Conspiracy Theories or Sobering Reality? Former Dem Gov – ‘Voter Fraud Time Honored Democratic Tradition’ – VP Biden Statements, ACORN, Supreme Court Steps In, Post-Election Battles


Preface. There are two, and only two, possibilities when it comes to voter fraud or other election-related shenanigans. It has either happened in the 2020 elections or it has not.

Additionally, if voter fraud or other electoral hijinks occurred, was it at a sufficient level to keep former President Barack Obama-era Vice President (VP) Joe Biden from being formerly named as president-elect or not?

These are black and white, non-partisan ways of framing the discussion.

These issues have serious implications for the nation regardless of who may be determined to be the winner in the contest between VP Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D) vs. incumbent President Donald J. Trump and VP Mike Pence (R).

The issue has profound impacts on workers, independent businesses, and millions of taxpayers. The principle of the “American Way” is for equal justice and that “no one is above the law.

A common way to muddy the waters in this sort of discussion used by pure partisans is to say that their opponent is a liar or scoundrel, implying or stating that their candidate is as pure as the fresh-fallen snow. Examples could be given of misstatements, spin, or arguably deceptive statements by almost any politician, including, but not limited to candidates Biden and Trump. Both are humans, not divine.

That noted, what should matter in what follows to objective people open to reality and truth are the specific facts of election-related issues.

With those simple principles in mind, what follows this foreword will be a systematic examination of election related controversies.

  • Is President Trump just trying to delay and ‘steal’ the election? Will he have to be ‘perp walked’ out of the White House by federal agents – as the Biden campaign has suggested?
  • Or are there actual examples of voter fraud and irregularities by Democrats and their allies in several key battleground states that call into question a percentage of the vote sufficient to tip the scales in favor of President Trump? Or would pending Trump-team legal challenges perhaps swing some down-ballot Republican candidates in places such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Georgia?

Additionally, certain partisans and pundits are at times willing to dismiss claims that are inconvenient evidence by boldly calling such a “conspiracy theory.”  To be clear, there are actual conspiracy theories afloat.  Those would be viewed as claims with little or no merit, because they lack sufficient evidence.

But when evidence is available on issues that may be uncomfortable for partisans, they must be fairly and objectively considered.

That is what this survey of the issues will examine. It literally matters to all professional readers here, but also to every actual voter, taxpayers, public officials, media, and others across the political landscape. If ‘a steal’ is on, then who is making the attempt? Doesn’t it make sense for future elections to stop an attempted steal of this one?

In bringing this preface to a close before launching into the facts and analysis, just as a puzzle has to have pieces arranged so that they ‘fit,’ the same should occur in any objective investigation.

One item by itself may be interesting, but inconclusive or so rare as to have little chance of impacting the election outcome. Several puzzle pieces – meaning, evidence or statements – should be arranged so as to paint a clear picture from which intelligent people with skeptical yet open minds can discern what is real from what is ‘fake news.’

With that foundational preface, let’s begin.


Federal Official Actions, Postal Employee Investigations and Charges

WKBW TV in Buffalo, NY, filed this report on 11.5.2020. Their YouTube Page has this summary. “According to the [federal legal] complaint, on November 3rd, the United States Postal Service Office of the Inspector General (OIG) received notification from the National Law Enforcement Communications Center of possible USPS employee misconduct.” 



The subheading from WKBW said “Postal worker accused of staling [SIC – a  possible typo meaning: ‘stealing’] ballots, other mail.

A relatively few ballots are involved, per the initial report. But where others previously improperly-handled by that same postal worker? If so, how many? Is this a one-off incident, or are there other examples of such concerns of postal employees purportedly engaged in ballot harvesting and voter fraud?

Sky News reported the following, “US Postal Service worker alleges potential voter fraud according to Project Veritas.” Project Veritas has for years performed undercover type video stings, and while they are reviled by the left, video that is not improperly edited is what it is.



Sky News’ YouTube page says, “Project Veritas has released a video on Twitter which alleges there may have been cases of voter fraud in Michigan after a postal service worker claimed they were directed by their supervisor to change post stamps on mail-in ballots.”

The Florida voting outcome is not in question. President Trump won there over Joe Biden, despite numerous polls projecting a big Biden win in that state where billionaire Michael Bloomberg reportedly spent some $100 million dollars on ads that aimed to help elect the Biden-Harris ticket. Because Florida isn’t in doubt, that makes this next local news report about postal employee misconduct another piece of a puzzle.

4 Dozen Undelivered Ballots Found at Miami-Dade Post Office, Sparking Investigation,” said NBC 6 South Florida.



United States Postal Service officials are looking into a video shared by the Florida House Democratic Leader showing what he says are piles of unsorted mail sitting in a Miami-Dade post office, sparking concerns that valid ballots won’t be counted.” That was reported on November 1, 2020.  It is an interesting piece of evidence that may suggest that partisans in the postal service – on either side of the two-major parties’ political divide – could engage in voting-by-mail misbehavior. Meaning, that could strengthen the evidence that fraud has or is occurring, rather than weakens it.




Back in the battleground state of Michigan, where President Trump was up early but later faded as ‘more votes came in’ reflects more investigations of possible fraud by postal employees.



The report above is by WWTV in Traverse City, MI. The video below is another take on the incident out of Buffalo, NY by a different local news channel.


From the Sky News item posted further above. This illustrates concerns made by several on the right of big tech, big media, and big money putting their finger on the scales of the race before the election and now in the post-election PR war.  This is an example of gaslighting, ‘nothing to see here, move on…’



US Criminal Complaint Against Postal Worker

The incident being investigated in North Carolina FOX 46 Charlotte is another example of alleged ‘backlog’ of ballots that may suggest postal worker misconduct in delaying ballots.



Fox 46 notes that several states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, and others are reporting such issues.

The video from Project Veritas with a purported US Postal Service whistleblower alleges that it was a supervisor who ordered a mishandling of ballots.



A brief Google search would reveal pages of news stories that purport improper ballot harvesting that includes postal workers.  Where there is smoke from so many quarters is a reasonable reason to presume a fire.

Put differently, the above should be more than sufficient evidence to raise concerns by thoughtful people who seek the truth of the realities of the situation.  There are numerous doubts about the accuracy or handling of the vote count in battleground states.  More evidence follows below.  Thus, rather than merely taking a partisan position that dismisses actual evidence as ‘conspiracy theories’ that have ‘no evidence.’

The left-leaning Election Law Blog said “Justice Alito Issues Order Requiring That All Pennsylvania Counties Segregate (and Potentially Separately Count) Ballots Received After Polling Deadline” adding that “The [Supreme Court] order follows the PA GOP telling Justice Alito that not all counties had indicated that they would follow the guidance as well as tweaks that the PA Secretary of State made to that guidance. Justice Alito also wants a response by 2 pm tomorrow.

What does this mean? It essentially preserves the status quo and leaves open the possibility that these later ballots could be excluded from a count should there be further action. There was no court order requiring this action and now there is one.”

It should be noted that courts don’t normally act unless they think there is actual evidence.


Right-of-center Fox News reported that “Democrats in Pennsylvania on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to hold off any action on a petition from Republicans in the state that argues the tribunal should strike down a three-day deadline extension for Pennsylvania mail ballots sent by Election Day to be received by elections boards.” Why would Democrats ask the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)? Is there concern that they might not win without those late ballots?


Former Democratic Governor Says Voter Fraud Common Democratic Stronghold Tactic

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) told right-of-center Newsmax TV that election fraud runs deep and is widespread in large Democrat-controlled cities.

Blagojevich told Newsmax’s John Bachman Now that Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia are true and the fraud likely isn’t limited to just one city.

I don’t think it’s just confined to Philadelphia,” Blagojevich said, adding his “instincts” tell him election fraud is taking place in other cities like Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas.

Coming out of the Democratic Chicago political establishment I know how they operate,” he said. Blagojevich was convicted as part of a federal probe of attempting to ‘sell’ the seat of former Senator Barack Obama (IL-D). He pointed out to Newsmax that Democrats control the political apparatus that counts the votes, the polling places, and the people who count the votes. “It’s a time-honored tradition” he said of Democratic election fraud.

He claimed that Democrat-led polling places stop counting votes when their candidate is behind, and in the middle of the night “the stealing starts.”

That is precisely the pattern claimed by many Trump-backers. Why is it that after hours, after vote-counting favored President Trump in key battlegrounds, did delay result in those critical states, they ask?

We’ve seen that in big numbers, in unprecedented numbers in this election,” he said, noting cities are getting away with conducting widespread fraud because the “corrupt mainstream media” isn’t “interested in protecting our Constitution.”

They just want to beat Donald Trump at all costs,” he said, adding that Democrats aren’t just stealing the election from the president, but they are stealing it from the American people.

This is incredibly dangerous to our democracy and our freedoms,” the former Democratic governor said, calling this a “critical moment in our history.”

Blagojevich told Newsmax that Americans should rise up and peacefully protest against the political establishment. He called the cause larger than backing the president because it’s about having “fair and free elections.” The left-of-center New York Times reported on February 19, 2020 that “Trump Grants Clemency to Blagojevich, Milken and Kerik.”

Does that mean that ‘Blago’s’ statements are a thank you to the president, or do they hold up under closer examination?



Left-of-center CNN reported on March 22, 2010 about ACORN that “The group’s state affiliates and field offices will close by April 1 “ACORN was hurt by scandal when conservative activists secretly videotaped” by Project Veritas. Said CNN,In 2008, Republican groups seized on allegations of voter registration fraud by the group in Florida and several other states, claiming its workers were trying to push the election in Barack Obama’s favor.”

ACORN claimed it was vindicated, said CNN, which added: “ACORN’s announcement was welcomed by Matthew Vadum, senior editor of the Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank based in Washington. “I won’t be shedding any tears,” said Vadum, who said he has been studying the organization for years and written extensively on the organization. “ACORN is a thoroughly corrupt organization that abuses taxpayer dollars and breaks the law at every opportunity. To suggest that it was set up is laughable.” 

He added in a telephone interview, “For ACORN to claim that it’s a victim of McCarthyism, as I’ve seen CEO Bertha Lewis do repeatedly, doesn’t even pass the laugh test. It can’t be taken seriously.””

Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas.


The facts reveal that numerous ACORN members went to prison for voter fraud.

The screen capture below fits what the Capital Research Center’s (CRC) Matthew Vadum alleged about ACORN. It should be noted that CRC, which ‘follows the money’ on foundations and nonprofits, has since raised concerns about left-leaning organizations that have arisen in the wake of the ACORN being abolished. ACORN is gone, but its problematic leftist work – the CRC has documented and claimed – goes on.


The Heritage Foundation database points to 1,298 Proven instances of voter fraud and 1,121 convictions. Several of these are in the battle ground states in Democratic districts. It provides support for the Blagojevich concerns. See the Heritage map and download, linked here.

The political cartoon is a reminder or insightful, depending on how well a reader might be aware of ACORN’s history, that the ACORN scandal was news and a topic of discussion for some time. But memories often fade in the steady stream of new scandals or other news. Thus, the usefulness of historic perspective, which Blago’s statement supports.




Partisan Election Workers Cheer…

 Additional support for Blagojevich’s statement is reflected in the video interview below.



John Solomon with Just the News filed this report via Twitter about problems alleged in Detroit, Michigan.



While this is a right-leaning writer, the statement he makes via Twitter checks out.



Newsmax’s Joseph E. Schmitz tweeted the following, which sheds an entirely different light on the actual state of play in the Electoral College. Unlike many media outlets, Newsmax says they have not called the election.


To Schmitz’s point, a check of various media sources reveals that more conservative news media such as Newsmax, the Epoch Times, and Breitbart all show much lower totals for Biden than Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or others on the left-of-center media do.



Rephrased, a narrative is arguably being framed by media. Those on the right tell their readers that the battleground states are unsettled until claims of voter irregularities are sorted out and resolved by law. Those on the left and Fox News – which reportedly has a number of Democratic-leaning reporters, anchors, and election ‘decision desk’ members are making it appear that Biden is ready to ‘clinch’ the nomination.

There has been errant and ‘fake news’ for years. Here is a photo of Harry Truman holding up a newspaper that said that Dewey defeated him in that election. It was Truman that won. The fact that several in media, then or now, made a ‘call’ doesn’t make it final. Votes must be certified at the state level through an official process.  That process doesn’t involve news reports.

Cries of ‘Count every ballot’ may sound good, but it is obvious that only legally-cast votes should be counted.




President Trump has fine-tuned his message as fighting for his voters, who have given him millions of more votes than he obtained in 2016.


There are anecdotal claims of oddities and irregularities, such as the one below.



The reverse of the above tweet is also arguably true. How is it that President Trump – who arguably helped GOP Senators win re-election in hard-fought states where Democrats deployed tens to $100 million or more on a single contest – how could a senator get more votes than the president? While it is possible, it is unlikely, as numerous Democrats argued for weeks that President Trump would drag down Republicans running for election or re-election.


Dinesh D’Souza and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (GA-R) are partisan, but are raising valid points.

Just the News’ Solomon’s tweet below indicates that the software that was discovered to incorrectly gave thousands of Trump votes to Biden were used in dozens of other states too. Replicating that in other states could well make the difference in tight races.


Fox News, as this report was being drafted, ‘called’ the election for Biden-Harris. That is not the same as a certified election result, which is done state by state. Solomon’s tweet below illustrates the point made by MHProNews above about the increasingly Democratic leaning Fox News team coverage.



Small businesses, which provide about half of all U.S. private sector jobs, often side with President Trump and his GOP allies. There are numerous reasons why it seems unlikely that the Team Trump will quit before they exhaust every option. While legal challenges are not easy, as Robert Romano pointed out, there are sound issues with which to make a claim and plenty of motivation beyond the White House, as important as that is.


The president’s legal team says they are not quitting, a statement the president himself made today and previously.


Is perception reality? Does how media reports are framed influence voters? Those are among the questions that this election cycle should probe. Tom Bevins of Real Clear Politics essentially ripped the people he reports on for the wide discrepancy between polling and reality. This supports the Trump team’s concerns that polls were used as a voter suppression tool.  That’s a separate issue from the focus of this report, but worth mentioning in passing.


Some cheer others jeer Malcom X, but this quote is an insightful example of the wisdom of separating the wheat from the chaff. While quite different than Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcom X had some interesting thoughts on media.


Wright was a journalist that was caught this year on a Project Veritas video admitting that there is a problem with fake news. ABC suspended him.
These personalities in media, academia, and entertainment are not Trump supporters. But they published a letter that makes clear their concern that news and information is increasingly being limited and manipulated. It is a point akin to what Glen Greenwald on the left and Tucker Carlson on the right have each made in recent weeks.

Glen Greenwald, a progressive media reporter who recently parted ways with the publication he co-founded, the Intercept, because its editors were so ‘in the tank’ for Joe Biden and would not allow him to run a report and analysis without toning down concerns raised about Biden in Greenwald’s report.


The quotes above and below, while they have a touch of apparent sarcasm, raised concerns from a reporter that broke the Edward Snowden domestic spying stories during the Obama-Biden Administration.


Greenwald has ripped big tech, big media, and big money as working in concert with ‘deep state’ actors. That may sound conspiratorial. But when someone looks at the fact that several Obama Administration officials have cushy jobs with mainstream media outlets, the former FBI and national intelligence professionals have good reason to share the narrative that those who write the checks desire.

Biden himself said odd things, while claiming to be a ‘uniter,’ while insulting Trump supporters almost in the same breath.



Joe Biden says he’s built most extensive “voter fraud” org in history, says this video posted by the Trump team.



In the video above, Joe Biden: “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” That was dismissed as misspeaking. But could it have been a Freudian slip, in the light of ACORN history during the Obama-Biden era, and the other examples shown in this report?



The focus of this article are facts, evidence, and claims of voter fraud that could result in the election ‘call’ by Fox or others in media never being certified by states which actually make the official calls, not news media. But it obliquely raises the concerns of how divided the media is on ‘reality.’ Bret Baer on Fox also said that their call doesn’t make it official.


This quote predates the questionable Fox ‘call’ today. That noted, the quote by President Obama is quite right, not only in politics, but also with respect to manufactured housing. In order to win over more people, the prevailing narrative must be challenged. It must be repeatedly challenged.

But perception is reality for millions. Many don’t think about connections between big business, big tech, and big media. News is a business. It should be no surprise that the business doesn’t seek to undermine their own perceived interest.  That’s not a conspiracy, that is the notion of common interests.



In fairness, if someone doesn’t read or listen to media sources that give them another perspective, then it is easy to buy into an often repeated deception. As MHProNews has outlined in other reports, history shows that evidence exists that every war for the last 100+ years in the U.S. was preceded by an campaign to whip up war sentiment. The docudrama Shadows of Liberty does a good job of reflecting 21st century examples of that phenomenon.


Perception seems to become reality is one of the points this clip from the Shadows of Liberty documentary makes. The connection between big business and big media are outlined in this award winning report too.



President Trump says he won’t stop fighting. Nor did former Vice President Al Gore, in 2000, when questions about voting irregularities in Florida that resulted in some 37 days of drama before ‘hanging chads’ recounts that the U.S. Supreme Court ended up settling in favor of George W. Bush, who became the 43rd president. Presuming the success of the president, his GOP allies, and their legal team – which is not a given – there will be serious political, big media, big tech, and other repercussions among the population as a result of this battle. Rephrased, President Trump has much to win by fighting this fight.





Daily Torch’s Robert Romano – Trump campaign lawsuit against Pennsylvania’s late ballots could flip the House to the GOP

On 11.6.2020 The Daily Torch’s Robert Romano in many ways, cuts to the heart of several of the issues outlined in this report.

Romano wrote,In Pennsylvania, where former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in current counting in the race for 2020, it is still not known how many of the ballots were received after 8 p.m. on Election Day — the state law imposed deadline for submitting ballots.

Under Pennsylvania law, it states unambiguously, “No absentee ballot under this subsection shall be counted which is received in the office of the county board of elections later than eight o’clock P.M. on the day of the primary or election.”

Sadly, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court arbitrarily extended that deadline to Nov. 6 at 5 p.m., in violation of state law, and then the U.S. Supreme Court kicked the can down the road, apparently hoping that it would not matter in the presidential contest.”

Romano notes that the ballot deadline impacts not only the presidential race, but also every House race in Pennsylvania. In a year when Republicans have picked up – instead of lost seats, as pundits and polling almost universally predicted – those PA seats that were flipped in 2018 are certainly among the prizes that are legally up for grabs.

Chastising Chief Justice John Robert’s led high court decision to punt was problematic. Romano explains why.

In the House, right now it looks likDemocrats will lose by about 14 net seats based on who’s leading, down to just 219 votes, barely a majority. But in three races, Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District, the race is too close to call, and there’s no telling if the races for the 7th and 8th Congressional Districts, which are kind of close, were unduly impacted by this lawless action.”

So, Romano continues his argument that this is more than just about the White House, it is also about Congressional seats that may be turned ‘red’ through a successful challenge in PA. He said,  “Democrats are leading all three races. If they lose two, that would probably mean Republicans win 218 House seats and reclaim the majority.” That could make the House a possible check on a potential Biden-Harris – or is it Harris-Biden? – Administration.

Romano said, “And now, Alito has ordered the Commonwealth to segregate the late mail-in and any morning after ballots, noting, “neither the applicant (PA GOP) nor the Secretary has been able to verify that all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance, which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them.”

Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states, “The times, places, and manner of holding elections for senators and representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof…””

Romano argues that whatever the outcome for President Trump, the House races are another reason for the battle to continue on. Note, that shouldn’t be construed as Romano thinking the 45th president has lost. Rather, he is arguably just being objective. He is making the argument that this isn’t only about the White House, it is also about control of Congress, which would be some check on a possible Biden-Harris administration.

Romano draws to a conclusion by saying that the only way to know in the PA case is to have the legal fight.

This comes down to whether the rule of law can be changed arbitrarily in an election. Electoral integrity begins and ends with ensuring equal protection of the laws so that the same rule, the one prescribed by the state legislature, applies to everyone. That should be the beginning and the end of the Supreme Court’s inquiry.

The late ballots must be thrown out. There is simply too much at stake. And God save America if they were not properly segregated and the court has to order a new election in Pennsylvania. This is not just about the presidency. There’s even more at stake. This could ultimately determine whether we have Democratic one-party rule or not.”

His rationale arguably also applies to other states, not just PA. For instance, if a successful recount in Georgia helped push Senator Perdue over 50 percent of the vote total, then a runoff there would not be needed. In Michigan, a John James win their in that Senate race would give Senator Mitch McConnel at least 2 more years as Majority Leader, another possible check on Biden-Harris and the oligarchs that supported their efforts.


Additional Thoughts from Romano to MHProNews

In exclusive comments to MHProNews, Romano – who, beyond writing for the Daily Torch, is also the vice president for Americans for Limited Government, said by email on 11.7.2020 the following. He noted if ‘bad’ or late votes are too comingled to allow for a clear decision, a new election could cure that concern.

Romano says a new election could be ordered, as occurred when Republicans had a “fiasco” in 2018 in North Carolina. That fiasco was a case of Republican vote harvesting, which is an important example. Even if Democrats do this more often, the law should be applied equally regardless of who does something wrong.

Said Romano, “North Carolina Congressional District 9 did a redo from the 2018 ballot harvesting fiasco, granted it was the Board of Elections that did it:

More background

Romano said that the Supreme Court has the authority to act in such cases. He gives the example of the Court stepping into redistricting issues.

Also, the Supreme Court routinely gets involved with Census redistricting cases, and has ordered redoes on those maps on equal protection grounds under the 14th Amendment.”

He concluded his comments to MHProNews by saying the following.

My concern has to do with the possibility that late mail-ins and any next morning ballots that arrived were perhaps deliberately intermingled to foreclose the possibility of a targeted remedy, and that the only other remedy would either be to invalidate the entire state’s outcome or else order a new election. An unconstitutional election cannot stand, even if it would be awfully inconvenient. Complicating matters, if counties only selectively segregate a few late mail-ins to make it look good and wait until the final result to say there’s fewer mail-ins than could  prove determinative in the race, then Republican lawyers will need access to all of the envelopes, presuming they haven’t been destroyed. Watch for certain precincts to report there were almost no late mail-ins. I’m extremely concerned about this possibility.”

To buttress Romano’s point about a possible redo of the election, on August 19, 2020 the New Jersey Globe reported that “Judge Ernest Caposela today ordered a new election in a Paterson city council election that … New Jersey Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela. … Candidates will face off in do-over vote in November” That is a recent example of a court ordering an election done over, but other examples could be cited.

Some historians record that voter fraud settled the tightly-contested John F. Kennedy vs. Richard M. Nixon race in 1960. Nixon, ‘for the good of the country,’ knew that the fraud took place, but decided not to contest it.

That is the pressure being placed upon the Trump team.  There is pressure by so-called “RINO” Republicans, much of the mainstream media, and his Democratic opponents to conceded and not press his legal right to fight for clarity on this election outcome.


It isn’t just President Trump’s re-election that is on the line, as consequential as that is. It is about the integrity of the election process in America. Not to fight this out would undermine faith in elections for years to come.

That in turn, would potentially concede to Democrats (or others) willingness to cheat, using former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s example, would only be emboldened.

There were many reasons that President Trump was elected. One was to drain the swamp. That swamp has been highlighted more in the 5 years of the Trump candidacy and first 3½ years of his presidency, than many would have imagined.

America can’t be reduced to the image of a banana republic, as Donald J. Trump Jr. observed. There is too much on the line.

As a closing point, the radical and arguably un-American nature of the Biden-Harris agenda must be fought regardless.

As Fox’s popular Tucker Carlson put it, if VP Biden formally wins, an era of the Oligarchs ruling America will be ushered in. What will become of the various illegalities he’s been alleged to have engaged in? Would President Trump seek a special counsel against Biden to probe those claims? Would that lead to Biden stepping down and far-left Senator Harris becoming president?

We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process.  Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media,” Trump said in a statement Saturday, reported by Townhall and others.

Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. The American People are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots. This is the only way to ensure the public has full confidence in our election. It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters. Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the count room – and then fight in court to block their access,” he continued. “So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

There is significant evidence of voter fraud that follows years of prior evidence of voter fraud, that included during the Obama-Biden Administration with ACORN, among other examples.

There is perhaps one thing that might stop the 45th president from finishing the fight to restore the rights of everyday Americans against a “rigged system.” That would be if pressure was placed on SCOTUS justices individually or collectively not to take up and fairly rule on this case.

Give Biden-Harris and their allies credit for chutzpah and their handlers for having gigantic cojones. It is an attempted steal that is occurring in plain sight.  It is easy for opponents of the president and his “America First” agenda to say something is a ‘conspiracy theory’ that is ‘without evidence.’ But this survey reflects that there are reasons aplenty to treat the matters raised with sober and prudential seriousness.

For a variety of reasons, don’t expect Team Trump to go down without a fight.

For one, there is too much at stake. The president’s willingness to fight on is to be applauded, not condemned.

Second, the concerns raised by people like Greenwald – who stresses that he is not a Trump defender – but who nevertheless makes clear that for whatever ills the president may have done pales when compared with those who oppose him. Greenwald says they have done far worse and by demonizing the 45th president, hope to pull of a slight of hand akin to a coup. As Greenwald summed it up in his lengthy report and analysis today, “Those who have most loudly and aggressively insisted that Trump’s [purported] evils stand alone — to the point of demanding that lists be compiled of who supported them to ensure life-long ostracization — are, coincidentally or not, those who have stood to profit the most from perpetuating this ahistorical mythology. It has allowed them to deceive many into believing that their hands are as clean as their conscience, even though the huge amounts of blood will never be washed away, no matter how many green rooms they are welcomed in, or how much #Resistance cash they raise, or how melodramatic and hyperbolic is their denunciation of the Trump years.”

This interview by Carlson of Greenwald sheds light on what voices across the left-right divide are voicing about this election.



Put differently, as CRC has coined the phrase, the 45th President’s opponents use deception and misdirection.



Biden’s – or even Senator Harris’ purported corruption – are being brushed aside, while hyperbolic noise is made in an echo-chamber style fashion that might have made the Soviets’ or Nazis’ envious of the propaganda methods.






It is not over until it is over. Donations for the Trump Legal Defense effort could be made at this link here


Danny Glover quote from the fascinating video documentary, Shadows of Liberty, you can stream it.

See the related reports above, below, and that follow the byline and notices.





The Trump Team and their GOP allies have every reason to call foul and insist on every legal remedy available. That’s fairness to all voters. That’s protecting election integrity. It is the opposite of a conspiracy theory, its a sobering but needed reality check.


We began with the simple preface. There are two, and only two, possibilities when it comes to voter fraud or other election-related shenanigans. It has either occurred or not. There are numerous reasons to believe that sufficient evidence exists for purported misdeeds to warrant a thorough investigation.  Not just in the U.S., but in nations around the world, the credibility of our system is one the line.



Big tech, big media, and big money pressures – along with name calling and smear tactics – should not be allowed to rush this process. The president and his allies must stick to their proverbial legal guns and push for full transparency.  Let justice and an authentic election outcome prevail.

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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested with the discussion of manufactured housing related issues on our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for

Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing.

For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

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The featured image includes several metaphorical items. It can be seductive – but dangerous – to believe certain things. A mask, among other meanings, is used to project a false face, often used by actors. The eye conveys vision or understanding, which that woman and the mask partially obscures. The wall can stand for the harsh reality that sets in when illusion and the hard facts meet.
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