Counterprogramming! President Trump, Secretary Carson “We’ll Protect America’s Suburbs” vs. Biden-Harris and 2020 Democratic Convention Opening Day, plus Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones8.17.2020ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesBroaderMarketSnapshotMHProNewsFor those who might be tempted to think that the comments from President Donald J. Trump and HUD Secretary Ben Carson are an exaggeration, they should consider the following comment on 8.14.2020 by U.S. House of Representatives Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., who said the following on Friday.

Make the phone calls, send the emails, show up.” Said Pressley to her followers, adding: “You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

There needs to be unrest in the streets,” which seems to be a reference to the protests that often turn violent that include Black Lives Matter and Antifa members and agitators.

The following is from left-of-center CBS News as their preview of today’s Democratic National Convention activities.


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) posted this tweet today, among others.

2019 Year-End Totals Reveals Decline in New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production, Shipments vs. 2018

Senator Harris, former Vice President Joe Biden and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, tweeted this.


But keen minds should ask, if Joe Biden has been such an effective leader for minorities for decades, then why are blacks, Hispanics, and others trailing whites in home ownership, income, and other category in cities and states that have been run by Democrats for years?

Right-of-center Fox News reported that Pressley said: “This is as much about public outcry, organizing and mobilizing and applying pressure.” which she added.

Democratic Debate – Consolidation, Monopolization, Wealth Inequality, ‘No One Above Law’ and Noteworthy Divisions

MHProNews carefully followed and reported on the 2020 Democratic primary contests. No one in MHVille even came close, last year – as linked reports shown above and below reflect – or this year.

Bernie Takes Front-Runner Status in 2020 Democratic Primary, Bloomberg, Biden Campaigns Snapshots – plus Manufactured Home Investing Stock Updates

While Senator Harris at one time was seen as a rising Democratic star, and drew our MHProNews focus accordingly, in fact she dropped out prior to the first Democratic caucus or primary.

The featured focus segment of this evening’s market report. That is found beyond the left-right headline news bullets and 2 of our 3 market snapshots at the close today.

The manufactured housing industry connected stocks are near the end of the report each evening, after the featured focus and the related/recent report links.


Quotes That Shed Light – American Social, Industry, National Issues…


Just a few weeks after the statement above, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said the polar opposite in the quote below.



Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas.











Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business

  • CEOs are selling stock
  • NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AUGUST 03: People walk near the Fearless Girl statue and the New York Stock Exchange as the city continues Phase 4 of re-opening following restrictions imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus on August 3, 2020 in New York City. The fourth phase allows outdoor arts and entertainment, sporting events without fans and media production.
  • That could be a bad sign for the epic market rally
  • 300 Pizza Huts are closing after a giant franchisee goes bankrupt
  • Robinhood is now worth more than $11 billion
  • Vaccine maker backed by Bill & Melinda Gates soars 40%
  • Barrick Gold’s stock soars after Warren Buffett’s company buys a stake
  • How much longer can this greed-fueled rally last?
  • Why you shouldn’t use FedEx or UPS to send in your ballot
  • In 2006, YouTube was giving rise to a new phenomenon: Viral videos
  • Impossible announces new round of funding as it leans into retail
  • Nike, Under Armour and Adidas are college football’s big losers
  • Microsoft is resurrecting its 38-year-old flight simulator game
  • Fiat Chrysler’s new Ram 1500 TRX will be the quickest pickup truck ever
  • You no longer have to wait in a Genius Bar line to get your Mac fixed
  • Cyberattack shuts down Canadian government accounts
  • Uber and Lyft could shut down in California this week. It may not help them
  • A view outside Nasdaq in Times Square during the coronavirus pandemic on May 13, 2020 in New York City. COVID-19 has spread to most countries around the world, claiming over 298,000 lives with over 4.4 million infections reported.
  • Nasdaq hits fresh record high
  • Payless is back and opening its first US store in November
  • A view of Aviation American Gin at the 2018 American Music Awards VIP Lounge, presented by Aviation American Gin, at Microsoft Theater Gold Ballroom on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
  • Ryan Reynolds’ gin company to be purchased by the maker of Johnnie Walker and Guinness
  • NEW YORK, NY – MAY 12: A soldier, uniform detail, is seen at the 2018 Ellis Island Medals of Honor at Ellis Island on May 12, 2018 in New York City.
  • The US military’s activity on Twitch is increasingly under scrutiny
  • Did Fortnite just kill the App Store as we know it?
  • How Facebook is trying to win over ex-Mixer users
  • Record labels want Twitch to pay up
  • How the PS5 and the Xbox Series X compare
  • Big brands are trying everything to keep you consuming their stuff at home
  • American shopping is back to pre-pandemic levels
  • Walmart will stay open later, joining other chains
  • These stores won’t require customers to wear masks
  • Why you’re already seeing Halloween candy in stores


Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business

  • Connell McShane polls Wisconsin voters as Trump campaign targets undecideds
  • In downtown Milwaukee, you would hardly know a convention had even been planned.
  • 4 Social Security changes Joe Biden wants to make
  • Carnival hit by ransomware attack
  • Trump pledges tax credits for US firms that bring jobs back from China
  • S&P 500 near record territory as Apple fights for $2T
  • Barrick Gold soars to 7-year high as Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway takes 21M-share stake
  • Missing your stimulus payment? IRS reopens window to claim it
  • Petition asks top judges to review Led Zeppelin song copyright case
  • USPS by the numbers: Agency heading for insolvency in late 2021
  • USPS by the numbers: Agency heading for insolvency in late 2021
  • Court throws out Tiffany’s judgment against Costco over fake ‘Tiffany’ rings
  • This breakthrough will fuel stock surge, major market rebound: Goldman
  • Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation gin sells to Diageo for $610 million
  • Tesla’s China business will boost shares to this price, analyst predicts
  • Charles Payne on ‘mass exodus’ from NYC: Snowball is turning into ‘boulder’
  • Airlines will struggle to schedule crew, pilots for fall trips, expert predicts
  • TECH
  • These wireless customers will have free access to video-on-demand platforms
  • J-Rod snags $40M home; neighbors are thrilled about rising property values
  • JOBS
  • Pizza giant to hire more than 20,000 workers across US as sales sizzle
  • Joe Biden’s 2020 tax plan: The key points
  • Taylor Swift’s album ‘Folklore’ still No. 1 album for third week on Billboard 200 chart
  • North American box office sees mild bounce after theaters reopen in Canada amid COVID-19 pandemic
  • How Google Meet bulked up capacity to meet demand during coronavirus
  • Don’t claim Social Security benefits if you can’t answer these 3 questions
  • Cuomo to allow NY gyms to reopen with coronavirus precautions
  • Donald Trump, Ben Carson: We’ll protect America’s suburbs
  • MSC Grandiosa sets sail, first Mediterranean cruise to do so amid pandemic
  • Airlines trying to convince people planes are safe; opposite is happening
  • How much Snowden made in speaking engagements while in exile in Russia
  • NEWS
  • Disney theme park to increase capacity, debut simplified reservation system
  • American Airlines seeks to toss COVID-19 class-action suit seeking ticket refunds
  • US approves oil, gas leasing plan for Alaska Wildlife refuge
  • Trump pushes back on Dem claims he’s trying to ‘sabotage’ the election by ‘manipulating’ Postal Service
  • WATCH: Inside the rising cost of violent protests, looting
  • ‘Violent’ thunderstorms knock out power across San Francisco Bay Area
  • Milwaukee misses Democratic convention: ‘It is a gut punch’
  • Ewan McGregor to lose half of his TV and movie fortune in divorce settlement
  • New York City faces record vacancies, lower rent prices after resident exodus during coronavirus pandemic
  • TECH
  • EXCLUSIVE: Trump administration taking new action against Huawei, Commerce Secretary Ross announces
  • NASA passes ‘big milestone’ on way to Mars as Ingenuity helicopter powers up
  • Stop & Shop owner doubles down on e-commerce: What that means for you


Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…


Featured Focus –
Where Business, Politics and Investing Can Meet


The HUD Press Room provided the following to MHProNews earlier today. It was originally published in the right-of-center Wall Street Journal.


OPINION: We’ll Protect America’s Suburbs

We reject the ultraliberal view that the federal bureaucracy should dictate where and how people live.


By President Donald Trump and HUD Secretary Ben Carson

August 16, 2020


The crime and chaos in Democrat-run cities have gotten so bad that liberals are even getting out of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Rather than rethink their destructive policies, the left wants to make sure there is no escape. The plan is to remake the suburbs in their image so they resemble the dysfunctional cities they now govern. As usual, anyone who dares tell the truth about what the left is doing is smeared as a racist.

We won’t allow this to happen. That’s why we stopped the last administration’s radical social-engineering project that would have transformed the suburbs from the top down. We reversed an Obama-Biden regulation that would have empowered the Department of Housing and Urban Development to abolish single-family zoning, compel the construction of high-density “stack and pack” apartment buildings in residential neighborhoods, and forcibly transform neighborhoods across America so they look and feel the way far-left ideologues and technocratic bureaucrats think they should.

We reject the ultraliberal view that the federal bureaucracy should dictate where and how people live. We believe the suburbs offer a wonderful life for Americans of all races and backgrounds when they are allowed to grow organically, from the bottom up. That’s how America’s suburbs are today—except those that have already been ruined by poor planning and policies.

Every American has a stake in thriving suburbs. The shameful days of redlining are gone, and a majority of the country lives in the suburbs, including majorities of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian-Americans. America’s suburbs are a shining example of the American Dream, where people can live in their own homes, in safe, pleasant neighborhoods. The left wants to take that American dream away from you.

In spite of this remarkable success, a once-unthinkable agenda, a relentless push for more high-density housing in single-family residential neighborhoods, has become the mainstream goal of the left. For eight years under Obama-Biden, HUD pressured Westchester County, N.Y., to change its zoning rules. Although Westchester was never found to have discriminated against anyone, HUD used the threat of withholding federal money to pressure it to raise property taxes and build nearly 11,000 low-income, high-density apartments. Other liberal-run cities and states have also taken up the cause. Minneapolis abolished single-family zoning this year—a few months before it voted to abolish its police force. Oregon outlawed single-family zoning last year. For the past three years, the state senator who represents Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco has led a push to abolish single-family zoning in California.

Liberals even believe this unprecedented federal disruption of the suburbs is required to battle climate change. They say the suburbs are a problem because of unacceptably high levels of greenhouse gases generated by a family with its own house, a yard, two cars and a dog.

The Biden-Sanders unity platform calls for reimposing the Obama-Biden dystopian vision of building low-income housing units next to your suburban house. Some leading Democrats want to go even further. Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. James Clyburn have introduced a bill that would hold hostage more than $12 billion in federal grants to states for safe roads unless local politicians agree to densify the suburbs. As far as the White House is concerned, this bill is dead on arrival.

America was founded on liberty and independence, not government coercion, domination and control. It would be a terrible mistake to put the federal government in charge of local decisions—from zoning and planning to schools. Our Founders understood this was the path to tyranny.

Americans of all walks of life have voted with their feet and put down roots in the suburbs. Across income segments and demographic groups, households have higher rates of homeownership in the suburbs than in urban centers. Decades of liberal governance have tragically made many urban cities unaffordable and others unlivable, unable to provide for their citizens’ basic needs in housing, public safety and education.

While we fight every day to restore our cities’ greatness with innovative means like opportunity zones, the left opposes us on rebuilding the economy, on law and order, and on school choice. We won’t let them export their failures to America’s suburbs. We will save our cities, from which these terrible policies have come, and we will save our suburbs.

Mr. Trump is President of the United States. Dr. Carson is Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


MHProNews published this related report linked below on the above as part of our industry-leading coverage on the events that matter to industry professionals, investors, affordable housing advocates and others.

Racially Charged Play for White Votes? Or Pragmatic Step? HUD Secretary Carson’s AFFH Rule Announcement Has Affordable Manufactured Housing Implications

Triad Financial Services, Pam Danner, ObamaNation Federal Hiring Exposé, Affordable Manufactured Housing Reality Checks

Other political and policy related reports are linked above and below.

2019 Year-End Totals Reveals Decline in New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production, Shipments vs. 2018

‘Premeditated Fraud on FISA Court,’ Former FBI Attorney Pleads Guilty – See Charging Document – in Ast U.S. Attorney John Durham Probe, plus Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates

Related, Recent, and Read Hot Reports

“Anyone with eyes can see what’s happening,” “The American people are being told a lie by the media.” Plus, Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates

2019 Year-End Totals Reveals Decline in New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production, Shipments vs. 2018

“We are trained Marxists.” – Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors, “Deception and Misdirection” – Capital Research Center

Warren Buffett Declared “Class Warfare,” Buffett Says Fellow Billionaires – “We’re Winning”

Black Lives Matter – the Nonprofit, Black Lives Matter – the Slogan, Black Man Dies – the Costly and Deadly Reality 

Warren Buffett, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Strategic Ally Bill Gates Rails Against “Outrageous” Free Speech from Dissenting Views to Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci

Oxfam Report – “Pandemic Profiteers Exposed” – Small Businesses Slide or Fail as Giants Grow, Everyday People Harmed – ‘Usual Suspects’ Oxfam Names Include Ties to Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros

Terror Tactics 1960s-1999 vs 21st Century Terrorist Attacks – Cops, Shops, Workers, Christians, Believers vs Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Marxists, Atheists, Terrorists, Leftist Billionaires – Sunday Weekly Headline Review

Grapes of Wrath – Massive Foreclosure, Evictions Wave Looms, Threatens Housing, Usual Suspects-Gates, Buffett, Soros Lurk in Rigged System – Aspen Institute, COVID19 Eviction Project Plot

‘Stop Trump!’ Group Supported by Billionaires Soros, Buffett, Gates Vows to Defeat President Trump in 2020

The Party is Over, So What’s Next? Corruption and Evil Boils Down to This. Plus, Sunday Weekly Headlines Review


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                      • NOTE: The chart below includes the Canadian stock, ECN, which purchased Triad Financial Services, a manufactured home industry lender
                      • NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).




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2019 Year-End Totals Reveals Decline in New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production, Shipments vs. 2018

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