Tonight’s 2020 Democratic Debate Preview, Hunter Biden, Senators Warren and Sanders, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones10152019ManufacturedHomeStockUpdates When billionaire and former NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg starts flashing signals that he could be in as a Democratic Presidential hopeful if former Vice President Joe Biden is out, that speaks volumes to 2020 campaign watchers. You can bet that several of the industry’s billionaires, investors, and success stories have an eye on the field; MHProNews does too. There is going to be a lot to cover tomorrow, almost guaranteed. On a day when the market rose, let’s preview a few things that MHProNews will be watching in tonight’s round of the Democratic debates.


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Exposed – Fox News, CNN Both ‘Busted’ For Fake POTUS News, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates


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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business.

  • Haunted by scandal – Wells Fargo
  • Wells Fargo takes $1.6 billion hit linked to the fake-account scam that surfaced three years ago
  • Volkswagen pauses a $1.4 billion investment in Turkey over its Syria invasion
  • Consumers are still spending, says Jamie Dimon. That’s good news for JPMorgan Chase
  • IMF sees weaker global economic recovery. US growth pegged at 2.1% in 2020
  • Google unveils the new Pixel 4 smartphone
  • AMC Theatres enters the streaming market with on demand service
  • It’s 2019 and just one in five C-suite executives is a woman
  • Gymboree is being revived in early 2020
  • Monday was supposed to be a big day for Facebook’s Libra. Instead, it lost another partner
  • Opinion: These are the problems e-bikes and scooters must overcome
  • Chipotle will cover tuition for these degrees
  • How to tell a colleague you hate their idea without crushing their spirit
  • Dow pops 250 points on blockbuster earnings
  • WeWork shuts 2,300 office phone booths over health scare
  • Fortnite is back online with a new chapter after two-day hiatus
  • Gymboree is being revived in early 2020
  • Target is helping to revive the Toys ‘R’ Us brand online
  • Inside the quest to save GE
  • The McRib is back
  • Pizza Hut is making a comeback
  • THE NEW WORK ECONOMY – An empty Target shopping cart is seen in a parking lot outside the store in Westbury, New York, U.S., November 24, 2017.
  • They got a raise. Then their hours were cut
  • Is fake meat really good for farmers?
  • These jobs are the future of auto making
  • This CEO raised the minimum salary of his employees to $70k. Now he’s doing it again
  • Where tomorrow’s graduates want to work


Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business.

  • Dow reclaims level last reached in Sept. as JPMorgan, UnitedHealth power gains
  • 2020 CAMPAIGN – Democratic rivals targeting Elizabeth Warren over this key issue
  • Banker sentenced for savagely killing sick wife after she mocked his manhood
  • Nike’s billion-dollar reason for keeping quiet on NBA’s China spat
  • China and US more in sync on trade deal than originally thought
  • Felicity Huffman reports to cushy prison for her role in cheating scandal
  • Airline allowed man to fly wearing shirt ‘threatening passengers’ lives’: report
  • Taco Bell recalls 2.3 million pounds of beef after customer makes scary find
  • NBC facing fresh criticism over anchor’s ouster amid new Matt Lauer claims
  • Yahoo may owe your money ⁠— here’s how to claim your cash
  • Investment giant reviewing ties to Ken Fisher after sexually charged speech
  • Elon Musk’s Tesla somehow survives the electric car apocalypse
  • Stop doing these 4 things online — Immediately
  • This bank may be on the brink of death
  • Inside Elaine’s domain: ‘Seinfeld’ character’s townhouse hits the market
  • Justin Bieber on the cutting edge of this real estate trend
  • Here’s a rundown of the new products Google just unveiled
  • WATCH: Maria Bartiromo’s advice to women in the workplace
  • Inside GM CEO’s involvement in negotiations with UAW amid strike
  • America’s oldest brewery keeps beer-making a family tradition
  • LeBron James takes China’s side in the NBA feud
  • Rudy Giuliani says he was paid $500,000 in consultation fees by indicted associate’s firm
  • New Walmart service will put groceries in your house when you’re not home
  • Fed’s Bullard warns of a coming recession and explains how he’d handle it
  • Tiger Woods promises that new memoir will be the ‘definitive story’
  • AMC Theatres enters the streaming wars with guns blazing
  • Medicare open enrollment deadline is Dec. 7
  • Woody from ‘Toy Story’ reminds Sean Spicer he has a friend in the White House
  • Trade war flashes an ominous warning sign in global economy, IMF says
  • Tom Brady says he won’t try to entice Rob Gronkowski to make Patriots comeback


10 Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…


Tonight’s Business/Market/Political Impact Spotlight –


Senator Bernie Sanders is in the view of certain pundits all but out after his heart attack. But Bernie isn’t counting himself out. He’s politely gone after rival Elizabeth Warren by saying she is a fine senator, but she says of herself that she’s a capitalist. Sanders flatly says he is not a capitalist. That’s a topic for those concerned about the rise of socialism to watch tonight.

Senator Warren has been ducking on the cost of her ‘Medicare for All’ plan. Now that some polls show her in the lead over Obama-era VP Joe Biden, will someone press her on who is paying for the plan? At least Sanders admitted that the middle class will be picking up part of the tab. Will Warren keep ducking on that? Or will her honesty in storytelling be mentioned? Time will tell.

Perhaps on part to the Sanders heart attack, another significant development is that Biden and his son Hunter have been on the defensive about sweetheart deals in the Ukraine and China that look like pay to play rewards.

ABC News’ video interview with Hunter Biden revealed some interesting statements.

Among them?

Hunter said he “did nothing wrong at all.” But then he admits that “I think it was poor judgment on my part” to become involved in overseas ventures in Ukraine and China. Those statements are not easily compatible.

Further, when he was asked if he would have gotten a lucrative board position at the Ukraine natural gas company Burisma if his last name was not Biden, the 49-year-old Hunter admitted, “probably not.”

It may take weeks or even a few months, but mark your calendar. VP Biden is done. We said so when he announced that he would not likely cross the 2020 Democratic hopeful finish line, and stand by that assessment.

Here is an update on Michael Bloomberg.


MHProNews will plan a report on the debate highlights.

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