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MHProNews tends to focus on HUD Code manufactured homes, but we routinely spotlight other forms of factory-built housing. We’ve done so for years.

This Daily Business News flashback 2017 year-in-review will be a series of links, that will let you click on some of the dozens of stories that we’ve published this year about the various forms of prefab, modular, 3D, and tiny house stories.  But this column will close with a link on MHLivingNews about manufactured home shopping tips.

Ex-Amazon Leader Sees Future In Modular

Private Equity Fund Grabbing 2 PreFab Home Builders

Chinese Firm to Provide Modular Homes in U.S.?

The “Top Ten” Container Home Designs in the U.S., 2017 – Video

Google’s Going Modular Housing

“It’s Outrageous!” “Censorship” — Suing Google/YouTube

Chicago – Massive Modular Project by European Operation Coming

Introducing ÖÖD – $50,000 Mirrored PreFab – and Compare –

For a generation growing up in often countercultural ways, ÖÖD is bound to hit the right notes with many. But let’s take a look at what’s being said by others, and then do a quick comparison. ” crows Prefab goes in disguise with these sleek tiny dwellings from Estonian company ÖÖD.

Factory Built Home Companies, True Game Changer – Here, Now – Impact on Manufactured Housing?

The Evolution of 3D Printed Homes?

Kasita – Dumpster Inspired Design Tiny Modular – Stackable, Emergency MOD, ADU – Enters Factory Built Housing

Jana Kasperkevic, Tiny Houses, Manufactured Homes & Financing


Giant L&G Sees Modular as Natural Evolution in Housing, Brit & U.S. Ties, Report & Video

Squamish Over Vancouver? BC Tiny House Controversy, Leadership, MH Parallels

3D Printed Home Can Withstand Magnitude 8 Earthquake

Shipping Containers Given New Life

It looks Cool! But is Richard Perkin’s NoHA the Real Deal in Affordable Housing? –

It sounds good. It looks cool. The video will make many think, ‘hey, this could be an option for me some day.’ But is this the real deal in affordable housing, just over the horizon? Or are the missing facts in this prefabricated home design’s story – missing for a reason?

The Top 10 American Corporations, Manufactured Homes, and PreFab Housing

Faced With Housing Shortage, Nation Turns to Unused Containers

Inside MH – Not Every Democrat, Not Every Republican – Politically Incorrect, Factually Accurate

$58,000 PreFabs, Videos, Updates of More Hi-Tech Backers

Prefab, Modular Homes are Front and Center in Solving Housing Crisis –

As populations around the world continue to grow, a recurring theme is the need for housing. More directly, many nations have declared a ” housing crisis ” and are looking for solutions. One of the nations where the need is most pronounced is the United Kingdom or UK, where a report by Cast CEO Mark Farmer entitled; “The Farmer Review of the U.K.

Meet the Modular Housing Builder Google Picked, and their “Industrial Cathedral”

Tips on Shopping for a New Manufactured Home –

Disclosures. Among the most common requests we get from home shoppers is a variation on this question. How do you recommend we determine which company or location to buy from? Because the responsibility for due diligence is with the buyer, this article is being provided as a public service.

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