Borders, Tariffs, and Looming Antitrust – plus Manufactured Home Market Updates

CNNmone6.5.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsFrom President Donald J. Trump’s vantage point, as he has said before, he’s “playing with the bank’s money.” The market and the economy are miles ahead of where they were 2½ years ago. It appears that part of his strategy is to get as much as he can get done to keep advancing his promised campaign agenda to get the structural fixes long needed by the economy. The flip side is that his political enemies are using what to them is ammunition for fueling their seemingly incessant attacks. Several items are coming into sharper focus this week, including the border battle, the Trump Administration’s love for the tool of tariffs, and the long-awaited start of antitrust moves, which initially are focused on big tech. On a day when the markets rose, these will be our highlight for this evening.

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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • US jobs on the line
  • A new report finds tariffs on Mexico could cost 400,000 American jobs
  • LIVE UPDATES Dow posts third day of gains
  • Tech’s antitrust problem has been out in the open for years
  • Alphabet is betting big on moonshots but so are startups
  • Michelin and GM are working on a puncture-proof tire
  • China slaps Ford’s joint venture with fine
  • Amazon’s new futuristic drone will soon deliver packages
  • Carnival Cruise Lines paid $40 million for polluting and trying to cover it up. Now it has to cough up another $20 million for violating its probation
  • Fitness startup Peloton files to go public
  • GM won’t be getting tariff relief for its Buick SUVs made in China
  • Indian startup Zomato gives employees 26 weeks paid parental leave and $1,000 per child
  • Walmart is getting rid of its blue vests. Here’s what the new ones look like
  • Seven years after Sandy Hook, YouTube will ban videos denying it happened
  • Hasbro and Mattel are making toys matter again
  • The real reason you aren’t getting promoted at work
  • How long should you stay at a job if you aren’t being promoted?
  • Minority employees are often asked to work ‘double duty’
  • How to handle a slacker at work
  • What happens when women mentor men
  • The video game sales slump is killing GameStop
  • Topshop is closing all US stores
  • Dressbarn is going out of business
  • Planet Fitness is moving into Toys ‘R’ Us and Sears stores
  • American retailers already announced 6,000 store closures this year. That’s more than all of last year

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • GM CEO Mary Barra: Mexico tariff impact is ‘really hard to tell’
  • Private sector adds just 27,000 jobs in May, missing Wall Street’s expectations
  • Dow jumps 207 points as rate cut fever gains momentum
  • Top 2020 Democrats offering health care to campaign staffers
  • MLB legend Pete Rose: I’m totally over the Hall of Fame
  • Trump tells Mexico to ‘step up’ after top trade advisor casts doubt on new tariffs
  • Walmart CEO may fire up federal minimum wage debate
  • Nucor once thwarted a Chinese attempt to steal its technology
  • Kawhi Leonard, other Toronto Raptors stars’ tax bills among worst in the NBA
  • Bill Gates, Warren Buffett’s Dairy Queen shift draws laughs from customers
  • Amazon’s Jeff Bezos buys 3 New York City condos for $80M: report
  • Amazon says Prime Air will begin delivering packages via drones ‘within months’
  • Under fire from opponents, FCC poised to advance robocall proposal
  • Medical marijuana pioneer: One ‘crazy’ money-making pot stock you need to own
  • LabCorp says 7.7 million customers may have been affected by data breach
  • UK trade chief: Brexit delaying a very big deal with US
  • What investors need to know about SEC’s new broker standards
  • Edgar Allan Poe’s pocket watch could snatch 6-figure sum at auction
  • At Amazon event, Robert Downey Jr. reveals plan to use ‘robotics’ and other tech to clean up earth
  • Kate Spade foundation accomplishes $1M pledge toward mental wellness organizations
  • Fitness company Peloton confidentially files to go public
  • Wells Fargo pledges $1B for affordable housing
  • Good vs. terrible bosses: What to know
  • Urgent solution to retirement planning challenges
  • The costly retirement planning mistake most American workers are making right now
  • Social Security benefits: 5 ways to increase your retirement checks

Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…



Today’s Big Movers

For all the scores and highlights on tracked manufactured home connected stocks today, see the Bloomberg graphic, posted below.

Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –



Congressman Doug Collins, R-GA, on the antitrust probe of tech companies and the battle over border security, is featured in an interview earlier today by Maria Bartiromo of right-of-center Fox Business.

Investors who ‘move’ have faced a daunting set of challenges in the last year or so. Political events have often overshadowed economic realities.

In recent days, the following issues have boiled to the surface in more urgent ways:

· The revelation that antitrust probes are targeting big tech companies.

· The border crisis has sparked a threat by the 45th president of tariffs on Mexico, if they don’t control the flow of migrants across their country coming to cross the U.S.-Mexican border illegally.

· Right or wrong, the Federal Reserve has been under fire for their handling of rate hikes and the unwinding of their Obama era QE buys to prop up the markets.

· The Chinese trade and tariff tussle is to a serious degree also motivated by their communist government’s calculus about U.S. domestic politics.

The mantra that investor crave certainty is as true now as before, but D.C. politics is arguably deliberately targeting the tax and regulatory policy changes in 2017, with the aim of cooling an economy that otherwise will propel the 45th president to reelection.

As this is going to press, Mexican and U.S. talks are underway. Mexico’s border with their neighboring Central American countries is less than 10 percent that of the U.S. Mexico border. Resolving that issue could be a useful step in addressing a growing backlog of international and domestic challenges in a highly partisan Washington. More will be known in the hours and days ahead.

The final point ought to be manufactured home specific. HUD Secretary Ben Carson is arguably doing more about promoting manufactured homes as an important part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis as the nation has seen in a good two decades. But there are evidence-based reasons to believe that he’s not getting all the facts about two words that if understood and enforced by HUD could make the difference. Those two words? Enhanced preemption.

In this raucous market and investment environment, what ought to be a continual bright spot is manufactured housing. Learn more why it is underperforming at the report linked below.

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