“Trailer Park” Senator Who Grew Up in Mobile Home Re-election Contest Suddenly Surprised by Multiple Sex Scandals

Still from video interview of Senator Thom Tillis (NC-R) which is posted below.

In a year when the U.S. Senate majority might be upended by any number of tight state races, Senator Thom Tillis (NC-R) – a man who proudly claims having grown up in a “mobile home” in a “trailer park” – may have had a surprise re-election gift handed to him by his better-funded Democratic rival. Challenger Cal Cunningham, according to left-of-center CNN on October 9th, noted that “Text messages leaked last week and reports detailing Democrat Cal Cunningham’s alleged extramarital affair this summer have undercut the image he has carefully crafted, as a man of integrity who serves in the Army Reserve.”



Obviously, industry professionals know that the terminology of ‘trailer park’ is errant. That noted, the appeal by Senator Tillis is an interesting one for industry and also for the 22 million Americans living in manufactured homes, hundreds of thousands of whom live in North Carolina.



Another pro-Democratic, left-of-center media report from Politico said Cunningham has apologized for the extramarital affair, which leaked ‘sexting’ messages documented.

But there are indications that more than one affair by Cunningham has occurred. Cunningham backed out of a townhall in the wake of the revelations, which obviously hurt his campaign. In the routinely tough, full-contact world of politics, the Cunningham scandal has provided an unexpected gift to the Tillis reelection effort.



Politico quoted Tillis saying, “He [Cal Cunningham] let his family down. And he let his supporters down for months. And it just happened to come to light. He didn’t let his guard down. He [Cunningham] made a decision.

Senator Tillis, like President Donald J. Trump, had contracted COVID19. But like the 45th president, Senator Tillis too has recovered. That contraction of the coronavirus and recovery may also carry benefits among voters, if it is properly handled by their campaign.

Advertising Analytics say that Democrats have more money to spend on TV ads, which the Cunningham campaign expects to deploy in the closing weeks of the hard-fought senate campaign in the battleground state of North Carolina.

The video below from the Tillis campaign reflects his outreach to those who are marginalized, which is reflected in his personal ties to lower-end mobile and manufactured home community living.



Arlene Guzman Todd is a California public relations executive, the wife of an Army veteran, and is one of those reportedly sexually involved with Cunningham. Guzman Todd confirmed at least one intimate encounter with Cunningham “during a period of marital separation.” Cunningham is an Army reservist, and the Army said this week it is investigating the allegations. What that means is that he could face military justice.

The whole premise of Cal Cunningham’s campaign [i.e. integrity] has imploded over the past four days. So clearly it’s going to be a factor,” Senator Tillis said. “I’m not going to call on him to get out of the race. I’m calling on him to be transparent and provide a full explanation.”

Transparency could also cost Cunningham the election, both because of voters reaction to the revelations, but also because of the overhanging threat of military justice.


Additional Information, MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

MHLivingNews and MHProNews noted Tillis’ bona fides in affordable factory-built home living years before this re-election campaign. Affordable housing is an issue for millions.


“Move, Open, Live” De Rose Industries & Senator Thom Tillis’ Mobile Home Comments


Let’s note as well that Tillis supported Ben Carson, M.D., for HUD Secretary. Carson has been a vocal supporter of manufactured housing, arguably the most positive HUD Secretary ‘cheerleader’ for manufactured homes in the 21st century.


Hud secretary ben carson and senator thom tillis discuss affordable housing and manufactured homes video




Senator Tillis noted that if the Obama-era VP Joe Biden campaign pulls off a victory against the incumbent President Trump, Republicans holding the Senate could be the only thing that keeps Democrats from:

  • ending the filibuster rule in the Senate, packing the courts,
  • admitting Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states that could yield 4 more Democratic Senators,
  • could legalize some 11 to 22 million “illegals” living in America. That combination of factors would tilt America into an effectively one party Democratically dominated country, not unlike the Democratically run state of California.
  • For those who doubt those concerns noted above are possible, one need look no further than the statement by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY-D). Senator Schumer has already said that “nothing is off the table.” The Hill reported on 9.19.2020 that Schumer said if Democrats sweep in presidential, House and Senate contests that “nothing is off the table for next year [i.e.2021]. Nothing is off the table…”
  • Combined with several Democrats calling for precisely those bulleted tactics, and Obama-era VP Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D) repeatedly ducking on the packing the court question, there are no reasons not to take these bulleted threats to the American system of checks and balances seriously.

With that understanding, Senator Tillis said the following.

The best check on a Biden presidency is for Republicans to have a majority in the Senate. And I do think ‘checks and balances’ does resonate with North Carolina voters,” Tillis said.

Tillis has also been strong in his views against Communist China, which took untold thousands of North Carolina jobs in the furniture and other industries.



Senator Tillis has the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other groups that will hold sway with millions of NC voters.

With election day just 3 weeks away, this is one of several contests that not only has a specific manufactured home industry connection, but will could well set the tone for tax, regulatory, trade, and other policies.

Tillis re-election bid – as media sources across the left-right media divide have indicated – may make the difference between a leftward lurch toward socialism and one party Democratic rule in America.

On the other hand, if Tillis wins, it will logically help stay the course that Trump Republicans have launched in taking on Communist China, favoring American workers, increased peace and prosperity, and the pledge the Trump campaign has made for delivering 10 million jobs in 10 months in 2021 if re-elected. Given that some 12 million jobs in the U.S. have already returned since the Wuhan Coronavirus inspired shutdowns, the Trump campaign has solid ground for making that pledge attainable.

It will be down ballot contests like Senator Tillis’ and hundreds of others from coast-to-coast that will decide the future course of the U.S.  As a disclosure, MHProNews supports Senator Tillis’ reelection along with that of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as better options for the future of our industry’s independents, the economy, safety and security, homeowners and renters seeking affordable home ownership. A report is planned on Senator Tillis for MHLivingNews before the election.

See the related reports for more facts, evidence, and 2020 election insights.

They often have entirely different proposed solutions, but each have pointed to several of the same facts and say that the system is rigged.  



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By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHProNews.com.

Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing.

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