Shots Fired, Manager Assaulted in Another Violent Manufactured Home Community Incident, Growing Trend?


Douglas Alan Daniel was arrested in Baxter County, Arkansas, states public records on A local station, KTLO, reported on 10.21.2020 that Daniel was reportedly unhappy with the lack of completion of repairs on his rented “mobile home.” Daniel was arrested by the Baxter County Sherriff’s Office (BCSO) on multiple charges. They include third degree batter of the community’s manager, terroristic threatening for discharge of a firearm, three counts of a felon in possession of a firearm, and public intoxication.

The BCSO reported responding to a call of “a physical altercation with shots fired” and found Daniel purportedly “extremely inebriated.” A portable breathalyzer test indicated Daniel had a blood-alcohol content over three times the legal limit at .242.

The alleged victim was the manufactured home community’s manager.   Authorities said the manager outside when he was approached by Daniel, who purportedly began to yell, and struck him in the eye with a clenched fist. Daniel then allegedly kicked the victim repeatedly and “asked if he liked it.”

A brawl enthused when a third man appeared and broke up the fight. Then Daniel reportedly pulled out a handgun and fired 2 or 3 shots in the air, per BCSO.

The confrontation became a full-on fight between the men, until a third man appeared and broke up the skirmish, with Daniel allegedly pulling out a handgun and firing two to three shots in the air, according to a BCSO narrative of the incident. When deputies arrived, Daniel was taken into custody. His wife invited the law enforcement officials into the residence to show them “the lack of repairs” not completed by the manager who had been assaulted by Daniel. Officers noted 2 firearms that were loaded in plain sight. As Daniel is a convicted felon, the loaded weapons were confiscated.

The third-party who broke up the fight told authorities he lived nearby and heard the yelling. He responded and found Daniel and the victimized manager on the ground, said he separated the men and then allegedly saw Daniel discharge the handgun in the air. Note that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, which can occur by trial or by entering into a pleading.


Growing Violent Trend in Manufactured Home Communities? Additional Information, MHProNews Commentary

Earlier this month, MHProNews reported on the murder of a manufactured home community manager. That manager was purportedly killed by an 82-year-old man who was being faced with eviction from a manufactured home community portfolio operator.



Lakeside Resident Arrested, Murder Charge for David White Killing Manufactured Home Community Manager


There have been other incidents of murder, gunshots, and community located violence.



With calls to “defund the police” growing among Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and certain Democratic leaders, and with thousands employed in manufactured home communities, are their risks rising in post-pandemic America?



The evidence clearly indicates that the answer to that is sadly, yes.




For example, Snopes reported that Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D) said in a “June 2020 interview, U.S. Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said of the nationwide anti-police brutality protests: “Everyone beware. They’re not gonna stop before election day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after election day … They’re not gonna let up, and they should not.” Snopes added that “But many have interpreted her support for the protests as support for the rioting that occurred at the same time in numerous cities, as well.”  They shared this posted tweeted video.




Some of the “context” that the left-of-center Washington Post correctly says is needed for such claims is found in the Fact Check point above.




Former vice president Joe Biden has spoken out against violence incited during demonstrations following the death of George Floyd, and his official policy platform calls for doing away with cash bail,” said left-leaning Fact Check. While it is true that Biden has at times decried the violence, there have been times – such as the first 2020 Trump-Biden Presidential Debate that when challenged to say “law and order,” the former VP declined.

A closer look at who is funding the groups that result in violence includes some of the same billionaires that have backed the Democratic Party nominees.




It should be noted that violence is rising nationally, including in areas that are normally not as crime prone, such as the suburbs.


“What is Wrong is That We Do Not Ask What is Right;” Sunday Weekly Headlines Review

It should also be noted that historically, manufactured home communities have been as safe or safer than nearby areas.




What will occur if a Biden-Harris ticket and their Congressional supporters are declared winners on or after November 3? If Harris’ chilling observation stated in the tweet above holds true, more violence awaits.


Whatever your background, check out the 200-word “letter to the editor” published on 10.25.2020 at the link below. Keep in mind that such letters wait in a cue for days or a even weeks before they are published.


MHProNews will monitor and report these concerns along with other matters and trends related to manufactured housing and the nation at large.


CBS and Fox Report State Attorney General Investigation “Unlawful Eviction” by Manufactured Home Community, ex-Clayton Homes Executive Connections?

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