Sunday Morning Recap May 11-May 16, 2015

Sunday_morning_recapROC USA notches 113th Co-op. MHC Owners Honors Industry Members. RV/MH Chooses 2015 Class. Deer Valley Plummets. Rising Rents makes MH Living more Feasible. World Expo Modular. New MHC Approved. CDBG not for MH. England Modulars. Sen. Shelby proposes MH Access. Habitat Modular in New Jersey. Nadeen Green Honored. Aussie MHC Owner issues IPO. Mods Proposed for Canuck Seniors. Mortgage Credit Rises. TV Shows Modular Mfg. to Siting. Native Americans get Mortgage Assist. Fannie Mae Refis MHC. Bill Bristles MH Industry. FHFA Expands Multifamily Coverage. Scots Check out Modulars. MH Siting Yields to RVs. AZ MHC Sold. MHC Property Tax Lowered. Court Upholds MHC Rights.

Monday, May 11

Manufactured Home Community Becomes 113th Co-op in New Hampshire

Manufactured Home Community Owners Group to Bestow Awards, Discuss Issues

RV/MH Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Announced

Deer Valley Plummets 46.15 Percent; MHCV Falls 1.85 Percent

Rents are Rising—Manufactured Home Living more Reasonable than Ever

Tuesday, May 12

Modular Apartment Complex from Expo 67

New Manufactured Home Community Approved

CDBG Funding Disallows Manufactured Home Repair; Local Initiative Needed

MHCV, Most Tracked Manufactured Housing Stocks Decline

Modular Homes in England Targeted to Young Adults

Senator Richard Shelby Offers Bill to Improve Access to Financing Manufactured Homes

Wednesday, May 13

Habitat for Humanity Building Modular in New Jersey

Fair Housing Attorney Honored for Children’s Housing Accessibility Book

Australian Manufactured Home Community Owner Issues IPO

MHCV Slips Fourth Straight Trading Day

Affordable Modular Housing for Seniors Possible in British Columbia

Mortgage Credit Rises, but Remains Well Below the 2006 Peak

Thursday, May 14

TV Show will Document Production and Siting of Modular Home

Bluffton Adds Modulars to Build Program

Tribal Member Qualifies for Mortgage on Modular Home

Most Tracked Manufactured Housing Stocks Rise, including the MHCV

Manufactured Home Community Refinanced by Fannie Mae

Manufactured Housing Industry Objects to Ohio Legislation

Friday, May 15

FHFA Stretches Multifamily Affordable Housing Lending Categories

Scotland Considering Modular Homes for Health Workers

Manufactured Home Siting Approved, but Owners Yield to Residents’ Suggestions

Arizona Manufactured Home Community Sold

S&P 500 Sets New High; MHCV Nudges Up

Property Tax Rolled Back in Manufactured Home Community

Saturday, May 16

Manufactured Home Community has Right to Re-rent Homesites ##

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