Thousands of Manufactured Housing Industry Pros, Millions of Manufactured Homeowners Facing Reality – “It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better”


Two generic quotes from two different manufactured housing connected professionals applied to applied to these specific issues that follows tees up this pivotal report.

It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better.

– Jim Reitzner,
Asset Development/Home Source One.

Buffett is reportedly not the first to say this, but he has certainly helped popularize it. The application of this principle to this report will become clear as the research is unfolded.

A prima facie case has been made that literally:

  • thousands of manufactured housing industry professionals have had their businesses and/or careers crushed in the last 15 plus years.
  • Millions of our industry’s consumers have had their housing’s value and their security undermined, arguably by the same individuals that crushed independent retailers and producers.
  • Potentially tens of millions renting or who are conventional housing owners pondering a move have also purportedly been shortchanged.
  • Additionally, in as much as taxpayers’ foot the bill for billions of dollars annually in subsidized housing, the vast majority of American’s have some stake in the problematic patterns that have been identified by to some extent by various industry insiders, mainstream media, MHLivingNews and MHProNews. The case made by the latter two stands unrefuted by those allegedly involved, even after a well-publicized public debate.

Those bullets are the connection between our industry’s political challenges and why national politics matters to industry independents, investors, sincere advocates and honest public officials.

To the dishonest in our realm, this is relevant too. Because spotlighting and peeling back these revealing statements by industry outsiders – given enough of public grasp of the importance – could upset the growing stranglehold by what Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden publicly slammed the problem of “trillionaires” ruling over American society.

The looming threat of post-election civil unrest – which research points to being funded by the same “trillionaires” that VP Biden decried – should clarify why resistance to armed insurrection, law and order are among the ‘issues on the ballot’ for the rapidly approaching election.



Additionally, suppressed revelations by mainstream journalists that include both progressive and conservative media outlets, coupled with other details that follow in this special report.

Several different but interrelated items will follow, each of which are puzzle pieces that once laid out raise stark question impact our industry, its’ consumers, and our nation.


Part I: Former Obama-era VP Joe Biden in Iowa on ‘Taxing the Rich…’

I guarantee you, I give you my word as a Biden, no one making less than $400,000 a year will see a penny in their taxes raised. No one,” the former VP, 77, said to honks of approval from supporters at small drive-in rally, as reported by the right-of-center New York Post, which provided the video below.


 Note, the video above may auto-start, if it
doesn’t show Joe Biden, activate the sound, reload and play.
You can mute the sound once the video is finished.


Biden continued, “But I tell you what, it’s about time, the wealthiest people in America, the billionaires and trillionaires — um, the multi-billionaires,” he went on, trailing off when he realized his error because there currently is no such thing at this time as a “trillionaire.”

But left-of-center MarketWatch, which crunched the numbers regarding President Trump’s 2017 tax cut that both Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D) have both publicly pledged to end. Per that source, the 2017 Trump Administration tax cuts actually reduced the average tax liability by up to 12.5 percent for people earning between $15,000 and $20,000 a year, according to IRS numbers cited.

Americans paid almost $64 billion less in federal income taxes during the first year under the Republican tax overhaul signed into law in late 2017 by President Donald Trump, with some of the sharpest drops clustered among taxpayers earning between $25,000 and $100,000 a year,” said MarketWatch earlier this year.

  • The double-digit percentage decreases in average tax liability started with a 12.5% drop for people making $15,000 to $20,000 a year. Double-digit percentage reductions in liability continued for people making $25,000 to $30,000 (down 11.2%) through $100,000 to $200,000 (down 10.96%).
  • Taxpayers making between $40,000 and $50,000 a year had the largest fall in average tax liability, a 14.5% drop, while high-end households making between $250,000 and $500,000 had the second largest decrease, with a 14.4% liability reduction.
  • Taxpayers making at least $1 million had a 4.3% decrease in average tax liability.

Rephrased, despite the pledge by former VP Biden and Senator Harris that no one earning under $400,000 will get taxed more, just repealing the 2017 tax cut will impact tens of millions of lower to middle income wage earners, not just the well to do, billionaires, and corporations.  The facts make clear that the two claims by Democrats Biden and Harris can’t be reconciled.

MarketWatch reported that the data cited by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, showed the tax cuts were effective. Adjusted gross incomes were 5.7% higher in the November 2019 than a year earlier, Mnuchin said. “President Trump’s pro-growth economic policies, including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, are working to increase wages and lower the tax burden for hardworking Americans,” Mnuchin stated, citing federal data.

Mark Mazur, director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, said the tax-cuts are “not as tilted toward billionaires as some of the rhetoric may lead you to think, but it is the case the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act favored higher-income people.”

Left-leaning MarketWatch also cited Steve Wamhoff, director of federal tax policy at the progressive Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, or ITEP. “The parts of the Trump tax cuts that really benefit the rich are not the personal-income-tax cuts but the corporate-income-tax cuts and estate-tax cuts,” according to Wamhoff.

That facts need to be separated from the opinions, and in doing so, what Wamhoff pointed to reflects something that millions may not realize.

A possible Biden-Harris, or Harris-Biden, Administration’s pledged repeal of the 2017 tax cut would presumably re-impose the estate tax, sometimes called the ‘death tax.’

As Investopedia reported, “The new [2017 Trump Tax Cuts] legislation effectively eliminates the federal estate tax for all but the wealthiest individuals. One caveat is worth noting: as with most of the provisions of the act, these rules are set to expire at the end of 2025.”  The generation skipping tax also benefited the middle class. As President Trump sometimes says on the stump, this helps family farmers. But it also helps any business owner, homeowner, or others who want to pass along their estate to their children without a tax burden. That doesn’t benefit ‘the rich,’ rather, it helps the working and middle class to become richer.

A few more points need to be made about “I give you my word as a Biden” pledge. First, Biden’s prior presidential run ended when he had to admit that he ‘embellished’ – think lied – about his bio and academic record. Over the years, including during the 2019-2020 Democratic primary Biden told ‘tall tales’ that proved to be untrue, or “lies.”



So “I give you my word as a Biden” should be taken with those points and what follows in mind.

The Biden campaign, per left-of-center (meaning, pro-Democratic) Politico reported a few weeks ago that they had made quiet reassurances to Wall Street that a Biden election would not hurt them. Rather, it would maintain their status quo. Promises to tax corporations more, when examined, have several harmful economic impacts, not the least of which is that larger corporations have the ability to wrap their tax costs into their costs of doing business and thus pass them onto consumers.




The billionaire class has for years overwhelmingly favored Democratic, not Republican or Libertarian candidates. The graphic below from the 2018 election cycle is but one example of that fact.


The Democrats are not the same party that they used to be. Neither are the Republicans. Democrats have tilted socialist, and many say so openly.


While someone can blame the “Citizen’s United” Supreme Court decision, a common and not unfair leftist talking point, it overlooks the clear reality that Democrats have benefited more from that ruling than conservatives’ candidates have. Testing that principle to the Biden-Harris campaign, or down-ballot Democratic candidates in general, is confirmed by a recent Open Secrets report.




There have been far more big money donations flow to Democratic super-PACs that Republicans, per sources across the left-right media divide. In South Carolina alone, Democrats have poured reportedly poured some $100 million dollars into the campaign to unseat incumbent GOP Senator Lindsey Graham (SC-R). In Florida, Democratic backing billionaire Michael Bloomberg – who dropped out of the 2019-2020 primary after Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) barraged him during a Democratic debate with sexual abuse related allegations – pledged $100 million dollars to defeat President Trump and down ballot Republicans in that one state. The wonder is that even with massive Democratic spending in Florida, some recent polling shows President Trump to have a small edge in the state. More on that in another planned report, which will unpack the chances for another 2016 style election upset, given high pro-Trump voter turnout.

It has to be asked. Why would billionaires support Biden-Harris, or Harris-Biden, unless they thought they would benefit if that ticket is elected? Isn’t it obvious that they believe that they will benefit? Note that the COVID19 pandemic has made them far wealthier than before, as the data below reflects.



Summing up this section of this report. Biden has a problematic record of dishonesty, not trustworthiness. He faces some similar concerns as those who fault President Trump for numerous allegations of pre-candidacy sexual advances – or worse with women. Former Senator Biden has numerous allegations of similar behavior including a credible allegation of rape and improper sexual advances.


Notice: the point here isn’t which candidate is morally superior. Rather, it is to illustrate that some of the same or worse allegations made against President Trump are also made against former Senator and VP Joe Biden, but Biden was a public servant, an elected official.

The video above is a ‘bonus’ segment from the full length and
different content shown in the report linked above. This is a Democrat and former Biden staffer
making the allegations, which the report above details the reasons for considering Tara Reade’s story.



The notion of “lunch bucket Joe” being ‘a nice guy’ is undermined by any number of facts and evidence, which is often no longer in dispute. However, much of the anti-Trump media are downplaying or ignoring those and other areas of concerns. This will tie into the third part of this report that follows Part II. That too comes from sources across the left-right media divide.




The Washington Post is a left-leaning media source, clearly in the Biden camp. Which makes their spotlighting of Biden’s real estate holdings all the more telling.
Harry S. Truman was a Democratic Party President.


Summing up this portion of the report. The Biden-Harris ticket are making claims that the evidence casts doubt upon or clearly disproves. The logic of the facts from sources across the left-right divide is this. There is no good reason to believe them on their ‘tax the rich’ policy claims. They say they won’t tax lower income Americans more. But if they roll back the Trump Administration tax cuts of 2017, which they have repeatedly said they would do, they will be harming millions of Americans making modest wages to those making $100,000 or more annually.

For smaller businesses and homeowners, the ability to pass along a home, business, family farm, etc. would be hampered. For those who understand the Warren Buffett ‘Castle and Moat’ mantra, this looks suspiciously like that in action.




They often have entirely different proposed solutions, but they each have pointed to several of the same facts. 


Part II: New York Times “October Surprise” Planned for November 1st? Additional Information, MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

The left-of-center New York Times was embarrassed again this past week. Once more, one of their anti-Trump ‘bombshells’ – a supposed high ranking official that ripped President Trump in an anonymous op-ed they published – turned out to be a mid-level player with almost no contact with the president. That same person – Miles Taylor – lied on camera with left-of-center CNN about that matter. He also works with CNN and has reportedly been paid by left-leaning and-pro-Biden Google too.

There have been so many such fabricated or exaggerated stories that independent award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson periodically does a recap of how many ‘fake news’ items there have been in the era of Trump. Last time MHProNews checked, her total was north of 120.


Rephrased, Taylor’s role was nothing like what the New York Times hyped or claimed. It was an anti-Trump voice who was amplified by them and others in anti-Trump media, arguably for political purposes.

Just as The Atlantic ‘bombshell’ about President Trump supposedly making disparaging remarks about troops was debunked, the New York Times and the Atlantic stories have been recirculated time and again by Democrats and others in what could be called the ‘anti-Trump’ media. Even neutral or pro-Trump sources, in as much as they report or comment on the allegations, end up telling the falsehoods, which thus creates an echo chamber that spreads a particular spin, fabrication, exaggeration, or outright lies.

The Atlantic hit-piece was debunked by people – like Trump-hater John Bolton – that included anti-Trump former Administration officials. So it was not just a case of he said, she said, based on being for or against President Trump.

It is absolutely appropriate for media to investigate credible claims against any public official, including a president. But time and again, several of the allegations against President Trump turn out to be Trump-haters who have little or no evidence to back up their claim. Still, without evidence, the mainstream media repeats the claims as if genuine, often even after they have been debunked. This relates to the next segment in this report.

This is paltering and the Big Lie at work. Whatever the New York Times may claim tomorrow, it must be viewed with more than a grain of doubt. It is obviously being politically timed, with little or no chance pre-election to fact check or debunk. The Miles Taylor ‘anonymous’ high level official’ took over a year to come out. The Atlantic hit piece was debunked more rapidly. But that isn’t always possible, especially so close to election days.



Which brings us to Part III of this report. What follows is not only what right-of-center journalists have reported, but what a generally Democratic supporting or “progressive” journalist had to say in the past few days. His statements tie in neatly with similar allegations and concerns about media and public official bias that have been raised over the course years by MHProNews.


Part III. What Award-Winning Progressive (Leftist) Journalist Glen Greenwald Said, Why It Matters

Most of the mainstream news media has been “concocting excuses” to ignore The New York Post’exposés about Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s emails, and how those directly connect to the former Obama era-VP. Those emails and other evidence that has emerged justify hard questions for Joe Biden and his campaign, according to award-winning left-leaning journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Greenwald wrote a detailed, 6,000 word article that he intended to publish in the left-of-center Intercept, which the journalist and constitutional lawyer helped co-found. His proposed title was “THE REAL SCANDAL: U.S. MEDIA USES FALSEHOODS TO DEFEND JOE BIDEN FROM HUNTER’S EMAILS.”

When the Intercept’s other editors said they wouldn’t publish it without removing part of his story that didn’t favor VP Biden, it led Greenwald to resign.

The reality is the U.S. press has been planning for this moment for four years — cooking up justifications for refusing to report on newsworthy material that might help Donald Trump get re-elected,” Greenwald wrote.

One major factor is the undeniable truth that journalists with national outlets based in New York, Washington and West Coast cities overwhelmingly not just favor Joe Biden but are desperate to see Donald Trump defeated.” Rephrased, the award-winning journalist who helped Edward Snowden break the revelations about NSA spying on Americans without warrants or probable cause point-blank accused much of his fellow journalists of bias that tilts against President Trump – whom Greenwald is not a fan of – and for Joe Biden, who Greenwald says the evidence against him meets the standards that have been used by other journalists for years to probe allegations more deeply.

The video interview with Greenwald below has been viewed some 1.6 million times in less than 2 days.



Greenwald used the Substack website to self-publish his lengthy attack after saying editors at The Intercept — which he co-founded in 2014 —  “censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.”

The New York Post said the Biden campaign has not returned a request for comment on these concerns.

Greenwald said that the New York Post’s exclusively published emails and reporting and subsequent articles from a handful of others “provoked extraordinary efforts by a de facto union of media outlets, Silicon Valley giants and the intelligence community to suppress these stories.”

One outcome is that the Biden campaign concluded, rationally, that there is no need for the front-running presidential candidate to address even the most basic and relevant questions raised by these materials,” he wrote.

Rather than condemn Biden for ignoring these questions — the natural instinct of a healthy press when it comes to a presidential election — journalists have instead led the way in concocting excuses to justify his silence.”

As an example, Greenwald cited a tweet by National Public Radio’s (NPR) public editor which said, “We [NPR] don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

The Intercept publicly disagreed with some of Greenwald’s claims, which would undermine their credibility as a media outlet.

Greenwald also pointed to a segment of the CNN program “Amanpour” that was televised on Sunday and featured an appearance by Elizabeth Harrington, national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

“CNN’s Christiane Amanpour barely pretended to be interested in any journalism surrounding the story, scoffing during an interview at requests from the RNC’s Elizabeth Harrington to cover the story and verify the documents by telling her: ‘We’re not going to do your work for you,’” he wrote.

Greenwald, who helped The Guardian US win the 2014 Pulitzer Prize by working with whistleblower Edward Snowden to expose secret surveillance by the National Security Agency, said the questions raised by Hunter Biden’s emails and other documents “are as glaring as they are important.”

Greenwald also published an email that he said he sent the Biden campaign with nine questions “about these documents that the public has the absolute right to know.”

They included, “Are any specific emails published by the New York Post purportedly either to or from Hunter Biden, or which reference Vice President Biden, fabricated or fraudulently altered? If so, which ones? Has Vice President Biden discussed with Hunter whether these emails are authentic?”

Though the Biden campaign indicated that they would respond to the Intercept’s questions, they have not done so,” he wrote in his draft article.

A statement they released to other outlets contains no answers to any of these questions except to claim that Biden ‘has never even considered being involved in business with his family, nor in any business overseas.’”

In response to Greenwald’s public resignation on Thursday, The Intercept’s editor-in-chief, Betsy Reed, wrote on the site that Greenwald “believes that anyone who disagrees with him is corrupt, and anyone who presumes to edit his words is a censor.”

The Biden campaign didn’t return a request for comment.

Greenwald elaborated on the coverup by pro-Biden, anti-Trump media and big tech social media platforms.

Publication of that initial New York Post story provoked a highly unusual censorship campaign by Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, through a long-time former Democratic Party operative, vowed to suppress the story pending its ‘fact-check,’ one that has as of yet produced no public conclusions. And while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologized for Twitter’s handling of the censorship and reversed the policy that led to the blocking of all links the story, the New York Post, the nation’s fourth-largest newspaper, continues to be locked out of its Twitter account, unable to post as the election approaches, for almost two weeks.

After that initial censorship burst from Silicon Valley, whose workforce and oligarchs have donated almost entirely to the Biden campaign, it was the nation’s media outlets and former CIA and other intelligence officials who took the lead in constructing reasons why the story should be dismissed, or at least treated with scorn. As usual for the Trump era, the theme that took center stage to accomplish this goal was an unsubstantiated claim about the Kremlin responsibility for the story.

Numerous news outlets, including the Intercept, quickly cited a public letter signed by former CIA officials and other agents of the security state claiming that the documents have the ‘classic trademarks’ of a ‘Russian disinformation’ plot. But, as media outlets and even intelligence agencies are now slowly admitting, no evidence has ever been presented to corroborate this assertion. On Friday, the New York Times reported that ‘no concrete evidence has emerged that the laptop contains Russian disinformation’ and the paper said even the FBI has ‘acknowledged that it had not found any Russian disinformation on the laptop.’

The Washington Post on Sunday published an op-ed — by Thomas Rid, one of those centrists establishmentarian professors whom media outlets routinely use to provide the facade of expert approval for deranged conspiracy theories — that contained this extraordinary proclamation: ‘We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.’”

That series of stunning statements should be irksome to millions, but to others, they will spot it as how the “rigged system” has operated for years. Greenwald then further takes apart the Russian disinformation claim with these points.

Even the letter from the former intelligence officials cited by The Intercept and other outlets to insinuate that this was all part of some ‘Russian disinformation’ scheme explicitly admitted that ‘we do not have evidence of Russian involvement,’ though many media outlets omitted that crucial acknowledgement when citing the letter in order to disparage the story as a Kremlin plot:”

Despite this complete lack of evidence, the Biden campaign adopted this phrase used by intelligence officials and media outlets as its mantra for why the materials should not be discussed and why they would not answer basic questions about them. ‘I think we need to be very, very clear that what he’s doing here is amplifying Russian misinformation,’ said Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield about the possibility that Trump would raise the Biden emails at Thursday night’s debate. Biden’s senior advisor Symone Sanders similarly warned on MSNBC: ‘if the president decides to amplify these latest smears against the vice president and his only living son, that is Russian disinformation.’

The few mainstream journalists who tried merely to discuss these materials have been vilified. For the crime of simply noting it on Twitter that first day, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman had her name trend all morning along with the derogatory nickname ‘MAGA Haberman.’ CBS News’ Bo Erickson was widely attacked even by his some in the media simply for asking Biden what his response to the story was. And Biden himself refused to answer, accusing Erickson of spreading a ‘smear.’

That it is irresponsible and even unethical to mention these documents became a pervasive view in mainstream journalism. The NPR Public Editor, in an anazing statement representative of much of the prevailing media mentality, explicitly justified NPR’s refusal to cover the story on the ground that ‘we do not want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories . . . [or] waste the readers’ and listeners’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.’”

The advantage of the left is precisely the increasingly obvious alliance of big tech, big business, big media and Establishment Democrats and RINO Republicans. Evidence of that comes from sources across the left-right media divide, including award-winning journalist, Glen Greenwald.



Note as a relevant aside, that Greenwald is following a pattern in his report and analysis that is similar to what MHProNews has used in reports for years. First, he is sourcing information across the left-right media divide. Then, Greenwald uses reasoning – common sense or logic – shows the relevance of what he is citing to the issues he is reporting on.

For instance, MHProNews has spent years spotlighting media bias or the ways that media can be manipulated by public officials, which includes so-called “intelligence” or spy agencies. The Shadows of Liberty documentary uses largely leftist leaning sources to make the case that media bias is real, and that the reports that the public sees are those that fit the narrative that corporate owners desire.

Deepa Kumar quote from from the thought-provoking video documentary, Shadows of Liberty.  It makes analogous points about media bias to Glen Greenwald’s. You can stream it.


More recently, MHProNews has cited sources such as Project Veritas which used undercover videos, frowned on by some, but nevertheless that illustrated early on that CNN and others thought that the Russia-Trump collusion narrative was a big “nothing burger.”



It was being done for ratings, said Van Jones. A CNN producer was caught on another such video. A Democratic operative said damaging admissions about inciting violence at Trump rallies in 2016 on a different Project Veritas’ undercover captured videos. Put differently, these troubling are examples of how mainstream news can be framed, manufactured, or ‘faked.’



But these examples were obviously being done to advance an anti-Trump narrative. As Greenwald said, cited above, much of the media has been preparing ‘for years’ to launch precisely this type of anti-Trump attack on the 45th president. The Media Research Center (MRC) has claimed that their study reveals that some 92 percent of media coverage of President Trump has been negative.

Democratic hopeful Secretary Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election cycle had the support of legendary progressive constitutional attorney, Alan Dershowitz. But Dershowitz, attempting to apply a reasonably fair standard, said early on in the since-debunked Trump-Russian collusion claims that the premise itself didn’t make sense. Even if some of the allegations proved true, reasoned Dershowitz in 2017, what was alleged – for instance, discussions between General Michael Flynn and Russians during the Trump transition period – wasn’t illegal.

A smoke cloud of allegations repeated over and over fits the description of the Big Lie. Repeating even outrageous falsehoods time and again may create the illusion of truth, but illusions aren’t reality, by definition.


Even intelligent people can fall for such gimmicks and confidence games or “con jobs.” Once a media outlet, politician, or other willfully engages in such deception, there is little choice but to continue the ruse, even if it is being exposed. If it were record alone that would determine the 2020 election, President Trump would win handily. That helps explain why there is a self-evident effort to make voting for him seem so toxic, that distasteful Joe Biden seems better by comparison.







Now, with just days left before polls close on November 3rd, 2020, it is apparent that the alliance that Greenwald describes, and that the New York Post, Democratic Biden associated Tony Bobulinksi, some public officials, and others in media have exposed, are trying to run out the clock on a mass deception of millions of pro-Democratic voters. It is election meddling that includes foreign sources, but are largely domestic sources too.



Credible sources and evidence, argues Greenwald, are the intersection of big tech, big media, past or current government insiders that hate President Trump, certain billionaires, and their multinational interests. These are reasons why voters should not only be skeptical of the Democratic claims, they should then turn to see what the history of the party has done in the past few decades. Just as Republicans under Bush 43, in an alliance with Democratic lawmakers, led America into the second Gulf and Middle Eastern wars for the U.S., so too, Democrats – sometimes with GOP allies, have had their share of shenanigans too.

But what arguably makes the current scenario under President Trump different is that he is an outsider. The 45th president is a former Democrat, a former Reform Party candidate – who, by the way, quit that party due to his concerns over racist David Duke. He turned Republican more recently. His policies include elements of traditional Democratic and Republican positions.

It is ‘the swamp’ and the ‘deep state’ that disruptor Trump is clearly working at dislodging. That an array of forces that Greenwald and others have described are working to keep him from being re-elected reflects the point that he is arguably the right person to ‘train the swamp’ of DC corruption.



The advantage of the left is precisely the increasingly obvious alliance of big tech, big business, big media and Establishment Democrats and RINO Republicans. Evidence of that comes from sources across the left-right media divide, including award-winning journalist, Glen Greenwald.


When people look at the economic data, facts like the above reflect well on the success of Trump Administration policies.

Summary and Conclusions

As in 2016, there is good reason to believe that the polling is in some measure ‘suppression polls,’ designed to dissuade pro-Trump or persuadable voters from bothering to vote at all. If Joe Biden and Democrats are sure to win, the narrative goes, then why stand in line and vote at all?

But there are numerous reasons, including from the Biden campaign and Biden supporters, to think that the campaign is a toss-up. Those who show up and vote can make the difference. While the outcome is still irksome to millions, the Texas Governor George W. Bush (R) victory over former Vice President Al Gore (D) in the 2000 election was decided by less than 600 votes in Florida. As Wikipedia puts it, “After an intense recount process and the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore, Bush won Florida’s electoral votes by a margin of only 537 votes out of almost six million cast and as a result became the president-elect.”



Yes, just a few votes – your vote and those of people like you – can make a difference.

From MHProNews’ perspective, the massive manipulation of the American economic, legal, media, and political system, largely but not exclusively by forces on the left, may prevail if enough informed voters don’t vote on or before November 3rd, 2020 for President Trump and his down ballot supporting candidates.

As a disclosure, MHLivingNews and this publication are on record supporting the maximum possible Trump-GOP victory. We do so as political independents, not registered with any party.



That is not because President Trump, or any candidate for that matter, is perfect. But rather because the “rigged system” will only become more – perhaps hopelessly – rigged if Democrats sweep the White House, take the Senate and retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives. The political left has made their plan plain to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, to add states, and legalize millions of undocumented aliens living in America, hoping to create a scenario where Republicans can’t ever win an national election again. That’s not hyperbole, its in a book reviewed below that leads or parrots those concepts among Democrats.




It is not to be overlooked that Communist China is the cause of the virus escaping Wuhan and going global. One of the ironies is that Democrats are de facto aligning with communists in an attempt to unseat a U.S. president that would be re-elected easily if the truth were not being obscured, as Greenwald and others point out. Additionally, the claims by self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialists” and their allies are bunk, Pablum that are garbage promises that can’t be kept.



Once more for clarity and emphasis, Greenwald is not a pro-Trump guy. Neither is Tara Reader. Several others who have stepped out on Joe Biden or Kamala Harris have little or no apparent gain in doing so, example, Tony Bobulinski.  Rather, these and others are trying to do journalism or whistleblowing in an authentic fashion. Namely, to show the facts as they are known, and then let the people decide.

This publication has been sent words of thanks, praise as well as scorn or disagreement, for our coverage issues like this one. There are those who wittingly or not repeat Democratic talking points, which only serve to demonstrate the power of propaganda repeated often.

The black man in the video below sounds like he might be an immigrant to America. There are reasons why many legal immigrants are pro-Trump.



Sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good.” There are no perfect candidates. But President Trump has worked hard to keep his 2016 campaign promises. The reason the race is tight, despite more money on the left, the power of big tech, big media, big business, and “deep state” operatives working against him is this. President Trump and many of his supporters have worked hard to keep their campaign promises.

Liberty is on the ballot. The left, if they gain power, have all but said that they will undo many of the Constitutional safeguards that made America not perfect, but greater than other nations. The ‘sins of the past’ occurred in other nations around the world too.


Along with ending serfdom or slavery in a formal sense, it is wise to understand that the right to private property goes with personal freedom. Economic, religious, political, and personal liberty all go hand-in-hand. Part of the tragedy of our era is that reportedly tens of millions are still de facto slaves in various parts of the world. The fight for freedom never stops. See the report linked here for more.


The bottom line, once all of the facts are understood, is this. Trump-Pence and down ballot supporters are working to restore the American Dream. That’s why a rising percentage of minorities are supporting the President Trump for four more years, despite years of bogus, weaponized claims that he is a ‘racist.’

MHProNews has held several Trump Administration officials and agencies to account. We are not blind Trump loyalists. Rather, we strive to see things as they are, report it as such, and then show readers what they might be able to do about it.


The system has been rigged for decades, as our quotes from former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown (CA-D) and others have reflected. But “the rigged system” – and how it operates – has been to a serious degree been exposed during the Trump-era.

From an interview with Jerry Brown in 1996. The problems that have become so visible today had their origin decades ago.

An outsider that came in, now President Trump is someone that beat the Bush-Republicans as well as the Clinton and Obama Democratic machines. That was accomplished by candidate, now President Trump. The ‘swamp’ is not going to give up without a fight. That’s why billions are being poured into this election cycle.


The correct vote for the candidate that the swamp is spending billions of dollars in money and resources. That would be President Trump. He clearly made the economy better pre-pandemic, and is doing so once again.


The evidence and logic are clear. The only way that there will be accountability for years of deceptive practices, arguable illegalities, monopolistic, market rigging, and other harmful practices will occur is if the Trump-Pence ticket is re-elected. It is obvious that it would be better still if GOP candidates who support them get elected or re-elected too.

Freedom is never free. But the cost of keeping your freedom and that of those you love may be as simple as voting the prudent way on or before November 3rd, 2020. Don’t regret voting the wrong way or not voting at all on or after November 4th.

Gaslighting is one of several propaganda methods that are arguably being deployed.  Most polls were wrong in 2016. The 2020 election is up for grabs.  That’s why big tech, big media, big business and their allies are trying to keep such issues obscured. The campaign for the billion-left-China axis and their allies is to keep President Trump and his supporters ‘looking’ toxic.



But millions saw the truth in 2016. There are reasons to believe that millions more do today too, because there is now a record to run on.  It all depends on who shows up and votes between now and the end of Election day. But those votes should be informed, and not based on misinformation.

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Update on 11.1.2020 at 4:30 AM ET. We watched this video documentary last night. It fits into much of what is outlined above. For some, it will confirm some of what you heard, but will add additional insights and details. For some, this will be entirely new insights.

All should watch the teaser and the full video.

In the context of all of the above, these two political cartoon by Branco at Americans for Limited Government may make sense.

Provided under fair use guidelines for media.
Provided under fair use guidelines for media.

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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested with the discussion of manufactured housing related issues on our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

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The featured image includes several metaphorical items. It can be seductive – but dangerous – to believe certain things. A mask, among other meanings, is used to project a false face, often used by actors. The eye conveys vision or understanding, which that woman and the mask partially obscures. The wall can stand for the harsh reality that sets in when illusion and the hard facts meet.
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