Facts Aren’t Partisan – Southern Border & Immigration Reality Checks, plus Manufactured Housing Stock Updates

CNNmone5.31.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsWhen President Donald J. Trump tweeted his threat last night to impose tariffs on Mexico if they don’t do more to deal with the thousands pouring across the southern border with the U.S., Dow futures plunged. So, it’s no surprise that the Dow and major markets dropped today. Let’s be candid. There are untold thousands of undocumented or ‘illegal’ immigrants in the U.S. living in mobile or manufactured homes. Some companies have devised ways to finance such undocumented immigrant buyers. Such immigrants are often working in factories, communities, as installers, and other lines of work here in the U.S. in our industry. Rephrased, this issue matters in a variety of direct and oblique ways to manufactured housing professionals and investors. On a day when all but a few manufactured home tracked stocks slipped, this evening’s market spotlight will focus on facts about immigration that are often sobering


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Dow slides below 25,000
  • Stocks tumble after Trump vowed to impose tariffs on Mexico, amplifying trade fears
  • US auto industry needs Mexico: Because every American car factory uses Mexican parts
  • LIVE UPDATES Levi’s slides 7% on Trump’s tariff plan
  • Stocks to watch: Shares of beer and liquor companies slide
  • Watch: Why tariffs on Mexico are bad for the US
  • Going up: Costco says tariffs will lead to higher prices
  • PERSPECTIVES Tariffs on Mexico will hurt American business
  • Fact check: Where Trump’s ’emergency power’ on tariffs comes from
  • ‘A grave error’: CEOs tell Trump that Mexican tariffs are a bad idea
  • FedEx Ground will offer seven-day delivery all year
  • Jeep’s incredible popularity is one thing Renault could really use
  • China could dump $1.12 trillion of US debt. Here’s why it won’t
  • Is $2 million enough to feel wealthy?
  • The reason why the Fed could be pressured to raise rates
  • NASA picks three companies to send cargo to the moon
  • People loved LaCroix. What happened?
  • Fox News stands by Laura Ingraham after she defends extremists on her show
  • Amazon’s reported interest in Sprint’s Boost is ‘economically insane,’ analyst says
  • Shopping Content by CNN Underscored
  • This is the most affordable Echo with a screen
  • Silicon Valley’s real estate market is finally cooling off. Sort of
  • What it’s like to own a whole town
  • The secret market of private real estate listings
  • McMansions are out. Ritzy ranches are in
  • How to avoid overpaying for a home
  • Robots find a new job: Skyscraper window washers
  • Ford’s delivery robot walks like a human
  • Why Facebook is teaching a bug-like robot to walk
  • Tesla plans to have robo-taxis by next year
  • Robot valets may soon park your car at this airport

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Stocks close at 3 month low, bond yields tumble, after Trump hits Mexico with tariffs
  • Trump’s Mexico tariffs draw immediate rebuke, threaten USMCA deal and China trade talks
  • Mexico President: Won’t act desperate after Trump’s tariff threat
  • Trump takes aim at auto industry with new Mexico tariffs
  • First rare earth processing facility outside of China to be built in Texas
  • Trade tensions create silver lining for American homebuyers
  • Trump’s Mexico tariffs will impact these US imports the most
  • What is Elton John’s net worth? ‘Rocket Man’ singer among world’s richest artists
  • The world’s most expensive SUV will cost you $1.9M
  • Jeep’s new pickup a dealer’s dream
  • Crude oil prices tumble to 3-month low
  • Connecticut revenue swells after boat tax reduction
  • What is Kirsten Gillibrand’s net worth?
  • Trump’s Mexico tariffs cause USMCA trade deal concerns in business community: ‘A grave error’
  • Mike Bloomberg pens op-ed calling on Congress to ‘stop Trump on trade’
  • The IRS released a new W-4 draft: Here’s what it looks like
  • Trump admin in early stages of $100 billion offering of Fannie, Freddie
  • Trump lifts year-round ethanol restrictions, could lower gas prices
  • Salesforce says some firearms can no longer be sold using company software
  • Social Security: What is the best age to begin collecting?
  • Booming vs. bust retirements ahead: The choice is ours
  • Social Security benefits: 5 ways to increase your retirement checks

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Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –



Facts are what they are.

In a polarized nation, there’s a need to be able to look at evidence for what it is, not as we’d like it to be.

Problems aren’t solved by wishful thinking. Thus this report.

The graphics that follow come from a variety of sources that span the left-right divide.

For example, the Pew Research Center, which is often viewed as a left-of-center resource. Other data comes from Homeland Security’s US Border and Custom Enforcement. Still more comes from Jeff Bezos’ owned, left-of-center Washington Post article that features data per the Cato Institute. Let’s start there.



The claim above is often used by voices from the political left. Let’s stipulate that the Daily Business News on MHProNews is taking all of these data claims at face value, giving the source the benefit of the doubt. Let’s disclose that this writer is an immigrant who is legally in the U.S., and our publisher is the firstborn son of legal immigrants to the U.S. We know scores of immigrants of all kinds, plus native born citizens too.

With those points, what the first chart obliquely reveals is this. Even if that data is correct, it misses the obvious point that those crimes would not have occurred had those individuals not been in the United States at all. Even a reduced crime rate still means more crime occurred than what would have taken place in the absence of illegal crossings, visa overstays, etc.



Pew’s data reveals the volume of crimes that has occurred in recent years, attributed to illegal immigration related offenses.



Note that occurred in significant numbers during the Obama years and on into the Trump administration.



In that light, the Homeland Security agency data below is but one more reminder that crimes – often serious crimes – are occurring as a result of illegal immigration.



A recent report by GSMOL spotlighted by MHProNews reflected concerns that illegal immigrants may not be treated as fairly as those here legally.


Stephanie Reid Raises Undocumented Immigrants Getting Ripped Off by Manufactured Home Communities Issue

As serious as that is, perhaps the most significant issues are these:

  • There are people that die in these illegal border crossings. The body of a young woman was found inside the U.S. recently, 80 miles inside our border. Trucks have been found with piles of dead illegals inside. What is occurring is inhuman.
  • Illegal drugs are coming across the border.
  • There is no telling how many possible terrorists could or have crossed. The border patrol says such have been caught, which begs the question, how many crossed undetected?
  • There have been forces in both major parties that for years were OK with status quo, for their own reasons.
  • For years, Democratic leaders that previously said the border needed to be secured have since flip-flopped. Among those are then Senator Barack Obama, then Senator Joe Biden, or then Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The border ought to be secured. As rapidly as possible. Period.



The ideal way is for a bipartisan fix of the immigration issues. In the absence of that, the 45th president is acting in a measured way that puts pressure on the Mexican government. It isn’t without domestic pain, but that pain can be projected back to Mexican officials to stop the flow at THEIR southern border.

The border between Mexico and Central America is small compared to the U.S.-Mexican border. They can stop the illegal crossings there.



Life, Liberty, Property, Crime, and Costs

Here’s the obvious reality. Whatever your political beliefs, there are politicians who have prioritized disrupting President Trump’s economic and other achievements any way that they can. It’s unacceptable that illegal drugs, crime, rapes, and deaths are occurring as a result of that cold political calculation.


It remains to be seen if the president’s tariff threat will cause Mexico to stop the flow of illegals into their country, who then cross significant distances to enter the U.S. It is arguably in Mexico’s best interest to stop the flow at their southern border too.

But some effort is better than none.

The facts and reason should speak for themselves.

Finally, politicians who claim that walls don’t work need to tear down their own walls and fencing, if they believe that, which they don’t. If politicians are foolish enough to lie about the realities of the southern border and immigration, what else will they be deceptive about?

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