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coffee-50Are you having A Cup of Coffee with… withdrawals this summer? Every month, there are THOUSANDS of hits on the exclusive interviews revisited below!

Most of these pros are an MH Who’s Who.  All have drawn attention over the years.  Odds are good you missed some of these, or need a refresher on others!

During this packed summer of Information – Inspiration and Innovation for Industry Professionals ©, we frankly didn’t have the time to complete a new round of A Cup of Coffee interviews.  Fear not!  They are returning this fall with some new, great interviews.  Until then, please scan these interviews, which we’ve organized by the segment of manufactured housing the professional is associated with.

These are organized alphabetically in categories: Manufacturers, Communities, Retailers, Lenders/Financial Services, Associations/Public Officials/Suppliers and Experts.  Please note, that while some of these have since changed their role in MH, each of these interviews still have keen insights for Industry professionals.  Also, some may have fit into more than one category, we placed each person only in one category.

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Manufactured and Modular Home Builders

A Cup of Coffee with…Jim Clayton Part II

A Cup of Coffee with...Wally Comer. President, Adventure Homes.

A Cup of Coffee with…Terry Decio

A Cup of Coffee with…Phyllis Knight. former President, Champion Commercial Structures and EVP, Champion Home Builders, Inc

A Cup of Coffee with…Chet Murphree, Deer Valley Homebuilders

A Cup of Coffee with…Joe Stegmayer. Chairman, Cavco Industries, Inc.. Home builder.

Manufactured Home Communities

A Cup of Coffee with…Steve Adler – Murex Properties

A Cup of Coffee with… Paul Bradley – ROC USA

A Cup of Coffee with… Sheila Dey – WMA

A Cup of Coffee with…Mel and Thelma Fath – New Durham Estates

A Cup of Coffee with…Sam Landy. President, UMH Properties (UMH). MHCommunities.

A Cup of Coffee with…Gary P. McDaniel – Yes Communities

A Cup of Coffee with…Marguerite Nader. President and Chief Executive Officer, Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS). MHCommunities.

A Cup of Coffee with…Dee Pizer – Zeman Communities

A Cup of Coffee with…Rick Rand – Great Value Homes

A Cup of Coffee with…Randy Rowe. Chairman, Green Courte Partners. MHCommunities.

A Cup of Coffee with…Scott Roberts – Roberts Resorts and Communities

A Cup of Coffee with…Nathan Smith – SSK Communities

Sam Zell says “Our Way of Life is Very Much Threatened”

Sam Zell, “The Point of the Spear” and “You’ve Got to Have Confidence”

Manufactured Home Retailers

A Cup of Coffee with… Michael Evans – Centennial Homes

A Cup of Cocoa with…Doug Gorman. President, Home-Mart, Inc, – the most award winning MH Retailer in the U.S..

A Cup of Coffee with…Ron Thomas, Sr. – founder Rona Homes, MMHF Chairman

Manufactured Home Lenders and Financial Services

A Cup (err…glass) of Beer with…Barry Cole

A Cup of Coffee with…Dick Ernst

A Cup of Coffee with…Don Glisson, Jr. Chairman and CEO of Triad Financial Services.

A Cup of Coffee with…Barry Noffsinger

A Cup of Coffee with…Andrew Peters. CEO, First Guarantee Mortgage Corporation.

A Cup of Coffee with…Tim Williams. CEO and President of 21st Mortgage Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Manufactured Home Associations, Public Officials, Suppliers and Experts

A Cup of Coffee with…Leigh J. Abrams. Chairman, Drew Industries

A Cup of Coffee with…Jim Ayotte. – Florida Manufactured Housing Association.

A Cup of Coffee with… Tim Connor – CSP

A Cup of Coffee with…Joe Donnelly. Then Congressman from Indiana and now U.S. Senator.

A Cup of Coffee with…J. D. Harper. Executive Director Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association.

A Cup of Coffee with…Eddie Hicks. CRG Inc.) Lic. RE Broker, Lic. Mortgage Broker

A Cup of Coffee with…Congressman Stephen Fincher

A Cup of Coffee with…Nancy Geer – New York Housing Association.

A Cup of Coffee with…Jamie HammonsThen President of the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association. On Manufactured Home Living News

A Cup of Coffee with…Dennis Hill. President and CEO of Show Ways Unlimited

A Cup of Coffee with…Jenny Hodge –  MHI/NCC

A Cup of Coffee with…Joe Kelly Iowa Manufactured Housing Association (IMHA), pending inductee for RV MH Hall of Fame

A Cup of Coffee with… Ross Kinzler – Wisconsin Housing Alliance

A Cup of Coffee with…Congressman Don Manzullo

A Second Cup of Coffee with…Bill Matchneer

A Cup of Coffee with…Richard Mourdock. then Treasurer, State of Indiana and 2012 GOP Candidate for United States Senate.

A Cup of Coffee with…Teresa Payne. Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Department of Housing and Urban Development.

A Cup of Coffee with…Ken Rishel. Then, Precision Capital Funding, now Rishel Consulting

A Cup of Coffee with…Rick Robinson – Author, MHI

A Cup of Coffee with…Richard Weinert. Programs Operations Manager for the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), Division of Codes and Standards.

A Cup of Coffee with…Don Westphal. MHC owner and managing member of Donald C. Westphal, Associates, LLC a Landscape Architecture and Site Planning firm.

 On –

A Breakfast with…Mary Gaiski, Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association.

A Breakfast with…Tim Williams, Ohio Manufactured Home Association.

A Breakfast with…Jen Allen, First State Manufactured Housing Association.

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