Legal Scholar Turley – Democrats Push ‘Outright State Censorship’ Via Corporations, Names Obama; Decries Biden Admin ‘Disinformation Governance Board;’ plus MHMarkets Updates


“It’s the economy, stupid” was the famous quip from Democratic strategist James Carville who helped secure William “Bill” Clinton (D) the presidency in 1992. Well, markets dropped sharply on Friday amid more troubling economic news. Inflation is soaring. As a report linked below on MHLivingNews reflects, foreclosures are reportedly set to surge. Several recent reports and surveys say renters are losing hope on becoming homeowners. Polling for Biden and Democrats have suffered as a result. Against that backdrop, and with the Elon Musk-Twitter deal and the announcement this week of a Biden Administration created “Disinformation Governance Board” as part of the Department of Homeland Security in mind, legal scholar Jonathan Turley, J.D., a professional who has served both Democrats and Republicans alike, issued a series of tweets. These warn of Democrats advocating ‘outright state censorship’ often carried out via corporations.

Wikipedia points out that Jonathan Turley has served both Democrats and Republicans in public office. Turley is the “Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law” at the “George Washington University Law School.” Constitutional law, criminal law, and legal theory are among his fields of expertise.



Jonathan Turley: Democrats’ ‘final line of defense’ is ‘outright state censorship’

Party is ‘finally being honest’

WNDnewscenterLogoQuoteBy Bob Unruh
Published April 29, 2022 at 12:16pm

For years Twitter has been a liberal stronghold. Leftist views were promoted and publicized, while conservative thought sometimes was … not there.

That was a good example of free thought, free speech and free enterprise, leftists praised.

But now that Elon Musk has announced his purchase of the company, with intent to take it private and possibly restore “free speech,” liberals are aghast.

Hypocritically, according to law professor, legal analyst and popular commentator Jonathan Turley.

He pointed out in a column that Musk’s plans prompted Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., to warn free speech values on social media now threatens Democracy itself.

And Barack Obama? He declared “regulation has to be part of the answer” to the leftist claim that “disinformation” is warping the nation.

Turley noted that progressives now “have adopted a dangerous shift in their strategy of calling for corporations to censor speech.”

“Obama has never been viewed as an ally on free speech by those of us who have been attacked for our ‘absolutist’ views. Moreover, calling for censorship as a free speech absolutist is like claiming to be a vegetarian while calling for mandatory meat consumption,” Turley charged.

“Obama favors free speech only if it does not include disinformation, including what he considers to be ‘lies, conspiracy theories, junk science, quackery, racist tracts and misogynist screeds.'”

He noted that the First Amendment technically does not control private corporations like Twitter and Facebook, which have been used by liberals to “circumvent constitutional bans on censorship.”

But now, with Twitter in the hands of Musk, they are alarmed, he explained.

“Democrats are falling back to their final line of defense – and finally being honest about their past use of corporate surrogates,” he said. “They are now calling for outright state censorship.”

He pointed out Hillary Clinton, as she often does, “stripped away any niceties or nuance,” by calling for the European Union to pass a massive censorship measure.

“Clinton’s call for censoring disinformation was breathtakingly hypocritical. President Obama was briefed by his CIA Director John Brennan on ‘alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.’ The intelligence suggested it was ‘a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server,'” he explained.

“Moreover, her call for censorship came just weeks after special counsel John Durham offered more details about the accusation that her campaign manufactured a false Russian collusion theory,” he wrote.

He said under the EU plan, “users will be empowered to report illegal content online and online platforms will have to act quickly,” and that would include speech that someone labels “disinformation” and also “incitement.”

He said the progressive campaigners now have come full circle, advocating for government to censor what previously Democrats relied on corporations to censor.

He also went on social media with his message:




Biden’s Ministry of Truth

David Harsanyi looks at qualifications of woman leading ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

By David Harsanyi
Published April 28, 2022 at 7:03pm

WNDnewscenterLogoQuoteA federal speech czar? Just as the Founders imagined it, no doubt.

Earlier this week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told Congress that his agency is creating a “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat “misinformation” coming from Russia as we near this year’s midterm elections. The Biden administration’s new Committee on Public Information will be led by Nina Jankowicz, “a disinformation fellow” who, perfectly enough, comes to the administration from a think tank named after Woodrow Wilson. Like Wilson, Mayorkas, himself a font of untruths, does not explain under what constitutional power he proposes to oversee speech.

It gets tedious to point this out, but you can vividly imagine the thermonuclear meltdown the country would be (rightly) subjected to if a Republican president assembled a government panel tasked with weeding out “disinformation.” To our technocrats’ dismay, this isn’t Europe, where the state can dictate allowable speech and sometimes arrests those who don’t abide. Here, citizens are the ones who call out the state for peddling misinformation, not the other way around.

The pro-censorship left, which is to say the vast majority of contemporary Democrats, now have Barack Obama on board as well. The one-time neoliberal champion of free speech – a freedom he employed aggressively to mislead the American people when it served his partisan interests – alleged during a recent Stanford University speech that “people are dying” from misinformation. And, you know, if censorship can save one life …

Indeed, these arbiters of truth not only happen to be some of the same people who ran around repeating ludicrous conspiracies about foreign interference for five years; they’re also the same people who used the menace of “Russian disinformation” to lie and suppress news that undermined their electoral prospects, as they did with the Hunter Biden laptop story. (That crew, you’ll be surprised to learn, includes Czarina Jankowicz.)

Setting aside such a cynical use of “disinformation,” are we really supposed to believe that an administration that tells us with a straight face that a $3.5 trillion spending bill “costs zero dollars” or that showing an ID is tantamount to Jim Crow 2.0 or that your sex relies entirely on your perception is going to sort out the accuracy of rhetoric? Jankowicz was hired by a man who for the past 50 years has been one of our most entertaining fabulists.

Most tech companies do not offer unencumbered free-association rights. They spend tens of millions each year in Washington rent-seeking and lobbying for favorable regulations and are highly susceptible to state intimidation and threats. Recall that press secretary Jen Psaki informed the media not long ago that the White House was “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” Or that White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield was arguing that social media companies “should be held accountable” for the ideas of those who use their platforms. Or U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy saying “we” must “root out” misleading speech. What government claims is a conspiracy theory can be a plausible possibility, as we learned when Facebook, at the behest of government officials, banned stories on the Chinese origins of COVID.

While the state putting an imprimatur on “truth” is dangerous to freedom, it is also laughable in practice. As a person passing judgment on truth, Jankowicz has shown to be completely inadequate for the job. From treating the Steele dossier (Russian misinformation, as it turns out) as fact (not to mention getting the basics about the story wrong) to repeatedly using her position as disinformation “expert” to dismiss the Hunter Biden story as a “Kremlin” concoction, she is no better, it seems, than the average leftist partisan on CNN.

Of course, getting to the truth is not the point of all this. It is by any liberal ideal of open discourse preferable to allow lies to seep into the information stream than to allow a panel nomenklatura to start dictating the veracity of what we read and hear. First, and foremost, because it’s authoritarian. Second, because those who take the job can’t be trusted.” ##


The new report on MHLivingNews linked below sets additional context to these topics, as do the other linked reports.


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Next up is our daily business news recap of yesterday evening’s market report, related left-right headlines, and manufactured housing connected equities.

The Business Daily Manufactured Home Industry Connected Stock Market Updates.  Plus, Market Moving Left leaning CNN and Right-leaning (Newsmax) Headlines Snapshot. While the layout of this daily business report has been evolving over time, several elements of the basic concepts used previously are still the same. For instance. The headlines that follow below can be reviewed at a glance to save time while providing insights across the left-right media divide. Additionally, those headlines often provide clues as to possible ‘market-moving’ news items.


Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…

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“Survey 85 Percent of Americans Concerned About Inflation, Credit Card Interest Up by 3.3” said a headline on Breitbart. ‘Core retail’ inflation was announced on 4.12.2022 as 8.5 percent. Some commentators are saying that the actual rate of inflation in the U.S. is more like 15 to 20 percent. As the value of the dollar erodes, that impact should be considered when looking at stock market performance. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 4.29.2022

  • Ruble gains ground
  • Russian ruble banknotes lie on a table in February 2022.
  • Putin keeps the currency surging as Russia makes 11th-hour effort to avoid default
  • Elon Musk sells $8.5 billion worth of Tesla shares
  • The Fed’s favorite inflation measure hit a fresh 40-year high
  • ExxonMobil took a $3.4 billion hit for exiting Russia. Its profit still soared
  • Mark Zuckerberg got $11.5 billion richer today
  • Apple warns of serious supply headwinds in China
  • Apple loses top spot in China as smartphone sales slump
  • Amazon stock plunges as company reports nearly $4 billion loss
  • Much of Europe is facing stagflation. France is already there
  • How to get a reference when you’re new to the job market
  • 7 things you’re wasting money on
  • ‘Puts me on the street’: The impact of surging rent across the US
  • Private astronaut just back from space station describes interactions with Russian cosmonauts
  • After a two year hiatus, DC seizes on a chance to reconnect at the flashy White House Correspondents’ Dinner
  • Warren Buffett (L), CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and Vice Chairman Charlie Munger attend the 2019 annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, May 3, 2019.
  • Warren Buffett fans have plenty to cheer this weekend
  • Close up bookkeeper or financial inspector hands making report, calculating. Home finances, investment, economy, saving money or insurance concept
  • Recession fears are mounting. Here’s how to protect your money
  • The Apple Park campus stands in this aerial photograph taken above Cupertino, California, U.S., on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019.
  • Apple employees demand more flexibility from company as three-day office return looms
  • Beginning in May, Anheuser-Busch is bringing Ukraine's most popular beer, Chernigivske, to the United States with proceeds benefiting humanitarian relief in the war-torn country.
  • Anheuser-Busch will brew a Ukrainian beer in the United States
  • Whisky could soon help fuel your car
  • Budweiser brewer selling stake in 11 Russian breweries
  • Importers say vodka boycotts won’t punish Putin
  • Budweiser’s slogan wasn’t always the ‘King of Beers’
  • "Robotaxi" autonomous vehicles by Baidu Apollo drive at the Baidu Apollo Park in Beijing on April 22, 2022. (Photo by Noel Celis / AFP) (Photo by NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)
  • People in Beijing can now book a taxi with no one at the wheel
  • Uber and Lyft will no longer require masks in US
  • Uber strikes a deal to list New York City taxis on its app
  • Lyft, like Uber, plans to add a fuel surcharge
  • Uber and Hertz CEOs discuss Tesla partnership

Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 4.29.2022

  • DeSantis: Push for Student Loan Forgiveness ‘Wrong’
  • As President Joe Biden considers some type of student loan forgiveness, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis called the idea of making blue collar workers pay off someone else’s higher education debt “wrong.” [Full Story]
  • Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • Zelenskyy Says Peace Talks Near Collapse as Battle Rages in East
  • Ukraine Cracks Down on ‘Traitors’ Helping Russian Troops
  • Senior US Defense Official Brushes Off Russian Nuclear Rhetoric
  • Marine Vet Killed Fighting Alongside Ukrainian Forces
  • Report: Putin Will ‘Declare War’ on Ukraine
  • Russian Submarine Strikes Ukraine With Cruise Missiles: Defense Ministry
  • Russia Makes Last-Gasp Dollar Bond Payments in Bid to Avoid Default
  • Norway Shuts Borders, Ports to Russian Goods
  • Russia Not Decided on Whether Putin Will Attend G20 in Person: Kremlin
  • Blinken: US Would Support Sweden, Finland Joining NATO
  • House Passes Military Lend-lease Bill to Speed Ukraine Aid
  • More Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • Newsmax TV
  • Norman: Mayorkas a ‘Pathological Liar’ During Testimony | video
  • JD Vance: Mandel’s Ohio Attack Ads Funded by Anti-Trump Groups | video
  • Bill Barr: Not Enough Fraud to Turn Election | video
  • Virginia Lt. Gov. Sears: Youngkin Achieved Much in First 100 Days | video
  • Mike Johnson: Mayorkas ‘Evasive Witness’ in Hearings | video
  • Paul: Border Broken Because of Biden’s ‘Attitude’ | video
  • Buck: GOP ‘Cavalry’ Can Save Border If They Sweep Midterms | video
  • Mast: Biden ‘Doing Everything Possible’ to Make Energy Bills Go Up | video
  • George P. Bush: Southern Border ‘Out of Control’ | video


  • More Newsmax TV
  • Newsfront
  • Trump Swears He Has No Records for NY Probe
  • In a sworn affidavit, former President Donald Trump says he is not aware of any records in his possession that should be turned over to the New York state attorney general probing his business practices…. [Full Story]
  • Inflation Gauge Surges 6.6%, a 40-Year High
  • An inflation gauge closely tracked by the Federal Reserve jumped 6.6% [Full Story]
  • Related
  • US Economy Shrinks as GDP Declines by 1.4%
  • California Residents Asked to Conserve Water During ‘Unprecedented’ Drought
  • Georgia Member of Oath Keepers Pleads Guilty in Jan. 6 Case
  • A member of the Georgia chapter of the Oath Keepers militia group has [Full Story]
  • DeSantis Promises Constitutional Carry Gun Law in Florida
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is vowing to sign a constitutional carry [Full Story]
  • This Economist Says US Inflation Is Much Higher Than Claimed
  • While the federal government tries to tamp down fears and frustration [Full Story] | Platinum Article
  • Fauci: US Likely to Determine Next COVID Booster Type by Summer
  • Scientists and health officials by this summer should have a better [Full Story]
  • Democrats Urge Pelosi to Accept Gas Tax Holiday Proposal
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is getting pushback from fellow [Full Story]
  • Rasmussen: Most Americans Think Musk Will Improve Twitter
  • The majority of Americans thinkElon Musks purchase of Twitter will [Full Story]
  • DeSantis Calls Push for Student Loan Forgiveness ‘Wrong’
  • As President Joe Biden considers some type of student loan [Full Story]
  • Pentagon’s Kirby: Putin ‘Absolutely’ Shouldn’t Be Invited to G-20 Summit
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin absolutely shouldnt be invited to [Full Story]
  • Sanders Blasts Sens. Manchin, Sinema
  • Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. says Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and [Full Story]
  • Tennis Legend Boris Becker Jailed in Bankruptcy Case
  • Former tennis star Boris Becker was on Friday jailed for two and a [Full Story]
  • Tulsi Gabbard: Disinformation Board Makes Biden Administration ‘Dictatorship’
  • Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, slammed the Biden administration [Full Story]
  • Musk Told Banks He’ll Rein in Twitter Pay, Monetize Tweets
  • Elon Musk told banks that agreed to help fund his $44 billion [Full Story]
  • Amazon Results and Outlook Nosedive as Warehouse, Fuel Costs Soar
  • com Inc delivered a disappointing quarter and outlook on [Full Story]
  • Related
  • After Blockbuster Quarter, Apple Predicts $8B Hit Ahead
  • Family of Filmmaker Killed on ‘Rust’ Set Demands Sheriff Take Down Shooting Video
  • The family of “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is demanding [Full Story]
  • Grassley, Johnson Push DARPA on DNC Hack
  • Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin this week [Full Story]
  • FDA Will Review Pfizer, Moderna Requests for COVID Vaccines in Young Kids in June
  • An advisory panel of experts to the U.S. drug regulator will meet in [Full Story]
  • Trump: Release Text Messages to Obama Chief of Staff
  • Former President Donald Trump called for the release of all text [Full Story]
  • Musk Sells Tesla Shares Worth $8.5 Billion, Says No More Sales Planned
  • Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk sold $8.5 billion worth [Full Story]
  • Bill Clinton Defends His Administration’s Russia Policy
  • Former President Bill Clinton took aim at critics who say his [Full Story]
  • Senate Dems Reserve $33M in Ad Spots
  • Senate Dems Reserve $33M in Ad Spots
  • The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is reserving $33 million [Full Story]
  • US Pushing EU to Avoid Oil Embargo Steps That Keep Prices High
  • Germany says it’s ready to stop buying Russian oil, potentially [Full Story]
  • How US Brokered Trevor Reed’s Release From Russia
  • The worst possible moment for bringing Trevor Reed home turned out to [Full Story]
  • NFL Draft: Lion Honors WWII Vet; Travon Walker No. 1
  • Aidan Hutchinson carried out a sweet surprise for his mother on draft [Full Story]
  • Iran Deal Hangs on Terrorist Group Designation
  • Talks for a new Iran nuclear deal have stalled, sending it to the [Full Story]
  • Ex-NATO Commander: West Must Prepare for Worst Case, ‘War With Russia’
  • Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe Richard Shirreff told [Full Story]
  • DeSantis’ Office: Florida Taxpayers ‘Not on the Hook’ for Disney’s Debt
  • Amid concerns Florida taxpayers might have to bear the cost of [Full Story]
  • Oklahoma House Sends Texas-Style Abortion Law to Governor
  • The Oklahoma House gave final approval Thursday to a Texas-style [Full Story]
  • ‘Appalling’: Parental Rights Groups Fire Back at Biden on Education
  • Amid an ongoing political battle over parental rights in education, [Full Story]
  • New Military Grade Telescope Lets You See for Miles
  • Starscope
  • More Newsfront
  • Finance
  • Big Fed Rate Hikes Ahead, Amid Early Signs Hot Inflation Is Peaking
  • S. Federal Reserve policymakers look set to deliver a series of aggressive interest rate hikes at least until the summer to deal with hot inflation and surging labor costs, even as two reports Friday showed tentative signs both may be cresting…. [Full Story]
  • Lauren Fix, The Car Coach: BEWARE: Gas Thieves Are Targeting Your Car
  • Flash Mob Disrupts HSBC Chairman Speech With ABBA Rendition
  • Deutsche Bank Office Searched in Money Laundering Probe
  • Trevor Gerszt: Want to Buy Gold and Silver? Now May Be Your Chance
  • More Finance
  • Health
  • Moderna Asks FDA for Authorization of COVID Shot for Kids Under 6
  • Moderna on Thursday asked U.S. regulators to authorize low doses of its COVID-19 vaccine for children younger than 6, a long-awaited move toward potentially opening shots for millions of tots by summer. Frustrated families are waiting impatiently for a chance to protect the…… [Full Story]
  • Teen Brain Naturally Tunes Out Mom’s Voice, According to Science
  • Adding Just One Extra Serving of Fruits and Veggies a Day Boosts Mental Health
  • Donating a Kidney is Safe, According to New Data
  • Studies: Low Use of COVID Treatments, Mental Health Issues in Kids Rose


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