control people in Brave New World. 

From SparkNotes, is this description of discussion between two of Huxley’s fictional characters in Brave New World over how the stratified caste system of that dystopian world functions. “John and Mond debate the value of the World State’s policies, John arguing that they dehumanize the residents of the World State and Mond arguing that stability and happiness are more important than humanity. Mond explains that social stability has required the sacrifice of art, science, and religion. John protests that, without these things, human life is not worth living… John and Mond continue their conversation. They discuss religion and the use of [the drug] soma [by the rulers of the state] to control negative emotions and [to maintain] social harmony.”

In a troubling sense, our contemporary world is a mix of both intentionally disturbing novels. Huxley and Orwell did not write how to books on controlling the minds of the masses. But paradoxically, there are elements of both novels widely in use in our society. For example. Orwell wrote about ‘the memory hole,’ where some historic truth is erased when it becomes politically inconvenient. Isn’t that what censoring politically incorrect views amounts to today?  Or  what tearing down statues or other historic memorials are partially about in our own time? How can future generations learn from the sins of the past if those errors are erased and thus are not recalled to mind in order learn from them?


History is not literally repeated. But there are similarities. Whatever has happened before can occur again, in some form or fashion. Part of the purpose of history, therefore, is to use it to learn from past mistakes, so as to avoid them. The purpose of history ought not to be twisted to cause one or more groups to hate each other for something their ancestors did.
One can disagree with Howard Zinn’s views on American history while agreeing with the point made above. He is an example of the principle of separating the wheat from the chaff and why it should be equally applied to all people, organizations, and things.



There is no part of the landscape of modern America, or other nations, that has not already been parsed and understood by some. Millions, to various degrees, understand what has been and is going wrong. But millions more have been essentially brainwashed into believing the spin, outrageous lies, half-truths, and paltering. Such tactics are described by the Capital Research Center (CRC) under a periodic series they label “Deception and Misdirection

Deception and Misdirection in various forms play a role in the sobering trek toward a loss of personal freedom.

Once more, specific examples of such are among the reports examined below for the week that was. Here on MHProNews, we treat readers like adults. We provide evidence and facts, backed up with common sense analysis. That is why this professional site – while hated by those we expose – widely dominates in our profession.

Many or most would never give up freedom for authoritarian or feudalistic rule. Thus deception is necessary.  To make that deception palatable, bribes, pleasures and misdirection are provided along the way.

But what is not thought about often enough is this. If the system was operating as designed, instead of in this manipulated fashion, how much better off would the majority of Americans be?

Which leads to the question. How is Deception and Misdirection accomplished in the modern era?


The Fix is In

As was noted above, when a game or system is rigged, the slang expression – “the fix is in” – reflects a description of manipulating a sporting or other event. When the evidence from the reports linked below are examined, several specific cases of how “the fix” has been in on Americans are observed.

Once the concepts are understood and specific examples are shown, it arguably becomes easier to spot deception and manipulation in other settings. Because the deception of false or misleading information is ongoing, antidotes must be offered routinely too.

Most of us have experienced a deception or betrayal in life. Sometimes that betrayal was from loved or trusted person. It may include a spouse, sibling, parent, colleague, or other type of partner.  Thus, understanding the notion of betrayal in the abstract is often easy enough to accept.

But it is also true that sometimes even after a person or organization has betrayed a trust, sometimes the victim(s) go into denial. Once more, for various reasons, it may take repeated efforts to get someone who has been betrayed to believe that they have been tricked or deceived.

For a variety of reasons – habit, fear, lack of understanding, following the crowd, and so on – there is an obvious ability or pull off often sinister yet spectacular hoaxes and deceptions. The prior article linked below reflects how that was done in well known examples in the 21st century. Leaders from both sides of the two major political parties were involved. A mere organizational label is non guarantee of either goodness nor of evil.


Some of the most massive rip-offs in history have occurred in the 21st century. They were often examples of the truth hiding in plain sight. The span both major parties, because they were insider, ‘establishment’ rip-offs.


In affordable housing, the fix – or the rigged system – has been in for a long time. MHProNews has published several third-party reports that illustrate that claim. A roughly 1200 word hot-linked to the evidence overview is found at the FHFA website at this link here. The Masthead unpacked that FHFA document at this link here.

But for those who have paid attention to politics, housing, and news during the 21st century, a simple fact emerges. Under both Democratic and Republican leadership, despite decades of vast spending and big promises made by various groups and leaders, the rate of homeownership is lower today than it was at the start of the century.


During both Democratic and Republican administrations, despite claims by both that they desire to see more home ownership, the overall rate in the U.S. is lower today than in 2000. This is but one of several possible examples of why failure to implement the 2000 Reform law matters.


Now, stop and ponder that while considering this parallel. We have more information, more money flowing today than 21 years ago. How is it possible that homeownership is overall in retreat in the 21st century? Who have all those hundreds of billions for so-called housing programs benefited?

Once more, the answers are found in the various reports that follow from this past week in review.

But as an overview, our society has for too long been blinded and deviled by clever fibs and fables. Those deceptions are aimed at dividing our society and pitting various groups against each other. As the Rev. Donald Tye Jr told MHProNews, what is occurring in our nation is divide and rule.



In our Saturday report, there are two different views, one from the left, the other from the right. They lay out their respective cases for the motives and means that the system has been rigged.

In our profession and society at large, that could be summed up to a significant degree by the insightful quote from actor Danny Glover periodically shared previously here on MHProNews and on MHLivingNews. That image with quote below were designed by our platform, while the quotation is from the award-winning documentary drama, the Shadows of Liberty. That video is recommended viewing, often available on Amazon Prime (that is not a plug for Jeff Bezos, merely a statement of fact) or can be seen on YouTube (also not a plug for that brand, just a statement of fact). Glover’s simple statement – that there is a type of monopoly on vast amounts of money and information – are near the heart of what has been wrong for decades.


Danny Glover quote from the fascinating video documentary, Shadows of Liberty, you can stream it. The nexus between big business, big government, big media and how an often false view of reality is packaged is explored in a fashion that makes insiders and their cronies from both major parties look bad.


Glover may be from the political left, but those on the right should pay attention too. Truth may come from either left or right. What must be approached with caution are some suggested solutions that follow a stated truth. Because that is a modern propaganda method, say something that is true, but then follow it with a solution that is no solution at all. We have watched for decades while trillions have been spent on ‘solutions’ which have been tried and failed in some form or fashion every time.




The risk of freedom lost is serious, as voices across the left and right in reports that follow reflect. The good news is covered in the postscript for this week, and ironically is found on our southern border.

With no further adieu, let’s turn to the headlines for the week that was, from  6.13 to 6.20.2021.


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Postscript – Paradoxical Evidence from the U.S.-Mexican Border

While serious efforts by race hustlers and other purveyors of division are ongoing, ironically, it is the border between the U.S. and Mexico what reveals several penetrating truths about the U.S.A.

One recent estimate claims that 250,000 ‘illegals’ crossed from Mexico into the U.S. If the tide of human migration is not stemmed, some are warning that millions may enter the U.S. before the end of this year.

Who are those coming in? Overwhelmingly they are so-called ‘people of color.’  If they seriously thought America was such a terrible place, why would they pay and risk so much to enter our land illegally?

Hold that question and thought.

Because the southern border is thus proof that America is not viewed by many outsiders looking in as systemically racist. Rather, it is evidence that the U.S.A. can still be – and is for many – a land of hope, dreams, and aspirations.

Our family happens to live in a highly diverse middle class community. While no neighborhood is perfect, there is routinely peace in an ethically diverse area. The stores and churches are routinely diverse.

Our neighborhood is hardly an exception in much of the U.S. While there are crime ridden neighborhoods in numerous states, what is more commonly found in workplaces, stores, churches, organizations, and among neighbors are evidence of peaceful harmony. Of people of all backgrounds getting along.

That experiential evidence that most American have is what is common when anger is not artificially or otherwise stirred up. Yet entertainment, media, and some politicians make a career out of stoking division.




When carefully examined, the same people who have been pushing phony solutions are often those in the pay of those stirring up racial, gender or other animus. They are those probed in our reports for the week above and prior weeks too. Those engaged in deception and misdirection are the ones who should be legally probed with subpoenas.




There is plenty of evidence that people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, George Soros – among others – should be called before various committees of competent jurisdiction. They should be compelled to give testimony under oath in public – meaning, transparent hearings. They should be asked the hard questions.  Their records should be obtained by due process. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as warranted by the evidence. Let whatever fines that may be extracted from adept manipulators be sky high to help pay for the harm they have caused our society for far too long.



It’s Father’s Day. The following was posted by my older brother about our father.  It is appropriate on several levels. A’kos Kovach wrote this when he was the “Immediate Past President of the Oklahoma Association of Mortgage Brokers.” It is found on the National Mortgage Professional website, with the spacing added, but the text as in the original.


QuoteSignSymbol100x156A Passion for Freedom

Francis Joseph Kovach Premise: The request was to write something about my father, who recently passed away. Reason? My father was an inspiration to many, but why? Where did he come from? What drove him to achieve his goals?

So, I began to think about my father’s life …

The first “war to end all wars” was raging when Francis Joseph Kovach was born into humble surroundings in Budapest, Hungary on July 19, 1918. From an early age, Francis loved wrestling and running, and excelled at his studies, mastering not only his mother tongue of Hungarian, but also German and French.

Before the age of nine, Francis was tutoring other children in science, math and second languages. Like breathing, teaching became a necessary part of his existence, but the air Francis was breathing quickly became unclean and stifling.

Economic turmoil swirled around the globe, as the Great Depression took its toll on the lives of all families, especially the poorer members of society. However, despite these and many other seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, an unwavering determination propelled Francis through a strict and demanding educational system.

Upon completion of his undergraduate and graduate studies at Pazamany Peter University in Budapest, Francis had, through sheer willpower, positioned himself to lead a better quality of life, and to surround himself with art, music and philosophy.

He met an intelligent, aristocratic flower of spring and married her in July 1941; her name was Elizabeth Thokoly, a name which spoke of prominence in Hungarian history and lore. They spoke of love and life, and planned for their bright future together.

Though young, both were mature beyond their years, and they cautiously watched the brutal acts of the Nazis as they spread their venom throughout Europe.

Soon, life in Hungary became hazardous. The educated became a threat to the “jackboots,” and the puppet government capitulated to the brutal stormtroopers’ every whim.

Francis and Elizabeth soon found themselves hiding students and families in their home, while looking for ways to escape to a better life.

Then came the bombs. More than a dozen times over a two-month period, air raid sirens blared at all times of day, frightening the adults and causing panic. Basements would quickly fill up with strangers and families seeking shelter. When the explosions began to shake the ground, everyone would become quiet.

As shells crashed through roofs only a few homes away, the assaults shook the beams of Francis and Elizabeth’s house, while the piercing scream of the falling projectiles heightened the awareness of those huddled below ground level. As the bombardment continued, time seemed to slow. Each giant piece of ammunition that ripped through the neighborhood became embedded with a fire and fury none would ever forget. The shrill sound of the bomb approaching the house in which Francis, Elizabeth and many others were hiding and praying could be heard easily, and the realization that they were imminent targets scared them beyond words.

By the Grace of God, the shell merely collapsed the roof, burst through the second floor and crashed relatively peacefully onto the living room floor. In less than 10 minutes, Francis and Elizabeth collected what they could carry, and with two children in hand, ran for their lives.

However, memories of war did not consume my parents’ thoughts. Instead, their focus was on the future and their desire to breathe the fresh air of freedom.

For weeks on end, Francis and Elizabeth walked across dirt trails and meadows, leaving their homeland and family further behind with each step. They took with them only what they could carry – children, food and clothing. Oftentimes, the journey required that they walk day and night, dodging bullets, hiding from retreating forces and circling the route of advancing armies.

They walked those back roads of Czechoslovakia and Austria relentlessly, until they finally reached the Bavarian section of the Alps in southern Germany. There, perched at more than 6,000 feet above sea level, was the hamlet of Mittenwald, where Francis and Elizabeth sought refuge, in barracks recently abandoned by POWs.

The makeshift camp soon became a displaced shelter of sorts. Despite these circumstances, the young couple used their gifts of intelligence and education to make life as bearable as they could for themselves and others. Among their amazing accomplishments, the couple started a school in the camp for children who were waiting with their parents for a chance to leave.

Nonetheless, the passion for freedom now burned stronger than ever. During their ordeals, Francis and Elizabeth suffered the loss of their second- and third-born children – not to bullets or bloodshed, but sadly, to a lack of simple medication and antibiotics.

But still, they would not let misfortune or hardship consume or sway them from their passion.

Instead, they kept thinking about the future, continuously praying for answers and solutions.

While at the camp, Francis and Elizabeth had many choices for emigration. They decided the best place to live would be in America, thus the preparation and paperwork began. After living in the camp for nearly seven years, and with the winter snow piling deep in the mountain village, Francis received the word that he and his family had been praying for: We have a space for you on a ship leaving for America.

Francis and Elizabeth quickly packed a wooden military trunk with their scant belongings, and made the grueling and dangerous trip to the seaport. There, they joined more than 400 similar refugees heading towards the fresh robust air of freedom.

The high seas of the winter Atlantic sickened many of the passengers, who were squeezed 10 and 12 at a time into areas intended for no more than two. But freedom was pitching closer with every blast of frigid air, despite the icy saltwater spraying their faces. Each hour of each day, the dream began to take shape.

Finally, at the end of the second week, just above the horizon, stood the Statue of Liberty, beckoning to them and reminding them that their dreams would soon become reality.

Thus, in November 1951, Francis delivered his wife and children to America. The air was pure and full of promise, and now that he had succeeded in bringing his family to freedom, Francis sought a new goal for himself-to complete his doctorate degree in philosophy.

However, arriving and settling in post-war America as immigrants was no simple matter. Nothing could deter Francis, and there were many months when, instead of teaching, Francis found himself relegated to menial jobs and miserable working conditions. But he and Elizabeth knew things would get better.

After early setbacks and hourly wages suited more for a single man rather than a husband and father of two, Francis worked himself up the ladder and was able to attain teaching positions at colleges in both Minnesota (Mount St. Mary’s) and Kansas (St. Benedict’s).

The pressure that Francis had placed upon himself to attain his Ph.D. was profound. Francis would work manual labor jobs 12-14 hours per day, teach classes and then come home and study. Francis read the works of Aquinas and Aristotle until he could recite the text.

After years of struggle, an offer came for Francis to fill a doctoral opening at Albertus Magnus, University of Cologne in West Germany. Francis knew he had no time to waste. After weeks of intense preparation, Francis traveled back to Germany and committed himself entirely to the task at hand – obtaining his Ph.D.

This concentrated focus thrust Francis into a schedule that resulted in completing his curriculum in less than half the time allowed. Additionally, Francis gained a rare distinction and graduated Summa Cum Laude, thus securing his doctorate in philosophy.

Armed with his new degree, Francis followed his dreams to Villanova University in 1962, also teaching at Bryn Mawr College during this time.

Finally in 1964, Francis accepted an associate professorship at the University of Oklahoma, where he enthusiastically engaged and challenged his students for the next 24 years. Francis was a copious reader and researcher, and his vast topics of interest centered around medieval metaphysics, and the philosophies of beauty, science and ethics.

Francis never quit, and when he needed to read or review a text, he preferred reading from the original manuscripts rather than translations. Thus, he became fluent in more than 10 languages.

Francis authored three books and 36 articles, as well as numerous papers, written and published in German, English and Portuguese journals and philosophical proceedings.

Francis became known as the world’s leading authority in the theories and philosophy taught by St. Thomas Aquinas, and was listed in both Who’s Who in America and 2000 Men of Achievement.

So, what became of Francis’ passion for freedom?

It brought his two remaining children to America, where they had opportunities beyond anything available in Eastern Europe.

What was the effect of his arrival in America? Just ask the thousands of students who streamed through the doors of his classrooms each day he taught.

In a world changing daily with political upheavals, the civil rights movement, women’s liberation and the computer age, Francis was able to captivate his students and inspire them to think beyond their own comfort zone.

The product of his desire for freedom is evidenced in what Francis wrote, how he taught and the lives he transformed. His students became doctors, lawyers and priests, and, of course, he even inspired some of his students to become philosophers.

This short article is not just about Dr. Francis J. Kovach, but rather, serves as a reminder of his sacrifice, study and sacred passion for freedom.

At this time of year, we think about spending time with our family, traveling, buying gifts, visiting friends, the parties and perhaps, where we came from and how we got here.

I was fortunate enough to be born to parents who not only had vision, but also the tenacity to continue walking until they reached it. Sure, my life has been peppered with good and bad, as have you all. However, approaching the end of this year, and knowing that I cannot give my father one of the bearhugs he loved so much, understanding that my father’s booming voice will no longer echo through the halls of his home, and accepting the loss of my traveling buddy is not easy.

Listening to his last breath escape as I held him in my arms that final day was unlike any pain I have ever felt. What the sage has spoken is true – savor each day with your family. Express your love with random acts of kindness.

As you gather at your places of worship this holiday season, remember those who have helped bring you there. Thank God for your blessings. Recall with joy that which is important. Then, spread some love around in the garden of freedom.”


My older brother was one of those two who crossed those storm-tossed seas to come to America.

Our father was pre-internet, but he made the pages of Time and Fortune magazines, among other media.


Several of the illustrations shown in this report can be opened in many browsers to reveal a larger size. To open this picture, click the image once. When the window opens, click it again to reveal the larger size photo. Use your browsers back key to return to the article.
Some of those photos were by Time and Fortune magazines. My father taught ancient and medieval philosophy. I recall he began one of his classes in a dramatic fashion, raising his hand high in the air over his head. “If I can crook [i.e.; bend] my little finger, than I know there is a God!” He proceeded to explain the principle of the unmoved mover, one of the many proofs for the existence of God. Something immaterial, all powerful, and eternal  had to begin the chain of events that led to this moment in time. Photo collage of Dr. Francis J. Kovach, PhD by L. A. “Tony” Kovach.
Those who by intention or accident remove God from the equation of society undermine the entire order upon which true justice is formed. Try to come up with a better system of social justice than the Ten Commandments. If there is one, it is to love God and to love in a pure way your neighbor as you should purely love yourself.


It is fair to say that our father – who was praised by many who knew him – was human, like us all. He had his strengths and weaknesses. But he grasped the deep truth that freedom was worth working and fighting for, and at several levels, freedom was born of a combination of intellectual understanding, the inspiration of God, and the efforts of people of good will.

Our parents taught us to respect people of all backgrounds and beliefs. That’s commendable, but not so unusual. I’ve met very few true racists in life. I’ve met untold numbers of souls that wanted their part of the American Dream. Most souls I’ve met do not want to take illicitly from their neighbors of whatever background.

But it would be foolish to imagine that the evils that my parents witnessed under Nazi rule, or that their neighbors east of Hungary experienced under Soviet rule, are incidents never to be repeated again. The rise of communism in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and elsewhere since World War II makes it clear that humanity has not learned the lesson that some want to dominate others.

The Marxists in our midst include the deluded and the cunning. For the cunning, Marxist-Socialist etc. thinking is just a clever cover with which to pick the pockets of others. But do not forget. Part of the message of Black Lives Matter, whose self-avowed founders said they were trained Marxists, is the abolition of the nuclear family. It was recently learned that Patrisse Cullors has several mansions. What kind of Marxist is that?




It is time to step back and look at those who are doing the finger pointing. Who is paying them? What are there motivations? If they are so sincere, why have their plans not changed so much in the past 50 years? Why should people of good will, over whatever race or creed trust them?  Someone doesn’t have to be Marxist to learn the lessons of history. In the old Soviet Union, they tried to do away with the nuclear family. In time, a generation of fatherless youth were roaming the streets and creating social disorder. The screen capture below illustrates that point.


Several of the illustrations shown in this report can be opened in many browsers to reveal a larger size. To open this picture, click the image once. When the window opens, click it again to reveal the larger size photo. Use your browsers back key to return to the article.


President Trump was not a perfect man, but he was a man for his time. When viewed objectively, there were reasons why billions of dollars were spent trying to defeat him.



CNN is not a pro-Trump media outlet, but using federal data, this graphic from their news company reflects the upward trend of income following President Trump’s enactment of the tax cuts and jobs act. It is worth noting that Democratic President John F. Kennedy Jr. did similarly. Income and productivity also rose. During the Reagan Administration, former Democrat turned Republican Ronald Reagan cut taxes with a similar outcome as Presidents Kennedy and Trump. Facts matter.


No political leader did more in the 21st century to lift minorities up than President Trump. Who says? Black leaders willing to speak the truth.




When people look at the economic data, facts like the above reflect well on the progress under Trump Administration policies. So, why was he so decried? The answer is obvious, but troubling. He was challenging decades of failed policies and proving in short order how bad they were.
The evidence clearly points to this fact. Democrats have dominated the collection of big money from the billionaire class for several years. They have politicians who say one thing, but do another. Who says? Other Democrats who have denounced what is occurring.



Quotes are from a 1996 interview with former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. What was seen by some then is even more visible today.


Censorship and a stream of lies, half-truths, and obvious “deception and misdirection” has been aimed at the man who, whatever his style or other ‘shortcomings,’ did so much to raise up everyday Americans.

Those who worked to oppose him are routinely the same ones who have undermined the American Dream, and are part of what Time’s Molly Ball called the “cabal” of thousands that worked to defeat President Trump.


MHProNews isn’t into conspiracy theories. We look at the facts and report the evidence. It is the Civic Alliance themselves that brag openly about what they ‘accomplished’ in the 2020 election cycle.

What happens next is not yet clear. But what we should know is this. The razor wire did not go up and stay up around the Capitol Building because of President Trump. They have stayed up after he has left office.




The lies and deception are ever clearer. The time to learn, live, and love the truth and work to end a rigged and corrupted system is now. The survey below from Edelman, which is part of the Civic Alliance, can be read as a warning to their fellow plutocrats and oligarchs. The grip over information is not absolute. Millions are waking up to reality.




It will take fathers and all people of good will to fight the Marxists and their Big Capitalist backers. Never forget that it was people with money that helped bring Adolf Hitler into power. Fascism is a mix of big business and big government.





It is up to people like you and us to keep the American Dream alive. We must not let Deception and Misdirection by the few divide the majority. Must of us would be living in greater prosperity and peace if not for a manipulative minority that have money and information power.

With father’s day in mind, our pastor said the following. “We thank God for the gift of fatherhood – biological (cf. Luke 1:13, 63), foster (cf. Luke 3:23) or spiritual fathers (cf. 1Cor 4:5, 14. While there can be exceptions, “fathers are excellent role models for their children and they make enormous sacrifices for their families.  We strive to emulate their examples and live according to the cardinal principles they inculcate in us – love and fear of God, love of country and neighbor, hard work and dedication, respect for all, living in peace, harmony and good will.  Hearty congratulations to our beloved fathers and we wish you God’s favors

TamasKovachRevFatherEmmanuelAkalueRightMHProNewsThe Rev. Emmanuel Akalue also said: “As we mark Father’s Day, let us keep in mind the Eternal Father’s Day! (cf. Rom 14:5-6; 1Cor 10:31; 2Pet 3:8). From the Eternal Father “every family in heaven and on earth is named” (Eph 3:14-15); every fatherhood takes its name.  In our First Reading (Job 38:1, 8-11), we see God’s fatherly outreach and love toward His erring child, almost on the verge of despair in the face of the challenges, setbacks, disappointments and tragedies of life.  What a lesson for our fathers on the need for patience and love in dealings with their children!  Job had complained and vented his anger over the absurdities of life, but taking it too far, even cursing the day he was born (cf. Job 3:1-6, 11).  God, in love, spoke to Job “out of the storm,” tackled his lack of faith and invited him to cross over to the other side: the side of faith.  And, God restored his fortunes more abundantly (cf, Job 42:10-13).

Do we complain vehemently and blame God over the varied upheavals of life?  Are we tempted to fall into despair and lose the will to live?  Please, disavow such tendencies.  God is all truth, beauty and goodness (cf. Gen 1:31; Jer 29:11); He did not make evil, hardship, suffering or death (cf. Wis 1:12-15).  We are only dealing with the aftershocks of the Earthquake of Original Sin, the Fall of Man and Woman: “Since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:23).  Through sin, we lost divine favor, divine purity and divine life; hence things fell apart: “For the wages of sin is death” (Rom 6:23).  Jesus comes to redeem us (cf. John 10:10) and restore our fortunes:  So, in the Gospel Passage (Mark 4:35-41), He invites the Apostles, “Let us cross to the other side.”  Are you going to heed His invitation?

There was more.

God called Abraham to journey to the other side (cf. Gen 12:1).  Abram did not foresee the enormous challenges he would face; but, through it, God opened a new chapter, new opportunities, for Israel.  Later, Israel was invited to cross from Egypt (the house of bondage and slavery) to the other side (the Promised Land).  They did not anticipate the enormous challenges ahead, but the end was glorious. Likewise, the challenge of the waves took the Apostles by surprise: “A violent squall came up and waves were breaking over the boat, so that it was already filling up. Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion. They woke him and said to him, ‘Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?’  He woke up, rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, ‘Quiet!  Be still!’ The wind ceased and there was great calm.”  Wow!

The Rev. Emmanuel Akalue takes spiritual fatherhood seriously. Some time ago, he gave me written permission to share whatever I’d like of his biblically based sermons, modestly saying they are God’s gift to be give away. Time after time, our family has watched this spiritual father speak live the homily nearly word for word as he had written it. He does so without notes. He stands behind no podium. Father Emmanuel might add some additional biblical references live and off the cuff, which clearly reveals his deep understanding of Scripture. This scholar is using God’s gifts and inspiration freely.

Fr. Emmanuel wrote and said more. But it could be summed up like this.

Fathers, we each have a job to do. God will help us, but we must ask for that grace in faith, despite any fears or anxieties. God has inspired many at various times in history to cause His people to throw off their bondage, to break the chains that bind us, to cross over to the other side, and to live in the freedom of faith.

Be it the crossing over of the Red Sea, the Sea of Galilee, or whatever there is near you or me, the miracles begin and end by embracing that journey in faith according to the Divine Will.





The fix for the rigged system is a thirst for freedom and a willingness to share the American Dream as widely as possible with our fellow citizens. God and good will are keys in that struggle. Fathers, family, faith, flag, and freedom are how the widest spread of good fortune will occur. It has always been so. It will always be so until the end of time. God gave us free will and intelligence. The Creator bestows all that is needed. We father’s better dust off respective gifts and put them to work to fix a rigged and sinful system. “Dare to be a person of faith (cf. Hab 2:4; Heb 10:38).”


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need to wait years for legislation that in the past has often led to little or no discernable benefit.  We the People must act in faith and inspire others to do so too.



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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested with the discussion of manufactured housing related issues on our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included a copy of the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

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