‘Every Journey to Something is a Journey Away From Something’ ‘More Energy Needed for Mediocrity Than Pursuing Excellence’ Shrewd Matthew Kelly Quotes – ‘God Wants Our Future Bigger Than Our Past’


“Whether you are sixteen or sixty, the rest of your life is ahead of you. You cannot change one moment of your past, but you can change your whole future. Now is your time.” So said Matthew Kelly, per AZ Quotes and other sources. Kelly’s bio, shown further below, indicates he is a very successful consultant, business professional, author, and speaker. Millions of dollars haven’t caused Kelly to shy away from connecting the lessons of faith to unlocking the secrets of professional success. The relationship between success and life skills are apparently subjects Kelly understands quite well. “God of deep waters and infinite riches, challenge me to go where I fear, to do what is difficult and what I thought could never be done. Push me to go to the deep waters of life and cast my net wide, for I put all my hope, trust and faith in you,” said Kelly, again per AZ Quotes.

Let’s be up front. MHProNews has an editorial agenda in presenting the insightful, challenging, and encouraging thoughts of Kelly. One of them is this disarmingly potent Kelly quote: “Superficiality is the curse of the modern world,” per Quote Fancy. From that same source is this gem. “Our lives change when our habits change.” Our industry, as any profession, is obviously made up of people. For their to be change in our industry, at least some of the professionals in our industry must embrace certain changes.  Knowledge is useful. Knowlege is good. But without the necessary action that should follow that knowledge, as the centuries old Latin maxim aptly states: “scientia potentia est.” Knowledge is potential power.

This article could be read in a few minutes. It could be read, perhaps get a few nods and/or smiles, but might nevertheless be set aside. Over time, this might be ‘forgotten.’ Let us editorially encourage you to read these quotes once a month for a year. If after you read Kelly’s thoughts you feel so moved, buy some of his books (disclosure: we have, along with some of Kelly’s audios. IMHO, he’s an entertaining and informative speaker). In audio, live, or in videos, Kelly can be witty, wise, and inspiring. But he will at times make you a bit uncomfortable.

Why? Because he challenges us to the following, per AZ Quotes:

Following this preface, Part I of this article will present a few dozen ‘top’ Matthew Kelly quotes. Note that MHProNews has previously shared the “Superficiality is the curse of the modern world,” cited above. As a worthwhile observation, since MHProNews has used that quote, for whatever reason(s), our reader base has responded very well to longer articles that have more facts and insights plus additional linked information. That means that more readers like you are NOT being ‘superficial. That’s progress. Kudos to those who have embraced more details and the greater understanding that it can bring.

It is obvious that Kelly pushes self-discipline and is a champion of reading.  Kelly then notes, as will be shown among some of the following quotations, that reading good material should be followed by correct (good) action.

Part II will provide our signature Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

Our summary and conclusion will provide some linked insights.

Let’s dally a moment on the point of a sizable part of the MHProNews’ reader base eschewing the scan or quick read in favor of greater depth of understanding.  Thousands of MHProNews visitors daily statistically average over 10.75 page views per visit in 2022 and over 13 million page views, per data recorded by Webalizer 2.23 on our website’s top cPanel. There are a dozen more cPanels that don’t get as much traffic as our largest one.  But those added traffic totals from that other dozen cPanels obviously take those total pageviews results even higher.  There are several takeaways from those factual points.  Among, them are these.

  • Thousands of people, doubtlessly some like you, are following numbers of those cross-linked reports DAILY on MHProNews or MHLivingNews. 
  • Based on that 10.75 pageviews per visit data-point, doing the math logically means that the typical visitor is clicking on 8+ or 9+ additional links from an article like this one to others on MHProNews alone. If a link takes them to MHLivingNews, that takes the engagement process higher still.
  • That rate of engagement is about 3 times higher than a CNN or Fox News reader.
  • Engagement on MHLivingNews is not as high, perhaps because there are fewer articles posted there. But once more using Webalizer 2.23 data, an annual review of all traffic for 2022 up to 19-Dec-2022 06:15 CST indicated that the typical visitor of MHLivingNews engages with some 7.46 pageviews per visit. That’s more than double the engagement of CNN or similar mainstream news site.

There is simply no other known resource in MHVille that compares, but we’ll save the Tim Connor inspired commercial (you must be a self-promoter) for later. Between professionals reading Connor, Zig, and Kelly (among others), manufactured housing industry professionals and investors are consuming a positive fuel for improved future professional results.

That said, and with no further adieu, here are the a few dozen quotable quotes from Matthew Kelly curated by MHProNews for readers like you. As a disclosure, in what follows in Part  I, each of the links go to the site a specific quote came from. Kelly’s noteworthy bio-in-brief will be followed by Part II as previously noted.

Part I. Matthew Kelly Quotes from Sources as Linked-Cited

In no particular order of importance, with the source of the quote found in the linked Matthew Kelly statement.








Information about Matthew Kelly from Various Sources.  The links above and in the balance of Part I are to outside websites and pages.

Left-leaning Wikipedia says:

Matthew Kelly (born 12 July 1973 in Sydney, Australia) is an Australian motivational speaker and business consultant. He is a founding partner at Floyd Consulting, a management consulting firm.

Spouse Megan (m. 2009)
Children 5
Occupation Motivational speaker, author, business consultant
Website matthewkelly.com

National Catholic Reporter

https://www.ncronline.org › news

Matthew Kelly finds success, influence as Catholic author and speaker


QuoteMarksLeftSideAbout us Matthew Kelley

Kelly is the founder of Floyd Consulting, a Florida-based management-consulting firm. His clients include many of the most admired companies in the world.”



Part II Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

MHProNews has presented the views of people who are of Jewish, Muslim, Baptist, Mormon (LDS), Catholic, Orthodox, and other branches of Christianity, deist, and people whose religious beliefs – if any – are not known. For whatever reason, some (not all) people get nervous about quoting a serious and dedicated Catholic when their faith is clearly mentioned. Why is that so?

Truth is truth regardless of who may say it.

Everyone has critics, so it is no surprise that Kelly has his too. That said, per Wikipedia, his critics seem to be focused on the fact that the man has made money but has done so as what they described as a complex, but discernable and clearly disclosed manner. Wikipedia indicates that his organization has harvested tens of millions of dollars in the years they mentioned.

Whether or not Kelly has any investments in manufactured housing is unknown, but there is no known evidence that he is involved in our profession in any way. But good business principles, healthy living, people skills, manners and ethics are universal.  Just one of several possible practical reasons for putting Kelly’s tips to work could include the simple and time tested notion of happy customers leads to referrals. Treat people properly, set the right expectations, keep customers and others informed in a timely manner, and more buyers are the result. That may seem to ‘cost’ some time, effort, and money in the short term. But several industries outside of manufactured housing have demonstrated that doing so is quite profitable in the long run.

Chris Stinebert’s comment only makes sense if one believes that the industry’s largest trade association – MHI – was somehow failing in those categories. Note that on the resale front, that could also be an oblique slam on MHVillage. When Stinebert’s parting message to MHI members and to the manufactured housing industry are carefully considered, knowing that he is said to have signed a NDA – non-disclosure agreement – the comments appear to be a polite slap in the face of the trade group he was leaving.

Indeed, because of the profit potential in applying good business ethics and practices, which is useful for employee retention as well as for customer referrals, services businesses have sprung up to measure those qualities for a company.  One of those systems is known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and MHVille

Clayton Homes has made a point in their ‘annual reports’ to point to their NPS with pride.   Here is an example.



An online check this morning revealed the following about Clayton’s NPS, per Comparably.

ClaytonHomesNetPromoterScoresComparablyGoogleScreenshot 2023-02-21 084513MHProNewsFactCheck
Comparably’s claim calls into question the reliability of Clayton Homes’ claims about their NPS.

This isn’t about ‘picking on Clayton.’ Rather, it is about applying the insights from Kelly in a practical way.  MHProNews is doing the job no other trade media in MHVille does by exploring Clayton’s and other big brands various claims.  Trade media is supposed to be more than a press release service.


CPO Chase McGee-Clayton Homes Chief People Officer-Scanlan Recruiting says Clayton Culture ‘Legendary’ – Editorial Eyes Ultimate Clayton Homes Resource for Biggest Manufactured Housing Builder

America in general, and several parts of MHVille in particular, have an ethics problem.

Going back to reasons for Part I above. Why share these thoughts from Kelly? And why today?  Candidly, and to briefly “go gonzo,” my original intention for this article was to focus on his powerful quote, previously cited above. “Superficiality is the curse of the modern world.” I thought going into the powerful quote and might add a few more Kelly quotes. But as I refreshed myself on dozens of his compelling thoughts, and recalling his public presentations, books and audio, that still, small, inner voice seemed to suggest something different than the original plan for today.

That modified plan was to do a more in-depth article that centers dozens of Kelly’s proven insights.

IMHO, if you hear (sense) that still, small, inner voice, listen to it. A prophet was seeking a sign, and as the book of Kings says, “And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” (1 Kings 19:12). It wasn’t in the earthquake or the fire that God spoke, it was in the gentle whisper. As Kelly noted, God respects the free will that he gave us all. God patiently persuades. He often uses people to accomplish that persuasion.

As Kelly suggested, there are plenty of distractions from what might be called Godly ways over secular ones. A friend of ours, very successful in several businesses, began doing coaching for a fee in the automotive industry and beyond. He was very successful before selling his enterprise. He strongly believes that true success is always balanced and includes a spiritual component. Like Kelly, he exercises routinely. Past retirement age, he is working not because he has to (he and his wife are quite wealthy), but because he enjoys working and sharing his proven methods. No doubt, based upon publicly available information, the younger Kelly has similar experiences.

As was recently noted on the Masthead, the late, great Zig Ziglar absolutely had a faith component to his success formula. Regular readers of the Words of Wisdom by prolific author and international speaker Tim Connor, CSP, know that he does too. Connor has known the ups and downs of life in pursuing his career, which has reportedly included multi-million-dollar years. Several pros in our industry that we know personally could say the same.



There are apparently dark forces at work in our world and nation. There may be times that it seems like the ‘bad guys’ have all the cards and advantages.  But if God is for us, who can be against us?  Be it MHVille, the USA, our family or for ourselves, Kelly’s Biblically inspired thoughts have value.

Given the reality is that some 71- to 85-percent believe that America is on the wrong track, depending on surveys in the last year or so. The first step for needed change begins within. One quote not used above by Kelly is this one.

There may be some hyperbole for effect in that, but others might say that Kelly is spot on. Certainly, our world and those in our circle can be ‘set on fire’ if they see us making changes like those Kelly has suggested.

To Kelly’s point that people should associate with like-minded people of good will, in Part II of the report below are some examples of organizations that could amplify the good while minimizing the problematic.


Unpacking MH Attorney Kurt Kelley’s ‘Predictability in Law is the Key to a Prosperous Republic.’ Is USA Democracy or Republic? Why it Matters to Businesses, Pros, Consumers, or any American


The case has been made that there is a battle underway for our profession and for our Republic.  Take the time to re-read those few dozen Kelly quotes. Make a plan to bookmark this article and return to it in a month. Don’t rush through them. Let the words and ideas sink in. Feel free to check it out against others’ who are competing in the arena.

Our industry ought to be selling over a million new homes a year.  When we say that MHVille should collectively sell 500,000+ homes annually, frankly, it is because some will think that a million plus sounds outrageously high. Given that last year (2022) produced some 112K new homes sold, getting to 500,000 sounds like a tall climb. But the RV industry, which has some history and similarities to manufactured housing, demonstrates that it could be accomplished in 3 years. With sufficient investments and efforts, it might be possible to do that even faster. That is likely why the report below is consistently among the most read on our site in the years since it was first published.  It is an actual example of just how rapidly growth could occur.



A clear-eyed look at the evidence demonstrates that manufactured housing could be 10x bigger than it now is, or more. It will take a level of inspiration to obtain that sort of performance jump. My hunch is if Kelly ever decided to get into the manufactured housing industry, based on what I see in the above, he would gather and build a team of professionals who share common values that aligned with those quotes herein. He would invest time reading, which by the way, Warren Buffett also does by the hours daily. We don’t have to agree with Buffett’s business ethics in MHVille to recognize the value of his statements and examples on the importance of reading for understanding.




Buffett is a self-professed atheist.

Warren Buffett “Oracle of Omaha” HBO Documentary Berkshire Hathaway #Advexon Video


But Buffett has made remarks about the importance of good habits, and the importance of having ethical team members. At least on the surface, there are several things that Buffett has said that seem similar to what Kelly has said. It isn’t this writer who is alone on some island shouting MHVille pros need to carefully examine their habits. It is Buffett. It is Matthew Kelly.

This is a Buffett quote worth pondering in the light of MHI and related 




If Kelly entered MHVille, I predict he would spend days just reading on the ins and outs of the industry. He would have his “aha!” light go off several times when he would ponder what MHARR has called the industry’s ‘self-inflicted wounds’ are examined. He would craft a plan that would put his principles to work in a manner that would produce ‘win-win-win’ results for all involved.  A plan that avoids the pitfalls and aims for the stars could, as in the case of Rollohome, produce stunning results. Some industry insider(s), or outsiders that decide to jump in, will find MHVille to be one of the best opportunities for growth and honest ROI than any profession today.


‘The U.S. Can Solve Its Housing Crisis – It Just Needs To Start Building’ Bloomberg, Washington Post Want More Manufactured Housing in 2023! Plus 2022 Year in Review, Sunday MHVille Weekly Headlines Recap


The manufactured housing industry is poised for greatness.  But it is struggling with mediocrity. Kelly said it takes more effort to do mediocre work than it does to pursue excellence. Be that as it may, what is certain is this. When someone pursues excellence for themselves, for their team (their family, company, organization, country, whatever) it is more fun. It is energizing pursuing excellence.

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
As an interesting factoid, Vince Lombardi was a sincere and deeply committed Catholic. Baptist pastor Martin Luther King Jr, among some of his reading, included the thoughts of the notable Catholic saint, Thomas Aquinas.  Matthew Kelly’s points on Catholicism are interesting when those facts and others are examined. But as with any person, being Catholic doesn’t mean that the person is perfect. As examples, think Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, errr, please excuse me… 

Seriously, the point is that we can grasp the positives that are to be learned from ANYONE, be they a Buffett (an atheist) or Kelly (a committed believer).


One of the hottest reads for that year occurred when this article was published. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/what-warren-buffett-kevin-clayton-tim-williams-berkshire-brands-and-manufactured-housing-institute-leaders-fear/

We don’t have to fall for propaganda, so we have to be discerning. Good gals or guys, from a range of backgrounds, people pushing for and pursing the good and truth, can make a difference.

MHI ‘Special Bulletin’ DOE MH Energy Regs Lawsuit ‘Effort to Ensure Consistent Industry Message,’ Will Manufactured Housing Institute Launch More Suits? Plus Sunday Weekly MHVille Headlines Recap

But if we carefully examine the facts, we can discover that our industry, our country, and our own personal lives can be significantly improved.  “Whether you are sixteen or sixty, the rest of your life is ahead of you. You cannot change one moment of your past, but you can change your whole future. Now is your time,” said Kelly. Let these gems from Kelly, or any other thoughtful person of good will, sink in. The future could be much, much brighter. The graphic below will be updated soon to reflect the 2022 data, but the facts and principles it represents still apply.

Notice: the graphic below can be expanded to a larger size.
See instructions below graphic or click and follow the prompts.

Mobile Homes to HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Totals by Year from 1959 to 2021. Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews.com) has provided the largest known collection of third-party research on HUD Code manufactured housing.
Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. or example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection, you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts. For the context of the above, see the Postscript in the report linked below. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/mhi-special-bulletin-doe-mh-energy-regs-lawsuit-effort-to-ensure-consistent-industry-message-will-manufactured-housing-institute-launch-more-suits-plus-sunda/

See the linked reports to learn more, because as Kelly said, “Our lives change when our habits change.”  ###

Note: Kurt Kelley is also a believer.

Unpacking MH Attorney Kurt Kelley’s ‘Predictability in Law is the Key to a Prosperous Republic.’ Is USA Democracy or Republic? Why it Matters to Businesses, Pros, Consumers, or any American


Design by MHProNews.


Trade media can and should be a ‘cheer leader’ when it is appropriate to do so. But authentic trade media also holds the powers that be to account. Who says? The American Press Institute.
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Historian Herland Reveals Plot: ‘Employ Trickery, Deceit, Law-Breaking, Withhold-Conceal Truth, We Must Write Sowing Masses with Hate, Revulsion, Scorn Towards Enemies,’ plus MHVille Markets Update

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Our son has grown quite a bit since this 12.2019 photo. All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in our manufactured housing industry related concerns. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States, bottled water, and other goodies.

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHProNews.com.

Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing.

For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com.

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