Communist China’s Beijing Replaces New York City As Having the Most Billionaire Residents, Carol Roth’s Insights – War on Small Business – News Analysis


The First informed MHProNews that “On Thursday, financial expert Carol Roth wrote, “The U.S. has exported Capitalism and imported Central Planning. And that’s a bad trade imbalance.” That same source noted that “This latest news of the surge in Beijing billionaires knocking NYC from that list should be a warning to all of us.”

Warning indeed.

The First linked a related report on ZeroHedge. That short report on one of their graphics reads as shown below, and will be followed by additional information, plus MHProNews analysis and commentary that will frame the context for our professionals, advocates, investors, and others.

Under the “Tyler Durden” – reportedly a pseudonym – by line on 4.16.2021 is this.

Beijing Displaces New York To Become The World’s Billionaire Capital | ZeroHedge

QuoteMarkMHProNewsFor the first time in seven years, New York City has lost its title as the world’s billionaire capital.

Statista’s Niall McCarthy reports that in 2020, the Big Apple was displaced by Beijing which recorded a net gain of 33 billionaires. Beijing is now in top spot with 100 individuals worth a billion dollars or more, narrowly ahead of New York’s 99.

The findings come from the 2021 Forbes World’s Billionaires list which shows that a quarter of its 2,755 members live in just 10 cities with more than 10 percent resident in just four Chinese metropolises. Along with Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou also make the list of the world’s top-10 billionaire capitals. Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, is also present on the list and it comes third with 80 billionaires.

Even though New York is in second place, the collective worth of its billionaire population amounts to $560.5 billion, beating Beijing’s collective $484.3 billion. Zhang Yiming is the richest resident in the Chinese capital with a net worth of $35.6 billion while Michael Bloomberg is New York’s wealthiest inhabitant with a $59 billion fortune.”

To see this illustration in a larger size, click the image above. Then, click that image once more.



Tyler Durden is reportedly a pen name borrowed from the movie, “The Fight Club.” Durden, played by actor Brad Pitt, as a colorful and street-wise fictional character.



In YouTube is this “Fight Club Tyler Durden Speech First rule of Fight Club.”

The first rule of Fight Club is – you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is – you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. Third rule of Fight Club, someone yells Stop!, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over,” says Quotes.

When someone is doing something that they are not supposed to be doing, a code of silence is a standard operating procedure (SOP). Just as the movie series Rocky andCreedare about more than boxing, so too Fight Club is about more than unsanctioned brawling.

More specifically, from the Fight Club video clip above, is this more detailed and specific transcript from LingQ.


Tyler Durden Addresses the Club:

QuoteMarkMHProNews“Durden: I look around.

I look around.

I see a lot of new faces.

Club: [laughter]

Durden: Shut up!

Which means a lot of you have been breakin’ the first two rules of Fight Club. Man, I see in Fight Club the strongest and smartest men who have ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. Goddammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man; no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised by television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won’t; and we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”



ZeroHedge says about itself in their “manifesto” the following. The use of the lower case and any typos are in the original.


QuoteMarkMHProNewsthe zero hedge manifesto

our mission:

  • to widen the scope of financial, economic and political information available to the professional investing public.
  • to skeptically examine and, where necessary, attack the flaccid institution that financial journalism has become.
  • to liberate oppressed knowledge.
  • to provide analysis uninhibited by political constraint.
  • to facilitate information’s unending quest for freedom.

our method: pseudonymous speech…

anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. it thus exemplifies the purpose behind the bill of rights, and of the first amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation– and their ideas from suppression– at the hand of an intolerant society.

   …responsibly used.

the right to remain anonymous may be abused when it shields fraudulent conduct. but political speech by its nature will sometimes have unpalatable consequences, and, in general, our society accords greater weight to the value of free speech than to the dangers of its misuse.

– mcintyre v. ohio elections commission 514 u.s. 334 (1995) justice stevens writing for the majority

though often maligned (typically by those frustrated by an inability to engage in ad hominem attacks) anonymous speech has a long and storied history in the united states. used by the likes of mark twain (aka samuel langhorne clemens) to criticize common ignorance, and perhaps most famously by alexander hamilton, james madison and john jay (aka publius) to write the federalist papers, we think ourselves in good company in using one or another nom de plume. particularly in light of an emerging trend against vocalizing public dissent in the united states, we believe in the critical importance of anonymity and its role in dissident speech. like the economist magazine, we also believe that keeping authorship anonymous moves the focus of discussion to the content of speech and away from the speaker- as it should be. we believe not only that you should be comfortable with anonymous speech in such an environment, but that you should be suspicious of any speech that isn’t.”


The ZeroHedge website copyright dates range from 2009 to 2021, so it has been around about the same timeframe as MHProNews has existed. They have a broader audience than ours by far, but their topics are broader too.

Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas. ZeroHedge is on the right, about 1/3 up from the bottom, next to Drudge, which has arguably shifted leftward since this graphic was produced. 


Rephrased, our mission at MHProNews is far more specific and focused that ZeroHedge, which Sharyl Attkisson’s left-right media rating places on the right-of-center side. As a periodic reader at ZeroHedge, it is fair to say that the source does cite left-leaning media, such as Bloomberg and others. Perhaps among the more common threads in their publishing, which is arguably in line with their mission statement, is that they are willing to challenge the mainstream media narratives.

Back to the MHProNews’ mission. Our goal has long been to support ethical sustainable and robust growth. That can be accomplished with true customer satisfaction and in a framework that allows independent businesses to thrive, given their own abilities. The chart below illustrates just how robust and rapid that growth might be, if the industry’s leadership wanted it to be so.  This graphic is from an ‘MHI coalition partner.’


BloombergCityLabNationalHousingConferenceLogoAccessoryDwellingUnitADUProductionSurgesPreemptionCAManufacturedHousingImprovementAct2000EnhancedPremption To see this chart above in a larger size, click the image. Once open, click it once again. To see the report that chart comes from in context, click the link above. Note that the source of the chart is MHI coalition partner, NHC.


The case can be made that our manufactured housing segment of affordable housing industry is caught up in the machinations of players that are often so large – financially and politically powerful – that they could easily buy the entire production sector of manufactured housing several times over. Their constraints are perceptions and the law. But another constraint is their slow motion, buy at a value, methodology.

Warren Buffett is a case in point.

Buffett led-Berkshire Hathaway could have purchased all of manufactured housing production, had they so desired and had no legal constraints. Instead, in 2002 and 2003, as the report below reflects, Berkshire acquired manufactured home producers Oakwood and Clayton Homes.




Berkshire is not alone in its ability to make big, deep buys. The various private equity firms listed in the report linked below often have substantial financial capabilities too.




Media across the left-right divide have spotlighted how private equity is transforming our profession’s community sector. The report linked below frames an analysis and commentary from the left-of-center New Yorker. It makes our industry look problematic.




It is any wonder that smaller firms are exiting? Who buys those smaller firms? Consolidators. Regulatory constraints – as Carol Roth has explained, and MHProNews has previously cited – favors larger players over smaller ones.


Both regulations and taxes are barriers for smaller firms that are more easily navigated by larger firms. ‘Tax the rich’ and a call for ‘more regulations’ can often become part of the moat for the firms that call for them.


Now, what does any or all of this have to do with Communist China and billionaires? For those who peer into the history of these issues, plenty.

Starting decades ago, American politicians began policies that have spanned Democratic and Republican administrations. It began with President Richard Nixon’s (R) famous – or infamous? – engagement with China. Nixon, ‘an anti-communist’ begins the process of opening the Communist nation with the largest population in the world to engage with the rest of the world. President Bill Clinton (D) arguably fostered that process in several ways.  The growth of China’s economy vs that of the United States has been stunning to those who did not pay attention to what was occurring.


When one looks at middle class income, it was arguably more secure in 1980 – before trade with China became serious – and in the decades since. Both major parties have a measure of responsibility for past trade decisions that led us to this difficult moment in time in 2021.



Policies favorable to the Chinese Communists – and those multinational firms that were investing in that un-democratic nation – allowed millions of once American jobs to be shipped offshore. U.S. manufactured housing producers are buying goods and services from China and have been for numbers of years.

When the Trump Administration began to take a more aggressive stance against China than either Democratic or Republican predecessors, Kevin Clayton of Clayton Homes made this statement below bemoaning Trump policies.



Racism, Historic Slavery, Communist China, and Other Cheap Labor Authoritarian Countries

Those on the left and right should step back and look at the facts, and then begin to apply their respective thinking and behavior based on those facts. The facts should also reflect the historic trends. That chart that reflects the tidal shift of trade with China above ought to be an exhibit carefully considered.

It is fair to say that racism, slavery, and indentured servitude existed in the British colonies and later post-Revolutionary War America for centuries. What is often downplayed or ignored is that indentured servitude was often white on white, and that some, not all, black slavery was blacks trading the lives of other blacks. Those willing to buy and sell human lives come from all racial backgrounds. The history of slavery is global. It was never just an American institution. The graphic below reflects the dates when slavery and serfdom was officially abolished in various countries. Numbers did so before the U.S. officially ended slavery, other nations only did so later.


Along with ending serfdom or slavery in a formal sense, it is wise to understand that the right to private property goes with personal freedom. Economic, religious, political, and personal liberty all go hand-in-hand. Part of the tragedy of our era is that reportedly tens of millions are still de facto slaves in various parts of the world. The fight for freedom never stops. Click the image above to see it full size, and then click it again once that window opens.

But the institution of slavery has never ended in practice. The so-called powers that be in various nations often used debt as a form of social and political control. There are many reasons that Henry Ford’s remark below is as apt today as when he expressed those words.




The same multinational brands willing to shut down the Major League Baseball event in Atlanta over Georgia’s new voter integrity laws are often doing business with Communist China. Whatever party – or no party – that you belong to, think that through.  If Buffett and firms that Berkshire Hathaway – such as Coke – has sway over are willing to punish GA, why are thy unwilling to hold Communist China to account which is not democratic at all?

In the award winning docu-drama, Shadows of Liberty, among the stories told is that of Nike. Nike shipped their jobs off to Communist Vietnam.  The working conditions there are terrible. A CBS reporter began an exposé on the terrible working conditions in Vietnam tolerated by Nike. As Shadows of Liberty framed it, Nike’s management cut a deal with CBS’ management. The story was shut down. Nike became a big sponsor of Olympic events that CBS News sports division was covering.

Put differently, American multinationals, be it Berkshire, Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Coke, or a range of other firms are using a double standard. It is not only hypocritical. That hypocrisy is undermining the American Dream.

While the Biden White House thumps its chest against Russia (not to defend Russia, but the Biden-Harris team are doing this), why are they so soft on Communist China? Does it have anything to do with Hunter Biden and the Biden family ties with Communist Chinese oligarchs?


MHProNews Report

RisingChinaPositiveDevelopmentJoe BidenRidingDragonExposéBidensChineseSecretsVideoDocumentaryMHProNews


Statistically speaking, the majority of Americans may not follow the news day by day as carefully as MHProNews does. The vast majority certainly do not source across the left-right divide looking for facts and evidence that is relevant to understanding the plight of our profession. Fewer still may be as history conscious on American history, as well as the history of our profession.

American billionaires and multinationals are literally selling out Americans. It was a communist, Joseph Stalin, who aptly warned that the west would sell the communists the rope with which communists would hang the capitalists. The old Soviet Union played a role in the Communist takeover of China.




But there is more to it than that too. In China, North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela, the communist rulers live like kings. As Carol Roth wryly but aptly noted, “The U.S. has exported Capitalism and imported Central Planning. And that’s a bad trade imbalance.”









Carol Roth is just one of the voices of evidence-based reason that MHProNews periodically references. The reason is simple. Our industry’s professionals have been subjected to decades of what attorney turned journalist Glenn Greenwald has called a “blinding propaganda.” Our industry is not alone.

There are honorable Democrats and honorable Republicans. There are also sellouts to the globalists in both major parties. An example from the left is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., J.D.




This is one of several blazing yet pithy insights from RF Kennedy. While Bush and Obama were from two different political parties, and they certainly had distinctive policies, they were each globalists that used their respective crisis to consolidate power for their billionaire backers and corporate interests. Think President Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower and his warning against the military industrial complex. Or on themes often similar to RF Kennedy Jr, think of the quotes previously shared from CA Gov Jerry Brown.

A slow motion plan is underway, say reasonable voices across the left right divide, to sell out American interests to China and others in a globalist system. There is now talk of an international tax that U.S. taxpayers would also have to pay. What? If you don’t like trying to get Washington, D.C. to listen, imagine trying to get an international body to do heed your concerns? The same corporate media that is often owned or influenced by big business and big tech are sources of information that is not always as it appears to be.

Which is why ZeroHedge is popular. It is why MHProNews, though in a different space, is popular too. Some are willing to challenge the status quo. Others are simply selling the independents in our profession out. Still others are those who have given cover to the betrayal of those independents.




Our rights as citizens of a free society have been steadily undermined. In the Biden-Harris era, that betrayal of American interests is being accelerated. While some on the left of center media are spotlighting concerns about Republican Matt Gaetz, where is the similar level of coverage of the sexual assault allegations against then-Senator Joe Biden and Tara Reade? Whatever the facts are about Gaetz, they are. But which is more impactful? Biden-based concerns, given that he is in the White House, or the allegation against a lone congressman, one out of 435 others?




The hypocrisy and double-standards are everywhere for those who know how to look. But this is not a simply left-right Democrat or Republican game. Rather, it is about diving citizens and keeping them squabbling. As citizens squabble over whatever, the billionaire class continues to consolidate money, information control, and power. And that pattern has absolutely harmed our industry.



To learn more, see the related reports. And stay tuned to the reports, analysis and commentary on MHProNews. Who else in our profession’s trade media even comes close to giving you this type facts, insights, and analysis? We all need intelligence to successfully navigate the blinding lies that are aimed at manipulating our lives



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