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To frame the allegations, various claims, and the “MH2X Project” recently announced by George F. Allen, some background is useful. The blogger describes himself in his 5.8.2024 post as follows: “George Allen, CPM®Emeritus, MHM®Master, is the only emeritus member of the Manufactured Housing Institute (“MHI’), a founding board member of MHI’s National Communities Council (‘NCC’) division, an RV/MH Hall of Fam enshrinee, MHInsider magazine editor at large, & Allen Legacy columnist. Vietnam combat veteran & retired lieutenant colonel of U.S. Marines, and author/editor of 30 books & chapbooks on MH, communities, business management & prayer.” He also claims to be: “the online advocate, official historian, trend tracker, and information resource for both business models” (i.e.: land lease manufactured home communities and manufactured housing more broadly). Set aside for now his unmentioned failures, typos (we get typos too, but not as many as he has), numbers of apparent Allen faux pas over the years that arguably include what an MHI linked attorney and community investor told MHProNews was Allen and his colleagues’ promotion of a purportedly illegal/prohibited forms of seller financing/rent-to-own schemes. Allen’s ego is revealed in his own descriptions previously quoted which bear illusory effect and MHI ‘awards’ style scrutiny. But what follows on this “MH2x Project” also merits consideration through the lens of what a former client of Allen’s said summed up the proper understanding of virtually everything that Allen does. ‘With George, it is always AAA. All About Allen.’ Having pondered that observation against known evidence, that ‘With George, it is always AAA. All About Allen’ remark does seem to fit the motivation behind much of what he says, writes, or does. Allen periodically entertains using magic tricks, which is another apparent form of ruse or sleight of hand. Such things noted, Allen’s blogs are an apparent grab bag of the weaponized, self-serving, accurate, inaccurate, no sources offered for some information, and ignoring info he does or should know while crafting his narrative du jour. To say that Allen palters may be an insult to others who palter with greater finesses.

The most recent narratives that follow herein in Part I fit these observations, perhaps with this notable exception. Among Allen’s various claims plus his announced “MH2X Project” may prove embarrassing or legally problematic to some of the very souls he owes apparent fealty.

Part I of this article will use several extended quotes from Allen’s recent blogs.

Following some of those quoted remarks, will be footnotes added by MHProNews that will then become the focus of Part II of this report with facts and analysis.

Let’s note up front that MHProNews editorially supports authentic, sustainable, legally obtained growth in manufactured housing sales that produces happy customers. In a narrow sense, it would be grand if manufactured housing lawfully and properly did double its production in size by the end of 2025 (i.e.: MH2X). As our ever-popular Rollohome report and other well-read research items often reveal, it is entirely conceivable. But therein lies the rub for MHI leaders (corporate and senior staff), several MHI members, MHInsider,, and those who operate in that orbit of the manufactured housing industry.

To illustrate for clarity, imagine this. If relatively lowly George F. Allen somehow managed to achieve the stated goal of doubling manufactured home industry production in roughly the next 18 months, what does that say about each of those other leaders and platforms?

  • 1) If corporate leaders at Clayton Homes (BRK), Skyline Champion (SKY), Cavco Industries (CVCO), MHI, Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS) owned MHVillage/MHInsider,, and others follow the bloviating Allen, what does that say about themselves? Meaning, why haven’t they boldly announced their own plan to double production in 18 months?
  • 2) And if those same firms and their respective leaders don’t follow or support his MH2X Project, what signals do they send to their respective shareholders and/or stakeholders?
  • 3) Additionally, while Allen, as noted, tends to ignore inconvenient truths that don’t fit his narrative du jour, why is it that beyond the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), MHProNews, MHLivingNews, so little practical attention is given to the nuts and bolts of how doubling the industry’s production might be achieved? Why has MHI and those same leaders’ memory holed their own Roper Report or other plans that aimed at increasing manufactured housing industry production?

Hold those thoughts, because therein lies the embarrassment, possible reputational and legal consequences for several in MHVille that operate in the MHI orbit.

Let’s note for new readers that while some in MHI are arguably legally and morally questionable in their business practices and behaviors, that numbers in MHI or an MHI linked state association affiliate may feel they have little or no choice but to be a member. More on that in Part II.

Note too for new readers, if it isn’t already clear, MHProNews does not endorse Allen nor SECO, due in part to their apparent promotion of business practices deemed unlawful. More on that in Part II. Failure to address any specific point Allen claims should not be misconstrued as agreement in Part II. Several remarks will not be directly (e.g.: ‘grass roots’ – have Allen acolytes seeded their own movement?).

The fascination in this is focused on points like those noted in the 3 bullet above.


Part I – Statements According to George F. Allen’s “Community-Investor” and “EducateMHC” Blog


QuoteMarksLeftSideSigned-on in Support of MH2X Project?

Last week we introduced you to the MH2X project, that grassroots movement whose goal is to motivate and assist the HUD-Code manufactured housing industry in ‘Doubling the Annual Production of Manufactured Homes During Year 2025’! How? By filling vacant rental homesites and upgrading land lease communities with new manufactured homes.

But for this to happen, the project needs nationwide tangible and moral support from businessmen and women in all sectors of the manufactured housing industry. Have YOU signed-on yet? If not, go to There, click on the MH2X prompt and enter your contact information and indicate what part you would like to play in this project.

So far, industry response has been more than encouraging! Plans are already in the works for training sessions as to how to buy, sell, and seller-finance new homes on-site in land lease communities and elsewhere. And there’s more, much more. But you likely won’t learn of the alternatives if you don’t express interest and participate soon. Visit the website!”


QuoteMarksLeftSideWhat Should Be But Isn’t!

Another manufactured housing-related conundrum (‘ a hard question, riddle’), goes like this: “Why do we know so little about the economic impact of HUD-Code manufactured housing & land lease communities on local, state, regional, and national scenes? Answer (in my opinion) has to do with the fact that ‘some folk’ simply don’t want that information to get outside our industry and realty asset class. Why? You’ll have to ask them (i.e. leaders of the industry). But here’s an example of a sister industry that does ‘keep score’ and happily lets the public know.

RVs Move America Economic Impact Study (a press release): “the RV Industry Association’s latest economic impact study in 2022 measured the impact the RV economy has on jobs, wages, taxes and spending. The study revealed that the RV industry had an overall economic impact to the US economy of $140 billion, supporting nearly 680,000 jobs, contributing more than $48 billion in wages and paying over 13.6 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.”

The study goes on to show what comprises the $140 billion economic impact figures:

$73.7 billion generated by RV manufacturers and suppliers

$35.7 billion by RV campgrounds and related travel

$30-.5 billion in RV sales and service facilities. …

Well, it’s not happening – and won’t happen anytime soon; at least not until enough businessmen and women demand to have this sort of information available to them as they influence local and state legislators relative to manufactured housing and land lease communities. All we get now is the estimated production value of new HUD-Code homes produced each month, and that data is based on a formula more than a decade old! Surely, HUD-Code manufactured homes are worth more than just $43,126 per unit produced. But that’s what we’re expected to work with at this time. …”


3) From Allen’s 5.3.2024 blog post

QuoteMarksLeftSideOur industry has languished, with annual production at about 100,000 new manufactured homes (‘MHs’) for years. ‘Best Guess’ is there’re 40,000 – 50,000 communities*3 in the U.S., that about 10 percent of the three million related rental homesites are vacant, and  upwards of half the remaining homes onsite are old, unattractive, dysfunctional, barely habitable eyesores. MH2X is a SECO-sponsored grassroots initiative to ‘Double annual production of manufactured homes in 2025’, by filling vacant sites and upgrading communities with new manufactured homes!”


QuoteMarksLeftSideA little known story about manufactured housing production interacting with in-community placement of new HUD-Code homes goes like this: In 1998 when 372,943+/- new HUD-Code homes were produced, only 15 percent (or 57,441 units) went directly into (then) manufactured home communities. 25 years later, given steep decline in the number of independent (street) MHRetailers, and community owners/operators taking  initiative to sell and finance homes onsite, 51 percent (or 57,571 units) of the 112,886 new homes produced in 2023 went directly into communities nationwide. This has been a major paradigm shift, since year 2000+/-, for the manufactured housing industry. GFA …”


5) From Allen’s April 29, 2024 post.

QuoteMarksLeftSideZoning restrictions require flexibility. And I would add ‘endurance’. Changing zoning codes is not a one shot affair – ever. …”


QuoteMarksLeftSideCrossMod homes have particular appeal.  Unlike “traditional manufactured homes often built for niche applications like manufactured home parks or farm housing.” – CrossMod homes “…designed to provide an alternative to conventional site-built single-family housing.” IMHO, it appears the writers here have sipped the Kool Aid. I’m still waiting for trade publications to honestly and accurately ballyhoo the annual unit sales gains of CrossMod homes. …”


Part II – Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

Keeping in mind the preface and his former client’s keen insight: ‘With George, it is always AAA. All About Allen’ let’s note that much of what he has written has little or no credited sources. Sometimes, what Allen says is grounded in reality. Sometimes what he says is demonstrably errant. In every case, it is often about making others look bad while making himself look good. As the opening paragraph in the preface above indicated, Allen is pretty full of himself, at least in how he projects himself. Allen’s ‘teaching people to sell manufactured homes in a land lease’ is almost humorous, given that a state association executive said he used Google Earth to check out the vacancy rate in Allen’s own properties. That association executive told MHProNews that Allen had high vacancies. After MHProNews reported that, Allen all but admitted that he was telling others what to do without doing it himself. He has since sold off those properties. One way to put it is that Allen is a decent promoter of himself, even if a close look at his own history may reveal significant disconnects. Despite several embarrassing items like that, such as the Tom Lackey-SECO disgrace, Allen dusts himself off and goes on promoting himself. For whatever reasons (e.g.: perhaps for access to sponsors), dozens to hundreds have followed. Allen can be charming, but charm and truth don’t always go hand in glove.

1) While Allen says he is in favor of “‘Doubling the Annual Production of Manufactured Homes During Year 2025’! How? By filling vacant rental homesites and upgrading land lease communities with new manufactured homes.” As noble as that may be, it is hardly new. It is in fact part of what Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS), Sun Communities (SUI), UMH Properties (UMH), Flagship Communities (TSX: MHC.U) (TSX: MHC.UN), and others have been doing for years. When Allen said (see #4 in Part I. above) that “51 percent (or 57,571 units) of the 112,886 new homes produced in 2023 went directly into communities nationwide,” he cites no source. In fact, Allen’s claims (sadly, as is all too often the case with his written statements) are a mish-mash of apparently accurate, inaccurate and sometimes baffling statements.

For instance:

a) In 2023, total national manufactured home production wasn’t 112,886 homes. Per MHARR, which cites the official source used by HUD: “Cumulative production for 2023 thus totals 89,169 homes, a 21% decrease from the 112,882 HUD Code homes produced during 2022.” Allen is a year off. It was 89,169 homes in 2023, and 112,882 in 2022.

b) According to MHI’s Quick Facts for 2022: “105,772 new homes in 2021” “49% of new manufactured homes are placed on private property and 51% are placed in manufactured home communities.” So, the 51 percent Allen claimed for 2023 appears to be a transposition of information from 2021, not 2023.

c) While Allen claims expertise in MHCs, and in fairness he certainly would know more about MHCs than someone (for example) that has never stepped foot in a land lease community, his own blog reflects several factual errors like that which would indicate that he is simply not a reliable source for accurate information. For example. MHI, at last check on 5.13.2024 at about 8:13 AM ET, the Arlington VA based trade group no longer makes their Quick Facts or Industry Overviews publicly available (perhaps too many fact-checks by MHProNews which used those documents?). More specific examples on that further below.


2)  Allen raises a fair point, but it is one years after MHProNews raised that issue with respect to MHI’s errant infographics. This illustration of an MHProNews fact check below was uploaded on April 15, 2020. Allen is only 4 years late, and – perhaps not surprising – fails to mention that MHProNews has reported on this problematic failure of MHI to show the correct economic impact of manufactured housing for years.  So, while Allen is late, perhaps better late than never. It is unclear if Allen ‘borrows’ such issues from MHProNews, and then later ‘reports’ them to his readers as his own discovery.




3) From Part I #3 above, Allen said: “‘Best Guess’ is there’re 40,000 – 50,000 communities…” Pardon me, George, but there is no longer a need to guess. As MHProNews reported on September 10, 2022, the Lincoln Institute’s George McCarthy found that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had done a precise count. At that time, it was over 50,000. For more details, see the report linked below.


4) “Zoning restrictions require flexibility. And I would add ‘endurance’. Changing zoning codes is not a one shot affair – ever. …” Allen claims to be an advocate and information source for both business models. As was noted in the opening paragraph of the preface above: Allen boasts that he is “the online advocate, official historian, trend tracker, and information resource for both business models” (i.e.: land lease manufactured home communities and manufactured housing more broadly). Yet, according to the search tool for his site, the last time Allen used the phrase “enhanced preemption” (or something close to it) was December 1, 2016Back on 4.26.2014, Allen wrote: “Implementation of Enhanced Federal Preemption. Past promises of program reviews and re-evaluation have not been kept, but are still needed.” Note much, but apt.


5) It is his 2011 post, quoted below, that has the most on the enhanced preemption topic, and some others too. Allen correctly blasts:

  • QuoteMarksLeftSideIt’s the continued use of traditional ‘(depreciating) book value’ methodology that seriously harms manufactured home owners when selling their homes! Site – built housing’s ‘market comparable’ appraisal methods are clearly applicable to manufactured housing, especially those sited on realty owned fee simple!” Unfortunately, some MHI member brands are doing this method of home valuation. More on that valuation topic followed. Note that for some, the term ‘the industry’ is used as a code for MHI, as Kevin Clayton used it in the video interview linked here.
  • “So, who’s at fault here, for perpetuating this just quoted mistruth? ‘The industry’ – who penned it (i.e. As another apt example of self – immolation, per the Great Conspiracy just described), and or the ‘GSE’s’ (Government Sponsored Enterprises) who, year after year, opt for ‘the easy way out’, by endorsing ‘depreciating book valuation’ methodology to estimate the value of HUD Code manufactured housing – as part of this Greater Conspiracy, to eventually do away with our industry?” Note that Allen is accusing the GSEs and others in “the industry” of scheming to “do away with our industry” in a “Great Conspiracy.”
  • “And who, until a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision declared ‘black balling’ of HUD Code manufactured housing from (home sale) multi – list systems across the country as being illegal, has effectively derailed the creation and nurturing of a functional secondary market for the listing and resale of manufactured housing product? It’s one more reason we see so few licensed real estate salespersons and brokers pursuing listings within and outside landlease communities.” Allen also railed about the lack of a removable chassis, which he doesn’t mention, but informed sources tell MHProNews was all but a done deal until MHI insiders purportedly skewered it in the early 1990s.
  • QuoteMarksLeftSideKnow the clearest indicator of a Greater Conspiracy? In my opinion, it’s HUD’s abject failure to fully and properly implement key reform provisions of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (‘MHIA@2000’)! Here we are, nearly 11 ½ years after passage of the Act, and HUD has all but neutered the federal regulation, without complying with relevant provisions within the Act; has diminished and ignored the enhanced federal preemption of MHIA@2000; has failed to appoint a non – career program administrator, per HUDs whim; has utilized the same federal contractor (Albeit under different entity names), for more than three decades (i.e. Talk about job security, at our industry’s expense!); and, has re – codified two new MHIA@2000 programs – installation and dispute resolution – in the process, rendering them non – preemptive, and outside the authority of MHIA@2000’s Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (‘MHCC’). Are you angry yet?What to do about the Greater Conspiracy? Frankly, I don’t think there’s much we can do at this point in time, except…. If we have folk within our industry, who have divided loyalties to our competitors and regulators, then they need to be confronted. But beyond that, the immediate, timely and strategic challenge, as described earlier, is to call for a national meeting of truly concerned businessmen and women, willing to invest their personal and corporate resources to be an integral part of a national plan to rejuvenate, and reposition – if necessary, HUD Code manufactured housing! …”

Allen’s mishmash has a few useful gems amid the proverbial mud and rocks. As best as can be determined using his site’s search tool and MS Word searches of the actual posts, these are the only time “enhanced preemption” was raised, and this particular reference was his most robust use of that phrase.

But look again.

Allen said some 13 years ago something similar to what Samuel Strommen said that Allen later slammed. Don’t count on Allen recalling what he said, or perhaps as or more appropriately, it doesn’t matter so long as his narrative du jours might be worth some shekels. When Allen says some in the industry are working with our competitors and regulators, aren’t those similar to concerns raised by MHARR, MHProNews, and MHLivingNews, save with the difference that specifics are given? Isn’t Allen’s remarks similar to what the Minneapolis Federal Reserve researchers decrying ‘sabotaging monopoly’ tactics has been pressing for years? Why, if Allen is to be consistent at all, is there no mention of James Schmitz Jr. on his website?


6) Quoting Allen from 2011.


it’s high time we revisit our roots as affordable housing, seek new ways to rejuvenate our housing product, the way we market it, how we treat our customers, & much more! Frankly; if I don’t speak out, I seriously doubt anyone else will, and our industry will continue to suffer on, maybe even die, in silence! GFA


The Great Conspiracy isn’t a conspiracy at all! It’s the well known but embarrassing phenomenon of self – immolation (Webster: as in ‘killing oneself – or industry – as a sacrificial victim’). In the case of manufactured housing, this self – defeating state of affairs is characterized by ‘resistance to change’ (e.g. Like automobile plants, we count our ‘shipments’, not homes ‘sold’, & cling to vestigial trade lingo like it’s Biblical writ); greed (e.g. Think, ‘Bigger boxes = bigger bucks!’); and, frequent lack of product (installation) responsibility (warranty) once the house leaves the factory (e.g. Remember ‘DAR’? It’s the industry’s continuing mantra, in some circles, as in ‘Drop (that house) And Run!’). And there’s more. How ‘bout cyclic short term abuses of chattel and realty finance sources, followed by reaping self – sacrificial long term consequences of going without (e.g. Only 50,000+/- new HUD Code homes ‘shipped’ during years 2008, 2009 & 2010)? Of course, there’s also the perennial, not – so – private, lobbying – defeating, internecine squabbling between our national advocacy trade bodies inside the Washington, DC beltway. Will it ever end? Plus, landlease (nee manufactured home) communities are not without blame! Too many still deserve to be viewed as nothing more than ‘trailer parks’, awash with negative societal mores and perpetuating a very poor public image of an otherwise desirable, affordable lifestyle. And in the same breath, do we dare mention the nefarious (in some eyes) or business risk – mitigating (in other eyes) practice of ‘churning’ our (property owner) self – financed homeowner/rental homesite lessees? And the list goes on….

Is there a solution? I believe there is. But we need a charismatic, respected, well known, successful businessman or woman leader, to step forth and publicly announce, ‘The HUD Code manufactured housing industry is at an impasse! And if we’re to move forward together, and profitably, during the next decade, we’ve simply got to Get Our Act Together, the sooner the better!’”


7) A closer reading of Allen’s post seems to suggest that he is the solution to the industry’s woes: “we need a charismatic, respected, well known, successful businessman or woman leader, to step forth and publicly announce, ‘The HUD Code manufactured housing industry is at an impasse! And if we’re to move forward together, and profitably, during the next decade, we’ve simply got to Get Our Act Together, the sooner the better!’” – As his ex-client noted, ‘With George, it is AAA. All About Allen.’ Allen, the savior of manufactured housing. Allen, the man who alone blows the whistle or brings problems to light. Allen alone is the only dependable source of information, except, of course, when a magnifying glass it taken to his posts, and the errors and contradictions may quickly surface, as in the above.

But as the late, great Zig Ziglar observed, to solve a problem, someone must first understand the elements of the problem. At times, Allen has correctly identified them. But at other times, perhaps depending on who was buttering his bread (or not), Allen could flip on a dime. Consistency is not his middle name.

8) Just one more point will be made where he is both right and wrong.  Per Allen: “I’m still waiting for trade publications to honestly and accurately ballyhoo the annual unit sales gains of CrossMod homes.” Excuse me, George, but it is MHProNews that has been consistent on this issue and sounded the warning on CrossMods before that name was even used. It is MHProNews and our MHLivingNews sister site that has said that perhaps 100 homes (+/-) have been produced and sold, based on known information. Copilot confirmed that point. Allen is correct in saying that that MHInsider, MHI, have apparently kept promoting that clearly failed CrossMods project, while MHARR, MHLivingNews, and MHProNews have consistently and persistently pointed out the problems with the program. If Allen has come to the dance late, welcome. But then Allen should not try to grab false glory. Allen should try accuracy and some much-needed humility. By trying to be the be-all and end-all of everything manufactured housing, posturing being so important to the future of the industry that he simply can’t afford to retire (he says, per his various posts on his blog, that he has been trying to retire for over a dozen years). Allen is useful in this sense that he sometimes utters truth. But he is difficult because there is so much errant information which he spews that the wheat of truth must be sifted from the chaff, which given his ‘expertise’ on prayer and Scripture, he should seek to better understand and live.

In the case of CrossMods, Tom Hardiman, with the Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA) has also weighed in with often useful statements.





9) Let’s sum up. In no particular order of importance, what makes Allen’s recent musings of interest are these points.

a) Allen is de facto challenging MHI’s leaders to actually lead the industry back to higher levels of production. Fair enough. But as the document linked here, quoted above, indicated, he has lamented industry underperformance for some 13 years. If he is such a “charismatic leader” then why hasn’t he been able to shake up what has gone wrong at MHI, where he claims such a deep history?  And instead of trying to pretend that MHProNews/MHLivingNews don’t exist, he should accurately report and accurately give credit where and when it is due. He can wail about the lack of mention of details on CrossMods or “enhanced preemption” from MHInsider,, etc. But he can’t make such statements with respect to our publications without arguably revealing himself as being either a bold liar or ignorant, take your pick. Indeed, because he has praised our publication for seeking to hold the industry’s leaders accountable, it is apparent that he can’t claim ignorance.




b) Allen is correct in trying to push for a doubling of the industry’s production. He could then just as easily want to double the industry’s production again, two years later.  That’s a point MHProNews and MHLivingNews have made for years when we produced a video interview of former MHI president and CEO, Richard “Dick” Jennison first saying the industry should grow slowly. That video of Jennison urging slow growth goes to Allen’s grain of wheat about some in “the industry” leadership (i.e.: MHI) apparently working against the manufactured housing industry as a whole’s best interests.



c) As a result of that odd remark by Jennison, MHProNews pressed the issue with Tim Williams at 21st Mortgage Corporation. Williams has held the chairman’s role and others of importance at MHI for years. Williams in turn told MHProNews he would address the issue with Jennison. On that point, Williams was true to his word. Jennison, perhaps gritting his teat, praised MHProNews and then said on camera that the industry could achieve 500,000 new home sales annually. Which begs the question. Why not press for that goal in a robust fashion? Achieving that would be a more than 5-fold increase in production.


Still and quote are from the video posted on this page.



d) Instead of consistently slamming MHI, and holding them accountable, Allen feels the need to toss MHARR (unjustly) in with MHI. Instead of praising the work of those who have led the charge on these issues, Allen seems to seek to smear others perhaps thinking that by doing so he is elevating himself. Be that as it may, as noted, his remarks are useful. Because the quoted and linked items attached reflect this evidence-based takeaway. There are some in manufactured housing who have been undermining the industry from within. In a sense, Allen’s remarks about CrossMods might buttress those of also problematic industry pro Frank Rolfe. Allen needs to learn to cite sources, cite them accurately, give credit where it is due, and instead of hoping to ride of in the sunset with his arm bent over patting his own back, he should make a genuine effort to expose precisely the sources of industry underperformance.  Allen needs consistency and accuracy, instead of flip-flopping like a fish on the deck of a trawler.


IblameManufacturedHousingInstituteSalesCouldBeMuchBetterMHI_InsiderFingerPointsEssentialHUDusePreemptionAuthorityAffordableHousingCrisisManufacturedHousingInReportMHMarketMHProNews and


e) But perhaps because Allen couldn’t figure out how ‘straight reporting’ or reporting with accurate analysis might accomplish more for those he claims to care about, he seems intent on figuring out how he can draw more people to an event that is often sponsored by those who want to consolidate the industry.  That’s Allen’s paltering and hypocrisy on steroids.  Allen could do what MHProNews does, systematically and accurately report information and reveal what they mean. But instead, it all seems to devolve into getting more attendees, where sponsors may be thousands to attend, others pay more modest sums, whether or not the independent community operators actually benefit in the manner that Allen and SECO claims. Which brings us to what Tom Lackey and those still relevant legal controversies should tell community operators about the risks of listening to Allen and his colleagues on certain topics.


If MHAction cared so deeply about ‘victims’ of ‘predatory companies,’ where were they on this issue? MHProNews knows from multiple sources that MHAction was aware of these events, but opted not to act on behalf of those residents. Learn more, linked here.




f) Allen’s meandering self-and paid colleague-promotional musings, from MHx2 Project after “Make Manufactured Housing Great Again” after COBA 7, etc., etc. must lead to great laughs after each event for organizers. MHI once sicked their outside attorney David Goch on Spencer Roane (and perhaps by extension, Allen), until they came to some unstated rapprochement. If MHI meant what Goch said, then why do they tolerate what Allen has said?

Goch is a paid mouthpiece for MHI. This pull quote from a letter from Goch is fascinating. On the one hand, Goch says that MHI is working for the interests of all and wants all points of view. But then, Goch threatens in writing a then MHI member who dared question the association. They cannot have it both ways. Part of the irony is that in hindsight, as the evidence mounts, it becomes obvious that MHI has postured efforts for almost 20 years, since the start of the Berkshire era of manufactured housing began. Coincidence? Or just part of a broader plan that has benefited a few at great cost and harm to the many? 




g) Now that UMH Properties has come out publicly and promotes the notion that manufactured housing should be opening hundreds of new communities a year, that should send shock waves through the investment community.



h) Landy, like Allen, didn’t mention the MHIA of 2000 and enhanced preemption, which MHARR refers to the 2000 Reform Law, in his recent musings in favor of MHx2.  A longtime Allen colleague, Ken Rishel, pushed at one point for the seeming polar opposite of what enhanced preemption proposed. Rishel advocated for placing manufactured homes in land-lease communities and make modulars for everywhere else. Did Allen consider in his search for a conspiracy to consider exposing Rishel’s pitch? To grasp Allen, keep in mind, it is always AAA. All About Allen.




i) But the call to double the industry in essentially about 18 months does call to mind why MHI and its corporate leaders have failed to come up with their own plan. Over a dozen years have elapsed since Kevin Clayton said the industry was ‘ready’ to launch an industry campaign. About 2 decades have elapsed since MHI paid sizable money for the Roper Report. What happened?






j) Allen, the self-appointed ‘historian’ of the industry all too often seems to recall only history that puts himself in the center of attention. He fails to routinely cite sources, give credit where it is due, acknowledge rivals, or be consistent. In doing so, he may have indirectly helped our platforms because we cover the issues he and others (MHInsider,, Rolfe, Allen) don’t. When he made his pitch for MH2x without pushing for enhanced preemption that might benefit retailers, he shows his apparent loyalties for the community sector, not ‘all sectors.’




Rise and Fall of HUD Code Manufactured Housing 1995-2023 – Story of the U.S. Affordable Housing Crisis Behind the Facts




k) By cheering his own program via SECO, Allen is nevertheless making MHInsider,, and MHI – along with several of their corporate consolidators – look foolish.  That may not cost him  or SECO business, though. Why not? As long as Allen can attract a several hundred community operators, he is fulfilling a ‘useful idiot’ style role.



While Allen is ballyhooing MH2X Project he is indirectly revealing that, MHVillage, MHInsider are all failing to do at least some of what they claim to be all about. After all, if the industry was growing robustly, Allen’s ‘plan’ would be irrelevant, right?



l) Allen fails to mention that once existing communities are full, his plan will result in a yet another crash in production. Oops. 




m) To better understand the nuances of the above, read the following deeper dive reports.








n) Mr. Advocate, Mr. Ombudsman, Mr. Historian, Mr. Can’t Accurately Cite Data or Sources Consistently, has been repeatedly invited to debate this writer publicly. He has yet to agree to do so. Perhaps he wouldn’t want to be embarrassed in a venue where a video recorder might catch him making self-embarrassing remarks like those of Jennison above? The debate could be done virtually via LinkedIn, as was done by this writer and Andy Gedo. Will he do it? This writer’s hunch, based on past experience is it is unlikely.  An invite for any other organizations named in this report to do the same is hereby also extended.

Stay tuned to your source for what Bing’s AI powered Copilot has called the dependable and reliable source for information about manufactured housing that seeks to hold the industry’s powers to account, MHProNews, where you find “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use” © and where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ###



Manufactured Housing Production Increases in March 2024 but Lags Historic Norms – Comparing MHARR v Manufactured Housing Institute Statements and Actions – Facts with Analysis


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Our son has grown quite a bit since this 12.2019 photo. All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in our manufactured housing industry related concerns. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States, bottled water, and other goodies.

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