Can the Many Defeat Big Money, Big Media, and Major Tech Masters? Plus, Sunday Weekly Headlines in Review


As this is being written, the question poised in the headline above is an unresolved issue. As a pro-free enterprise publication, MHProNews and our MHLivingNews sister-site strongly adhere to the notion of God-given and Constitutionally protected rights. There is a tension between the love of God and the love of Mammon. But ironically, the beliefs of millions of Christians, Jews, or Muslims – among other major faith traditions – no tension between the idea of wealth honestly earned  and the love of God.

It is dishonesty in business that is condemned, for instance, in classic Christian and Jewish faith. For classic Muslim belief, even charging interest on a loan – “usury” – is sinful. Today, such notions are widely ignored by secular media and even by the adherents of those various beliefs.

As a bit of a stickler on the correct meaning of words, MHProNews recognizes that tens of millions use arguably incorrect terminology with respect to our industry, but that also applies to the American political and economic system. Words and ideas have meaning. “Capitalism” and “Socialism” were terms popularized by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. While some of that reading in Marx’s Manifesto is quite dry, Marx and his fellow travelers recognized that ‘capitalists’ were tools along a ‘democratic’ road to socialism, which was a way station to full communism.




MHProNews periodically reminds readers that preferred terms to ‘capitalism’ is free enterprise. A preferred an more apt term for our form of government is not a pure ‘democracy,’  but rather it is a republic with democratic features.  The founders considered and rejected a pure democracy, which the founding fathers thought could led to mob rule.



Early leaders like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Stalin, and others knew that only lies and deception would get them what they wanted. And the ‘capitalists’ would be useful tools, colorfully if darkly described willing even to sell them the rope by which they would be hung.




God is patient with the Creator’s mortal children, but He is not mocked. Billionaires like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, and George Soros are among those executing their godless, oligarchic plans. As Hebrew and Christian Scriptures indicate, ut isn’t always a great saintly figure that God has historically chosen to lead his people. Some, like David and Solomon did deeds that were quite sinful – even murderously so. But those sinful leaders kept returning to the Living God. By contrast, in biblical times or now, there are those who pay lip service or entirely reject the notion or need for the Creator. In this, by accident or design, they follow the teaching of Saul Alinsky, who in his forward to Rules for Radicals dedicated his diabolically clever thinking to Lucifer as ‘the original radical who gained his own kingdom.’



Hillaryrodhamsaulalinskyindustrialareasfoundationpersonal credit poltiicalinsider postedmhpronews
Hillary Rodham, before she became a Clinton, corresponded with Saul Alinsky. A careful look at the thinking of several prominent politicos reveals ties to Alinksy’s thoughts. In the case of Hillary Rodham, she went beyond Alinsky in her ideas for taking power and using the mechanisms of society to further their cause. These are historic facts.

What Glenn Greenwald, who provides no religious context to his thinking writes points to the nexus for big tech, big media, big corporations, and the military-tech-federal ‘spy agencies.’ Greenwald, without being a President Trump sycophant, nevertheless decried the obvious evidence of corruption being covered up by big media and big tech in favor of Obama-era VP Joe Biden before the 2020 election. Greenwald’s pre-election concerns arguably hold together post-election too.



Both attorney and journalist, Greenwald was the one who helped break the revelations of Edward Snowden that spy agencies given power during the Bush-Cheney Administration continued to operate and were used by the Obama-Biden administration.




This writer learned decades ago in studying the Vietnam war and the duel between ‘left and right’ that when certain facts were carefully discerned, there were areas of agreement between the two seemingly opposed groups. In those days, it was still reasonably fashionable for the powers that be to assassinate politicians or leaders. Two examples are President John F. Kennedy – perhaps, as some think, for his pending moves regarding the money system in America – and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who having advanced the notion of a more colorblind society that judged the content of character over the color of someone’s skin, was planning to work with poor whites as well as Blacks and other minorities to advance their social interests.


Timely thoughts for manufactured housing professionals and affordable housing advocates.


There are those historians and other researchers that have argued that since the early days of the American political experiment of self-government, that there has been a sometimes stealthy, sometimes open battle between the money powers for control over this nation. That’s not conspiratorial, it is a matter of historic debate with ample evidence for those willing to dispassionately consider that possibility.


Cui bono? Who benefits from a given scenario? Follow the evidence and follow the money. These are investigators tools used in classic law enforcement, but also journalistic or historic research. The quote is also from an interview with Jerry Brown in 1996. The problems that have become so visible today had their origin decades ago.


By accident or design, economic shutdowns of smaller businesses obviously has benefited larger firms.


As a former GOP insider told MHProNews, leaders with a big enough profile are no longer assassinated in the U.S. Rather, said that source, the powers that be will have an opponent mocked, derided, and smeared to the point that many will not believe or trust them.


The Capital Research Center is an example of an organization that ‘follows the money.’ They also follow the facts and evidence. They have routinely referred to what is occurring in America as misdirection and deception.

A proper understanding, vs. the comic book notions from either left or right, of American history reveals some keen patterns.

For example, there were early and repeated efforts, for example to control banking and establish various monopolies. There was even earlier uses of what could be called propaganda. Among them was the effort to stir up the colonists to break away from England. Later, propaganda was deployed via newspapers, and later radio or television, to advocate various conflicts. Examples of that include the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and the Bush-Gulf Wars.  But one could just as easily add the propaganda campaign waged by leaders during the Obama-Biden-Secretary Hillary Clinton administration attack on Libya to topple Muammar Gaddafi.

There are reasons why much of the world distrusts the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and view certain American leaders as “ugly Americans.”


Quote from a 1996 interview with Jerry Brown. The concerns over a ‘rigged system’ are not new.
They often have entirely different proposed solutions, but they each have pointed to several of the same facts. That alone is a big clue.


No less a personality than multiple-term Democratic Governor Jerry Brown (CA-D) predated the more contemporary concerns raised years before by voices like Senators Elizabeth Warren (MA-D), Bernie Sanders (VT-Democratic Socialist), President Donald J. Trump (R-GOP) who all said at various times that the system is rigged. One difference, said candidate turned President Trump, is that he argued that the rigged system would not be undone by those who rigged it in the first place.




But it was President Trump who said that relying upon those who rigged the system to unrig it was a foolish pipedream. For whatever combination of motivations – patriotism, disdain for billionaires like Buffett, distrust of big media or Communism/Socialism – President Trump stepped into a withering breach of big money, big tech, big media disdain that spent billions of dollars fighting him and his “America First” agenda.






Warren Buffett made himself quite plainly known. He said there was class warfare and his class had won.


Warren Buffett Declared “Class Warfare,” Buffett Says Fellow Billionaires – “We’re Winning”


As the latest Masthead, linked further below makes plain, the evidence is there for those willing to see it. But that bit of wisdom from Jonathan Swift wasn’t his insight at all. It dates back at least to Isaiah 6:9-10, which in the New International Version says:

He said, “Go and tell this people:

“‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding;
be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’
10 Make the heart of this people calloused;
make their ears dull
and close their eyes.[a]
Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
hear with their ears,
understand with their hearts,
and turn and be healed.”

Building on that, Matthew 9:27-34 has Jesus healing the blind who ‘see’ Who He is. Meanwhile, the Pharisees said, “It is by the prince of demons that he [Jesus] drives out demons.”

The tactic of smearing an opponent in politics, religion, or business is obviously nothing new.


Business Ethics, Political Ethics Are Spiritual Ethics

While a sound “Natural Law” argument can be made to support the notions that underpin the Ten Commandments which the prophet Moses brought down from Mount Sinai from God, those who believe find all that is necessary for business, political, social or other ethical applications in those ancient yet evergreen Commandments.

Ironically, having operated successful business units and having ‘turned around’ previously failing ones, applying the Commandments – including the Christian notion of treating others what you would have others treat you – can work well in business.

It is only in this era of hyper-partisan control of Democratic leadership – which includes several “Establishment Republicans” – by big money, big tech, and big media working with ‘the deep state’ – that the plain control of the levers of power becomes clear.

Much of the country has no clue that Russian collusion was always a Big Lie paid for and spun by allies of the Clinton-faction of the oligarch’s propaganda machine. Someone would have to be blind not to see the Clintons emerged from the White House – as they put it “broke” – but soon became wealthy. Their patrons saw to it, and part of the mechanism for that was the Clinton Foundation.  Reputable journalist and best-selling author Peter Schweizer documented in the book and video Clinton Cash the corruption there. Fast forward to the Biden era, and Schweizer documented in Riding the Dragon some of the corrupt ties between Biden family members and Communist China, not to mention corruption involving Ukraine and Russia.

The good news of the Trump years – which will hopefully find success in their various legal challenges and continue on for ‘four more years’ – is that President Trump demonstrated that someone willing to take on that nexus could achieve significant victories that benefited millions of Americans, despite nearly non-stop negative media and big tech bias.




President Trump’s economic and foreign policy agendas delivered for small to mid-sized businesses and millions of workers. Pre-pandemic, CNN admitted in 2019 that President Trump would likely win re-election. The Wuhan China Virus created an opportunity to upend a successful Trump economy, send unemployment soaring, destroy independent businesses, and gave an excuse for Democrats to use mail in voting widely, despite the known risks of fraud in those systems.

Even with wildly negative coverage, and polling that was clearly stacked in an anti-Trump agenda fashion, some 56 percent of Americans felt they were better off after four years under President Trump than they were at the end of the Obama-Biden Administration.




But the 45th president made more enemies along the way. Having upended the Bush-political machine as well as that of the Obama-Clinton axis, it was no surprise that “Bush-McCain Republicans” came out against President Trump in the run-up to 2020 voting. What is a surprise to many, is that some 10 million more people voted for President Trump in 2020 than voted for him in 2016. If Sidney Powell and her legal colleagues and their tech gurus are to be believed, even more than some 73 million voted for President Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence in 2020. Perhaps 80 million did, they say.

President Trump will not go quietly into the night, despite what Obama-Biden-Clinton-Bush and their billionaire backers desire.

It is an open question if the legal challenges will prevail. It isn’t that there is “no evidence,” as Fox News and others in the anti-Trump media orbit are claiming. There is plenty of evidence. But as the drama that played out in Wayne County, MI over not-certifying, then certifying after pressure, before desiring to recant that certification under pressure made clear, there are threats involved in this media-tech-political-corporate drama.

Build Back Better” was and is just a phrase used in Canada as well as in the U.S. by the Biden-Harris team for those who push the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset.


Here on MHProNews we are not blind sycophants. We have called out clear misses in appointing Brian Montgomery at HUD and the failures at FHFA during the Trump Administration. We are also open to the notion that there was not enough people for President Trump to appoint that were willing to challenge “the deep state” at those agencies and others.  We have looked at evidence from left-of-center sources such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Politico, and others that are in the leftist billionaires orbit, but without blindly swallowing their interpretation and narratives of the facts they raised.

It should be self-evident that billionaires don’t want socialist ideology, under the guise of the Great Reset, the Green New Deal, or ‘tax and regulate the rich’ schemes as being straightforward. Billionaire Nick Hanauer wasn’t speaking against his fellow ‘oligarchs and plutocrats’ when he warned some years back about the pitchforks that were coming.



Properly understood, what Hanauer, Buffett, Gates, Soros and their billionaire allies wanted was to get the cover of ‘philanthropic’ foundations, despite the fact that Peter Buffett himself said that they change none of the things that they claim to be aiming to ‘correct.’


It isn’t words that matter. It is deeds. When words and deeds are in alignment, that’s powerful.

It is an old socialist-communist tactic to support the ‘opposition’ as well as favored party. When one grasps the notion of head-fakes and con jobs, only then can our profession and America at large be better understood.


President Trump isn’t a Messiah. But he has proven to be willing to fight a rigged, corrupted system. That alone gives reason for hope. The fact that millions of Hispanics and more Blacks voted for Trump in 2020 than 2016 is also a good sign that the many can overcome the dark use of money.

Money is morally neutral. It isn’t money that is evil. It is how money is used that can be good or evil.

Whatever happens in the next 60 days between now and the inauguration of the current president or a pretender in arguably corrupt Joe Biden this much is clear. The 5 years of active engagement by candidate-turned President Trump demonstrated that the deep state and its oligarch and plutocrats can be successfully challenged. We’ve not hidden our prior or ongoing support of President Trump, who did much of what he pledged in 2016, and in some cases, more than he promised. As political independents with a keen eye on history and how big media and big tech can be used to propagandize and manipulate, we at MHProNews believe that this time of darkness may yet be revealed as the coming of a new dawn.


God willing, the many will defeat the misused money powers. We say that as pragmatic realists who understand that history reveals surprises that upended the powerful. Evil has its time. But so too does Good. That battle continues.


Dramatic Pushback

Quitters never win, and winners never quit. The battle for factual reality vs. clever fabrications continues. The struggle for the rights of the mom and pops and their workers against what is being called the ‘ruling class’ is becoming more self-evident.

Local state governments all over the United States have been dictating to small businesses how they can be open or if they can be open at all while allowing Walmart and Target to operate unmolested through the entire coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Walmart and other corporate businesses are making record profits while mom-and-pop shops go belly-up under the heavyweight of unfair regulations from unelected health officials who aren’t accountable to the people,” wrote Megan Fox on PJ Media.

The people of Orchard Park, New York, have had enough and have finally done what I have been saying should have been done from the beginning. Tell the government to get the hell off your private property and to go get a signed warrant from a judge if they want to shut you down: then you can fight them in court. But simply obeying unconstitutional restrictions on liberty should no longer be an option.”

Fox on PJ Media continued “Study after study has shown that lockdowns hurt more people than they help and do not completely stop the spread of the highly contagious virus. If the grocery store can operate, so can a gym or a hair salon. It’s beyond time for a real movement of mass disobedience. Imagine ordering people to stop exercising for their “health!” It’s beyond absurd to close gyms and keep McDonald’s open because of a health crisis and it’s time for this idiocy to stop.”

With no further adieu, let’s pivot to the headlines from the week that was, 11.15 to 11.22.2020.


What’s New on the Masthead


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Village “Mobile Home Park” “Condemned” – City Orders Community Closed


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Tuesday 11.17.2020

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Monday 11.16.2020

California, New York Losing Population Post-COVID, Rising Crime, Deteriorating Quality of Life, plus, Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

Troubling “Trailer Park” “Mobile Home Park” Allegations – State Attorney General Threatens Manufactured Home Community Owner


Sunday 11.15.2020

“Mob Rules” – 2020 and Manufactured Housing Updates; plus, Sunday Weekly Headlines in Review


Postscript – Opinions vs. Evidence, Motivation, Money Trail, Objective Questions & Deductive Thinking

Can the many defeat the money?

There are significant numbers – arguably in the millions – that because they know basic to advanced principles involved that have a significant degree of clarity on business, political, social, election, religious ideals, and their interplay. The state of this election may be frustrating or disappointing to them, but they are not necessarily surprised.

Facts and evidence are useful. The motivation of the various personalities and institutions matter. As he late Senators William Proxmire and —— each said, there are no coincidences, and there are distinctions between mere opinions – no matter how commonplace – vs. facts.

CBC News, a Canadian news organization, did a follow up with respect to the two tweets shown below.

Per CBC, “A spokesperson for Elections Canada said the tweet was sent because its social media platforms have been flooded with questions about the security of the voting system here — and it was not intended to be a comment on Dominion.”

Our message on Twitter was meant to respond to the large number of questions we had received from people who mistakenly believed we use automated tabulating systems in federal elections. It shouldn’t be construed as anything other than that,” Natasha Gauthier said in a statement to CBC News.

That noted from CBC, that statement in their report doesn’t necessarily change the point made by President Trump’s tweet, nor that of Elections Canada. Dominion flatly denies their system was misused in the U.S. election. But Dominion also failed to show up to a meeting with Pennsylvania officials to discuss the controversies involved with their voting system. Why?

Furthermore, Democratic lawmakers Senators Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) and Amy Klobuchar (MN-D) are among those on the political left that decried the risks from the Dominion voting system.  While there are charges and defenses flying both directions, there are certainly reasons that objective observers can point to that raise serious questions about U.S. election integrity. Many revolve around machines that have proven to change votes, be it by accident, manual manipulation, or some other methodology. That alone, in a hotly contested races are reasons enough to give all parties ample time to verify the authentic vs. claimed election outcome.

Specifically, per the press release from the Democratic lawmakers’ joint letter provided by Senator Warren’s team to MHProNews,The three vendors — Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting Systems, and Hart InterCivic — collectively distribute voting machines and software that facilitate voting for over 90% of all eligible voters in the United States. Private equity firms reportedly own or control each of these vendors, which “have long skimped on security in favor of convenience,” leaving voting systems across the country “prone to security problems.”

“…(W)e have concerns about the spread and effect of private equity investment in many sectors of the economy, including the election technology industry–an integral part of our nation’s democratic process.” – wrote Democratic lawmakers in their letters to the firms named above. “These problems threaten the integrity of our elections and demonstrate the importance of election systems that are strong, durable, and not vulnerable to attack.” That from the political left sounds ironically in tune with claims by voices across the right that claim that this election was rigged.  Affidavits under oath, statements from cyber experts, oddities in voting spikes, photos and videos of items coming into ‘secure’ voting locals where the votes where needed by the Biden campaign to catch and pass the lead by President Trump on election night only add to the concerns that ‘the private equity money that Senators Warren and Klobuchar decried that may have tainted certain past elections also influenced this one too.

The press release dated “DECEMBER 10, 2019” said lawmakers,Warren, Klobuchar, Wyden, and Pocan Investigate Vulnerabilities and Shortcomings of Election Technology Industry with Ties to Private Equity.” As MHProNews readers know, private equity means often means big business and the billionaire class that funds it. It went on to say

Three private equity-owned election technology vendors serve 90% of eligible voters but fail to sufficiently innovate, improve, and protect deteriorating voting systems; Election security experts have noted for years that our nation’s voting systems and election infrastructure are under serious threat…” Those Democratic lawmakers letters and sources-cited research are linked here.

After some 5 years of nearly incessant slamming by the mainstream media, increasingly obvious bias by big tech and social media platforms, and being called every horrible name one might imagine, President Trump reportedly gained some 10 million more votes than in 2016. He earned more votes than President Barack Obama (D). Unlike ex-President Obama, whose support among voters declined in 2012 vs. his historic victory of 2008, President Trump went up dramatically.

When millions of more women, more Hispanics, Blacks and other minorities or groups voted for President Trump than 4 years before, it is a clear sign that the claims of bigotry, misogyny, and other hateful terms fell on deaf ears among those roughly 73 (+?) million Americans.


To see this graphic full size, click here.

That said, how is it then that there are millions who see the president in such dark terms?

Hold that question and related thought for a few moments.

The U.S is far from alone in its populist-nationalist movements such as the successful one launched by candidate Trump 5 years ago. Hungary has Viktor Orban. France has Marie le Pen. Brazil’s Bolsonaro. The Brexit movement clearly demonstrated that nationalism is alive and well in not so Jolly Old England. Put differently, there are similar forces at work in other nations as there are in the U.S. For those who follow antitrust actions beyond the U.S., there are increasing concerns about the accumulation of wealth and power by some corporate giants in many nations, not just America. Rephrased, the power of big money and the media, tech, political, social and other influences that buys are being raised globally, not just in the U.S.

If it sounds conspiratorial to say that big tech, big media, several spy/law enforcement, big money and Big Democrats and Bush/McCain style “Establishment” Republicans are working together, the apt question should be, does the evidence seem to fit the claims?



There are serious people across the left and right that have made precisely that claim. That at a minimum, combined with the historic Trump increase in votes merits thoughtful, dispassionate examination by those who voted against the man. It also merits inquiries by those who for whatever reason did not vote at all, or voted for a third-party candidate.

When there is widespread agreement that the system is rigged, the obvious question is how is it rigged? How does that rigged system impact business? How does it impact workers and everyday life?

When leading Communists said that the capitalist would sell them the rope, look no further than Communist China. Western Capitalists pour hundreds of billions of dollars into a regime that

Can the many defeat the money? It has happened several times in American and world history. That means that it can happen again. Besides, for sincere believers in the Creator Who gave all free will to choose between right and wrong, there are examples of surprising upset victories when the few vanquished superior forces. There are serious ‘scientifically sound’ examples of miracles that can be contemplated.

Of course, “the many can beat the money.” What is unknown at this point is who will win this current battle for the White House? On the one side, are those who have what Danny Glover succinctly called the monopoly of money and information.

Danny Glover quote from the fascinating video documentary, Shadows of Liberty, you can stream it. Other classic documentaries that shed light on these topics are the Corporation and Poverty, Inc. 

When voices on both sides of the left-right divide have warned for decades about the same things, albeit from different vantagepoints, that is a big clue. All that is left is to discern which of those two broad groups is closer to the truth more consistently.

My eighty percent friend is not my twenty percent enemy, famously quipped Democrat-turned Republican who became President Ronald Reagan. Reagan used humor a lot. For those who have not tuned into or watched several Trump Rallies, they may not realize that President Trump uses humor and satire often too.

Controlling information flow makes it easier to influence millions of minds. Having people in key government or nonprofit roles also makes it easier to create an illusion that is believable.

Last April, the Masthead said that this may someday be called Bio-Econ-Prop War I. “Prop” is short for propaganda. “Bio” is short for biological. “Econ” is an abbreviation for economic.

Who in the Biden-Harris camp are speaking seriously about holding China accountable for unleashing this virus on America and the world?  As one ponders that, then think about the financial ties between big money, big tech, big media and Communist China.


Rephrased, an argument can be made that they American oligarchs are turning a blind eye to the actual sources of blame that launched from Communist China. Note that when good research that is grounded in evidence and reason are provided, months or years later, they stand up to the test of time.



Those who already have a measure of clarity of mind and thought on these issues need to continue to plug into sound sources to keep their sanity in the face of an onslaught illusions. Discouragement and repeated “Big Lie” misinformation and deceptions are tool of the money-powers and their allies opposition to the interests of Americans and others in nations around the globe.


Those who are to whatever degree influenced by the massive amounts of propaganda should study the Big Lie campaigns of the past. The informed should engage the persuadable people who were ‘conned’ by the repeated deceptions of the Big Lie. Big Lies and massive manipulations of the past shed light on the Big Lies of the present.



Ora et Labora. Prayer and work. There are clear paths to upending the purported conspiracy that the Trump legal teams claims to have ample evidence to be revealed in various legal proceedings in the next few weeks. The many can defeat the money, there is no question. Stay tuned.


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