‘Biden Administration has Obviously Taken Small Business Owners and the American People for a Ride’ JCN’s Alfredo Ortiz, ‘Hey Joe,’ ‘Stop Lying;’ plus Manufactured Home REITs, Stocks Update    


Historically, much of the manufactured housing industry has been made up of smaller businesses, often so called ‘mom and pop’ style firms. With that in mind, from time to time, MHProNews peeks in at what the National Federation of Independent Business or the Job Creators Network, both small business focused, have to say about current events.  Per the latter’s website, “The Job Creators Network (JCN) put up a new billboard in Times Square calling out the broken promises the Biden administration has made to small businesses. The ad comes on the heels of the passage of the boldly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act—which includes tax increases that will roll downhill to Mainstreet and an army of new IRS agents that will have small businesses in their crosshairs.

The billboard is headlined, “STOP LYING TO SMALL BUSINESSES!” and features an animation of President Biden’s nose growing longer—invoking the classic children’s tale, Pinocchio. The ad goes on to question, “NO NEW TAXES,” “NO IRS AUDITS,” “NO RECESSION,” AND “NO INFLATION?” as examples of the White House evading the truth.



Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, released the following statement:

“The Biden administration has obviously taken small business owners and the American people for a ride—playing fast and loose with the facts at every opportunity. Despite spin from the White House press room, the economy is in the dumps, wage increases are being engulfed by high inflation, and small businesses and the middle class will be subject to tax increases that roll downhill. Administration officials are likely spinning the truth in an attempt to reverse free falling approval ratings, but small businesses won’t be duped. Now with this billboard, Biden’s growing Pinocchio nose is on display for all Americans to see.” ##


JCN has developed a reputation for going after the Biden Administration with billboards and other media efforts to highlight the problems they say are being caused by the Biden regime’s policies.

Here is another recent example. Quoting:

JobCreatorsNetworkQuoteMarkThe Job Creators Network (JCN) put up a new billboard in Times Square poking fun at attempts by the Biden administration to redefine “recession.” Newly released government data reveals that U.S. gross domestic product (GDP)—or the value of all goods and services produced over a year—declined for a second consecutive quarter on an annual basis. The environment now meets a commonly used definition of a recession.

The billboard is headlined, “READ MY LIPS: NO NEW RECESSION”—referring to the famous line delivered by George H.W. Bush regarding taxes. The billboard goes on to say, “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!” and features a picture of President Joe Biden. ##



In a press release dated 9.2.2022 JCN provided their take on the revised jobs numbers for June and July 2022 and the August job gains claims.




Washington, DC (September 2, 2022) – Today, the U.S. Department of Labor released its monthly jobs report. The US economy added 315,000 jobs in August. The unemployment rate rose from 3.5% to 3.7%. The labor force participation (LFPR) rate rose from 62.1% to 62.4%.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN), released the following statement:

“The US economy added 315,000 jobs in August. However, the job gains in June and July were revised down by 107,000. On the surface, this is a good report but labor is a lagging indicator of a recession. Several large companies including Bed Bath and Beyond and Snap announced layoffs this week. Small business is being hurt by inflation, according to the latest JCN Foundation Small Business IQ Poll. Our poll found that half of small businesses have experienced a negative impact on their bottom line because of inflation. And that was before the President signed the ridiculously-named $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act and signed an illegal order putting taxpayers on the hook for up to $1 trillion in student loan debt. These two actions will send inflation past Jimmy Carter levels and force the Fed to raise interest rates at a time when we’re already in recession. The Job Creators Network Foundation Legal Action Fund is weighing its legal options to block Biden’s student loan bailout because it will hurt our economy and it’s not fair to the untold number of Americans who paid back their college loans or never went to college.” To learn more about JCN’s work against the student loan bailout, click here. ##


JCN’s advocacy page says the following.



JobCreatorsNetworkQuoteMarkAmerican small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. These entrepreneurs are responsible for two-thirds of all new job creation and employ over 60 million Americans. Policymakers need to adopt policies that help keep it that way.

The Job Creators Network advocates for policymakers to:

  • Reform the tax system so the financial burden on America’s job creators is reduced.
  • Pass free market healthcare solutions that will address the problems associated with Obamacare.
  • Protect entry-level jobs and help retool the labor force to take advantage of the economy of the future.
  • Avoid passing energy regulations that drive up the cost of doing business.
  • Encourage education reform that emphasizes vocational training.
  • Promote free market competition that helps all Americans. ##

Some tweets from the JCN’s Twitter feed are as shown below.




Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

This type of messaging from the JCN is nearly the polar opposite of the ‘go along to get along’ behavior of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). MHI has been accused for years of squandering the opportunities to advance the industry by forcing the implementation of good existing federal laws.

Note that JCN from time to time uses the courts to get their way. The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) encouraged MHI to use the courts to implement good laws while also using the courts to stop bad policies. Why doesn’t MHI follow the lead of the JCN or others that use the legal system to fight for the rights of the industry’s independents that they claim to represent?


Bad policies can cut across a wide swath of America. But the purpose of trade groups – at least those which do rather than posture – is supposed to be to represent and defend as needed their own members. To the concerns raised by the Biden nationally televised speech, Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn (R) tweeted this.

Even CNN personalities raised concerns.

To learn more, see the linked and related reports.

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Still from the video in the report linked below. Corporate and government leaders from the U.S. and around the world took part in this 2022 meeting. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/russian-disinformation-cnn-and-wnd-report-on-world-government-summit-joe-biden-address-to-business-roundtable-on-the-new-world-order-plus-sunday-weekly-headlines/
Since March of 2020, MHProNews has been warning and advising readers that business as usual was over. The featured image above includes several metaphorical items. It can be seductive – but dangerous – to believe certain things. A mask, among other meanings, is used to project a false face, often used by actors. The eye conveys vision or understanding, which that woman and the mask partially obscures. The wall can stand for the harsh reality that sets in when illusion and the hard facts meet. You can’t say we haven’t been warning readers, even when it was politically incorrect to do so. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/masthead/the-party-is-over-so-whats-next/

Daily Business News Markets Segment

NOTICE: Based on feedback, a modification of our Daily Business News on MHProNews recap of yesterday evening’s market report is provided. It will still include our left (CNN Business) and right (Newsmax) ‘market moving’ headlines. The macro market moves graphics will provide context and comparisons for those invested in or tracking manufactured housing connected equities.

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As the 2020 midterms draw closer, Biden and Democrats are attempting various efforts to stir up their base and encourage or ‘buy’ votes, such as through the constitutionally questioned student loan forgiveness plan. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously said the plan would require Congressional approval. What happened to that? Who died and made Biden a ruler by fiat? Joe Biden and some of his admin officials announced inflation is ‘zero percent’ for the prior month. What? Who believes that who is going to the grocery store? It was running at 9.1 percent the previous month, but many believe that the actual rate of inflation is about double that claim. Yes, gas prices have fallen, due to an apparent drop in global demand as an economic slowdown is taking place. The Washington Examiner said that a historic record 88 percent now thinks that the U.S. is on the wrong track under Biden. As the value of the dollar erodes, that impact should be considered when looking at stock market performance. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 9.2.2022

  • America’s jobs problem
  • S. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell faces reporters after the Federal Reserve raised its target interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point to stem a disruptive surge in inflation, during a news conference following a two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in Washington, U.S., June 15, 2022.
  • Here’s what today’s hiring news means for the Fed’s war on inflation
  • Yes, the unemployment rate rose. Here’s why that’s good news
  • G7 countries agree to cap the price of Russian oil
  • At least eight Russian businessmen have died in apparent suicide or accidents in just six months
  • Australia shut its borders to workers, now it’s desperate to get them back
  • Pace of hiring slowed in August but the job market is still strong
  • Amazon loses first round in challenge to union vote
  • Chinese company profits are collapsing like its 2020 again
  • House GOP demands Meta’s communications with the FBI over Hunter Biden report
  • Bank of America to offer zero-down payment mortgages in certain Black and Hispanic communities
  • Cruise recalls its robotaxis after passenger injured in crash
  • Here’s what might drive up the prices on the newest iPhones
  • Starbucks names new CEO
  • A Dominion voting machine ended up on eBay. Here’s what it sold for
  • View towards Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline and the transfer station of the Baltic Sea Pipeline Link in the industrial area of Lubmin, Germany, August 30, 2022.
  • Russia cuts off gas exports to Europe via Nord Stream indefinitely
  • LAX and SoFi Stadium hold a hiring fair to fill more than 5,000 positions in airlines, concessions, retail, administration and more, in Inglewood on Thursday, September 9, 2021.
  • Opinion: This is what will prevent stagflation from hitting the US economy
  • 14,000 UPPAbaby strollers recalled because of amputation risk
  • An aerial view of the Tesla Fremont Factory on May 12, 2020 in Fremont, California.
  • Tesla must allow workers to wear clothing supporting union
  • Michigan Chipotle becomes first location to unionize
  • Strikes over pay halt London’s transport network
  • Strippers at LA strip club want to join actors’ union
  • 2,000 California mental health clinicians set to strike
  • A customer carries a Bed Bath & Beyond shopping bag in New York, US, on Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is looking to mortgage its prized Buybuy Baby brand in its urgent effort to raise financing as sales slump, cash runs low and unpaid vendors withhold shipments.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond is making a last-ditch effort to save itself
  • Sam’s Club is raising its membership by $5
  • Big discounts are coming this holiday season
  • Even dollar stores are starting to feel inflation
  • Party City is hiring 20,000 people


Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 9.2.2022

  • Accused of Attacking, Dismissing Millions, Biden Walks Back His MAGA Rhetoric
  • President Joe Biden, delivering a prime-time speech in Philadelphia on Thursday night in which he lambasted the Make America Great Again movement and former President Donald Trump. At right, someone signs the brim of a signature red MAGA ballcap.
  • YahooFinanceLogo9ClosingStocksEquitiesBroaderMoneyMarketInvestmentIndicatorsGraphic9.2.2022MHProNews
    “In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffett. That begs a key question. Why don’t more people LOOK at the rearview mirror so they can learn more about the patterns that influence what’s ahead? Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

    President Biden quickly drew flak from many leading conservative Republicans and MAGA supporters after a fiery speech in which he branded former President Trump’s political movement an existential threat to U.S. democracy. On Friday, Biden was in backpedal mode, insisting he wasn’t criticizing all MAGA supporters, just those calling for the use of violence and the overturning of election results.

  • Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago
  • Judge Releases Detailed Inventory of FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid
  • US Judge Signals Willingness to Tap Special Master in Trump Search Case
  • Alina Habba to Newsmax: N.J. Document Pickup Had ‘Nothing to Do’ With Mar-a-Lago | video
  • Trump Attorney Habba to Newsmax: DOJ Wanted to Sway Opinion With Photo | video
  • Trump: Poll Numbers Have Soared Because of FBI Raid
  • Dershowitz to Newsmax: DOJ Is ‘Cherry-Picking What They Release’ | video
  • Trump Motion Renews Special Master Call: ‘DOJ Will Impugn, Leak’
  • Newsmax TV
  • Matt Schlapp: Biden Speech Showed He ‘Hates Half of America’ | video
  • Fitzgerald to Newsmax: Biden’s ‘Hypocrisy’ on Stage With Philly Speech | video
  • Ex-DeVos Press Secretary to Newsmax: Don’t Blame Trump For Low Test Scores | video
  • Waltz: House GOP Majority Will Examine Afghanistan Failures | video
  • Oz: Fetterman Won’t Debate or ‘Take Responsibility’ | video
  • Yahoo-ManufacturedHomeCommunitiesMobileHomeParksFactoriesProductionSuppliersFinanceStocksEquitiesClosingDataYahooFinanceLog9.2.2022
    To see this image above full size, click on the image and follow the prompts to open it in a new window. Then, click to expand the image, following the prompts. To return to this page, use escape or back key. In instances such as Apollo, Berkshire Hathaway, Blackstone or others, manufactured housing may only be part of their corporate interests. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

    Jared Kushner: If Trump Runs Again, ‘I’ll Support Him’ | video

  • Dick Morris: GOP Can Still Carry Midterms, Despite Quirky Alaska Loss | video
  • Cramer: Lawmakers Will Likely Block China Purchase of N.D. Farmland | video
  • Newsfront
  • Group Says Mich. Secretary of State Paid Election Officials With Zuckerberg Cash
  • Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson allowed Mark Zuckerberg-funded organizations to pay local election officials millions of dollars in exchange for directing how the election officials conduct Michigan elections, a group of Michigan voters said…. [Full Story]
  • Wall St Ends Week on Down Note, as Job News Fades
  • Wall St Ends Week on Down Note, as Job News Fades
  • S stocks closed out the trading week on a down note on Friday, as [Full Story]
  • Biden Walks Back MAGA Comments
  • President Joe Biden walked backs comments he made about MAGA [Full Story]
  • 6 Fact Checks on Biden’s Gun Violence Speech
  • President Joe Biden advocated a ban on so-called assault weapons once [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • 1 Million Guns Sold in US for Record-Setting 37th Consecutive Month
  • More than 1 million civilian guns were sold during August throughout [Full Story]
  • Ukraine Military: Russia Has Lost 2,009 Tanks Since Invasion
  • Russia has lost 2,009 tanks and 48,700 military personnel since it [Full Story]
  • Related
  • G7 Finance Chiefs Agree on Russian Oil Price Cap
  • Russia’s Medvedev: No Gas for Europe If Brussels Adopts Price Cap
  • Fighting Goes on Near Ukraine Nuclear Plant; IAEA on Site
  • Russia Scraps Gas Pipeline Reopening, Stoking European Fuel Fears
  • Social Media App Parler Returns to Google’s Play Store
  • Parler, a social media app popular with U.S. conservatives, is [Full Story]
  • ‘Troubling’ Rise in New York Antisemitic Incidents
  • From brazen broad daylight attacks caught on surveillance and cell [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • Report: Higher Income Households to Get More Student Loan Debt Relief
  • Higher income households will receive slightly more cancellation [Full Story]
  • Google Releases Plan for Fighting ‘Harmful Misinformation’
  • Google announced on Friday its plan to “limit the spread of harmful [Full Story]
  • Police Union President: Gun Violence Toward Officers a ‘Crisis’
  • More than 230 police officers working in the United States were shot [Full Story]
  • Trump Urges You to Read ‘The Return’: ‘Fantastic Analysis’
  • Former President Donald Trump is urging Americans to read “The [Full Story]
  • Biden to Request Billions for Ukraine Aid, COVID-19 Relief
  • President Joe Biden will request $11.7 billion in emergency funding [Full Story]
  • 2 Former Trump White House Attorneys Appear Before Jan. 6 Grand Jury
  • The two former top lawyers for the Trump White House appeared at [Full Story]
  • NASA Aims for Saturday Launch of New Moon Rocket
  • NASA aimed for a Saturday launch of its new moon rocket, after fixing [Full Story]
  • Rasmussen Poll: Republicans Maintain 5-Point Lead on Generic Ballot
  • Forty-seven percent of likely voters would cast their ballot for the [Full Story]
  • Protesting Activists Glue Themselves Inside UK Parliament
  • Six people were arrested after climate activists from the [Full Story]
  • Video Report: Israeli Generals Slam Biden for Iranian Nuclear Deal Attempt
  • Video Report: Israeli Generals Slam Biden for Iranian Nuclear Deal Attempt
  • Israeli military officers are bashing President Joe Biden for trying [Full Story] | video
  • Instagram Removed Fauci Parody Account After Pressure From White House
  • The White House last year pressured Instagram to remove a fake [Full Story]
  • Video Report: Putin Refuses to Give Gorbachev Official State Funeral
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is refusing to give former Soviet [Full Story] | video
  • NYC Sues Starbucks for Firing Union Organizer
  • A New York City agency overseeing workplace affairs said on Friday it [Full Story]
  • VA Plans to Provide Abortions to Veterans in Certain Cases
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs is planning to provide abortions to [Full Story]
  • Grassley Warns AG Garland to Back Off DOJ Whistleblowers
  • Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, assailed Attorney General Merrick [Full Story]
  • Judge Releases Detailed Inventory of FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid
  • A federal judge on Friday released a detailed inventory from the [Full Story]
  • AFL-CIO Launches Largest Voter Mobilization Drive
  • As November’s midterm elections approach, the AFL-CIO announced on [Full Story]
  • School Nixes LA Mayoral Debate, Citing ‘Escalating Tensions’
  • As the Los Angeles mayoral race enters its final months, the [Full Story]
  • Republicans Push to Win Over AAPI Voters Ahead of Midterms
  • The Republican National Committee has stepped up outreach to Asian [Full Story]
  • Bill to Tighten Concealed-Carry Gun Law Fails in California by 2 Votes
  • A bill aimed at tightening California’s concealed-carry law fell just [Full Story]
  • Kansas Teacher Settles After Refusing to Use Preferred Pronouns
  • A Kansas public school teacher suspended for refusing to use a [Full Story]
  • Mississippi Used Welfare Money to Pay Brett Favre $1.1M for Speeches Never Given
  • Mississippi, the country’s poorest state, paid former NFL great Brett [Full Story]
  • Charity Auction Features Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Personal Items
  • More than 100 of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s [Full Story]
  • More Newsfront
  • Finance
  • Report: Higher Income Households to Get More Student Loan Debt Relief
  • Higher income households will receive slightly more cancellation dollars in President Joe Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness plan, though more lower income households will see their student loan debt erased entirely, according to the JPMorgan Chase Institute…. [Full Story]
  • Self-Driving Company Aurora Mulling Sale to Apple or Microsoft
  • Russia Scraps Gas Pipeline Reopening, Stoking European Fuel Fears
  • Shell & Total Namibia Oil Discoveries Likely in Billions of Barrels
  • Larry Bell: Californians Will Discover Green Energy Doesn’t Grow on Trees
  • More Finance
  • Health
  • Exposure to Green Spaces and Water – Even Virtually – Boosts Mental Health
  • Spending time in nature boosts your mental health, say experts. And now research shows that being around water in what experts call “blue spaces” has particular health benefits. These studies found that people who live near blue spaces – lakes, oceans and even canals ─ have…… [Full Story]
  • US Monkeypox Cases Are Declining
  • What You Need to Know About Getting the Omicron Booster Vaccine
  • Blood Type Linked to Increased Risk for Stroke at Younger Age
  • Common Fertility Treatment Linked to Increased Cancer Risk in Children



  • NOTE 1: The chart above includes the Canadian stock, ECN, which purchased Triad Financial Services, a manufactured home industry lender
  • NOTE 2: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).
  • NOTE 3: Deer Valley was largely taken private, say company insiders in a message to MHProNews on 12.15.2020, but there are still some outstanding shares of the stock from the days when it was a publicly traded firm.  Thus, there is still periodic activity on DVLY.
  • Note 4: some recent or related reports to the equities named above follow.


Triad Financial Services Q2-2022 FINANCIAL RESULTS, per ECN Capital – Several Bright Spots in Manufactured Home Market Highlighted, Including Communities, Retail, Land-Home, Floor; MHStocks Update

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Manufactured Home Communities (a.k.a. ‘Mobile Home Parks’ – SIC) – Exploring UMH Properties; Fellow Manufactured Housing Institute Member Yes! Communities Suits and Settlements; plus MH Markets Updates



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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in manufactured housing related issues. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included a copy of the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. Tamas has grown considerably since this photo was taken. 

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHProNews.
Tony earned a journalism scholarship along with numerous awards in history. There have been several awards and honors and also recognition in manufactured housing. For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com. This article reflects the LLC’s and/or the writer’s position and may or may not reflect the views of sponsors or supporters.








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