Joe Biden Asks at Summit, “Which Way Am I Going?” Matthew Continetti Analysis of Biden’s America, With Rahm-Rand Analysis for U.S. and MHVille Application; plus MHStock Market Updates


“”Which way am I going?” asked President Biden when he ended Thursday’s press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid. He began to exit stage right, before someone redirected him toward stage left. This combination of ignorance and indecision was not new. Throughout his 18 months as president, Biden has been confused, uncertain, sluggish. He behaves as if he is guided by unseen forces. He moves on a course set by hidden captains.” So wrote Matthew Continetti in an opinion column on the Washington Free Beacon on July 1, 2022 at 5:00 am. Continetti, a regular on televised panel discussions and at conferences, says he is frequently asked about who is actually running the show, because “people notice” that various disconnects like that of the apparent chief executive and found in other parts of the Biden Administration.

Continetti’s view from Washington, D.C. is that “institutions take on the character of their leaders. If all the White House has to offer is excuses, if decisions are made either slowly or randomly, if the communications team and the president and vice president seem to live on different planets, if incompetence and mismanagement appear throughout the government, it is because the chief executive allows it. No conspiracy is required to explain the ineptitude. This is Joe Biden we are talking about.”

The editor of the Free Beacon then admits he is doubting his own perspective.

“Lately, though, I have been having second thoughts. Not that Barack Obama or Ron Klain or Dr. Jill are running the show in secret. What I have been wondering, instead, is whether anyone is leading the government at all. There is no power, either overt or covert, in or behind the throne. The throne is empty.

Think of the economy, the border, and Ukraine. From time to time, Biden addresses these issues. He may even answer questions about them. The White House sends out press releases describing its latest initiatives. Vice President Harris or the second gentleman pops up somewhere to talk about all the good she and he are doing.

Yet each of these elements—the president, his staff, his spokesperson, his vice president, his policy—comes across as disconnected, discombobulated, as if each inhabits a separate sphere of activity. Whether because of Biden’s age, or his weekend trips to Delaware, or years of remote work, or lower-level staff turnover, or a painstakingly slow decision-making process, or ideological stubbornness, or a lack of a strategic plan, this administration drifts from crisis to crisis, and from one bad headline to the next. And nothing improves.”

These are arguably valid concerns and thoughtful points. But they also ignore a mantra that was expressed by former mayor of the city of Chicago and the ex-chief of staff of former President Barack Obama (44th President of the United States (POTUS)-D), Rahm Emanuel. The infamous remark he uttered? “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” But then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and former Democratic Party nominee for president in 2016) said similar while in Brussels, per Reuters. “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience Friday “never waste a good crisis,”” the news operation reported on March 6, 2009.

Left-leaning said of Emanuel’s quote that he made that statement on November 19, 2008, prior to becoming Obama’s chief of staff. Okay, so what? The fact that he held that philosophy and shared it publicly, did it deter then-president elect Obama from having him serve as chief of staff to the POTUS, a key and powerful role? No.

FactCheck said the fuller context of Emanuel’s quote was that the energy crisis of 1973-1974 was wasted because that was a time when the country could have been moved away from cheap oil as a key component of energy policy. Following the “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” etc. with the 1973-1974 oil crisis comments, Emanuel spelled it out, stated FactCheck. “and not just my view but obviously the administration’s, missed the opportunity to deal with the energy crisis that was before us. For a long time our entire energy policy came down to cheap oil. This is an opportunity, what used to be long-term problems, be they in the health care area, energy area, education area, fiscal area, tax area, regulatory reform area, things that we have postponed for too long, that were long-term, are now immediate and must be dealt with. This crisis provides the opportunity, for us, as I would say, the opportunity to do things that you could not do before. The good news, I suppose, if you want to see a silver lining, is the problems are big enough that they lend themselves to ideas from both parties for the solution.”

What sparked that review is perhaps as relevant today as then. The day before their post, linked here, Senator Rand Paul (KY-R) remarked on 1.12.2011 that: “Well, these are the kind of things that I think some on the left decide and manufacture even before the events occur. I mean, this is part of the playbook of Rahm Emanuel where they say any crisis should be used to their advantage to further their agenda. So I’m not surprised that they do it, I do think they should be ashamed of themselves for doing it.” Is this something that Continetti considered?

Influence Watch says about the organization that funds – the Annenberg Public Policy Center – the following.  “With over $1.6 billion in assets, the Annenberg Foundation is among the 50 largest private foundation in the United States. [2]

Like many large grantmaking foundations, the Annenberg Foundation is known to fund many left-of-center political groups and causes. [3]” But who was Annenberg? Influence Watch answers that too: “The foundation was founded by billionaire publisher and Nixon administration U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain Walter Annenberg, who was among the most prominent philanthropists in America upon his death. [1]” This is the same President Richard Nixon (37th POTUS-R), who infamously opened the door for Communist China to begin normalizing relationships with the U.S. Nixon is one reason that thoughtful conservatives and Christians or people of traditional faiths may not register as a Republican, because he began a chain of events that his party ought to have repudiated but largely did not. Those points noted, back to Continetti’s column this morning.

“Earlier this week, authorities found at least 50 dead people in a tractor-trailer on the side of a road in El Paso, Texas. The victims were illegal immigrants who had paid human traffickers to bring them to the United States. This ghastly discovery was a reminder of illegal immigration’s human toll, and of the inadequacy of Biden’s migration policies. One reporter asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for her response to Republican critics. “The fact of the matter is the border is closed,” Jean-Pierre said, “which is in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling networks.”” Isn’t that an example of the big lie at work?



Continetti continued: “Closed? Unauthorized crossings hit another milestone in May, when Border Patrol encountered some 239,000 individuals. At that time, however, authorities could expel illegal migrants under public health regulation Title 42. The status of the Remain in Mexico program was unclear. Biden, of course, wants to end Title 42, and the Supreme Court ruled on June 30 that he has the authority to shut down Remain in Mexico. If you think the border is “closed” now, just wait.

Biden could explain to the nation why it is in our interest to admit as many asylum-seekers as possible, even if a rise in illegal entries and in cross-border human and drug trafficking is the consequence. Or he could admit that his policies are responsible for a humanitarian disaster and withdraw his earlier executive orders. Or he could use whatever political capital he has left to pass an immigration reform bill that combines legal pathways to entry with workplace enforcement. But he won’t do anything. Why? Because he is either satisfied with the situation or simply overwhelmed by it. Neither option is reassuring. And the problem grows worse.”

While the Free Beacon editor has a point, again, what might be overlooked in his analysis is the “never let a crisis go to waste” in the sense that Senator Paul astutely pointed toward. Highlighting for emphasis, “Well, these are the kind of things that I think some on the left decide and manufacture even before the events occur. I mean, this is part of the playbook of Rahm Emanuel where they say any crisis should be used to their advantage to further their agenda. So I’m not surprised that they do it, I do think they should be ashamed of themselves for doing it.” While to FactCheck’s point that he paraphrased rather than direct quoted Emanuel, that doesn’t make the concern or thesis advanced by Senator Paul any less valid. Perhaps Continetti could have mentioned this as a possible take on events occurring in D.C., nationally, and even internationally.

The pundit continued: “Where Biden is most engaged is Ukraine. He warned against the invasion, rallied NATO against Russia, encouraged Sweden and Finland to join the Western alliance, and committed America to supply Ukraine with aid and weapons. “The generic point is that we’re supplying them with the capacity—and the overwhelming courage they’ve demonstrated—that, in fact, they can continue to resist the Russian aggression,” Biden told reporters Thursday. “And so, I don’t know what—how it’s going to end, but it will not end with a Russian defeat of Ukraine in Ukraine.”

Continetti then quips: “Shouldn’t the leader of the Free World have some idea of how this brutal conflict might end? The war has taken a horrible human toll. Its effects on energy and food markets have been devastating. The goal should be to end the war.

How? Not by giving Putin what he wants. By giving Ukraine what it needs to push Russia back to the pre-war line of control. A Russia on defense is more likely to sue for peace.

Biden makes this prospect more difficult by limiting the systems we provide to Ukraine, by dribbling them out over time, and by insisting that we won’t provide Ukraine with weapons that could strike targets inside Russia. From the start of the war, Biden has been more interested in signaling to Russia what he won’t do than in causing Putin to fear what he might do. His self-constraint extends the fighting rather than shortens it and provides Russia the space for its slow roll through eastern and southern Ukraine. The war has become another disaster that Biden allows to play out in the background, in between bike rides and scoops of ice cream from Starkey’s.”

In fairness to the thoughtful column by Continetti, no one column can cover every detail or nuance. Every news article, every factually accurate and evidence-based opinion column still leaves numerous items on the editorial cutting room floor. As the Fourth of July holiday weekend is upon America, it is a good time not just to escape troubling realities, but to reflect on them. The Free Beacon’s editor has woven together an interesting narrative and a plausible explanation. Biden is merely stubborn, frail, old, and incompetent seems to be Continetti’s contention. Consider how he draws to a conclusion.

“American aid to Ukraine is just and necessary. Since 1947, the policy of the United States has been to “support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.” But Biden won’t be able to sustain the domestic support for American involvement in a years-long war of attrition. He needs to match his actions with his words and drop his inhibitions on the aid we provide the Ukrainians. And he could do so while launching a peace initiative, thereby restoring coercive diplomacy as a tool of American foreign policy.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Decisive leadership is not Joe Biden’s calling card. And so, the crises continue to mount. And Americans are left with feelings of aimlessness and fear.” ##


What is left out of this analysis is perhaps what he obliquely referred to the notion of ‘conspiracy’ – but perhaps more aptly, the Free Beacon’s editor might have said instead collusion and conspiracy. Collusion and conspiracy between whom?

The notion that the 44th President may to some degree be working behind the scenes in the Biden White House or Biden administration has been fueled by Mr. Obama himself. He told Stephen Colbert that he’d be okay with being the man behind the curtain.



OBAMA: “I’ve said this before, people would ask me, ‘Knowing what you know now, do you wish you had a third term?’ And I used to say, ‘You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front-man or a front-woman and they had an ear piece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that.’ Because I found the work fascinating. I mean, I write about the — even on my worst days, I found puzzling out, you know, these big, complicated, difficult issues, especially if you were working with some great people, to be professionally really satisfying. But I do not miss having to wear a tie every day.”

That’s hardly conspiratorial in the traditional sense of it being hidden from view. That statement is hiding in plain sight.

Does that undermine Continetti’s thoughtful analysis? Not necessarily. But it does provide a different lens to consider those same troubling U.S. issues he outlined and cited. Certainly, Mr. Obama’s point to Colbert doesn’t harm Senator Paul’s contention.

It is difficult to imagine a modern American administration inepter than the current one. Some of it might fit a combination of Continetti’s and Pauls’ views. People who disliked, vilified, or diminished for ‘mean tweets’ deposed Donald J. Trump (POTUS 45-R), who Biden was supposed to be superior too now regret their votes in record numbers. As pundit, author, and talk radio maverick Wayne Allen Root observed no one has done a better job of uniting the country than Biden, but he is uniting the country against himself and against his own political party. But as with all merely mortal writers that lack perfect divine inspiration – present one included – the wheat must always be separated from the chaff.

Additional Information, More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

Continetti raised several useful facts, regardless of if someone agrees with his specific interpretation of those items.  But be it a critic of Biden’s from the right or the left, someone must look at the bigger picture. Billions of dollars were spent getting Joe Biden into the White House. Those who put him there were in large measure members of the Civic Alliance, as they have said, and which the thesis of left-leaning Time’s writer Molly Ball broadly supports.


The Civic Alliance is openly touting the reasons “why” it engaged so actively in the 2020 election cycle. What this group of corporate, media, and nonprofit interests did fits the Molly Ball contention she published in a controversial article in Time Magazine.


IamThrowingUpTiredAllTheLiesMollyBallTimeBillionairesMarkZuckerbergBill GatesEt Al BidenHarrisTrumpTragedyMHProNewsLogo

There are those who have continued to press the claim – routinely, but not always, from the political right – that the 2020 election was ‘rigged’ or ‘stolen.’ The documentary 2000 Mules, the research by Peter Navarro, Arizona and other state level investigations and others point to that concern. Some Republicans want to bury that topic, even as deposed President Trump pushes it time after time in public speeches, his Truth Social posts, other statements, or interviews. At the recent Faith and Freedom coalition conference, it was part of his warmly received address. Trump and others make the point that without election integrity, all other issues are diminished. Not the sole, but a key basis of the American Republic is that representatives are elected by the will of the people. Only free and fair elections deliver that, and surveys of minorities as well as the broader population are often pointed to because they assert that Americans want things like voter ID to ensure the integrity of their and others votes.

Fire-Brimstone – ‘Hold On I’m Comin’’ – Will Deposed President Trump Return to Washington in 2023? Following Midterms, Interview Statements Reveal Option if GOP Captures House in November 2022

It was the Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA) Executive Director Tom Hardiman who bluntly said over a year ago that the Biden regime is about “political payoffs.” When the money trail is followed, and the Big Lie and methods of manipulation are kept in mind, what seems obscure, bizarre, or conspiratorial comes into sharp focus.


To a significant degree, Biden should be judged by his own words and deeds. Be he rightly or wrongly in the White House, he is there for now. Biden is called president – and is treated as such – regardless if Mr. Obama is whispering into mic connected to a Biden earpiece or not. Continetti has made a valid point that there is no need for a conspiracy theory. True enough.

But is it conspiracy in the sense of some dark secret, or is it more likely a simple case of follow the money and pay more attention to the actions than the words?

Isn’t this more in alignment with Senator Paul’s contention that this is part of the left’s playbook? Namely, to create a crisis so they can later posture solving that crisis with some program? And who benefited or cashed in along the way?

Continetti raises the illegal immigration issue, and correctly so. Though immigration is now dwarfed in the public mind by rising inflation, fuel, food, and housing costs, it is a driver of each of those. More people in the U.S. – legally or illegally – requires more housing. More demand for housing, fuel, food, jobs causes the law of supply and demand to kick in. “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” (TANSTAAFL). There never has been. Someone always pays. How that ‘payment’ is made, be it stealthily by inflation, more directly through taxation or loss of opportunities as a few get richer and many if not most are harmed, an openly rigged system is increasingly evident. There is not need for a conspiracy theory. Just examining the facts, evidence, and sifting through the paltering to reality is all that is needed.



Americans have been subjected to over a century of subtle to bold manipulation which has long been deployed by the moneyed class. That’s not a slam on the free enterprise system. It is merely a look at reality. The irony is that many on the left rail against the very people who slyly to openly are the power behind the Democratic Party.  A few quotes connected to Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) led Warren Buffett and his vice chairman Charlie Munger and some illustrations serve to make the point. Increasingly, voices on the right are recognizing this pattern. They no longer point only to billionaire George Soros, who is as much a favored whipping boy for the right as the billionaire Koch brothers have been for those on the political left. The right has in the one to two years or so picked up on the point that billionaire Bill Gates, a longtime Buffett ally, and Mark Zuckerberg are as bad as Soros. But a closer look reveals that those specific billionaires on the left and right may have more in common than seemingly separates them.

This quote was posted on the Munger, Tolles & Olson website. Munger and attorney and Berkshire board member Ron Olson both serve Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway BRK.

Is it a conspiracy in the normal sense when members of a scheme – even a big, bold scheme – at times openly talk about it?

Each of the billionaires engaged in ‘rigging the system’ are obviously doing so hoping to do things in their own favor. A case can be made that Koch was fine with illegal immigration, because it reduced his U.S. labor costs. The screen captures below are sufficient reason for objective thinkers and seekers of the truth to realize why left and right both have to be considered before facts are examined and conclusions are formed. At the time Senator Bernie Sanders made the argument cited below, he was quite correct. Bringing in more immigrants, legally or illegally, obviously dilutes the value of domestic U.S. labor of whatever race.

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KochImmigrationH1BVisaIllegalImmigrationGoogleSearch-MHProNewsScreenshot 2022-07-01-08.57MHProNews
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That last point was widely underscored by Hispanic voters who turned on Democrats in Texas’ recent special election that turned a longtime Democratic stronghold dating back to the 1870s. The district elected a Mexican-born female Republican who’s husband is a border agent, apparently repudiating Democratic and Biden policies. Hispanics don’t want illegal immigration, for a range of common-sense reasons. This demonstrates that it is not a racist issue, as some on the left attempt to claim.

But the point isn’t any one policy. All of the policies – stated or implied by their deeds – of the Biden regime are fueling current and future crises.

Ironically, this fits what Senator Paul claims is a pattern of causing or allowing a crisis to occur to give an opportunity to later ‘solve’ a crisis to advance an agenda. This, Paul reasoned, was part of the leftist playbook. But all of this upends the claims of those who believe in big government and technocracy that their way is somehow superior. It demonstrably is not.

Republicans can still screw this up. The billionaires who are happy to buy the support of Establishment Republicans or Establishment Democrats can still upend the consensus that is forming around the simple populist and common-sense notion of Americans first and America first. The ‘globalist’ ‘free trade’ and related agenda is that of the billionaire class and their corporate interests. The evidence for that is ample. Thus, an opportunity is being generated that could unite wide swaths of the Democratic base with those of the Republicans who believe in America first and Americans first.

Agree or not with Trump’s style, but he has ushered in a new Republican majority that is increasingly pro-worker (of whatever race), pro-senior, pro-small business, and pro-America first and is anti-globalism. Tariffs on China were part of that plan. American energy independence were part of that plan.

Biden, who positioned himself as the savior of the ‘soul’ of the country from what they painted as a ‘racist’ Trump has ironically proven that Trump was better for American black, Hispanics, Asians, and other ethnic or demographic groups. Trump’s DOJ antitrust division also began to take on the big tech and other corporate giants. That is why the Biden campaign got the support of the Civic Alliance, their agenda was being undermined by Trump. No conspiracy needed; it is simple perceived self-interest.

Not every billionaire is a selfish, greedy, amoral scum bag. But plenty sadly are. President Trump has said repeatedly that America needs a Savior, and it isn’t him. That savior, said Trump, is Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the only way to discern reality in an era of widespread paltering and misinformation is to boil facts down to their essentials. If big government is a solution, than why has the debt mushroomed and the problems that big government was supposed to solve remained much the same, or in some cases have grown worse?

Posturing and preening for cameras aren’t the same as solutions. The quotes below all lead to a very similar conclusion about reality.




The American system has been rigged. It isn’t garden variety incompetence, despite Continetti’s thoughtful case for that. The historic precedents for what has occurred nationally are found in Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s (D) arguably corrupt municipal system that blended special interests and even criminal activity to keep the city moving in the direction the local power brokers wanted. Or how Tammany Hall operated in New York City. Britannica says: “Tammany Hall, also called Tammany, the executive committee of the Democratic Party in New York City historically exercising political control through the typical “boss-ist” blend of charity and patronage.” That source said: “For more than three decades after its organization, Tammany represented middle-class opposition to the Federalist Party. However, its “democracy” did not incorporate the aspirations of the lower economic groups. During this period it lost its national and nonpolitical character and became intimately identified with politics in New York City.” Apply that notion to the modern era.

But looking back to the historic insights, Britannica also said: “Boss rule – As early as 1806–07, revelations of widespread corruption of Tammany city officials resulted in the removal of the controller, the superintendent of the almshouse, the inspector of bread, and other officeholders. Despite such proven charges, many of the removed individuals, including the society’s founder, remained powerful Tammany sachems.”

A sachem – a boss or leader – is still in evidence in several aspects of American life.

The corruption in Chicago and New York City went on for decades. Some would argue that it still exists in the Big Apple and the Windy City, but also nationally. Let’s not forget that in Oklahoma. The Washington Post said that the scandal had “cases in 65 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties.” Due in part to a federal probe, Oklahoma History said: that in “1980 a huge scandal erupted stemming from the conviction of some 220 county commissioners and suppliers.”

So, it’s not just big cities, but other parts of the country too, that has had a pay for play system of cronyism and favoritism. What Rev. Ivory Mewborn has described in Ayden, N.C. smacks of some of the same concerns that have been conveyed in rural as well as metropolitan American history.


Ironically, when some on the left call Trump a fascist, the definition of fascism provided by fascist leader Benito Mussolini needs to be considered. As the PoliticalResearch website states: Mussolini said: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” That defines much of what is occurring in the U.S., regardless of what it is called.

The impact on this pattern in manufactured housing ought to be apparent to longtime and objective readers of MHProNews. Our industry ought to be soaring and roaring. There is an affordable housing crisis. The legislation to support overcoming zoning and placement issues, financing already exists. There is nothing new from the Homes on the Hill exhibit or the Freddie Mac research.




Those facts have been true for decades. What needs to be asked and properly answered and then addressed with a goal and solution orientation mindset is this. How is it that the industry with favorable laws is operating at only about half the level of what it did when Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway entered manufactured housing more directly in 2002 and 2003?

Dated and at times inaccurate or misleading information is available on the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) website, which may explain why MHProNews and MHLivingNews has robust traffic and high levels of engagement when new visitors arrive. That is per third-party metrics. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

Manufactured housing is only at about 1/3rd of the levels of the last highwater mark of 1998.

James A. “Jim” Schmitz Jr. goes even further back. He accuses the federal government – specifically HUD – and builders colluding with each other to subvert manufactured housing. He too relies on historic evidence and then points out how this pattern of “sabotaging monopolies” is not just a manufactured housing industry issue.


What might have occurred if Trump had remained in office with manufactured housing is a matter of speculation. But certainly positive steps occurred and the Innovative Housing Showcase (IHS) 2019 was started during Trump’s term under the leadership of HUD Secretary Benjamin “Ben” Carson, M.D. MHProNews has exclusively reported that antitrust officials met during Trump’s term in office to specifically discuss allegations of violations of federal law in the manufactured home industry. Would a case against Berkshire and other brands, or even MHI, have occurred if Trump hadn’t been deposed? It is a matter of speculation.

What is not speculation is that no such action is occurring thus far in the Biden-Harris time in office. This despite that apt claims that consolidation of markets harms consumers and employers alike.

This is the vexing aspect of the Biden regime. They at times say things that are true enough, but then they fail to actually deal with the obvious solution. When Biden said he thought Russia would invade Ukraine, he was proven correct. But if he ‘knew’ that was going to occur, why didn’t he beef of Ukraine’s defenses to deter a Russian attack? Wasn’t that preferable to this current war?

The need to apply discernment, common-sense, and a healthy skepticism to governmental, nonprofit, and business claims must become routine. It should be done as objectively as possible. Applying the principle of separating the wheat from the chaff is necessary, because someone or some organization could seemingly say the right things but then do the wrong ones, or draw the wrong conclusions.

See a possible and recent example in our profession of that problematic pattern in the Q&A linked below. America is in a new Gilded Age of modern Robber Barons. As with Tammany Hall, organizations that have a ‘benevolent’ purpose have been weaponized to advance an agenda. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is a fair reading of American history and how it applies to our nation today.

Absent applying the ancient principle of separating the wheat from the chaff, who would we ever find to quote, save God himself?
One may or may not agree with Clyburn’s politics. But the wisdom of this statement by Clyburn is demonstrably true.
Manufactured Housing Institute Leaders-Lawyers Asked About Explosive Allegations by Nonprofit Veteran on High Profile MH Industry Threat; Exclusive Q&A Claims Downturn Less Than 1 Year Away if MHI Fails

An additional look at the above in the light of MHI’s ‘reply’ is found below.

Manufactured Housing Institute ‘Response’ to Explosive Allegations by Manufactured Home Industry Insider – Exclusive Facts & Analysis Includes MHI, Other Sources; plus MHMarket Update


Next up is our daily business news recap of yesterday evening’s market report, related left-right headlines, and manufactured housing connected equities.

The Business Daily Manufactured Home Industry Connected Stock Market Updates.  Plus, Market Moving Left leaning CNN and Right-leaning (Newsmax) Headlines Snapshot. While the layout of this daily business report has been evolving over time, several elements of the basic concepts used previously are still the same. For instance. The headlines that follow below can be reviewed at a glance to save time while providing insights across the left-right media divide. Additionally, those headlines often provide clues as to possible ‘market-moving’ news items.


Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…

“In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffett. That begs a key question. Why don’t more people LOOK at the rearview mirror so they can learn more about the patterns that influence what’s ahead? Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.
“Survey 85 Percent of Americans Concerned About Inflation, Credit Card Interest Up by 3.3” said a headline on Breitbart. ‘Core retail’ inflation was announced on 4.12.2022 as 8.5 percent. Some commentators are saying that the actual rate of inflation in the U.S. is more like 15 to 20 percent. As the value of the dollar erodes, that impact should be considered when looking at stock market performance. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

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Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 6.30.2022

  • Florida, Kentucky Judges Block States From Enforcing Abortion Bans
  • A pro-life demonstrator prostrates before a line of volunteer clinic escorts in front of the EMW Women’s Surgical Center, an abortion clinic in Louisville, Kentucky, last year. (Jon Cherry/Getty Images)
  • Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • Ukraine Cheers Russian Pullback From Strategic Snake Island
  • Biden Offers Fresh Aid to Ukraine as NATO Prepares for Long Fight
  • US Treasury Blocks $1B Trust Owned by Russian Oligarch
  • Zelenskyy: Russia Could Invade NATO Country by ‘Next Year’
  • Russians Fight to Encircle Ukraine’s Last Eastern Stronghold
  • Ukraine Troops Train in UK With Advanced Rocket Systems
  • Ukrainians Search for 20 Missing after Russia Strikes Mall
  • Newsmax TV
  • Biggs: Immigration Will Grow With SCOTUS Ruling | video
  • Gov. Reeves: People Here Want to Protect LIfe | video
  • Derrick Evans: No Regrets About My Jan. 6 Actions | video
  • Cloud: SCOTUS Ruling on Remain in Mexico ‘Heartbreaking’ | video
  • Walorski: Bill Allows Countries to Be Sued Over Fentanyl Deaths | video
  • Trump: Won’t Commit to Supporting Netanyahu’s Reelection Bid | video
  • Trump: Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony ‘Absolutely Crazy’ | video
  • Van Duyne: Hillary ’24 Rumors Show Dems’ Shallow Bench | video
  • Roe v. Wade Overturned
  • Manchin, Sinema Dash Biden Hopes for Filibuster Change on Abortion
  • Report: Biden Will Meet with Governors on Abortion Rights
  • Biden Backs Senate Filibuster ‘Exception’ Over Abortion
  • Amazon, Rite Aid Cap Purchase of Emergency Contraceptives
  • Arizona AG: Pre-1901 Abortion Ban Enforceable
  • Hospitals Resume Plan B Distribution Amid Abortion Confusion
  • AG Warns Doctors Against Performing Abortions
  • Newsfront
  • Trump to Newsmax: Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony ‘Absolutely Crazy’
  • Former President Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview with Newsmax, pushed back hard against claims made by former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson…. [Full Story] | video
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  • Trump to Newsmax: Won’t Commit to Supporting Netanyahu’s Reelection Bid
  • US Official: Migrants Who Died Cleared Inland Checkpoint
  • Migrants were inside a tractor-trailer when it cleared an inland [Full Story]
  • Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Rating Lowest of Tenure
  • President Joe Biden’s favorability rating has dropped to 31% in a new [Full Story]
  • Funds to Ease Semiconductor Chip Shortage Stalled in Congress
  • Semiconductor chips – a crucial component in nearly all household and [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • UK PM Johnson Sees Path to Ukrainian Victory This Year
  • The delivery of advanced rocket systems is going to help Ukraine [Full Story]
  • GOP Lawmakers Demand Accountability From D.C. Mayor Bowser
  • GOP lawmakers on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee on [Full Story]
  • Florida, Kentucky Judges Block States From Enforcing Abortion Bans
  • Judges in Florida and Kentucky on Thursday moved to block those [Full Story]
  • Pelosi’s Vatican Communion Meant to ‘Humiliate’ Catholics, Church Advocates Say
  • Just weeks after the Archbishop of San Francisco announced that House [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • ‘Napalm Girl’ in Vietnam War Photo Gets Final Skin Treatment
  • Kim Phuc, photographed fleeing as napalm bombs hit her Vietnam [Full Story]
  • Frustrated Texas Border Sheriff Escorts 4 Illegal Immigrants to Border
  • A Texas border sheriff fed up with the Biden administration’s [Full Story]
  • Report: Sen. Blackburn Introducing Bill Shielding National Guard From Vaccine-Related Firings
  • Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., is set to introduce legislation [Full Story]
  • White House Spends $3.2B on New COVID Vaccines
  • The Biden administration pulled from its limited COVID-19 [Full Story]
  • AOC Calls for Filibuster Reform or Abolishment
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Thursday issued a statement [Full Story]
  • Biden Backs Senate Filibuster ‘Exception’ Over Abortion
  • President Joe Biden said Thursday he backs an “exception” to Senate [Full Story]
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  • Manchin, Sinema Dash Biden Hopes for Filibuster Change on Abortion Rights
  • Supreme Court Limits EPA’s Regulation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 6-3 in the case of West Virginia vs. [Full Story]
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  • Biden: Supreme Court Emissions Ruling ‘Devastating’
  • US Supreme Court Upends Biden Climate Agenda
  • Supreme Court Lets Biden Admin Terminate ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy
  • Texas AG Paxton Among Conservatives ‘Disappointed’ in Court’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Ruling
  • Supreme Court Nixes Religious Challenge to New York Vaccine Mandate
  • Jackson Sworn In as 1st Black Woman on Supreme Court
  • Ketanji Brown Jackson has been sworn in to the Supreme Court, [Full Story]
  • Biden Mistakes Sweden for Switzerland During NATO News Conference
  • President Joe Biden committed another verbal gaffe before quickly [Full Story]
  • 5 GOP Senators Want Crackdown on Nigeria for Violence Aimed at Christians
  • Five Republican senators are calling on the Biden administration to [Full Story]
  • Whole Foods Employees Lose Appeal Over Black Lives Matter Masks
  • In a unanimous decision Tuesday, the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of [Full Story]
  • Supreme Court to Hear Republican Appeal Over N.C. Electoral Map
  • The Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear a Republican bid to [Full Story]
  • 6 Panel Never Contacted Secret Service
  • The House select committee overseeing the hearings for the Jan. 6, [Full Story]
  • Young NYC Mom Fatally Shot Pushing Baby in Stroller
  • New York police were looking for a suspect in the shooting death of a [Full Story]
  • Kellyanne Conway: Trump Wants to Run to Settle ‘Unfinished Business’
  • Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said she expects former [Full Story]
  • Report: Biden Will Meet with Governors on Abortion Rights
  • President Joe Biden will meet Friday with the governors of states [Full Story]
  • Israel’s Parliament Dissolves, Sets 5th Election in 4 Years
  • Israel’s parliament has voted to dissolve itself and send the country [Full Story]
  • Pompeo Signals 2024 Presidential Run With Video Ad in South Carolina
  • Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeos PAC released its first video [Full Story]
  • Slightly Fewer Americans Apply for Jobless Claims Last Week
  • Slightly fewer Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, [Full Story]
  • OPEC+ May Not Be Much Help on Soaring Gas Prices
  • Oil prices are high, and drivers are paying more at the pump. But the [Full Story]
  • Kremlin Will Decide Later if Putin to Attend G20 in Indonesia
  • The Kremlin said on Thursday it has not yet decided whether President [Full Story]
  • Powell: To Crush Inflation, Jobs May Be Spared
  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said there’s “no guarantee” the [Full Story]
  • Ginni Thomas’ Attorney Says She Won’t Testify for Jan. 6 Committee
  • The attorney for Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence [Full Story]
  • Goodbye Cell Phone, Hello Voip. Why Everyone is Switching to Voip
  • Voip
  • Finance
  • Air Travel Could Jam Over July 4th Holiday Weekend
  • Airlines that have stumbled badly over the last two holidays face their biggest test yet of whether they can handle big crowds when July Fourth travelers mob the nation’s airports this weekend…. [Full Story]
  • Bob Ciura: 3 Mega-Cap Stocks for Long-Term Returns
  • Medical Debt to Be Removed From Credit Reports
  • Meta Girds for ‘Fierce’ Headwinds in 2nd Half
  • NBCUniversal Secures $7 Billion in Upfront Ad Sales – Source
  • Health
  • Sleep is Essential to Heart Health, According to New AHA Guidelines
  • Sleep duration is now considered to be an essential component of heart and brain health, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). The AHA just released its revised guidelines and checklist for evaluating cardiovascular health, called Life’s Essential 8, which was…… [Full Story]
  • Harness Your Body’s Internal Clock to Improve Sleep, Fight Fatigue
  • FDA Recommends Inclusion of BA.4, BA.5 Subvariants in COVID Boosters
  • Salmonella Found in World’s Biggest Chocolate Plant
  • Firework Injuries Are on the Rise: How to Keep Your Family Safe


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