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Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. “serves as the executive director of the Providence Forum, founded by Dr. Peter Lillback, Providence Forum president emeritus.” Dr. Newcome, says WND, “is a TV producer and the co-host of “Kennedy Classics.” He has also written or co-written 24 books including “The Book That Made America” (on the Bible) and (with D. James Kennedy) “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?” WND is among those media outlets that has been reporting ‘an awakening’ that is taking hold in America. They and others are making the case that this “awakening” spans the economic, cultural, political, and spiritual divides. On this Thanksgiving Day, 3 different videos plus Newcombe’s thoughtful look at 400 years of Thanksgiving history in America will provide food for thought on the road ahead toward reclaiming the rights that Americans of all colors and creeds merit.

Here is the “true story of Thanksgiving: Chris Salcedo.” Includes clips of El Rushbo – Rush Limbaugh.



El Rushbo’s Final “The Real Story of Thanksgiving.”



400 years of Thanksgiving in America

Exclusive: Jerry Newcombe talks to Indian pastor grateful for those who ‘brought us civilization’

WNDnewscenterLogoQuoteBy Jerry Newcombe

Published November 23, 2021 at 7:07pm

“We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessings …” So opens a great hymn of gratitude that is often sung at Thanksgiving, the 400th anniversary of which is this year. The Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621.

We have had 400 years of Thanksgiving in America, and thanks to Presidents Washington (who declared the first national day of Thanksgiving) and Lincoln (who made it a yearly event), we even celebrate a day of Thanksgiving as an annual holiday. But some on the left think we need to change Thanksgiving to a time of mourning.

Fox News (Nov. 21) writes: “Several American universities are participating in an event asking whether Americans should ‘reconsider’ the Thanksgiving holiday. The alumni associations of the University of Maryland, Florida Gulf Coast University, Washington State University, University of Central Arkansas, Hiram College in Ohio and California State University, Long Beach are participating.”

The anti-Thanksgiving event organizers note: “Starting in 1970, many Americans, led by Indigenous protesters, believed that Thanksgiving should be rededicated as a National Day of Mourning to reflect the centuries-long displacement and persecution of Native Americans. … Should Americans reconsider Thanksgiving when wrestling with our country’s complicated past?”

The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial this week, “Censoring the Pilgrims”: “No doubt it was only a matter of time. The progressives have come for our annual Thanksgiving editorials. They won’t succeed, but we thought we’d share the tale with readers for an insight into the politicization of everything, even Thanksgiving,”

I find it fascinating that historical revisionists would target the Pilgrims to lay blame for terrible things that happened to the Indians in later generations.

Horrible things did happen to the Native Americans long after the Pilgrims settled Plymouth. But that’s like blaming all car accidents on Henry Ford, who made cars accessible to the rest of us.

For Providence Forum – founded by Dr. Peter Lillback, and for which I serve as the executive director – I made a film, “The Pilgrims,” just in time for the 400th anniversary of Plymouth and of the first Thanksgiving. The film includes comments from Dennis Prager, Alveda King and others, including Rev. Billy Falling, a Native American pastor and author.

In the film, we point out that in later eras, European settlers, as well as Americans, mistreated Native Americans in grave miscarriages of justice. But in doing so, they were not at all following the example of the Pilgrims.

Rev. Falling says, “The Pilgrims did have good relations with the Indians. The Pilgrims were kind to the Indians, they showed them love, they showed them compassion, they showed them the godly way to live.”

Through the help of Squanto, an English-speaking Indian who befriended the Pilgrims and who taught them how to survive in New England, the Pilgrims made a treaty of peace with the Indians, which lasted for more than half a century.

When they had the first Thanksgiving after the fall harvest, they invited the Indians, celebrating together for three days.

The Pilgrim leaders made sure that no land was sold until the Indian chief, Massasoit, approved of it first.

Falling also told me, “As a Native-American, I thank God for the Europeans that brought us the Gospel and brought us Western civilization. We owe everything to those who brought us civilization and brought us out of the cannibalism, the slavery, and out of all of the sins of the flesh that were practiced in the day, just like the heathen of the world.”

Falling added, “It’s hard today to find a ‘sweat’ where you can go as a Native American and go inside and smoke out your sins, but it’s easy to find Native Americans in any congregation in the United States, worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ because of the Europeans. And I thank God for that.”

Our film also notes, “The Pilgrims had an exemplary relationship with the Indians for decades. When an Indian had been murdered by three Englishmen, and those Englishmen were put on trial, the Indians expected merely a charade, a show-trial. In short, they expected a miscarriage of justice.” But instead when these Europeans were put on trial for killing an Indian, they were found guilty and hanged.

Leo Martin, the founder of the Jenney Center (a museum) in Plymouth, says in the documentary: “Now, the Indians could trust the Pilgrims. [The Pilgrims] were people of character and integrity, who stood by their word.”

The key to the Pilgrims’ success in surviving and thriving was looking to God for all things and thanking Him for them. God has given us so much. How fitting it is to give Him thanks.

The hymn “We Gather Together” has a later line that observes, “So from the beginning, the fight we were winning, Thou, Lord, wast at our side, all glory be Thine.”

Happy Thanksgiving! ##


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Next up is our business daily recap of yesterday evening’s market report, related left-right headlines, and manufactured housing connected equities.

The Business Daily Manufactured Home Industry Connected Stock Market Updates.  Plus, Market Moving Left (CNN) – Right (Newsmax) Headlines Snapshot. While the layout of this daily business report has been evolving over time, several elements of the basic concepts used previously are still the same. For instance. The headlines that follow below can be reviewed at a glance to save time while providing insights across the left-right media divide. Additionally, those headlines often provide clues as to possible ‘market-moving’ news items.


Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…

Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts
(UT-R) has accused the Biden team of implementing policies that harm the poorest and middle class more while enriching the wealthy. Weeks before others in the mainstream media began to flash their ‘inflation warnings,’ MHProNews added first the top, then later the second notice above. When someone has even a basic understanding of the principles of economics, ‘inflation’ was predictable. The question is, will hyper-inflation follow? There are voices on both sides of that debate.

Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business – from the evening of 11.24.2021

  • Inflation is here to stay
  • A customer shops for groceries at a store in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. U.S. consumer prices rose last month at the fastest annual pace since 1990, cementing high inflation as a hallmark of the pandemic recovery and eroding spending power even as wages surge.
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  • A key measure of inflation rose to a 31-year high in October
  • Turkey is going its own way on inflation. The lira is crashing
  • US jobless claims hit lowest level since 1969
  • How to financially prepare to quit your job
  • Economists are watching Europe’s Covid-19 spike as a sign of what may be to come
  • Opinion: This tax would make wealthy corporations pay their fair share
  • Samsung will create 2,000 jobs in Texas with $17 billion chip factory
  • John Deere posts record profit despite strike
  • Jamie Dimon says he regrets joking about the Chinese Communist Party
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  • A cargo ship loaded with exhibits for the upcoming 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is seen at Yangshan Deepwater Port on October 23, 2021 in Shanghai, China.
  • China’s disappearing ships: The latest headache for the global supply chain
  • Gap clothing is displayed at a Gap store on March 04, 2021 in San Francisco, California.
  • Gap just lost $300 million in sales
  • This startup wants you to like coffee-free coffee
  • Kellogg’s Strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts.
  • Customer files lawsuit alleging Pop-Tarts don’t have enough strawberries
  • Apple sues NSO Group over spyware
  • JPMorgan is suing Tesla over Elon Musk’s tweets
  • Activision Blizzard says it will pay to settle lawsuit
  • Ohio jury finds pharmaceutical chains responsible in precedent-setting opioid suit
  • Customers shop at a Dollar Tree store on March 04, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Dollar Tree hikes prices 25%. Most items will cost $1.25
  • Breakfast is going to be more expensive next year
  • Going green is hiking prices, too
  • Inflation is coming for your cup of coffee next
  • TJ Maxx is raising prices on some upscale brand

Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax – evening of 11.24.2021

  • ‘Small Measure of Peace’: Reactions to Guilty Verdict in Arbery Murder Trial
  • President Biden, Georgia lawmakers and relatives of Martin Luther King Jr. weigh in on the conviction of three men for the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery. [Full Story]
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  • Gohmert: Higher Energy Prices ‘Costing People Severely’ | video
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  • Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is urging the United States to boycott the Winter Olympics in China next year, arguing the communist country “is more obviously dangerous” than Nazi Germany…… [Full Story]
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  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday he is [Full Story]
  • ‘Small Measure of Peace’: Reactions to Guilty Verdict in Arbery Trial
  • A Georgia jury convicted three white men of murder on Wednesday for [Full Story]
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  • EXPLAINER: Trio Guilty of Killing Ahmaud Arbery. What Now?
  • Ahmaud Arbery Verdict: All 3 Defendants Guilty of Murder
  • Were Arbery’s Murderers Racially Motivated? Federal Trial Will Decide
  • FDA Says It Needs 55 Years to Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data
  • The FDA claims it will take 55 years to release the data it relied on [Full Story] | Platinum Article
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  • President Joe Biden’s plan to release 50 million barrels of oil from [Full Story] | Platinum Article
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  • Republican FTC Commissioners Ask WH for Proof of Alleged Gas Price Shenanigans
  • Supreme Court Agrees to Review Dispute Over NC Voter ID Law
  • US Abortions May be Inching up after Decades of Decline
  • [Full Story]
  • Why Is This New Cannabis Discovery So Popular With Seniors In Florida?
  • Healthline News
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  • A group of Massachusetts health care workers has asked the Supreme [Full Story]
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  • Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., told the Washington Examiner on [Full Story]
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  • Yeah Motor
  • Woman Removed From Flight, Arrested After Shouting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’
  • A Las Vegas woman yelling “let’s go Brandon” was arrested at McCarran [Full Story]
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  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told Politico in an interview [Full Story]
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  • A late-night federal court order could mean trouble for former [Full Story]
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  • Prosecutors are considering charging “additional individuals” in the [Full Story]
  • Trump Meets With Rittenhouse, Slams Prosecutors’ ‘Misconduct’
  • Trump Meets With Rittenhouse, Slams Prosecutors’ ‘Misconduct’
  • Former President Donald Trump met with Kyle Rittenhouse after the [Full Story]
  • New Group Formed to Investigate ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’
  • A new group, overseen by military and intelligence agencies, has been [Full Story]
  • Home COVID Test Results Often Not Reported to Public Health Agencies
  • Although at-home tests for COVID-19 are available at many retailers [Full Story]
  • RFK Jr. to Newsmax: Freedoms ‘Strip-Mined by Elitists’
  • Hailing from one of the most powerful and famous Democrat families in [Full Story] | video
  • Gov. Baker: Hospitals to Delay Optional Surgeries
  • Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker on Tuesday signed an [Full Story]
  • US to Require Vaccines for All Border Crossers in Jan.
  • President Joe Biden will require essential, nonresident travelers [Full Story]
  • Psaki: Joe Biden Won’t Apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse
  • When asked by a reporter Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen [Full Story] | video
  • Samsung Expected to Build $17B Chip Factory in Texas
  • Samsung is planning to build a $17 billion semiconductor factory [Full Story]
  • Poll: Trump Leads Biden in States Lost to 2020 Election
  • Former President Donald Trump is leading in states he lost to [Full Story]
  • Hedge Fund Alden Bidding for Another Newspaper Chain
  • Hedge fund Alden Global Capital, one of the country’s largest [Full Story]
  • FAA Wants Fines for Alcohol-Related Incidents on Flights
  • Federal officials said Monday they are seeking more than $160,000 in [Full Story]
  • Farm Bureau: Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Up 14 Percent
  • The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people rose this [Full Story]
  • Catholic School Painting Shows George Floyd as Jesus
  • Multiple paintings depicting George Floyd as Jesus Christ are [Full Story]
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  • Thanksgiving Air Travel Set to Be Busiest – and Costliest – Since Pandemic
  • Flights and airports across the United States are expected to have one of their busiest days since before the pandemic on Wednesday as millions of people fly to visit their families for the Thanksgiving holiday…. [Full Story]
  • Fed Officials Express Resolve to Address Inflation Risks
  • Housing Market Trends Fuel Single-Family Home Rental Growth
  • Stoll: Black Distrust of Govt Is Opportunity for Crypto, GOP
  • US Jobless Claims Plunge to 199,000, Lowest in 52 Years
  • More Finance
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  • Is Turkey Healthy for You? Read This Before You Gobble Any
  • Since before Americans officially celebrated Thanksgiving, turkey has had a place at the holiday table. Lately, it also has developed a reputation as a relatively healthy part of the big meal. Does it deserve that reputation? “Yes, it does,” said Catherine M. Champagne, a…… [Full Story]
  • At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Tests Can Make Holiday Gatherings Safer
  • 8 Strategies for a Delicious and Healthy Thanksgiving
  • Risk Calculator Determines the Odds That a Thanksgiving Guest Has COVID-19
  • How to Eliminate ‘Turkey Neck’ Without Surgery

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