Exposed – Fox News, CNN Both ‘Busted’ For Fake POTUS News, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones10142019ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesRight-of-center Fox News’ was exposed by another right-of-center media outlet. Ouch.

CNN was exposed by a CNN insider. Ouch.

It’s an interesting pair of reports that both point to an issue that has been dogging media, especially so in the Trump Administration era. On a day when the markets are mildly down, those inter-connected topics will be our featured report this evening.


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Perhaps more important, you will get insights about the industry from experts that care, but also dare to challenge the routine narrative that arguably keeps manufactured housing underperforming during an affordable housing crisis.


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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business.

  • Oil companies are paying for Trump’s trade war with China. It’s about to get worse
  • Target raised wages. But some workers say their hours were cut, leaving them struggling
  • Uber lays off 350 more workers in last wave of cuts
  • The big question for investors ahead of earnings: Can Netflix attract new customers?
  • China starts restoring ties to the NBA
  • Top Microsoft exec says online privacy has reached ‘a crisis point’
  • NBC News president skewers Ronan Farrow in memo to staff
  • One Nobel Prize in economics winner is youngest ever
  • 5 things to know about Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chickens
  • America’s factories are in trouble. The trade war is only part of the problem
  • This new ETF doesn’t own Walmart, Disney or IBM. Here’s why
  • YouTube says fake video of Trump shooting media doesn’t violate its rules
  • ANALYSIS – Trump’s ‘love fest’ with China won’t end the trade war
  • SMARTPHONE WARS – A visitor looks at a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone at its showroom in Seoul on August 2, 2019.
  • Android 10 beta rolls out to some Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Google’s Pixel 4 phone launch: What to expect
  • Samsung’s profits 56%, but the worst could be over
  • Microsoft teases foldable phone, AirPods rival
  • Africa’s top smartphone maker soars 64%
  • BOEING’S UNENDING SCANDAL – Boeing’s board strips CEO Dennis Muilenburg of chairman role
  • The trade war is only part of the problem for US factories
  • Boeing has safety problems with an older 737
  • Boeing sued by Southwest Airlines pilots over lost pay
  • NYT: Engineer alleged culture of profit over safety


Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business.

  • Trump to hit Turkey with economic sanctions, tariffs after Syria offensive
  • ‘Days like today are tough’: Hundreds of Uber employees are being laid off
  • Company rolls out rider-safety tools amid sexual misconduct scrutiny
  • Charles Schwab: If you start investing at this age, you’re making a mistake
  • UAW members to picket here as strike approaches one month
  • Michael Cohen has an ugly surprise waiting for him when he gets out of jail
  • Scandal inside the Vatican: Pope’s longtime chief bodyguard steps down
  • Scandal inside the Vatican: Pope’s longtime chief bodyguard steps down
  • Retirement abroad: Where you can go to stretch retirement savings
  • This Food Network chef started a restaurant with $3K in his bank account
  • Trump weighs in on UBS banker’s Anguilla arrest
  • Non-profit chief: America’s homeless crisis is spiraling but completely fixable
  • Former hedge funder thinks this often-ignored beer is an untapped cash cow
  • Read this before diving in: The costs associated with popular home luxury
  • Cisco CEO on how the coming 5G revolution will change your life
  • Union membership is highest in these states ⁠— some might surprise you
  • Maria Bartiromo to college students: Leave Columbus Day alone
  • JP Morgan wants out of its investment in a once-trendy new brand
  • Carnival unveils new hybrid technology to power its cruise ships
  • WATCH: Herman Cain scoffs at ‘capitalist’ being used as an insult
  • As US banks battle interest rates, loans may be silver lining
  • I.R.E. Movement: What to know about the extreme-savings trend
  • Betting on free speech at the The League of Legends World Championship
  • Bernie Sanders floats plan to ban large-scale stock buybacks, let workers elect board members
  • California bans fur statewide, but the multibillion-dollar industry won’t be easy to kill
  • Here’s the car Porsche thinks can take down Tesla
  • Saks and Sports Illustrated owners reportedly trying to buy this retailer
  • Union membership is highest in these states, and some of them might surprise you
  • Brewer Carlsberg explores paper beer bottle improve sustainability
  • GOP presidential candidate Mark Sanford on Big Tech antitrust investigations: ‘A lot of saber-rattling’
  • ‘Capitalism trumps all’: Radio station blacklists rapper unless fans create demand

10 Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…



Tonight’s Business/Market/Political Impact Spotlight –



Let’s start with the right-of-center New York Post’s fact-check of the recent right-of-center Fox News poll about national interest in impeaching president Trump.

Mary Kay Linge, writing for the NY Post on October 12, 2019 said that “The poll released last week by Fox News that claimed most Americans favor the impeachment of President Trump underrepresented Republican and independent voters, The Post has found.”

The poll said 51% of voters were in favor of Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, while 40% did not want him impeached,” according to the NY Post analysis.

They said that “Princeton, New Jersey, pollster Braun Research, which conducted the survey, noted 48% of its respondents were Democrats. But the actual breakdown of party affiliation is 31% Democrat, 29% Republican and 38% independent, according to Gallup.”

There bottom line, still of concern to Team Trump is this. “A poll weighted for party affiliation would have concluded that 44.9% favored impeachment and 44.4% opposed it, a Post analysis has concluded.”

The poll had prompted President Trump to tweet: “Whoever [Fox News’] Pollster is, they suck.” POTUS Trump has repeatedly ripped Fox for their polling.

That said, CNN also had their embarrassment in alleged lack of objectivity. A CNN insider has called out CNN President Jeff Zucker for having a personal vendetta against President Donald J. Trump.



Here is part 1 of a planned multipart series by Project Veritas. It was posted with the headline, “PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS [Trump].



These reports underscore the points that MHProNews had advised readers on for some time. Namely, that mainstream media and tech giants reporting and results are often biased, per informed sources, despite claims to the contrary.

“Deadman’s Switch” Activated, Google Whistleblower Sounds Alarm, plus Manufactured Home Equities, Investing Updates

Project Veritas had faced lawsuits, which they say they’ve repeatedly won, over such controversial undercover video reports.  Recall that they exposed that CNN’s coverage of the ‘Russia Collusion’ very early on.  A CNN producer said on undercover camera that it was all about ratings vs. accurate reporting. Almost 2 years later, that proved to be accurate. Russia collusion with the Trump campaign proved to be devoid of any hard evidence, after several federal investigations.  Ooops.

“If You’re Not Catching Flak, You’re Not Over the Target”

A recent survey reveals that they trust local media the most, as well as specialized sites – like this one – more than mainstream national media.

President Trump ‘Big Tech Should Be Sued,’ Google Manufactured Housing Angle Overlooked, Plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates


MHProNews has done several fact-checks and analysis on this topic, using third-party evidence along side our analysis. Some of those recent and prior reports are found above and below from the linked text image boxes. Click the image or link to see that specific report.


Newsy, Peeling Back Media Bias, Manufactured Housing Sales, Investing, Politics, and You

See related reports above and below to get a richer sense of the agenda-news phenomenon.


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Manufactured Housing Industry Investments Connected Closing Equities Tickers

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        • NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).


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