Long-Knives – Sanders Surges, Bloomberg Campaign Prepares Sharper Attack, plus Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones2.242020ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesBroaderMarketSnapshotNo doubt the coronavirus influenced today’s biggest one-day slide in two years. But ignoring the obvious is that Senator Bernie Sanders won by a wide margin in Nevada. The Biden Campaign’s claim of electability is falling apart. The long-knives are out for Bernie, with left-leaning media taking aim and the deepest pocket campaign in American history – billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael “Mike” Bloomberg reportedly prepping attack ads aimed at Senator Sanders.

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Perhaps more important, you will get insights about the industry from experts that care, but also dare to challenge the routine narrative that arguably keeps manufactured housing underperforming during an affordable housing crisis.

Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas. We are mindful of the ancient and tested principle of separating the wheat from the chaff.
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Bernie Takes Front-Runner Status in 2020 Democratic Primary, Bloomberg, Biden Campaigns Snapshots – plus Manufactured Home Investing Stock Updates

Media Consolidation at a Glance, 4 Infographics

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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business

  • Workers wearing protective suits spray disinfectant as a precaution against the coronavirus at the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea, Monday, Feb. 24, 2020.
  • The index plunged 1,000 points, as coronavirus fears spike
  • Coronavirus market freakout: Stocks flew way too close to the sun
  • Stranded lobsters and missing wedding dresses: The coronavirus is a daily reminder of China’s global reach
  • Gold is at a seven-year high while bond yields flirt with record lows
  • The coronavirus outbreak is a test for China’s tech industry
  • Warren Buffett finally traded in his flip phone for an iPhone …
  • …. And he drops a hint about the future of Berkshire’s leadership
  • Pepsi is buying a major Chinese snack retailer for $705 million
  • The Costco Connection is America’s fourth biggest magazine
  • Zillow is losing millions on selling homes. But its risk-taking CEO isn’t worried
  • OPINION The US would be better off with fewer billionaires
  • This oil sands project in Canada has been in the works for a decade. Now the company behind it is backing out
  • OPINION A wealth test for immigrants will hurt our economy
  • This drug may help treat coronavrius, according to WHO
  • This is fast becoming an ‘economic pandemic’
  • Some of the world’s biggest economies are on the brink of recession
  • What 12 minutes with a famous CEO can teach you
  • Bob’s Red Mill founder is working in his 90s and loving it
  • Flu season. Coronavirus. How managers can handle sickness and paranoia at the office
  • How CEOs can use body language to be less intimidating
  • 6 ways to be a better boss and a happier one
  • Apple needs a 5G iPhone now
  • Apple Watch outsold the Swiss watch industry in 2019
  • iPhone users may soon be able to choose Google Maps and Gmail as their default apps
  • AirPods and iPhones could be harder to find because of coronavirus
  • Apple redesigned its Maps app. Here’s what’s new

Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business

  • Trump pressures companies to fast-track coronavirus vaccine as outbreak tanks the market: Peter Navarro
  • Drugmakers were trading higher on Monday despite a broad market selloff.
  • Goldman Sachs: Virus to be bigger drag on US economy than previously thought
  • Stocks plummet over 1,000 points as deadly coronavirus crisis spirals
  • Harvey Weinstein convicted: Where does he go from here?
  • GUILTY: Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape, criminal sex act in #MeToo trial
  • What is the safest seat on a plane?
  • How Bernie Sanders’ controversial Castro comments may impact Florida vote
  • Avoid this common mistake when selling your house
  • Facebook investigating ‘suspicious content’ in support of Sanders
  • Coronavirus could slam markets worst than past epidemics, expert warns
  • Coronavirus halts Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ filming
  • High-tax state exodus drives boom in these luxury housing markets
  • Cryptocurrency’s main benefit
  • Actor Jussie Smollett enters plea after allegedly staging phony hate crime
  • Families demand a big change to seating from major American airlines
  • Tech giant inks major New York lease
  • Who is Diana Taurasi?
  • SEE PICS: Trump kicks off India visit with massive 100k rally
  • SEE PICS: Winter ‘Bachelor’ pad up for auction in Vermont
  • C. casket honors Kobe Bryant, daughter with custom memorial
  • Varney: Why even Democrats believe Bernie Sanders will lose to Trump
  • When you should go grocery shopping
  • Kobe Bryant’s widow sues helicopter operator for deaths
  • NASA confirms quakes, aftershocks are common on Mars
  • Skeptics of Bloomberg’s union praise point to his past comments
  • Coronavirus outbreak prompts Catholic churches in Asia to alter Lent services: Report
  • ‘Real Housewives’ Bethenny Frankel sells Hamptons home for $2.28M
  • Parade horror: Car deliberately driven into crowd in Germany, injuring dozens, police say
  • Saudi Aramco launches largest shale gas development outside US
  • Coronavirus hits Lululemon, forces closure of China stores
  • SEE IT: Man drives car off parking garage, slams into McDonald’s
  • Apple’s coronavirus problems may just be starting
  • Supreme Court jumps into explosive battle over Appalachian Trail pipeline
  • Bloomberg’s camp again blames Sanders for campaign office vandalism
  • White Castle dives into ‘surf wars’ with tasty limited-time options
  • Bernie Sanders’ free, universal child care plan comes with massive price tag
  • Meghan Markle pal slams reports she used charity to help royal couple
  • US Treasury yields tumble, curve inversion deepens amid rising fears of virus crisis
  • Mnuchin reveals whether coronavirus outbreak will impact US-China trade
  • Oil prices drop 4% on demand concerns as coronavirus spreads
  • Terrified workers are self-quarantining as coronavirus contagion spirals
  • Economists disagree with Trump about Federal Reserve policies
  • Varney: South Carolina primary, Super Tuesday will define Democratic race
  • Coronavirus outbreak could trigger toy shortage
  • SEC chairman wants better oversight of Chinese companies amid coronavirus
  • OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma starts ad campaign for claims
  • The top reason data breaches happen
  • FDA pays whisteblower 90K for exposing unqualified flight safety inspectors
  • Auschwitz Museum outraged by new Amazon series starring Al Pacino
  • Juul to introduce new type of vaporizer after FDA crackdown
  • Sporting goods retailer Modell’s saves 5 stores from closure amid financial turmoil

10 Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…


Featured Focus – Where Business, Politics and Investing Can Meet


Let’s begin with the obvious. As several Democratic analysts and commentators said following the last Democratic debate in Nevada, the winner of the debate was President Donald. J. Trump. USA Today said that nearly 2/3rds of surveyed voters expect the 45th president to win reelection.


The types of more moderate candidates on the Democratic side – Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN-D), Representative Tulsi Gabbard (HI-D), or former Congressman John Delaney are sliding or have dropped out. While pundits say that former Vice President Joe Biden should not be counted out, what the first three outings and each debate has proven is that he doesn’t have what it takes to cross the finish line – at least, not on the first ballot.

Pro-Democratic media outlets and personalities have been putting the thumb on the scales with respect to Senator Bernie Sanders for some weeks. Their arguments are often sound ones. But it calls into question their objectivity.

One of several examples is MSNBC’s Christ Matthews. Matthews has said that socialism “doesn’t frickin’ work” and that warned about “executions in Central Park.” Again, they are valid concerns, but as a news anchor, wouldn’t it be better to frame it as a question put to the candidate?

Socialism Doesn’t Frickin Work

Executions in Central Park


Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is arguably being written off too soon, based on a weak debate performance last week. Tuesday’s South Carolina debate will shed more light on the topic. But another $1.5 billion in possible political advertising can buy a lot of forgetfulness. The Bloomberg campaign is reportedly giving out free meals to attract attendees, is buying influencers on social media and a range of tactics that could make it look like there is a groundswell of support for his candidacy. Sanders won Nevada handily, where Bloomberg was not yet on the ballot.


Per CNBC, the Bloomberg campaign is preparing media onslaught against Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders.

  • Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign plans to unleash its cash-flush media operation against Bernie Sanders in the wake of the Vermont senator’s resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses.
  • Senior aides to Bloomberg’s campaign have been discussing how they are going to use some of their resources against Sanders, sources said.
  • The campaign, which has already spent over $500 million on media ad buys, plans a multipronged attack, including the publication of opposition research on Sanders, the sources added.

The Bloomberg campaign ads above and below are examples of slick production that can frame him in glowing terms.

As the Real Clear Politics average has reflected, he has surged to 2nd or 3rd in several polls as a result of 1/2 a billion in ad buys.


With Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) having dropped her pledge to avoid SuperPAC donations, and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg having a serious problem with minorities and his own track record in South Bend, barring a miracle for Klobuchar or Gabbard, so long as Bloomberg stays in, it could in a matter of weeks be a two person race for the Democratic nomination. MHProNews would editorially favor long-shots Klobuchar or Gabbard among the remaining candidates on the Democratic side. But it is increasingly looking like Bloomberg vs. Bernie.

For those who think that neither one could beat President Trump, the Trump Campaign itself would say they are confident but encourage voters to behave as if they were a few points down in a close match. Perhaps the nightmare scenario for the Trump campaign would be if Sanders wins the nomination and Bloomberg would support Sanders with his massive financial and media resources. MHProNews will continue to monitor and handicap the campaign..

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