“We are trained Marxists.” – Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors, “Deception and Misdirection” – Capital Research Center



If this country doesnt give us what we want,
then we will burn down this system and replace it

– Hawk Newsome,
chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York. Source: Newsweek.

We are trained Marxists.” – Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder. Source: progressive Real News interview. That video is below, and the transcript of the brief history of the Black Lives Movement is linked here.



We know that in order to defend immigrants, protect DACA and defend our democracy, that Trump must be defeated this November,” – Cristina Jiménez, United We Dream co-founder. Source: NBC News.

Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been.” Tweet by Shaun King, who Wikipedia describes as “co-founder of Real Justice PAC. King uses social media to promote social justice causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement.”

See the full report at this link here.

The Black Lives Matter “…group has been a fiscally sponsored project of Thousand Currents, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, since 2016and “…earmarked contributions to Thousand Currents for Black Lives Matter (and thus presumably for BLM Global Network Foundation) include the NoVo Foundation ($1,525,000 from 2015 to 2018)…” So said Robert Stinson, writing for the Capital Research Center.

As routine and close readers of MHProNews know, the NoVo Foundation was started and has been funded for years by Warren Buffett, chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate that includes numerous manufactured housing brands. Warren’s son Peter Buffett operates the NoVo Foundation. NoVo Foundation donations that have flowed to MHAction, which has been active in our industry. For instance, MHAction protested and disrupted the talk by HUD Secretary Ben Carson to manufactured home industry professionals in Las Vegas. See a new report that connects the dots and the money trail, linked below.




There is class warfare all right. And its my class, the rich class that is waging war. And were winning.” So said Warren Buffett according to the New York Times.

Warren Buffett Declared “Class Warfare,” Buffett Says Fellow Billionaires – “We’re Winning”


The Enemies Within

In a 2015-2016 documentary video production called The Enemies Within, Trevor Loudon, who has done research with the Capital Research Center, spotlighted a video interview with Shaun King at a pro-Marxist event. The event brought Democratic Socialists, progressives, and Communists together. That video is currently available on Amazon Prime’s streaming service, but you have to use their search tool to find it.

Several articles on the Capital Research Center website are under the heading, “Deception and Misdirection.” That’s an apt phase that has to be carefully mulled on a routine basis. Because some tout Buffett’s ‘giving away’ billions. But what sort of causes are those donations going to and how does it impact business, politics, education, and the culture? That is a vital question that too many have brushed by.

It has been said for generations that “the first causality of war is truth.” MHProNews has spotlighted for years the deadly and problematic history of Marxist-Socialist-Communist political and economic systems.

Deception and Misdirection” are what the Capital Research Center has called reports published under that heading.

Recent testimony by a former British MI6 agent [Christopher Steele] in a UK court has revealed how the FBI worked closely with the State Department in their investigation of the Trump campaign.

 It was “very clear that FBI and State Department were both consulting each other and discussing the whole issue of engagement with us and our investigation,” Steele told the UK court, according to Jasper Fakkert, Editor-in-Chief of the anti-communist Epoch Times. That publication has reported on the troubling evidence about the weaponization of various branches of the government, that right-of-center The Hill or Just the News have also reported on, among others.

After tens of millions of dollars have been spent by the federal government in various investigations of President Trump and his alleged collusion with Moscow, Russia and Vladimir Putin, why is there still no evidence? Has it dawned upon those who have been taught by years of misleading headlines and reports that have created millions of unjustified Trump-haters that there is no evidence to find?


The Big Lie

The Masthead went step-by-step through the concept of “The Big Lie” and provided some historical examples of that method. The Big Lie mass manipulation methodology was popularized by Adolf Hitler and his minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Hitler was the head of the Nazi party. The word “Nazi” is a contraction of the words “National Socialist.”


Never forget that millions died because of massive amounts of propaganda. Nor should one forget that big business often backed Hitler. Jacques Pauwels is one of the authors that “documents the role of the many multinationals in business today who supported Hitler and gained from the Nazi government’s horrendous measures.” Pauwels book, “Who Financed Hitler: The Secret Funding of Hitler’s Rise to Power, 1919-1933” has a four star rating on Amazon.

Rephrased, our era isn’t the first time in history that radical leftists have been paid by big corporate interests. “the Bolshevik [i.e.: Marxist, Communist] revolution [in Russia] actually was financed by wealthy financiers in London and New York. Lenin and Trotsky were on the closest of terms with these moneyed interests both before and after the Revolution.” It takes money to finance a revolution. That quote is from page 123 of “The creature from Jekyll Island,” a book by G. Edward Griffin. It has a 4.3 rating on GoodReads, and a 94 percent approval by readers, according to Google on this date.


Deception and Misdirection

If socialists could get what they wanted by telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then that would be the logical way to pursue their goals, right? But they can’t achieve their ends by telling potential followers that an estimated 100 million people have died in the 20th and 21st centuries under socialist-communist-Marxist leadership.

“Death by Government,” Fascism, Communism, Socialism, ‘Big Brother,’ per Williams, Rummel and Owens

Nor can socialists and their financiers get what they want by telling people that their economic system has failed everywhere that it has been tried.

A dramatic illustration of that claim is found in these satellite photos that show the stark difference between Florida and Cuba or North Korea vs. South Korea. MHProNews has noted in periodic reports for years that one of the American colonies flirted with socialism. Those early colonists were failing and abandoned the system, pivoting to free enterprise.


Cuba is largely dark while Florida is well lit at night from space. North Korea is similarly largely dark at night while South Korea is well lit and vibrant. The standard of living in countries that follow the socialist-communist-Marxist models is routinely worse than what existed prior to a radical takeover.

Venezuela was once a prosperous oil-producing nation. It is now witnessing hundreds of thousands of refugees, because they are starving and short of necessities like toilet paper. Venezuela’s oil production facilities are falling into disrepair.

What has been bubbling beneath the surface in the U.S. for decades has now raised its ugly head for all to see. In Seattle, CHAZ was renamed CHOP – Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. The report on CHAZ/CHOP below has had roughly double the hits than their are professionals in our industry. Rephrased, people outside of our industry are attracted to it. Gathering facts from a range of sources, the evidence speaks loudly. Note that as shootings, death and other violence there has continued, Seattle’s left-wing mayor is increasingly saying that they will act to break the CHOP zone up. As this is being written, there are reports that police are finally moving in to break up the CHOP zone protestors. Time will tell.


Sam Zell, Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS) Statement Raises Concerns for Manufactured Housing Industry, Investors, Officials, Others


The report linked from the image below blew past 1.1 million hits in June 2020. Why? If you haven’t read it, see for yourself. Or re-read it in the light of this report and share it with others.


Dark Money-Billionaires Buffett, Gates, Soros Funding Black Lives Matter, Antifa – Named by AG Barr in Riots, Looting – Hijacking Peaceful George Floyd Death Racial Justice Protests


The political far left often has ties to Marxist-socialist-communist sympathizers and activists. That’s not to say that the political right in America is perfect. As a disclaimer, this writer is an independent and has been for years. That said, it is important to understand this foundational notion. In business or investing, stability and predictability are important. Thus, the rule of law is important.


We strive to approach each person or organization with the proven principle of separating the wheat and chaff in mind. The above is pure wheat from Kurt Kelley. Of course, that was while he was working directly with MHProNews…


What America has been experiencing for months has been the opposite of stability and predictablity. There is no doubt that President Donald J. Trump is an imperfect person. Welcome to the human family. According to Christian beliefs held by hundreds of millions worldwide, there have been no sinless people since Jesus and Mary walked the earth. The tactics of the left are to paint their opponents with the worst brushes they can find. That’s classic Saul Alinksy.

The Jacobin, a leftist, pro-Bernie Sanders publication, said “Saul Alinsky, popularly known as the “father of community organizing…” said that candidate Barack “Obama had cited him as an influence in his first book, Dreams from My Father.” The Jacobin continues “Alinsky’s experience with the CIO [Congress of Industrial Organizations] profoundly shaped him. Communist and socialist influence was rising in the labor movement at this time, and leadership battles were bitterly contested.”

Marxists. Socialists. Communists. Alinsky-followers. They are often interlaced with progressives. That doesn’t mean that every progressive is knowingly or wittingly a Marxist or revolutionary. An argument can be made that they have been propagandized and manipulated, not unlike the process that gets some Muslims into radical groups.

Rephrased, people can get sucked into a lie.

Repeat a lie often enough and it is proven, per psychological and sociological studies, to be persuasive even among those who may know better. If a repeated lie can sway some of the informed, how much more can the repeated big lie sway the underinformed or those who have been propagandized?


Why have billionaires like Buffett, Gates, Soros and others financed these tactics? If they did this openly, using the argument from billionaire Nick Hanauer, the pitchforks would be coming for them. So,

Philanthro-Feudalism has risen, as left-of-center progressives such as The Nation or Laura Flanders have identified.

New Data Surfaces on Buffett Family, Foundation Funding Sources Which Attacked Manufactured Housing, plus Manufactured Home Stock, Investing Updates


Class Warfare

There’s been class warfare for the last 20 years, and my class has won,” said Warren Buffett as reported by the left-of-center Washington Post, which cited the left-of-center CNBC.

The deception and misdirection are rampant in our industry and in our society at large. While the deception and misdirection are at work, a relatively small group of billionaires and powerful corporate interests are getting wealthier and more powerful.


Warren Buffett Declared “Class Warfare,” Buffett Says Fellow Billionaires – “We’re Winning”


These facts aren’t hyperbole. This report isn’t speculation, mere opinion or a wild-eyed ‘conspiracy theory.’ These are facts, based upon years of evidence and well-documented research. The sources are numerous and span the left-right media and political divides.

In Loudon’s well-paced and thoughtfully interlaced docu-drama, The Enemies Within, there is a video clip with “Jimmy From Brooklyn.” Jimmy speaks about censorship through ridicule.’ How people are silenced by being mocked and ridiculed until they stop speaking out.

Jimmy may or may not have known it, but what he is describing is a page straight out of the Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals playbook. Shaun King, who tweeted that statues and art depicting Jesus should be taken down has clear ties to Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders has been a long-time socialist advocate who honeymooned in the communist-led former Soviet Union. You can’t make this up.

Millions of Americans have been gaslighted.



Newsweek reported that “Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Says Current System of Law Enforcement Must be Abolished.” Crime in New York City is already spiking, as it is in other cities.

President Donald J. Trump said during the 2019 State of the Union message that the United States would never be a socialist country. Perhaps he didn’t realize just how deep the network of socialists and communists are in America? Or is the 45th president well informed, and waiting to roll out his evidence?


There is a rising tide, especially among the young, that believe in socialism. Given the evidence, how is that possible?

The answers are obvious and sobering.

  • An education system that has often been infused by many with socialist or ‘progressive’ beliefs.
  • A mainstream media that all too often picks winners and losers, slanting coverage to fit the agenda of their parent companies.
  • Those parent companies are often among those who are funding groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or other far-left radical groups.

For years Influence Watch, Capital Research Center, and a range of center- or center-right nonprofits have been working to expose aspects of these facts through research. But their research routinely includes sources across the left-right divides.

Americans have been led one step at a time into believing things that are demonstrably harmful to the future of our nation. For the committed hard-leftist, there is never a crisis that shouldn’t go to waste in moving their agenda forward.




The solutions are information, sharing those insights, and voting wisely in the November 2020.


Post Script

These issues impact our profession and most others on a routine basis. Speaking from my experience for a few moments, even as a longtime student of history, I didn’t see that the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) was behaving in a way out of step with what Warren Buffett was preaching and supporting. Smiling faces from Berkshire Hathaway brands – among others – were personally persuasive.

It took me time to ‘wake up’ to what was going on in the once far greater manufactured home industry. So, I can empathize with those who for whatever reason have been sucked into a pro-Buffett and anti-Trump world-view. While I never was anti-Trump, some of the nuances of how the ‘deception and misdirection’ that the Capital Research Center (CRC) and others have documented works in our specific profession.

Put differently, if you ‘get it’ you will need to be patient and supportive of those who don’t get it. If you are not yet persuaded, look at the underlying research. Because the future of our Republic is literally at stake.

Socialism under its various names is a Big Lie. When billionaires are helping to finance these various radical nonprofit groups, that alone should be a clue that a grand deception and misdirection are underway.

It is 4 months to the 2020 election. Watch Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within and look at others who have studied these issues for years. Stay plugged in here, but also find resources that report daily in a manner that doesn’t manipulate you and those you care about into thinking that subtly or boldly undermines the American way.

See the related reports to learn more.


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The Big Lie, paltering, and various forms of subtle- to bold-manipulation have been at work for years. They permeate key parts of our profession but also American society at large. It won’t end without a battle. Freedom is never free.

Dan Rather quote from the compelling video, Shadows of Liberty. You can stream it online.

Leaked Secret Democratic Memo On Black Lives Matter Emerges; “Haven’t Seen Sh-t Like This Before”

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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested with the discussion of manufactured housing related issues on our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHLivingNews.com.

Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing. For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com. This article reflects the LLC’s and/or the writer’s position, and may or may not reflect the views of sponsors or supporters.


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Dark Money-Billionaires Buffett, Gates, Soros Funding Black Lives Matter, Antifa – Named by AG Barr in Riots, Looting – Hijacking Peaceful George Floyd Death Racial Justice Protests


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