With Record Viewers, Novak Says Billionaire Bloomberg Benefiting Bernie? Plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJonesIndustrialAverageYahoo2.20.2020ManufacturedHousingIndustryInvestmentReportsManufacturedHomeProNewsLast night’s Democratic presidential nomination hopefuls debate reportedly produced a record number of viewers in the 2020 election cycle. The Las Vegas event viewership was likely fueled by the presence of billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael “Mike” Bloomberg for the first time. Presidential politics, on both the GOP and Democratic side will be our evening focus tonight where business and politics meet.

Periodic readers of this business-nightly feature should note there are new tweaks to some of the standard portions of our evening market/investing report. Read carefully as some changes of the ‘standard text’ that follows before our left-right headlines and also in other features near the end of tonight’s reports.

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Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas. We are mindful of the ancient and tested principle of separating the wheat from the chaff.
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Bernie Takes Front-Runner Status in 2020 Democratic Primary, Bloomberg, Biden Campaigns Snapshots – plus Manufactured Home Investing Stock Updates

Media Consolidation at a Glance, 4 Infographics

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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business

  • The Sanders surge
  • Stocks are at record highs, even as Bernie Sanders is the Democratic party’s frontrunner
  • A win for iPhone users: Apple may let people choose Google Maps and Gmail as their default apps
  • Apple needs a 5G iPhone now more than ever
  • Morgan Stanley is buying E-Trade for $13 billion
  • Opinion: Trump’s budget will wreak havoc on the American economy
  • Larry Tesler, creator of copy, cut and paste function, dies at 74
  • Victoria’s Secret is being sold. It’s only worth $1.1 billion
  • Mysterious ‘1’ notification spooks Samsung Galaxy owners
  • Domino’s stock jumps 25% thanks to cheap pizza
  • Peloton is giving free bikes to disappointed Flywheel customers
  • HBO Max is coming to YouTube TV
  • How fake faces are being weaponized online
  • Opinion: It’s not just germs. Auto shows must figure out how to stay relevant
  • Finally the Baby Yoda toys we’ve been waiting for are here
  • American paychecks aren’t getting much bigger — unless you’re rich
  • Goldman Sachs warns of stock market correction
  • A Wawa convenience store in Philadelphia, PA, October 2018.
  • Wawa goes after the dinner crowd with burgers and chicken sandwiches
  • Kraft Heinz shares slide as shoppers skip processed food
  • KFC and Crocs created a clog covered in fried chicken
  • This pricey drink was sold by text message. Now it’s hitting Walmart shelves
  • Move over, kale: Mushrooms are the new grocery celebrity
  • Virgin Galactic shares have skyrocketed 200% this year
  • SpaceX may sell rides aboard its spacecraft
  • Trump seeks billions to US astronauts to the moon
  • Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft faces new safety concerns
  • The race for space-based broadband is on


Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business

  • China’s deadly coronavirus outbreak to hammer these giant American companies
  • As the epidemic slows exports from the global manufacturing hub, the higher prices for everything from tubes to metal pieces could further dent earnings.
  • Stocks drop on Fed comments, coronavirus fears as gold, oil pick up
  • Roger Stone mobbed after learning sentence for lying, tampering with probe
  • Inside his bag of ‘tricks’: How much Roger Stone is worth
  • Ninth Democratic Debate, and the first with Bloomberg, breaks viewership record
  • Bloomberg’s unprecedented spending spree tops $460M ahead of Super Tuesday
  • Former Fed chair issues serious warning: ‘We need very significant changes’
  • Fourth-generation Michigan farmer: Here’s what will save our land
  • Top 10 states with decreasing populations
  • T-Mobile, Sprint near agreement on deal terms to take on Verizon
  • Small businesses coming up empty on internet searches
  • Tom Brady Patriots exit could collapse the entire franchise: Ex-teammate
  • Bon Jovi selling huge New Jersey estate
  • City rejects more Amazon jobs
  • KFC turns the chicken sandwich war on its head with an unusual twist
  • Calvin Klein selling Hamptons beach house to billionaire Ken Griffin: Report
  • NFL owners end months of negotiations in major breakthrough
  • How to get the best hotel rates according to experts
  • Sanders vs. Bloomberg: Who actually owns more real estate?
  • NFL star, who made fortune in football, arrested with 157 pounds of pot
  • Top 5 most fuel-efficient cars of 2020
  • The top countries for healthy children around the world — here’s how the US ranks
  • Best and worst states for people 65 and older
  • Kia recalls 229,000 SUVs, vans over fire risk from electrical short
  • Barbie, American Girl to focus on Netflix, Streaming for future big bucks
  • Free USC tuition to students with $80K or less family income
  • Prince Harry posts fake texts with Bon Jovi ahead of concert
  • Scientists testing coronavirus treatments, trial results expected in 3 weeks, WHO says
  • Supreme Oreos selling for thousands on eBay
  • Billionaire Steyer agrees with Sanders: ‘Unchecked capitalism has failed’
  • Law enforcement has a new plan to crack down on meth trafficking hubs
  • United ditches Biscoff for Oreos but it may not hurt sales
  • Scammers targeting small businesses during tax season
  • Papa John’s Hepatitis A scare sparks investigation
  • ‘Stormi’s brewing: Kylie Jenner battles clothing company for trademark
  • Silicon Valley pioneer behind ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ has died
  • More Americans worry about this disease than the new virus
  • Antonio Brown could win $30M in a grievance case against the Raiders
  • An independent arbitrator will preside over the hearing and determine whether the Raiders owe Brown any portion of his contract.
  • Sick ‘bern’: Investor calls ‘communist’ Sanders bigger economic threat than coronavirus
  • NASCAR star walks out of hospital with daughters after horrific Daytona crash
  • Morgan Stanley buys E-Trade for $13 billion in biggest bank takeover since 2008 crisis
  • ‘Housewife’ goes to work: Reality TV star launching business competition series
  • ‘Fortnite’ banks on new customer base
  • How many jobs have been created since Tax Cuts and Jobs Act took effect
  • Trump 2020 rakes $60M in January as Democrats war over Bloomberg
  • Best friend to small businesses forecasting explosive revenue growth
  • Six Flags earnings take giant drop
  • Democrats average net worth on debate stage more than $10B
  • De Blasio defends Sanders stump on NYC taxpayers’ money
  • The Codfather’s boats, permits sold to fishing company in wake of fraud conviction
  • Google sued for collecting kids’ data
  • DeVos: ‘Many’ universities failing to report foreign money
  • What is Beyond Meat?


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Tonight’s report will have the following four elements.

  • Part 1) Snapshot per CNBC.
  • Part 2) Jake Novak Op-ed on CNBC
  • Part 3) Snapshot from President Donald J. Trump’s events.
  • Part 4) MHProNews Commentary and Analysis

Lets dive in. 


Part 1) Snapshot per CNBC.

  • Almost 20 million television viewers tuned in to watch the ninth Democratic debate on Wednesday, the first to feature former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg.
  • Bloomberg’s addition to the stage on Wednesday might have been a contributing factor to the surge, enticing viewers to see how he would fare among his rivals.
  • The next most-watched debate of this election cycle was the first one between all the Democratic candidates in June, which drew 18.1 million viewers, and was also hosted by NBC News and MSNBC.

Part 2) Jake Novak Op-ed on CNBC



Op-Ed: Mike Bloomberg is buying the nomination – for Bernie Sanders



  • As soon as Mike Bloomberg entered the race, astute political observers began wondering what historic effect his candidacy and unlimited financial resources would have on this election.
  • It now looks like we have an answer.
  • Bloomberg is helping Bernie Sanders win.

QuoteMarkManufacturedHomeLivingNewsAs soon as Mike Bloomberg entered the race, astute political observers began wondering what historic effect his candidacy and unlimited financial resources would have on this election.

It now looks like we have an answer.

Bloomberg is helping Bernie Sanders win.

This may be unintentional, but Bloomberg has suddenly done three things that no one else has ever been ever to do for Sanders and his presidential aspirations: given him a killer instinct against a primary opponent, proven Sanders has a point about billionaire influence in politics and pushed a key gender-based attack away from his campaign.

First off, Bloomberg has finally shaken Sanders into directly attacking an opponent other than President Trump. Before Bloomberg’s entry into the race, Sanders was following a familiar pattern that he started in 2016 when he didn’t press Hillary Clinton on her personal email server scandal. He was repeating that tendency by refusing to even mention the corruption accusations against Joe Biden’s family. That helped Biden immensely.

But it’s clearly a bridge too far for Sanders to lay off the former New York City mayor, his huge campaign spending machine, and his long history of embracing Republican and conservative policies.

Sanders knows that giving a billionaire oligarch like Bloomberg a pass would destroy his own brand as a political warrior against the billionaire class.

As an added bonus, it’s pushing him to do the necessary attack messaging against at least one of his primary opponents.

Anyone watching the Democratic Presidential debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night saw Sanders go after Bloomberg in ways he never did against Clinton and Biden, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a one-shot deal.

Then there’s Bloomberg himself, who is providing living proof of so many of the things Sanders has been railing about for years. It’s one thing for Sanders to warn about billionaires crowding out the competition, getting special treatment, and demanding an outsized level of influence in politics and the economy.

For everyone insisting Sanders is peddling a kooky ideology best left in the 1960s,
here’s Bloomberg to prove he may be on the mark today.

Millions of Americans clearly took to that message, but it was still something like a “sky is falling” type of warning for many others. Enter Bloomberg, who couldn’t be closer to the living embodiment of almost everything Sanders has been warning about all this time. For everyone insisting Sanders is peddling a kooky ideology best left in the 1960s, here’s Bloomberg to prove he may be on the mark today.

That’s the kind of sudden credibility Sanders couldn’t buy. But now Bloomberg has indirectly bought it for Sanders.

Bloomberg’s money is also helping Sanders in another way: it’s firing up his donors in impressive fashion. Sanders has been posting better and better contribution numbers ever since Bloomberg entered the race.

That trend continued during and after Wednesday night’s debate, as the Sanders campaign says it raked in $2.7 million from nearly 150,000 donors.

Again, this seems to be the result of Bloomberg’s own spending triggering a sense of urgency for Sanders and his supporters in hopes they can somehow stem the tide of the billions this new opponent can easily spend in the race.

Finally, there’s the Bloomberg effect on Sanders’ other key rivals, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Until recently, Biden was the enduring frontrunner in the Democratic primary race. But Bloomberg’s advertising blitz pushing his moderate record and his promise to take down Trump in the general election stole Biden’s two major selling points in this race. That sped up Biden’s long history of fading after the voters get a closer look at him.

In Warren’s case, the massive Bloomberg ad campaign and news media’s focus on his late entry in the race pushed Warren out of whatever remaining spotlight she enjoyed.

That played a role in this week’s claim by Warren and her campaign that she’s been subjected to a “media blackout.”

Interestingly, Warren pushed back by primarily focusing her attacks on Bloomberg in the Vegas debate and accusing him of a bad history with women’s issues.

Her assault on Bloomberg dwarfed the similar attacks former Mayor Pete Buttigieg tried to make against Sanders because of some of the hateful comments Sanders supporters have made online.

That’s an important attack Sanders dodged, especially considering the fact that Warren was making news last month by accusing Sanders of saying no woman could win the presidential election. Sanders denied that accusation, and now it looks like he won’t have to address it again. Warren has a new target, and her attacks on Bloomberg are a win for Bernie.

Throw Bloomberg’s lackluster personal performance in the debate into that mix, and it’s hard to see anyone else stealing or matching Bernie’s thunder and grassroots support before this nomination contest is over.

It’s possible Sanders would have enjoyed a momentary jump in the polls even without the Bloomberg effect on the Democratic race. But these Bloomberg-induced developments seem to have cleared a much easier path for Sanders to win the nomination.

Jake Novak is a political and economic analyst at Jake Novak News and former CNBC TV producer.
You can follow him on Twitter 


Part 3) On the GOP Side…

President Donald Trump made a visit to Bakersfield on Wednesday to sign an agreement that will provide more northern California water to farmers in the San Joaquin Valley,” said the Fresno Bee, which provided this video report.



CBS’ Red Blue report provided this snapshot of the multi-state campaign swing by President Trump, who is speaking in Colorado at a rally tonight.


Part 4) MHProNews Analysis

Billionaires Tom Steyer and former NY City Mayor Bloomberg are among those who has quipped that the winner in the Democratic debates has been President Trump’s campaign. As has been previously noted, a Democratic consultant has told MHProNews that the expectation is that Senator Sanders and billionaire Bloomberg are the likely two finalists and the battle will come down to those two.

Last night’s Democratic event, as have others, will provide the Trump campaign with numbers outtakes that will likely appear in the general election. Democrats in those anticipated upcoming ads will be slicing up other Democrats, and of course, what will not be mentioned is that they have all agreed that they will support whomever the nominee is against the 45th president.

There are those who think that either Bloomberg or Sanders will be easy to beat for the 45th president. Not necessarily so. If Bloomberg’s deep pockets truly backs the nominee, which at this time certainly could be Sanders, hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads will be a difficult hurdle. Will “Teflon Don” be able to stand up to a billion dollars or more of such possible attack ads?

This could be an epic general election. Stay tuned.


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