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It is a fact. If two relatively equal teams are playing a series of contests, and one team is thinking long-term, but the other is one is more focused on today or the shorter term, then the longer-term thinking team – especially if they already have money and influence – will tend to win.

Are there exceptions? Yes. The many can beat the money powers and their political allies. The many, or our outside of our profession, tend not to be longterm thinkers.

Still, the many have several times in America’s checkered history. But the many beating the money requires a level of understanding as well as organization to be successfully accomplished. That too is a lesson of history. The quote below illustrates that point.




Only those who care enough about their future and that of friends or loved ones who also cultivate attention to detail can learn the powerful lessons that will follow.

It is no exaggeration to say that this report and several of the headlines that follow in our weekly review of headlines impacts our profession but all other Americans too.

Two prominent Kennedy family members were shot and killed.

President John F. “Jack” Kennedy (JFK-D) did not begin as a political outsider.

Historians tell us that the Kennedy family was connected. They made money for some time in bootlegging, but they managed the switch to respectability via money. While history has its disputes on that and what follows, there are those who assert that the Senator “Jack” Kennedy vs Nixon contest was ‘won’ by JFK through a few specific rigged elections. Then former VP Richard M. Nixon (R) knew he was about to be robbed of an election victory. Right or wrong, ‘for the country’s sake,’ Nixon conceded rather than challenge those places that had fraudulent ballots — such as the dead ‘voting.’

Once in office, President Kennedy and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) did not get along, to put it politely.

At one point, President Kennedy – a naval hero, think PT 109 – said that “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”

President Kennedy’s brother Bobby was attorney general. They developed a reputation for pressing the Mafia and organized crime among others. Communists, supporters of the Fed, and others were all so-called Kennedy enemies.

Who pulled the trigger(s) and why JFK was gunned down in Dallas on November 22, 1963 with his wife Jackie at his side – are they separate but perhaps related matters? Why decades after his death is much about the Kennedy assassination case still “classified” – that is a least curious, isn’t it? Hold those thoughts.

Jump to 1968.

The late Senator Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy (NY-D) was campaigning for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. Like his dead brother, Bobby had rocked some powerful boats. That included organized crime (the mob), key federal law enforcement and intelligence interests, aspects of the military-industrial complex, and others.

As History frames it, “The summer of 1968 was a tempestuous time in American history. Both the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement were peaking. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been assassinated in the spring, igniting riots across the country. In the face of this unrest, President Lyndon B. Johnson decided not to seek a second term in the upcoming presidential election. Robert Kennedy, John’s younger brother and former U.S. Attorney General, stepped into this breach and experienced a groundswell of support.”

What History does not mention is that in 1968 there was also the Hong Kong Flu. Why was that virus not feared like COVID19 is? Why was it almost a ‘non-issue?’


History tells us that in 1968 there was a pandemic. Yet, there was no social distancing. There was no mass lockdowns of smaller businesses. See report and info linked here and here for more.



When Bobby won the Democratic California primary, it was thought likely that the senator would go on to be the next president. But he too was gunned down. He was shot in front of his hotel in Los Angeles on June 5, 1968. Kennedy was pronounced dead a day later, on June 6, 1968.

Bobby’s son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr – a lifelong Democrat and an accomplished attorney – recently released a detailed report eviscerating Bill Gates and several of Gates’ interests and initiatives.

R.F. Kennedy Jr. leads a nonprofit – the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) – and is involved in several causes, that include those often championed by the political left.


For the full rich and evidence laced context, see the reports linked among the Sunday Headlines in Review below.


Nevertheless, despite his lifelong Democratic and leftist credentials, Robert Kennedy Jr. – apparently for the ‘sin’ of rocking the boat of one of the most prominent national and globalist insiders, William “Bill” Gates – is getting the smear and deplatformed treatment.



See the reports on that further below. Because what Robert Kennedy Jr. is warning Americans about literally effects everyone who eats, has concerns over COVID19, and has business or personal health interests. It is worth noting that RF Kennedy Jr. has pivoted away from the party line on the murder – assassination – of his father.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an accomplished attorney has organized a detailed report to makes his case. For the full rich and evidence laced context, see the reports linked among the Sunday Headlines in Review below.


Takeaway #1.

For decades, there was a mantra in this country that urged that people ‘question authority.’  Why is it that now only some are questioned, but others are defended in a way that is buttressed by what progressive attorney turned journalist Glenn Greenwald has called a “blinding propaganda” – why is that so? Hold that thought.

Next, former Senator Joe Biden (D) has been a willing tool for the insiders much of his life. He has said as much on video when he asserted that he was willing to prostitute himself. He and his family have played the Washington, D.C. political game for decades. Biden and his family have become quite well-to-do in politics. The late Democratic President Harry Truman said that getting rich in office was a good sign of political corruption. More on Lunch Bucket Joe (lunch bucket – seriously? See here) further below.



To learn more about the absolutely inaccurately named “lunch bucket Joe,” see the report and related videos linked here.


In fairness, what Joe Biden has done is not so different than what several others have. There are examples of similar purported corruption from both major parties.

Step back in time a few years. Enter the political career of real estate mogul and TV celebrity Donald J. Trump.

In the 2015 and 2016 election cycle, candidate Trump freely admitted to playing the political game of ‘buying’ influence through campaign donations and by other means. So, then candidate Trump was not an outsider in that sense.

However, “Donald the Disruptor” campaigned on fixing a rigged and broken system. For instance. He promised to build a wall and fix the southern border. Why did that matter? Because controlling immigration – legal and illegal – protects American workers and their ability to earn a good living. Controlling the border also limits the flow of illegal drugs, human trafficking, and other ills in our nation.

While the border project was incomplete, he and his allies nevertheless did more on fixing the border wall and related than any American President ever before in the modern era.  Yet, there were members of both major parties that said they would defend the southern border with Mexico with barriers for decades.





During his term in office, President Trump forged Middle East peace deals that no other president of either party managed. He has several nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, but oddsmakers say he will not get one.

It went almost unnoticed by mainstream media, but Breitbart reported recently that one year has gone by without a single American soldier dying in Afghanistan.  That did not occur during Obama-Biden’s terms of office.  It most certainly did not during the Bush-Cheney years. Rather, it was during President Trump’s single term of office that the wind down to that deadly, destructive, and costly war occurred.  It also took place while demolishing the land holdings in Syria and Iraq of the ISIS caliphate that his predecessors left.

Candidate Trump promised “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.” He wanted people to know the dignity and joy of work. But he also wanted to make that work better compensated than it has been in recent years. In the three years pre-COVID19, no president in over 50 years delivered a lower unemployment rate than President Trump did. No one in decades from either major party delivered a higher standard of living.




The list of foreign and domestic policy achievements could go on.  The net effects of those included U.S. energy independence, a stronger military, and fewer incidents of international terror in the U.S. prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

But that outline is sufficient to make a point detailed in our report linked below, Remembering Rush Limbaugh. On foreign and domestic policy fronts, President Trump achieved outcomes other “Establishment” candidates with decades of political experience pledged but never delivered. Trump was pragmatic far more than he was partisan. Oddly perhaps to some, he had a moral streak too, as his strong support of pro-life causes reflects.

The Rev. Donald Tye Jr. told MHProNews a few years ago that irksome people to the powers that be in more recent years are not assassinated as in the past. Rather, Tye asserted that the problematic are smeared, maligned, and thus marginalized. The hated or feared have their reputations assassinated. That was a keen insight. That’s what happened to President Trump. He went from a popular media figure to one that was demonized for years by nonstop smear tactics. Several were demonstrably untrue, such as claims of racism or anti-Semitic and “Nazi” thinking. But it takes effort to disprove a lie. The old trope that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on applies. Repeat a lie often enough and boldly enough, and millions will believe the lie. That’s not to make Trump a saint, but it is to say that he and all others should be judged fairly based on facts and not on fables, fibs, or fiction.


The Big Lie Quotes

Tire of all the lies? See the report on that ever timely topic among the headlines for the week, linked further below.


For whatever his weaknesses are, and Trump like all humans has them, President Trump delivered. He was building a new coalition. That small business and employees or “workers” coalition included record numbers of minority votes in 2020 achieved by any Republican presidential candidate in decades. He was attracting union voters, a normally Democratic constituency.  He blurred the lines on some issues, such as a belief in infrastructure, normally a Democratic topic.

So, as the Molly Ball report linked below in today’s Sunday Weekly Headlines Review recounts, President Trump could not be allowed to stay in the White House. One way or another, the powers that be wanted the 45th President out. See that report among the other linked headlines and topics below.

Our publication is focused on affordable housing, specifically the wildly misunderstood manufactured home industry.  When some of the richest people on earth are involved in manufactured housing, how is it possible that the industry could be so misunderstood?

  • Isn’t it obvious to thinking people that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and other billionaires like and arguably in league with them want manufactured housing underperforming ?
  • Are we to believe that when tens of millions of affordable housing units are needed, that Buffett could not solo – within a matter of weeks – accomplish a widespread realization among most Americans that manufactured homes are a positive solution and not something to be feared?
  • There are decades of research on manufactured homes that are largely positive.
  • When so much pro-manufactured home industry research routinely performed by third parties that span both Democratic and Republican administrations exists, why is the industry still so badly misunderstood?
  • Again, isn’t it OBVIOUS that a proper understanding of manufactured homes is being suppressed for agenda-based reasons?



COVID19, the food supply, energy, manufactured housing, healthcare, and the intersection of politics and business or a range of topics that are addressed in the headlines below.



Robert F. Kennedy Jr., J.D. is just one of numerous voices across the left-right divide that MHProNews has previously or recently highlighted that makes a simple yet vexing point. The system is rigged. It is rigged to benefit a few at the expense of the many. It is rigged by people like those in the report linked above. They are, as RF Kennedy Jr asserts, building a new feudalistic society. He is not the first to say so. A quarter of a century earlier, former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown made similar assertions.




From an interview with Jerry Brown in 1996. The problems that have become so visible today had their origin decades ago.
Quote from a 1996 interview with Jerry Brown. What was seen by some then is even more visible today.


The case can be made that the powers that be WANT the left and right at each other’s throats!  It is the old game of divide and conquer. Or as the Rev. Tye – a former Republican activist turned independent put it, divide and rule.


There are voices from both sides of the left-right divide that have for years made similar points. By playing “divide and conquer” or “divide and rule” manipulative games, the majority are squabbling on issues that they often see more similarly than they may realize. See the Rutherford quote in context in the Time/Ball report linked below.


Why does MHProNews and our MHLivingNews sister site source from across the left-right divide? Precisely to attempt, day by day, to bridge that gap that keeps millions at odds with each other.

MHProNews has for some time pushed back on a range of problematic notions pushed by the manipulators of our American Republic. While much of it is industry-specific, in order to frame the issue as reality merits, we have and will continue to dip into macro issues that shed light on our profession’s plight. We do that in reverse too. Namely, use examples of how our industry sheds light on the larger ones facing manufactured housing and much of the nation.

A key part of the solution for much of what ails America is antitrust. The need to break up the conglomerates that Kennedy and others have identified. Long before he wrote the article featured in the Masthead report below, MHProNews made many similar arguments. But Kennedy did in thoroughly and from a perch that not many enjoy.


Takeaway #2

Question authority, in our profession and beyond it. When someone or some group is getting slimed or slurred instead of debated that may be a clue that they have some measure of truth on their side.


In the context of our industry, the fact that Clayton Homes, their surrogates, MHI or others are unwilling to publicly debate their performance should speak volumes. In the context of the Biden-Trump controversies, something similar applies. There should be a public debate on primetime TV about the 2020 election and the evidence regarding claims that Biden-Harris vs Trump-Pence race should be debated too. As Time’s Molly Ball and others have asserted in their own way – the outcome was purportedly rigged, see that report linked below.

Do not miss today’s postscript.

With no further adieu, let us press on to the headlines from the reports from the week that was from 2.7.2021 to 2.14.2021.


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Notice: Since MHProNews and untold other numbers of websites posted the video “Absolute Proof,” reported that video has been viewed over 30 million times.



Joe Biden is a human tool, not unlike former President Barack Obama was a useful tool for the moneyed powers. Biden is an insider. The system will never be fixed by an insider who is happily owned by his billionaire masters.

Only time will tell what moves President Trump will reveal once the impeach charade is done. Bear in mind that “sham-peachment” had several goals.

Among them, in no certain order of importance:

  • To try to further tarnish President Trump, to keep him from trying to lead a revolt against the manipulation of tens of millions of Americans from all backgrounds.
  • To punish not only President Trump and his followers, but also to send a message to any others like him that would dare challenge the elites domination of American life, which is often but not always done from behind the curtain.
  • Despite Biden’s claims for aiming at unity, the sham-peachment charade is designed to stoke the fires of more disunity. Never forget that the powers that be want Americans divided. The only way the many beat the money is when enough Americans are on board. Keep Americans divided helps keep the pitchforks that Nick Hanauer aptly but perhaps somewhat deceptively described from aiming at their proper targets.
  • Many of the Biden EOs and other executive actions will harm the interests of our nation and millions of everyday Americans. They also routinely benefit the billionaires and corporate leaders that Molly Ball and others have said put him in office. Are thinking people to think all that is a coincidence?


Several informed individuals across the left-right divide have made similar observations.


Today, 2/14/2021, is St. Valentines Day. People should rightly spend some time with family, friends, sweethearts, and loved ones.

But every day is a potentially useful day in the effort to try to wake up your neighbors, friends, and those in your circle that do not yet get it as to just how manipulated our society is.

Biden-Harris are useful puppets. To those in the know, they were selected not because they were winners. Senator Kamala Harris’ campaign was blown up before she got to the first Democratic primary. A fellow Democrat blew her up, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.


Perhaps because former Rep Gabbard is not 100 percent in the party’s pocket, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
has slimed her with the allegation that she is a Russian asset.  The tactic of character assassinations can be used against
Democrats or Republicans by the powers that be and their henchmen.  



Former VP Biden was heading to a humiliating defeat to Senator Bernie Sanders (VT – self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist who caucuses with the Democrats).  House Majority Whip James Clyburn and his black voting base helped save Biden from what looked like a sure defeat.

Rephrased, a Biden-Harris ticket is an in-your-face example of how much power the “cabal” that Ball in her Time expose linked above reveals.



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