Who’s Right? Climate Claims-DOE Slam ‘Mobile Homes’ 1100+Scientists-World Climate Declaration Say CO2 ‘Essential to Earthly Life’-Decry ‘Solutions for Nonproblem’ Led by Grant$; plus MHStocks Update


New reports are hitting mainstream news sites that slam “mobile homes” while pointing to all-too common assertions of “climate change” that their believers say threatens human existence. The Department of Energy (DOE) pending manufactured housing energy rule is predicated to a significant degree on such beliefs. So if the apostles of climate alarmism are wrong, it is not a matter of indifference to manufactured housing professionals. Despite claims by climate alarmists that their views are “settled science,” there are numbers and groups of scientists, meteorologists, and other experts that have long held a contrarian view to such assertions. To those who warn the seas are rising, MHProNews has previously published the graphic below, which reminds all who seek the truth over fiction that planet Earth experienced the rise and fall of oceans and seas several times and ages before the industrial revolution and its CO2 emissions. This report will become a reference in an exploration of the climate issue as pitched by its proponents which specifically warn about harms to “mobile homes” – while oddly not scientifically identifying what they mean by a mobile home. Are they talking about pre-HUD Code mobile homes? Or do they also mean or imply manufactured homes? This will be yet another example of why precise terminology on the distinction between mobile homes and HUD Code manufactured homes matters.

It is one thing to say that clean air, water, and soil are desirable. These have historically long been ‘conservative’ principles, almost by definition. But it is an entirely different matter to insist that CO2 emissions are ‘causing’ ‘climate change’ and ‘the rising of sea levels.’ Long before factories and the industrial era, the climate and sea/ocean levels on planet earth have been changing. One must ‘follow the money trail’ of those alarmists who claim with disputed evidence that the climate is ‘an existential threat’ because those voices are often funded by those who are profiting from this ‘climate crisis.’


Following this news item provided to MHProNews courtesy of the WND NewsCenter are additional information, including a previously explored report by a different group of university researchers that initially slammed “mobile homes” before backpedaling when questioned by MHProNews. The Daily Business News on MHProNews MHVille REITs and industry-connected stocks segments follows the Additional Information with More Analysis and Commentary segment of today’s report on the climate issue. Part of that additional information will be the full World Climate Declaration to the public found on Clientel.org website. Also, the Heartland Institute commissioned survey by New Jersey based Fairleigh Dickinson University can also be found after this WND segment of this report.

I. Consensus? Poll finds 41% of climate scientists don’t buy ‘climate change’

Undermines promoters of ‘settled science’ narrative

By Art Moore
Published November 19, 2022 at 3:42pm

WNDnewscenterLogoQuoteMedia regularly tells the public that “the science is settled” and there is a nearly 99% “consensus” among scientists that mankind is causing catastrophic global warming through carbon emissions.

However, a new survey found that 41% believed the frequency and severity of extreme weather events had increased significantly in recent years, reported the British website Daily Sceptic.

The survey, conducted in September and October by Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey, collected a representative sample of scientists with at least a bachelor’s degree in fields such as meteorology, climatology, physics, geology and hydrology. About 57% were members of the American Meteorology Society.

MIT emeritus professor Richard Lindzen recently called the current climate narrative “absurd,” contending it’s driven by the trillions of dollars diverted to green projects, grant-dependent academics and agenda-driven journalists.

U.S. meteorologist Anthony Watts said the poll results “suggest that the draconian solutions such as Net Zero being pushed by the left, even if they actually worked, are aimed at a non-problem.”

Led by a Nobel Prize laureate, more than 1,100 scientists and scholars have signed a document declaring climate science is based more on personal beliefs and political agendas than sound, rigorous science.

The World Climate Declaration states climate science “should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific.”

“Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures,” the declaration reads.

In August, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which spends $368 billion for “green” energy with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. When Joe Biden was vice president under Barack Obama, the administration subsidized “green” energy with federal grants and tax breaks. Joe Biden himself announced in 2009 a $535 million loan guarantee for the solar panel company Solyndra to go along with $700 million in venture capital funding. Biden said the plant built with that money would power more than half a million homes. But two years later, the company filed for bankruptcy and shut down its operations.

The World Climate Declaration points out that since emerging from the Little Ice Age in the mid-19th century, the world has warmed significantly less than predicted by the U.N.’s International Panel on Climate Change’s models.

“The gap between the real world and the modeled world tells us that we are far from understanding climate change,” the WCD states.

The declaration argues Earth’s climate has varied, with cold and warm periods, for as long as the planet has existed, and it is “no surprise that we are experiencing a period of warming.”

The climate models “are not remotely plausible as global policy tools,” ignoring, for one, the benefits of carbon dioxide, which is “not a pollutant.”

“It is essential to all life on Earth,” the declaration says. “Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth; additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yield of crops worldwide.”

There is no statistical evidence, the signatories say, “that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and such-like natural disasters, or making them more frequent.”

“There is no climate emergency. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050.”

Last year, Steven Koonin, an under-secretary of science in the Obama administration, published a book titled “Unsettled” that said “the science is insufficient to make useful projections about how the climate will change over the coming decades, much less what our actions will be.”

The idea that climate change is settled demeans and chills the scientific enterprise, he contended, “retarding its progress in these important matters.”

In 2020, the long-time green activist Michael Shellenberger wrote a book called “Apocalypse Never” that lamented the conversation about climate change has “spiraled out of control.”##



II.  Additional Information Followed by Related Insights with MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

From the Clintel.org website at this link here is this public declaration. Note the reference to a linked video is for the video posted above.



There is No Climate Emergency,
a Message to the People

See pdf here

Guus Berkhout, President of Clintel

In the past decades the public has been flooded with fear-mongering stories, telling them that global temperatures will rise to catastrophically high levels.

Climate activists claim that the cause of all this impending doom is the increasing amount of CO2 produced by human activities. The proposed solution is the so-called net-zero emission policy, aimed at lowering human net CO2-emissions to the levels of the pre-industrial era of the late 1700s.

Those activists also claim that people should panic, and that time is running out: “Be aware that it is five minutes to midnight, we must act without delay!” Many thousands of scientists disagree; More than 1400 are Clintel signatories.

In his numerous ‘last warning’ speeches, Antonio Guterres refers to computer simulations, not the real world. Greta Thunberg testified to the US Congress that there was ‘no science’ behind her ‘panic’ comment.  This info cannot be found in the media.

So why is there such a big difference between the scaring climate activists’ narrative and the optimistic climate scientists’ message, who believe there is no climate emergency? Please, before you continue reading, watch our message: Consensus meet CLINTEL

Not many citizens are aware that all the frightening climate predictions have been generated by computer models. And we know from experience in many other complex areas, how misleading computer models can be.

For example, think of the many wrong predictions by economic models or think of the large mistakes in recent pandemic modeling. The output of computer models depends fully on the assumptions that modelmakers put into them. In the past 50 years, the predictions of climate models about global warming and their dire effects have all been wrong. In the engineering community, they would be qualified as useless.

More specifically, the assumptions in climate modeling are such that predicted temperature changes turn out to be persistently too high. Even worse, extreme weather events – such as heatwaves, droughts, floods, hurricanes etc. – are intentionally used to support the extreme climate predictions. But if we position the current extreme weather events in a historical context, we see that these events are ‘climate business as usual’. See Goklany, 2020.

The conclusion is that models (computer simulations) run ‘too hot’ and that predictions of adverse effects on humans are highly dubious. They project a catastrophic future that is not born out by observations. It is much wiser and safer to rely on measurements. The history of science tells us that significant steps forward are always fueled by observations from new measurement instruments.

Think of the very recent spectacular images of outer space by the new James Webb Space Telescope. The same good news applies to the modern satellites that deliver high-quality measurements around the Earth since 1979. Satellite data shows NO extreme warming, and this is cross-checked by millions of weather balloon measurements.

Therefore, let us make use of the abundant temperature measurements made through the years. Those from the beginning of the industrial period (1850) until the present (2020) we see in Figure 1. Measurements tell us that the temperature in 2020 is 1.1 oC higher than in 1850.



Figure 1: Global temperature curve as currently generally accepted from 1850-2020.
If we extend the measurements to 2050, we see that the temperature is 1.6 oC higher than in 1850 (‘X-warming’).


Using Figure 1, let us extrapolate the satellite temperatures to the year 2050 by assuming that the temperature increase of the past 40 years (1980-2020) will carry on without any pausing and cooling. This generous projection results in a 2050-temperature that is 1.6oC higher than in 1850. Now, here is the big question: ‘Is the global warming of 1.6oC a scary result? Does this outcome really tell us that it is ‘five minutes to midnight’?

Let us look at today’s difference in mean temperature between Oslo (one of the big cities near the North Pole) and Singapore (one of the big cities near the Equator), see Figure 2. Measurements show that the difference is as much as 22oC, twenty times bigger than the global warming between 1850 and 2020 and almost 14 times bigger than the so-called ‘scary’ global warming between 1850 and 2050.

Despite of this huge mean temperature difference of 22oC, both cities are very prosperous and the citizens in both cities are enjoying life. So, why do the media tell us that a global warming of 1.6oC or more will lead to a disaster (“the end is near”), while 22oC difference between Oslo and Singapore turns out to be no problem whatsoever?



Figure 2: Global mean temperature from 1850-2050, together with the average temperature of the prospering cities Oslo and Singapore in 2020. Note that the global warming of 1.6 °C is marginal with respect to the difference of 22 °C between the two cities (almost factor 14)

The answer is adaptation! Mankind shows an impressive history, having survived many big changes in its living environment, including big changes in the Earth’s climate. Thanks to our ingenuity, human beings have always found clever solutions to cope with all past challenges, again and again. If you visit Oslo and Singapore, you see an impressive demonstration of human’s capability to adapt to climate differences of 22oC.

There is another interesting observation to make. Gradual global warming is not a serious problem, whether it is caused by CO2 or not. Not mitigation but adaptation is the solution. So, for all of those who would like to think that the present global warming is fully caused by CO2, our conclusion stays unchanged.

Bear in mind that during the cooling period around 1900 and the temperature pause in the sixties (see Figure 1), the CO2-concentration in the atmosphere continued to increase without delay. Hence, the anomalous temperature behavior in these two periods were indisputably caused by mother nature. The same applies for the large climate difference between Oslo and Singapore.

Finally, for those who still believe that CO2-emissions are pollution, we urge you to remember that CO2 is essential for all life on Earth. Additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global biomass. It is also very favorable for agriculture, increasing crop yields worldwide.

If also this fact of life isn’t sufficient convincingly, please realize that with the availability of modern nuclear power plants we have ample time to create a global energy system with largely zero emission. But again, the big question is whether zero emission is a sensible goal.

In conclusion, don’t let the terrifying stories of supranational institutions – such as the UN, EU and WEF – scare you. Particularly, climate alarmists must not use extreme weather events to poison our children with fear:

The gradual global warming, which started around 1700 after the end of the Little Ice Age, is a fact and has not caused any serious problem. Our advice is: “Enjoy today’s climate, because stories from the Little Ice Age tell us that a cold climate is full of hardship”.

If we continue to invest in innovation, mankind can easily cope with any effect of further warming. Hence, we must stop the demoralizing back-to-the-past mitigation solutions. We observe that it only leads to decline and poverty.

Instead, we must focus on the power of adaptation, based on science, technology, and education. It will lead us into an era of prosperity for nature and mankind. Please, join our journey!


Climate related deaths (floods, droughts, storms, wildfires, extreme temperatures) have declined precipitously because richer and more resilient societies reduce disaster deaths and swamp any potential climate signal.

Thirty years of climate summits have had no discernible effect on the rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration. These summits cost an enormous amount of money. Money which can be better spent on adaptation measures.

Guus Berkhout is emeritus-professor of geophysics, member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)


IIa. Additional Info with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary 

Repeating an error or lie doesn’t make it true. Even frequently repeating an error or lie backed up by so-called ‘experts’ doesn’t make a falsehood true. By way of analogy, two brief examples before returning to the climate crisis topic. Before President George W. Bush (R) invaded Iraq based on the claim that they had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), experts were gathered and much of the media across the left-right spectrum repeated that claim. The U.S. went to war over what later turned out to be a false claim. For an example among Democrats, just over two years ago, much of mainstream media was denying the claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop was authentic. Rather, much of mainstream media asserted that it was part of a Russian disinformation campaign citing in part dozens of intelligence experts who denied the authenticity of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. But since then, many of those same Hunter laptop deniers have since admitted that it is indeed authentic. That laptop could become an important exhibit in possible prosecution of Joe Biden’s son, or possible of PINO Biden himself. In hindsight, that is but one of several examples used by 2020 election skeptics and critics that the election was essentially fraud-free.

Note as an interesting aside that in both of those examples above that the ‘U.S. intelligence community’ played a role in a what critics call widespread deception of the public. Both deceptions were followed by trillions of dollars in federal spending which benefited a few but were harmful (injurious, or even deadly) to tens of thousands in the U.S. and even more abroad. 

More climate debate details from CLINTEL.org including a list of some 1400 signatories is found at this link here

Programming note: there is a report planned that will examine recent articles from mainstream websites that slam “mobile homes” as being vulnerable to “climate change.”  This is an issue that is periodically raised by academics, which CLINTEL says is driven in good measure by grant dollars to universities and nonprofit institutions. Some are or have profited from this climate change narrative. Solyndra is but one of several scandals associated with the climate agenda that Forbes said in 2021 resulted in some $570 million in taxpayer dollars lost.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a lifelong Democrat and a believer in climate change. But Kennedy makes an apt point about scientific debates and disagreements between experts.



Manufactured housing is caught in the crosshairs of this debate over climate. Some related reports that dig into those issues are found linked below. Note how in the background nonprofits are playing a roll in this struggle, see the second linked article for a specific example.







Those are site built houses in Moore, OK after their disastrous and deadly tornado in 2013. Credit, NPR.


Emailed comments to MSU’s Skidmore from MHProNews’ Tony Kovach. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/climate-change-tornadoes-and-mobile-homes-dangerous-oversights-mark-skidmore-admits-michigan-state-univ-study-s-omissions-revealing-analysis-report/

Correcting the Record, Tornadoes, Mobile and Manufactured Homes, Michigan State University Study






Daily Business News on MHProNews Markets Segment

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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 11.21.2022

  • Growing risk
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Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax 11.21.2022

  • Omar, Schiff Join Democrats in Assault on McCarthy for Committee Removals
  • Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., left to right (Getty Images)
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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in manufactured housing related issues. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included a copy of the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. Tamas has grown considerably since this photo was taken. 

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHProNews.
Tony earned a journalism scholarship along with numerous awards in history. There have been several awards and honors and also recognition in manufactured housing. For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com. This article reflects the LLC’s and/or the writer’s position and may or may not reflect the views of sponsors or supporters.









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